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  2. You need to wake up! Wake up! If you dont get up I will be taking control, some queen you turned out to be. Night sat up and found herself under the tree she had been sitting in. It was still dark out and the red water was still falling. You have to be kiding, what was that? She had passed out? From spiritual power? Thought you were suppose to be smarter than this? She let out a sigh hearing Skeiths voice in her head. Doesn't seem like I was out for to long. She pulled out what looked like a flip phone and checked the time. Been a few hours, looks like we have maybe two till sunrise. At this point she was more talking to herself as Skeith had already receded. She had also heard Bokyaku's voice but the dragon seemed much more calm and reasonable than her hollow. She frowned and let out a small sigh, the mud under the tree had soaked her clothes a good bit. She jumped up and formed a small step under her feet with her reishi and continued to jump and climb into the sky with this trick, her goal was to get a handle on her surroundings. After she was about a hundred or so feet into the air she paused. She was having a hard time processing what she was seeing, as her eyes were telling her the rest of Japan was gone. All around the mountainside village was just a dark red sea. Guess I know why they say it is a vanished village now. She muttered to herself. She landed back on the ground and pulled out the soul communicator. She tried to get ahold of Kapskaen but she couldnt get a signal, her best guess was the reishi in the rain and air? She might just be in over her head. She took her Zanpakuto and tried to open a senkaimon, but when the doors went to open, they were swept away! Was it the rain? Just what was going on here? She walked down a trail till she hit a road. She followed it, and as she walked on the wet road the lights of a police car caught her eye. She glided over to the edge of the woods by the road as she approached the car. It had been wrecked into a small police station, maybe the one for the town? She also spotted bullet holes in the wood. That could not be a good sign. Guess she knew now were the gun shots had come from earlier. However there wasnt any sign of a body, or injury? Honestly even if there would be blood this rain wouldnt exactly let it show. She continued down the road when she saw a figure in the distance. It looked like a police officer, though he was pale as a corpse. Night also noticed he was carrying a six shooter in his right hand, and there was a piece of wood impaled in his chest. This gave her pause, how was he still alive? It was very much like the nurse earlier back in the clearing. There were just so many questions. The only idea she had was it might have soemthing to do with the rain and spiritual power, and the fact they were now in the middle of a sea. Maybe they were in a pocket dimension? While she was caught up in her own thoughts the cop spotted her and raised his gun, and then pulled the trigger. Between Night reacting to the sound of the gunfire and honestly the officer not being that good of a shot Night avoided it. The officer fired a second time and this time a flair of reishi blocked the bullet with ease as a second and third shot followed. Hado 31, Shakaho! She called out as a bright red orb formed in the palm of her hand and fired the kido at the officer. Honestly it was more of a reaction to being shot at, as this was overkill for any normal human. The red flame canon blasted into the cops chest and sent him flying back. Night winced as she felt bad blasting the guy. He went about fifteen feet bac. The crack of his skull hitting the pavement was muffled by the thunder overhead and Night let out a sigh feeling somewhat sheepish as she had overreacted. Though she had never been shot at before, well not at by a gun, she should have still known better with a human. She had turned and started walking back to the cop car figuring she could at least get ahold of other emergency services when the sound of a gun shot rang out again. She felt the bullet start to pierce her flesh as her reiatsu flared to stop the bullet. She pivoted around and saw the officer standing again, now a large patch of his uniform had been burned away and the skin underneath it was badly damaged. By all right such an injury should have killed the man. The man fired one more time and Night avoided the bullet this time. The man went to reload and Night flash stepped and with a swift strike with the flat of her palm, she struck the mans chest. There was a crack of what sounded like bone and the officer went skidding across the ground dropping the gun in the process. However the policeman stood back up, a bit jerkily and let out a gurgling laugh. They started walking towards the gun and Night used another flash step and kicked the gun with full force sending it flying into the woods. The Officer did not slow down though, and instead pivoted and charged at Night his arms outstretched. She was really starting to wish she knew more Hakuda than she did. So instead she pointed at the officer and used Hado 1 to shove the policeman off his feet once more, though he was back on his feet in less than a moment. She didnt want to try and use lethal force if she could help it. Yeah he had taken a shakaho but she had felt like that was an overkill reaction. However she was starting to have her doubts at this point. Just how many more shot should she give it before actually trying to be lethal? Just what was going on here?
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  4. I feel happy to say I want to actually stick around for a while. I havent written anything in a few years and I have the itch to write again

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      Good to hear. I guess this is welcome back to RP, officially. 😁

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  6. During breakfast that Sylvia was not present at, Jino had explained to the other team members the reason for her absence. Since she seemed to get along with them, they found it weird that she would avoid them on the second day. However, upon hearing the explanation everything made sense. The effects were instant as Tenzen and Hanao berated Yutaka and even Saya added some strong comments. Jino already had his fill during the interview, though the rest were not as brave as to voice their opinions but they were clearly supportive of Sylvia and did not condone Yutaka’s behaviour. The result was that Yutaka locked himself up and it didn’t look like the female Shinigami would have to see him again which she was glad about. Still, most of the members continued to go about their day as normal apart from the owners whose mood was soured due to the incident. After having lunch, Jino reached out to Sylvia,’Hey, you wanna hit the town for a bit?’ She inquired further,’To do what?’ it wasn’t that she was against it as she had to evaluate them but if this was a romantic approach then she was not interested. Jino sighed,’Relax, lady, I ain’t no Yutaka. I just thought that you might wanna refresh your mind and spend some time away from the apartment.’ Overall, he has shown that he can be trusted so she agreed,’I suppose I do.’ Jino nodded,’Cool, you ready to go now or do you need time?’ Since the 4th seat currently had no urgent matters, there was nothing holding her back,’I’m ready.’ After fetching her coat, the two of them went out into heart of the old town as Jino ended up taking them to the batting centre. Probably because he was trying to show his good will, he paid for their sessions as they got their bats and took places in their lanes. A few hits later, Jino asked her,’So whatcha think of this?’ Sylvia shrugged,’I can see why the humans would like this, but personally I find it too easy…’ Naturally, since her perception was several times that of a normal human, the speed of the ball launched by the machine was easy for her to follow and react to. It looked like Jino was in agreement though for him it was a good way to pass time,’Ya know, that Tengu bastard fights with a bat. I saw him here a few times too. He seems to really enjoy it.’ Knowing how strong he was, Sylvia wondered if the Fullbringer didn’t find it too easy either but if it was a hobby of his then there was nothing wrong with it,’So, is this another one of your competitions then? Trying to beat him at his own game?’ Jino strongly denied it with a shake of his head,’Nah, I don’t need no weapon to fight. My fists are all I need! Even in terms of human sports, this is kinda boring. The rugby thing they have looks more fun and they even fight on the pitch sometime.’ The female Shinigami could definitely see him getting carried away and getting into a fight no matter what sports he chose to play but she just nodded along. Once their time was up, they chose to leave it at that and then Jino showed her a place buskers usually played at as Sylvia listened to the music they played. While it wasn’t a proper profession, it interested her nonetheless. Seiretei was home to a military organisation so a such a thing like people performing didn’t really happen. Even the commercial district only had special even during the important holidays. In comparison, Rukongai was closer to this as it was more common to see people performing magic tricks or playing cards. After their short stay, the two of them started heading back to the apartment and Sylvia asked,’What motivates you to keep going, especially with this district being quiet?’ Jino showed a bit of annoyance,’What, I thought we were done with the interviews.’ The female Shinigami shook her head,’The initial interviews are done, but the evaluation continues until I leave. Don’t worry, I’m not going to judge you for enjoying yourself when nothing is happening. I’m asking because you don’t seem like the type to just sit still and wait around.’ He put his hands behind his head as he walked,’Huh, alright then. Would it look good on your report if I say my motivation is my strong sense of duty?’ She discouraged such an approach,’I want the honest answer,’ to which he shrugged,’Eh, I guess it used to be just that, but it’s become more since then. I really enjoy fighting and seeing my abilities grow, ya know pushing my limits and all. In my head, I picture myself returning to the Soul Society and seeing all my squad mates amazed by how much stronger I’ve become. I probably don’t have a chance of becoming a Captain but I want to at least reach the top seats.’ Sylvia could sense his determination from his words and self-improvement was a valid goal for one to have so even if it did seem simple, she didn’t belittle him. Jino added,’It sucks that the district sees very little action, but that’s a good thing overall. It means that the people are safer here and like you said, that’s what we’re fightin’ for.’ He made his point clear so the female Shinigami didn’t question him any further as they had a quiet journey back. After dinner was finished, Saya approached the 4th seat,’Hey, you went to the bathhouse with Chisa yesterday, right?’ Sylvia nodded,’Yes, what about it?’ The older twin crossed her arms,’There’s a movie that I want to see. No one else is interested, you want to come with?’ She nodded,’Sure, why not.’ Therefore, once again Sylvia made her way towards the old town, this time with Saya as they went to the cinema. The movie that the twin wanted to see was a recent action movie that she seemed very excited about. Sylvia didn’t really have knowledge of human cinema so she didn’t know if this movie and their actors were considered popular or good but she had a good time nonetheless. Saya seemed especially pumped during the fight scenes to the point of cheering which made people look at her as she was disturbing their immersion. The next morning, since Sylvia was an early riser, she decided to help Youma in making the breakfast which he appreciated but was also hesitant about,’Are you sure? You’re our evaluator so you don’t have to do stuff like this.’ The female Shinigami shrugged,’It’s alright. Cooking for so many people isn’t easy and it’s better than just sitting around.’ As an experienced cook, she didn’t need much instructions so the preparations went smoothly and they were ready by the time everyone was awake. While they were still in the morning hours, Sylvia chose to spend some time with the twins. Since the day she received it, Saya was still playing her game on the computer while the evaluator was trying to talk to Aya. The older twin was still shy and reserved so she kept her distance but she was the member that Sylvia knew the least about so she wanted to find out more,’What are your hobbies?’ The older sister answered meekly,’Following the stock market,’ which was definitely an uncommon one as per Saya’s explanation. To a lesser extent, the stock market also existed in the Seiretei as businesses could buy others out, especially when it came to the Noble Clans, but it was not something that normal Shinigami would involve themselves in. Sylvia inquired further,’Do you actually profit from it?’ Aya nodded,’Sometimes… It’s not as reliable as the salary we get but it can be a nice extra income.’ It also required good knowledge of the companies so it wasn’t an easy hobby to have either. However, it also didn’t seem like the most fun one as it was essentially looking at numbers,’Isn’t there anything more that you like to do?’ It was then that Aya blushed,’…I also like to play eroges…’ she said in a quiet voice. The female Shinigami asked,’What’s that?’ causing Saya to explain once more,’An eroge is a game with erotic content. Usually, they are in the form of visual novels but it can be any genre.’ This caused Aya to become even more embarrassed. Sylvia decided not to dwell on the topic,’Right…’ It was a bit of a surprise to her but to each their own. The female Shinigami then focused on Saya who wasn’t even looking at her,’When I was talking with Tengu, he told me that the Sakurabashi team has been pretty bad in terms of performance. Has that been happening for a long time?’ The younger twin answered while she was continued to click away at the keyboard,’Yeah, they have been problematic for a while. Things became especially bad after Tanaka Fujiki was killed in action. He was cut down by the Bone Katana Hollow, Jetz B. Layd. He wasn’t the leader of the Sakurabashi team, but he might as well have been. From what I’ve heard, Fujiki shouldn’t have been patrolling the night he was killed. He was the one trying to keep things together and enforcing the rules, kind of like Hanao does for us. Whoever they brought in to replace him hasn’t been up to snuff, in fact don’t think we’ve ever heard from them, personally.’ As usual, Sylvia appreciated Saya’s honesty,’I see…’ She certainly wasn’t getting any good signs about the team but right now her responsibility was the Kasazaki team. The rest of the day was quite uneventful as the female Shinigami continued to gain understanding of the Kasazaki team member’s daily lives. After dinner, since Chisa was busy talking with Youma the 4th seat went to the bathhouse with Hanao instead. It looked like the female owner didn’t have a companion for girly talk since the twins weren’t really interested and Chisa was usually studying or with Youma. Therefore, she chose Sylvia as her companion to discuss these things which seemed to lift her mood. While they were in the bath, the 4th seat asked,’How did your relationship with Tenzen start?’ Hanao chuckled,’Oh, interested in that, are we? Keep it between us ladies though, okay? Originally, I took interest in Tenzen when we were still at the Academy but he didn’t really make any moves back then. We ended up going to different squads so our contact was cut and we didn’t interact. Then, by some miracle we ended up in Squad 13. He was still oblivious to the fact that I had feelings for him and since I still felt the same way, I asked our former Captain, Shanzausk, to start paring us up on missions. After that, we got to know each other better bit by bit. Then, one thing led to another, and the rest is history.’ Sylvia didn’t think that it was so unusual for Shinigami to get together since they spent so much time within their squads, but for it to actually last was a different matter,’You are quite lucky then.’ Hanao agreed happily,’Yeah, if we didn’t end up in the same squad who knows how things would have ended up. I probably wouldn’t have been here if that was the case.’ The next morning, the female Shinigami heard shouting from the unit next to her,’Youma! The heating is broken again and I’m freezing! Can you go and fix it ASAP?’ She then heard Jino shouting,’Yo, I’m tryna sleep here! Fuck up and put another layer on or sumthin!’ Naturally, the female owner didn’t let this go as another argument started between the two. This confirmed why she was feeling quite cold when woke up and since it was quite an urgent task, it seemed that Youma was out of breakfast duties. Therefore, once again Sylvia was helping out making breakfast alongside Tenzen and Hanao. While in the middle of preparations, she inquired,’Does the fact that the team members are temporary make it harder for you to bond with them, knowing that they will leave after a few months?’ Tenzen stopped what he was doing as he showed surprise at the question,’Wow, Sylvia. That’s a very insightful question. I don’t think that any other evaluator has that before.' That being the case, he seemed happy to answer,’Short answer, yes. Welly, it used to be difficult. I didn’t think I that I could do it, at least for a time I was a bit standoffish. However, that wasn’t conducive to a healthy team dynamic. We’re all strangers in this in this world, we're far away from our homes --down here, we need each other. Being the person to welcome and care for the team, to build strong bonds with them --even though they are only with you for a short time-- I've come to see it as part of the burden of being a leader. It doesn't make it any easier, but I try to make the most of the time I do have with each member. If I'm lucky some of them redeploy and come back. Bottom line, though, Hanao is my rock. I couldn't do this without her by my side. Team members may come and go, but Hanao is forever.’ Hearing his answer, Hanao blushed,’Aww, darling how sweet of you,’ she said as she showed her more bashful side. It was undeniable that the two of them were the foundation of this team so like the female owner said the previous night, if the two of them didn’t end up together then the Kasazaki team might have turned out completely differently. After breakfast was finished and Youma was done with repairing the heating, another trip to the supermarket was in order. The fridge had limited space and feeding 7 people was no easy feat so these shopping trips happened often. Sylvia accompanied Youma for the trip and while they were in the store she asked,’Do you know where I can find chocolate with a purple cow?’ The female Shinigami couldn’t find it in the chocolate aisle so she decided to ask. Youma had a bit of a confused expression but still wanted to help,’Hmm… let me look it up.’ After a moment he answered,’Oh, it’s not a Japanese brand so you won’t find in this store. You’ll have to go to a store that specifically deals with imported goods to get it. I can show you if you want.’ The female Shinigami nodded,’Please do.’ After they were done in the supermarket, they had to go a bit out of the way for the import store but Sylvia managed to find the chocolate in question. Since it was an imported item, it was more expensive than the stuff she saw at the supermarket but once in a while wouldn’t hurt. On their way back, the female Shinigami asked,’What are your goals for the future?’ Youma answered after some thought,’This might sound like I'm skirting the question, but in reality, I haven't put much though into the future. I'm not a very ambitious person myself, so I'm content with others to achieve their goals for now. I want to keep supporting the rest of Kasazaki team and I want to be with Chisa if possible. Sorry if you were looking for a more interesting answer.’ He seemed to be the least specialised member of the Kasazaki team which was further reinforced by his answer. The female Shinigami shook her head,’It’s alright to want to see others happy, but I think you should find something that only you can do. You never know how long they will be around so it’s important to be able to find happiness from withing yourself,’ she spoke from experience so it was not something that she said lightly. Youma took it into consideration,’I guess so, yeah. I just need to find how to put my talents into better uses.’ Later, in the evening the signal of a Hollow was detected, so Sylvia joined Jino to take care of it though she didn’t plan to fight herself. Tengu also appeared at the location to take care of it which ended up in another argument between the two males. However, this time it seemed to be productive with Sylvia present so another fight was prevented. Jino walked away weirdly happy,’Now, with the deal I made with the Tengu bastard, I’ll be able to handle the incidents in a larger radius around the apartments. As long as he isn’t full of shit, he’ll inform me when he’s not patrolling. Things are looking up,’ he summarised once again for himself as they headed back for dinner that they were late to. Marking the fourth day of her stay with the Kasazaki team, Sylvia received a phone call from Vadim,’Hello?’ The monotone voice answered,’It’s Vadim. How is your assignment going?’ The female Shinigami responded,’Decent, there were a few hiccups here and there but otherwise it’s fine. When they’re actually doing stuff, they are a good team. What about your end?’ Her squad mate let out a deep sigh,’Lucky you… Honestly, things aren’t looking good on my end.’ She nodded,’Yeah, I haven’t heard any good things about your team. How bad is it?’ Vadim answered,’It’s pretty serious actually and I’m at my wit’s end. I don’t think I can do this without your help. Can we meet?’ From his tone, she could indeed feel despair and seriousness and since they were on the same mission, there was no reason why she wouldn’t help him. The time was right before lunch,’Alright, you want to come over after lunch?’ He agreed so they didn’t discuss any further. Once Vadim had arrived, they used Chisa’s room for their meeting,’So, what’s the problem?’ The female Shinigami could see fatigue on his face as well as bags under his eyes,’That team is plainly put a disaster. There’s hardly any organisation, the reports aren’t maintained or filed properly at all. No wonder that Kazukan wanted them to be evaluated. I don’t know how they lasted so long.’ It was clear that he was venting but since he couldn’t talk to anyone else, she didn’t blame him and simply listened. Sylvia chimed in,’I’ve heard that they also lost a team member, Tanaka Fujiki, right?’ Vadim nodded,’Hmm, looks like you already know most of the situation without even being there. This is exactly why I need your help. You heard correctly; the thing is that was over a year ago. The Sakurabashi team didn’t report his death and so no replacement ever arrived.’ The female Shinigami was quite surprised to hear that, but it also matched with what Saya told her as they haven’t heard anything from the new guy. Her squad mate continued,’However, there is an even bigger problem happening. The team is down another member. The second person,Tenzaimon, has been missing for at least a week. He’s nowhere to be found and none of the others have any clue where he could be. We know that he took a Gigai and a large bag of cash, but left his phone. The reason for the cash is that, he couldn’t figure out how to use an electronic bank account so he was receiving his wages in hand.’ Sylvia agreed that this was a very serious matter. Just from that statement, it sounded like plain desertion though that was quite a premature conclusion as this was the only evidence they had. Their Spirit Cellphones could be tracked by the 12th Division but the same could not be said for their Gigai. Therefore, Tenzaimon purposefully left his phone behind since he didn’t want to be found. The female Shinigami inquired,’Who was he before joining the Sakurabashi team?’ Vadim shrugged,’Typical Squad 11 brute. Supposedly, he got some screws loose. His most recent claim to fame was participating in the third Night of Wailing, but literally hundreds of Shinigami did.’ It wasn’t much to go on Sylvia questioned further,’Does he have any history of problematic behaviour?’ Her squad mate sighed,’Besides blatant stupidity, nothing much else. To his credit, he was the only other member of the team still patrolling before and after Tanaka Fujiki’s death.’ Just from that information, they wouldn’t be able to find an underlying cause of why he did what he did so it wasn’t very useful. They would just have to work with the evidence that they had,’Have you checked his phone for any clues?’ Vadim nodded,’I have, but it doesn’t seem like there is any noteworthy information on there. He didn’t even save his contacts though he had some anonymous chatting app on his phone. Unfortunately, all the data from it wipes automatically. I feel completely in the dark here, and the others don’t seem to care that he’s gone…’ It was too early to tell whether Tenzaimon was acting alone or if he had any collaborators, external or internal. However, if they could find that out, that should bring them much closer to finding out his true intentions or even location. Sylvia asked her next question,’Where have you searched already?’ He answered,’I’ve been covering Sakurabashi as best as I can, but the district is huge and I haven’t found any major clues.’ She was not surprised about that. There was no reason why Tenzaimon would only limit himself to the Sakurabashi district and Karakura Town as a whole was quite big. Just trying to find him on the streets would be like trying to find a needle in a haystack and would therefore be unproductive. That was probably as much as Sylvia could learn about Tenzaimon and what Vadim did so far, so she wanted to get a better insight of the rest of the team,’What can you tell me about the other members of the team?’ Vadim sighed,’Besides Tenzaimon and Fujiki, the others are all unremarkable. The leader, Bokuta, is way to lackadaisical. He's just collecting a free paycheck to blow on designer clothes. The techie, Mizuchi, is a complete slacker. Spends most of his time on online messaging boards and gambling online. Fujiki worked with him on reports. The medic, Junbei is some old-timer, I feel a little bad for the guy, but he's completely out of his depth, he's not even from the 4th Division. The actual medic that the team had went back to the Seireitei and Junbei was sent as her replacement, somehow! I don't know, maybe a clerical error. I wouldn't be surprised. Lastly, there is Sanjiku. He's a meek fellow, the others on the team order him around and offload their tasks on him. Only he's completely ineffectual. When things go wrong, they blame him. Fujiki was mentoring him, but it doesn't seem like he picked up much. Thankfully, Sanjiku is the only way I have most of the information that I have.’ The more details she found out, the worse it became. It was clear that once they submit their reports, serious changes will happen to the Sakurabashi team. Perhaps with the input she provides, they would be able to drastically improve it but first they would have to solve this issue. Vadim once again stated his request,’Please Sylvia, will you help me? If this is still unresolved by the time we go back, not only will the team be in hot water but I will too. You’re good at this sort of thing, aren’t you?’ It was true that Vadim, who was more reserved compared to Waiola and Daisuke, wasn’t good at stuff like this. Furthermore, since the Sakurabashi team wasn’t co-operating, the female Shinigami was the only person he could rely on right now. Although their mission was the same, it was still a separate assignment so she could easily tell him to deal with it himself. However, that was not who she was. Sylvia nodded,’Alright, I will help you.’ With another mystery at her doorstep, the game was on. Word Count: 4,006
  7. This next part is a bit of a tale. It is both Nights first big adventure, her first solo job, and when her and Skeith gained their full hollowfication. Night had been at a local herb shop when she first heard the news. Well it was more a rumor but might as well have been news for how she treated it. Apparently an American television crew had vanished while investigating a "vanished" village were human sacrifices were rumored to have taken place over thirty years ago. Part of why this had caught her attention was because they were Americans. Call her bit sentimental but she couldnt help but remember her own human heritage in this case. Some investigation into the matter and she found out the village they had gone to was a remote mountain, seaside village called Hanuda. The first thing she did was make sure it would be ok with Kapskaen, the second thing she did was prep. Mostly by stocking up on healing items and meals with the idea to help recover large amounts of stamina. Also she made sure to bring a soul communicator to keep in touch with her commander. The distances wasnt a small amount and would take her about a day if she traveled at full speed. However as this was not likely a Hollow related incident she figured asking for the Commanders help was not appropriate. Something to this very day she is still unsure of if that had been a good idea or not. For indeed the incident after all turned out to be much more complicated, and in the end it was never resolved. All she managed to do was escape with her life in the end, for the infinite loop that Hanuda was in was not something she could have dealt with back then. When she finally arrived at the village it was night time, and storm clouds had gathered above. Nothing to bad it let her move about easier than just plain daylight. Honestly though for an abandoned, sorry vanished village there were signs of populace. It didnt take long to find a clearing in the woods around the village were people were gathered. It seemed like they were holding some kind of ceremony. There were many robed humans forming a circle and in the center were two women being held. One was dressed as a nurse and the other was wearing a black dress. The leader of the ceremony, a figure in a bright red robe took what looked like a ceremonial dagger and plunged it into the nurses chest seemingly killing her instantly. The robed figure withdrew the blade and walked towards the second woman, but before the figure could kill the next woman a young man came running through the woods and shoved the robed figure down to the ground. Are you guys insane? How could you just kill her like that! Fuck! As the young man shouted the woman he had saved had already fled and he to soon followed. The robed figures seemed to be in a panic as thunder rumbled from the clouds above. The robed figures began to disperse some seeming to follow the path the young man had fled down. Night however wasnt worried about pursuing the humans at the moment, instead she was more concerned about what hadnt appeared yet. The sacrificed woman's soul had yet to manifest. Soon though the air itself changed and grew heavy with spiritual power as a flash of lightning and thunder followed. Rain then began to fall. However it wasnt any normal kind of rain. First off it was red in color, almost like blood. Second was it was enriched with reishi. However it did not feel like any kind of reshi she had had ever encountered. Not like a shinigami's, not like a hollows, or a bounts. Not even like what hers or Kapskaens felt like as Vizoreds. It was wholly alien. As it picked up something unexpected happened, the sacrificed woman stood up and let out a laugh. She was as pale as a corpse, which Night was sure she had been just a minute ago. The woman then took off into the woods, all while Night sat in the tree just honestly dumbfounded. What was going on here? This village had vanished but people were still here. She had yet to see signs of these missing Americans that she had heard rumors of, the whole thing that had lead her here anyway. She heard gunshots off in the distance but honestly she wasnt to bothered by that, but she was perturbed by the fact that earlier today when she had done her initial scouting there hadnt been anyone around. Yet now there were not only villagers, but a whole ceremony with human sacrifice being held? Not only that the reiatsu in the air and in the blood red rain. She held out a glass slide and caught a drop of the liquid on it. She then slid her bag off her shoulder and pulled out a small microscope she had packed. Honestly she hadnt thought she would end up needing it but now it might just be a thing that could give her answers. In all honesty she just wanted to be sure it wasnt raining blood. The microscope in part due to its size wasnt the best but it could at least reveal the basic structure of the fluid, as well as show that the fluid was charged with reishi. She was relieved that it did not seem to actually be blood, as the structure she was viewing was not organic, but rather a loose crystalline formation? Just what was this stuff? Was it why the sacrificed woman had come back to life? To many questions at the moment and just not enough answers yet. As she prepared to go towards the main village all of a sudden a siren sounded. But how? She had not seen anything that looked like a Siren Well beyond the one by the mine, but it wasnt large enough nor should it have been loud enough to reach all the way here. Soon the air began to vibrate as the Siren sounded and the air grew denser, spiritual pressure increasing until Night slumped against the tree passing out.
  8. Luckily finding Kapskaen hadnt been to hard, or rather it hadnt been to hard for him to find her. A hand in that she suspected but never was able to confirm, thanks again to the Kuchiki house. Another part was even when she suppressed her spiritual power it still stood out. Something Kapskaen had once joked was a promising thing considering her age. Once she settled into the cell, her and the commander got started on her inner hollow. The hollows name as she found out with training called itself Skeith. Her hollow and her zanpakuto as she suspected after gaining her mask were very much linked. Skeith thrived on her negative emotions, growing stronger when her depression was more severe. It hadnt helped losing her new home almost as quickly as she gained it. Not to mention how fresh her death still was to her, and how it had come about. Kapskaen though helped in a lot of ways. She trained everyday always pushing herself to the limit of her power, from both her zanpakuto and her hollow. She even picked up cero, the hollows ability to compress spiritual power into a beam. Her mask also helped, even with kido the energy cost of her abilities were reduced which worked out well for her weakest stat was easily her stamina. One of the more unexpected abilities she gained with her hollowfication and a rarer one was regeneration. She still needed stamina to heal from wounds but the speed of her own healing was extraordinary, though more than once she burned out all her stamina training and had passed out. However Kapskaen still ended up making her the sub commander of the Cell. She was still diligent in her training as well as her study and research. Being apart from the Soul Society really compounded how well established the squads were, as well as how much she had come to rely on her nobility. She had never once hesitated to use her status to get the best teaching she could access, learn kido above her station ad train under her family and other Nobles. As a Vizored she really didnt have those benefits anymore. Honestly it was the first time she had realized kind of how racist the Soul Society was. She couldnt help but remember once Tokio explaining about how and why the Quincy had been hunted to near extinction, no the word he had used was genocide. But both sides had been unwilling to bend, Tokio's clan being one of the few to try and change Quincy techniques to not destroy souls. She wondered, if maybe there was a way to change things? If she could improve the way Soul Society, no all races viewed one another maybe, just maybe things could be better? The Bounts would be her first alliance. With Kapskaens approval Night approached them with first an accord that neither side would attack the other. With it she also proposed the idea to the Bounts of feeding on Hollows and not harming innocents. Honestly the idea as she explained to the Bount leader back then was that Hollows were also beings who fed on souls, and Hollows also fed on other Hollows. After all a Hollow was still a deviant of a soul. She even offered to help lend a hand to younger Bounts hunting Hollows. It also helped keep Karakura's Hollow population down, a boon for a spirit enriched zone. She would have extended a treaty to Quincy, and Fullbringers as well. However neither one heavily populated Karakura, nor were they organized. With the Bounts alliance secured Night spent the following months training and doing patrols. Part of her regular training exercise was a daily meditation session communing with her zanpakuto, as well and her inner hollow. Though Skeith didnt always participate in this sessions she always did her best to never exclude the Hollow. With the time she spent with the two the more she saw them truly as facets of herself.
  9. Life in the rukongai was vastly different than that of her life in the world of the living had been. Thanks to knowing how to already use her spiritual power from when she was human, and from what she had learned from Malakai she had a few advantages. Her brief stay in the rukongai wasn't to uneventful, with more than a few scuffles with the local gangs. But thanks to already having a good handle on her reiryoku and reiatsu she more than often came out on top in these scuffles. During one such scuffle her pink reiryoku turned black and produced a sword, or rather produced her zanpakuto, giving her a bigger advantage. She most often during these scuffles would release blast of her spiritual power finding that her magic did not work here. Or rather as she would later find out magic itself just functioned a bit differently and better known as kido. She was rather skilled though at shaping and releasing her spiritual power in both offensive and defensive measures, and when the entrance exam for the Shinigami academy was held she made sure to be there for it. She had little trouble passing the exam and was praised as a genius due to her ability. This was actually a big turning point in her life in the Soul Society. One of the Proctors of the exam had been an elder of the Kuchiki clan and had met her on the side after the exam. He made her an offer she could honestly not have refused, he offered to adopt her into the Noble house of Kuchiki. If she accepted, she would be given all the privileges of a noble, and without hesitation she accepted. As a Kuchiki she was placed in first class, and also had tutors on the side who helped train. From her older brother Morgoth Kuchiki, the Kenpachi and captain of Squad 11 at the time, to the Shihoin helping her hone her flash step. The elder who adopted her she took to calling her grandpa, helped her in what she excelled in, and that was kido. Night never hesitated to take advantage of her now noble heritage to learn and train under the best she could. She awakened her shikai while still in the academy, now named Bokyaku, a dark elemental zanpakuto. She graduated from the academy within two years of entering it and was able to start off as a seated officer. She started off as the 9th seat of Squad 13, a squad that was lead by another of her elder siblings. It would be during her tenure as a seated officer when she re connected with Malakai. The two ended up on more than a few missions together, though they also had missions separate as well. Night was honestly enthusiastic about being a Shinigami and often always gave her all to both training and her missions. This enthusiasm is what helped her climb the ranks as a shinigami. Well that and being of a noble house, she still trained with members of her clan, and those of the Shihoin as well eventually mastering the third way of shiho, a specialized flash step that could leave after images of herself to help divert enemy attacks. Though skilled in Kido she learned at first more Hado then bakudo. This was in part because back then she was so sure a better offense was the best form of defense. Within time the Kuchiki clan and the Kyoraku clan would arrange an arranged marriage between her, and Malakai. It was during this time that most of her missions began to be with Malakai as well who was the squad 12 lieutenant. He actually helped bring out her passion for research, experiments and eventual development of inventions . Life was pretty good during her year with the 13 court guard squads. Eventually she even developed her Bankai, now named Bokyaku no Ryu. With it she took the third seat of squad 13, in part because the lieutenant also had a bankai. However it was shortly after awakening her bankai that the good times as a Shinigami came to a swift end. Upon the third time of releasing her bankai, her inner hollow awakened. Thus she was swiftly exiled from from the Soul Society as back then, gaining the power of a hollow was a crime. However she got one last boon from being of a noble house, her exile would be kept secret and on the down low. She also received instructions to seek out Faction Cell 2 of the Vizored, the commander there would be able to help her, the commanders name also caught her attention, Kapskaen Kuchiki. With that she was exiled back to the world of the living, and back to Karakura oddly enough.
  10. Nights life as a spiritually gifted started actually at a young age. Her parents were both military, retired before their lives were cut short by a Hollow. Her Dad was Japanese American, her mom European American. The two had met during the tenure in the military and married while in the service. After the initial contract was up her mom retired but her dad stayed in the military while her mom became a stay at home mother. This lead to much of Nights childhood with her family on the move. From Fort to Fort, station to station. The constant moving around never really gave her chance to make friends, but she considered her mom a friend, as much as a mother. She even as a kid could see spirits, both those of nature, and those of human nature. Her mom once stopped her from interacting with a young dragon realizing her daughter had inherited the families spiritual gift, she began to instruct her daughter in the ways of magic and sorcery. This included a unique concept that her mom passed down of Ouroboros. The tail devouring dragon, a concept of balance, cosmic harmony, eternity, and even life and death. The lessons took up the space she would have had for friends, if they didnt move around so often. Things changed though when she was a teenager. Her grandma, her dads mom had been hospitalized. This lead to her dad retiring from the military finally and moving the family to Karakura Japan, to be closer and to be able to take care of Grandma. This was a bit of an odd time for the young girl as she had never expected to end up not only moving for the last time and settling down, but let alone to end up living in Japan. She had visited her Grandma a few times before, for things like holidays and such, but this was different. She was more frail and the hospital never felt comfortable. It was often a hot bed for spirits due to the deaths from illness, or fatal injuries. Honestly she had always felt better around nature spirits than human spirits, and those with unpleasant deaths tended to be more riled up. Actually to be fair much of Karakura was a hot bed of spirit activity but Night would do a decent job keeping to herself as her mom had taught her not to give to much attention to spirits. They would hopefully be helped by an agent of the after life though her mom had never explained who these agents were. It was during one of the times she had been visiting her Grandma in the hospital she had met her first Shinigami, Malaki Kyoraku. If only she had known back then what she knew now and just how far things would spiral out of control from this encounter, but how could she? Malakai taught her about Shinigami and their role in the world, and even what Hollows were. So many times had her thoughts gone back to that first meeting since finding out everything Malakai had done, and would do. If she had only heeded her mothers advice and left the spirit world alone, maybe things could have been different? One of the positives of finally living in a place and not moving away was she finally made a friend. Tokio Sakuraba, he had caught her once talking to a more peaceful human spirit. At first she had feared the red haired boy would find her crazy but instead it turned out he was spiritually gifted as well. Tokio as it turned out was a Quincy, though his family were not like traditional Quincy. Their clan after the genocide began looking for ways to keep their techniques, but tweak them enough not to destroy a soul, as not to incur the wrath of the Shinigami ever again. This though had apparently lead to his family being exiled by the remaining Quincy and were considered a tarnish on the Quincy name. With both Malakai and Tokio she ended up on a few adventures more thrilling than any normal highschool student would have had. Her Grandma ended up passing a year after her family had moved to Japan but they remained after as a way for her, and her dad to remain close to grandma in spirit, and for dad to get closer to his roots. Honestly all things considered before her death, times were good, but all good things came to an end. Returning to her families apartment one night after hanging out with Tokio when she was only 16, was when her human life came to an end. Her feet squished in a liquid as she entered the living room turning on the lights only to her horror, the liquid was blood. Her parents bodies were in pieces, their spirits no were to be seen of felt, only a powerful Hollow looming by an open window. Tears sprang to her eyes first and then rage filled her. Spell after spell, she slung at the Hollow. The hollow however shrugged each one off with ease. Eventually it tore her apart as well. Her spirit stood before her own body, in shock and horror. The hollow slashed her soul knocking it aside leaving a deep gash in her chest, but before it could devour her Malakai came swooping in to save her. Though as she would later come to find out, Malakai had been the one to send the Hollow to her apartment and had let it kill and eat her parents, and intervened to make himself look like her savoir. He dispatched the Hollow with great ease and performed her Konso. Promising he would find her and help her become a Shinigami, because he was sure she would be a great one. Thus did her human life come to an end, and her life in the Soul Society would begin. Unaware of what would come, or the fact the now dead hollow had infected her soul and just were that would lead her down the path of Fate.
  11. Night had passed out working in the lab. This wasnt sadly uncommon, once she was in a fervor of inspiration and or drive she would tend to work herself till she passed out. Luckily Mog knew were to find her and one of the best ways to wake her up. Dark chocolate mocha with three espresso shots Kupo! Blinked bleary eyed and yawned. She had spent the hours working away at the two other spirit phones. She figured with the extra time before the mission, and bringing along two Cell members, the communication devices could be pivotal in keeping them safe. She was not to worried about Dante she was sure he could handle himself, but caution never hurt. She did not want to leave Aya though on her own in a potentially unknown danger. She was confident she could keep her safe, but that would require hovering over the young woman. That would also likely stifle the vizoreds growth, she might be afraid of loosing people but it was no excuse to stand in someone's way of potential growth. Thank you very much Mog. She said and took a drink of the mocha. She would have to figure out a way to get the devices to open an emergency garganta sadly at a later date, one that would ideally let a cell member get a garganta open swiftly ideally without the need for the user to have to use spiritual power, maybe a way to also manufacture a negacion. The idea would be for the feature to safely take a member back to the mansion or to the current Cell Commander, ideally by the choice of the cell member activating it. However the two copies had all functionality of initial model. They were nothing special looking, average touch screen phones black case. But she figured Dante and Aya could add their own personal touches to the devices later. The important part was all three were functional. Mog I am going out on the back porch, be a dear and bring me my pipe with a bowl ready to go? She asked of the moogle. No problem Kupo. Mog took off and Night ran her fingers through her hair to untangle her curls. With mocha in hand she then went up to the back porch patio mocha in hand. A flash step after the elevator made it feel like the blink of an eye. Mog would shortly arrive after a bit pipe in hand and she took a hit and followed it with a splash o mocha down the throat. What a way to enjoy a morning.
  12. Dante gave a slight bow as the commander made her way to the lab. He stood in place for a while lost in thought as to what a day had passed. He clenched his fist in anger at how he had not met his own standard in protecting Aya and the taste of the power he had experienced a moment ago. Disappointment, Anger, Rage, and powerlessness swirled inside of him once more. How much time has passed since I felt content? Even now that day still haunts me still. The darkness the despair of that cage. I pity you, darling. Dante looked up, his clenched fist relaxing as he looked at the water without motion stuck in time. I guess I should have expected power like that to draw you out. What would you want now? Barely any time has passed since your little trick yet you think I would want to have a conversation right now. Dante glared at Yuki-Shi as she playfully skated over the water as if it were ice. Oh, now that is a glare I haven't seen in a while. Like the days of old is it not? Such a shame I would be the one to warrant such attention. You know Dante my dear, I only did what you could not bring yourself to do. She can not grow smothered by your constant protection you know. Yuki-Shi. Once more. I don't have time for your silly games. Dante started walking toward the exit of the spa. The room turned colorless and darkened with each step he took. My dear Dante. I serve at your pleasure or my own. Yuki-Shi giggles slightly covering her mouth with the back of her pale hand. Just remember dear, I always have your best interest at heart. Although they might not always be the same you hold dear. Dante kept walking now closing in on the door as he reached it he turned toward Yuki-Shi their eye's met and the room instantly felt void of heat. You can Scheme all you like. Just remember my past. I do not fear death. Do mind your own business or I might just come to rip you from that ice prison you like to call home. Dante then turned and walked out of the spa towards his new room in the mansion. Yuki-Shi looked on surprised but also saddened by his words. You still don't get it, do you?
  13. PART TWO: "Sakurabashi Sideline" ------ With the conclusion of all her interviews, the 4th Seat - Sylvia Barlowe, was nearly set to complete her assignment. All that remained was for her to spend adequate time with the team to flesh out her report and recommendations for the team moving forwards. The following three days would be relatively peaceful. Yutaka was reprimanded by Tenzen and Hanao for his inappropriate and disgusting behavior. For the rest of the time he spend in the apartment --though not long-- he was ostracized by the rest of the team. He was not seem or heard of again for the rest of the time Sylvia was in Karakura. As for the others; they all got along with Sylvia swimmingly. With the pressure of the evaluation and interviews behind them, they were able to behave more naturally around her. Before long, they were treating her as just another resident of the apartment and a member of the team. Additionally, it would appear that Sylvia's presence had sparked some improvements across the team. On one occasion, Jino had a heated but ultimately productive discussion with Tengu; they appeared to reach some agreement. Youma and Chisa were both more focused on their work now, but they still made time to chat and hang out --it looked like they were working their way up to having a serious conversation about their relationship prospects. The twins Aya and Saya were putting in a greater effort to make sure reports were completely filed and on time. Tenzen and Hanao noticed the difference and were very encouraging of their team and expressed their thanks privately to Sylvia. By all metrics, Sylvia's mission was looking like a net positive for the team as a whole. However, the same could not be said for the team in the neighboring district of Sakurabashi. On the third day after Sylvia's interviews the 9th Seat, Vadim, having run out of options and ideas, finally called Sylvia to request her help... [Instructions: Speak to Vadim and find out what he needs.] ------------------------
  14. OoC: after spa incident. Darkness. screams of people , men, women and even little children who are getting devoured by hollows, echoes in the black. Light: And then there was light .... and silence. An endless white space all over her when she turns and sees a red tree far away. she steps towards it which feels like eternity. she finally places her hand on the red crystal trunk of tree and suddenly thousands of red crystal leaves scatters all around. It was then when she woke up with a little gasp in her new room, much smaller and simpler than her previous room. she feels more at ease to stay here. she feels that she belongs here. she sits up on her bed and looks out of the window which is right beside her bed. the early morning sun shines into her room and the green Oak tree in the courtyard slowly moves its branches with the dance of the wind. she moves a hand on her stomach. there is no sign of her terrible wound any more. she remembers all that happened last night. she looks around her room and sighs as she saw her Zanpakuto. commanders power is insane! she expected her to be strong for the way Hirako sama acted and gave the seat of the commander to her but Aya never knew that she is *that* strong. It was embarrassing to faint like that again. she thought and squeezes the blanket in her fist. angry of herself for being weak. but then she remembers Yukiko and that she has to control her anger. she takes a deep breath , lets the blanket free and looks out again. Commander must really care for her cell and its members to go that far to teach Aya such a lesson like that.... A sad smile moves on her lips. she needs to get stronger and that's for sure but anger and frustration is not the way. she has to find the way that works. she has practice and for that she has to be the best she can be in their up coming mission.
  15. OoC: continuing in mansion.
  16. Earlier
  17. Night entered the lab and let out a sigh. Being a leader was never easy but she was determined to be more responsible than what she had been in the past. She started looking over the material logs and smiled. At least her lab assistant had kept up with material acquisition, and independent research. She was glad about that at least. She pulled up the phone research records. A past pet project that she had left in the hands of her assistant. The Souls Society had used a flip phone to track Hollows and communicate with their agents in the world of the living. This project had been to build on that. Part of that had been keeping up with the world of the livings phone technology. Several acquisitions had been made since she was last here and it looked like from those a number of prototypes with various features had been made. Including mapping and a camera that could also take spiritual measurements and a full compilations of any recordable data visually. They also had a mapping feature included with the map and a spiritual radar. It was also linked up to the archives of the Cell. Though there was only one at the moment. But maybe with the extra time on her hands she could fix that. At the moment they would need two more, but later she could ask the assistant to help get more produced with the guild in mind as well.
  18. Night restrained her spiritual pressure once more, almost by sole unconscious reflex. She wasnt one to often flex her full power and felt a bit bad as she noticed Aya pass out. She condensed her reishi and sent a flexible bubble of pink reishi under Aya's head to prevent any damage occurring from the fall. I hope she will be ok. A wound like that should be given some time to heal though. Plus I have seen the price of recklessness, especially in the face of unknown danger. I just got back, I would like to do what I can to prevent the loss of a comrade. The structure of the mansion we will be going to is highly damage resistant and repairs, or maybe reverts to how it was before hand. Which you wouldnt expect from how dilapidated it is. It prevented me from opening a senkaimon inside it, which is why I had to force open a garganta instead. If we end up separated in the manor I dont think brute force will do much good to meet back up. The place took one of my hado's to the door and and it didnt break and the damage lasted barely a second before it was gone. I dont want to take a needless risk. She then whistled and a Maid came into the spa shortly after. I hope Mog while he has delivered the message about the rooms? The maid nodded and bowed. She forgot most of the staff wasnt the talkative sort, maybe she should work on giving them more personality? Please take Aya to her new room once you have it ready, and until then move her somewhere comfy to rest, and do as little to agitate her closed wound as possible. The maid gave a final bow and would gently scoop the young woman up and take her to a better resting spot and eventually her room, unless she woke up before then. Night did feel a bit bad though knocking her out like that, hopefully she could be forgiven latter. She then looked back at Dante. Once she is rested and has recovered more we can set out. Night then stretched a bit and gave a wave. I am heading to the lab.
  19. Dante stood still and had not moved an inch since he last spoke. He keenly listened to the commander as she was speaking and also acknowledged Aya when she looked toward him. He then listened as the commander was continuing to talk to Aya and felt the immense spiritual pressure being released into the room and how intense the commander's power was. He had to brace himself feeling the power growing and getting ever thicker and stronger. This is the first time I have ever experienced the commander's power like this. Dante's knees started to shake slightly under the immense power being released. Now, this is the kind of power I am chasing. Yes, this is it. Dante stood ever firmer. The weight of the power was now in a league of its own compared to his own. He could only feel in awe of it. An itch within him felt like it was growing with each second passing, a desire to gain such power and be stronger to protect those close to him, and his cell was now like an engraving within him. He let it flow through him, the intensity, the sheer force. Such power will one day be mine. Dante stood looking upon the commander now with more determination on his face when he noticed Aya's spiritual pressure fluctuate as she then fell to the ground. Aya. I am sorry you had to endure something like this. I hope it also gives you the push needed to go forward and become stronger so you too can accomplish the desires you hold so keenly in your heart and rarely show. Dante looked at the commander as he strainingly said. Commander, I think that is enough for now.
  20. I dont do pvp in games if I can help it. I am always in preference to pve.
  21. My brother and I did a bunch of end game content, but the terrible PvP experience is what killed it for us.
  22. I play just wish they would have released a dlc storyline or something. Not a high level for the end game but I cant find a good spot to grind levels for were I am currently at though I do have a few elder dragons in my monster mix
  23. Sylvia woke up at a time that was fairly normal for her though her sleep quality this night couldn’t be called great. It was mostly owing to the fact that the bed was unfamiliar to her so she didn’t feel entirely comfortable in it. The other major reason was that through majority of the night Saya, who resided in the room below them, was hurling insults and profanities at her new game which woke her up multiple times. Still, staying in and trying to get some extra sleep would probably be detrimental and fruitless to her so she raised herself out of bed. She changed into her workout clothes and started her workout routine, first in her room before eventually going for a run. The cold winter air ensured that she was fully awake though Sylvia also wondered if working out in her Gigai would actually provide any benefit to her spiritual body. Even so, this was a habit for her and gave her some alone time so she didn’t see it as a waste of time. When the female Shinigami had returned to the apartment, Chisa was awake and getting ready to start her day. After greeting each other, Sylvia was given the go head for the shower so she hopped in to refresh herself after the workout. Once that was done, she sat on her bed while letting her long grey and blue hair dry. It was at that time her phone started ringing and when she checked who it was, Kichi’s name was showing on the display. It was probably regarding what she had asked her the previous night so she picked up,’Hey babe, how are you?’ Sylvia answered,’I’m alright, woke up some time ago and went on a run. You?’ She could hear Kichi let out a sigh,’Ever the early riser, aren’t you? I don’t get how you can just get up and be motivated to work out! Anyway, can’t complain. Sounds like you need my help with your investigation?’ The female Shinigami nodded,’It’s not really an investigation. I’m in Karakura Town right now doing an evaluation of one of our teams.’ Kichi suddenly got excited,’Ooh, Karakura Town! What is it like? Are there tall skyscrapers like they say? Oh, are you using that body thingamajig? What does it feel like?’ Sylvia let out a sigh,’One question at a time… I’ll send you some pictures so later so that you can see it for yourself. Yes, I’m using a Gigai. At first, it felt a bit weird and uncomfortable and a bit like a tight bodysuit but you get used to it over time. Feels like my own body and my limbs don’t feel restricted.’ Her friend managed to reel in her excitement a bit,’Cool! So, what does Yutaka have to do with this?’ Sylvia answered,’He’s one of the members of the team. Since he’s a part of the Onmitsukido the others don’t really know much about him so I will appreciate any leads you’ve got.’ Kichi’s voice then quickly turned into that of contempt,’Ugh, so you’ve met him… Sorry, I didn’t get to warn you about him sooner. He’s complete scum, unfortunately, he’s kinda good at his job, so we all tolerate him somehow. Thankfully, the Captain and Vice-Captain keep him busy with away assignments so he is gone most of the time.’ Sylvia completely agreed with her friend’s description and she was dreading this interview the most,’Unfortunately, I’ve already experienced his ‘personality’ first hand. The faster this is over though the better. So, do you know anything about his current assignment?’ Kichi’s voice then showed a bit of regret,’Listen, babe, I wish I could help you but I don’t know much about it. You know how it is, secrecy even among members and all that jazz. If I had to make a guess, I would say that it’s probably involving problematic group.’ Her friend probably tried to keep it vague just in case anyone was listening but Sylvia understood her nonetheless. The only problematic group that is currently troubling Seiretei are the Ascendants, the Vizard rebels. This meant that they had found a solid lead that Yutaka was pursuing or perhaps he was searching for one to begin with. It wasn’t something that directly affected her but if it came to a confrontation in the future, Sylvia reckoned that she would easily make the list of candidates for the vanguard. The female Shinigami responded,’Alright, it’s more than I found out from anyone else so better than nothing. It will have to do, I suppose. Thanks.’ Kichi added,’He’s a real creep so for your own safety, I’d advise you to avoid him as much as you can.’ Sylvia agreed,’Yes, that’s what I’m planning to do as soon as the interview is done.’ Kichi continued,’I’m sorry that I can’t tell you more since you always help me. Sylvia, please be careful and keep me updated if you can. Bring me back some chocolate too, will you?’ The female Shinigami appreciated the concern her friend showed,’It’s ok, I’ll let you know if anything happens. What kind of chocolate do you want?’ Kichi brightened up once again,’Milk chocolate, of course! Whoever thought that it was a good idea to make chocolate bitter was an idiot! I really want to try the one with the purple cow if you can find it.’ Sylvia wasn’t really familiar with the brand but if it was popular enough, she could probably find it in the supermarket that she went to yesterday,’Alright, I’ll see what I can do.’ Kichi then had to go so they said their goodbyes and since Sylvia’s hair was pretty much dry it was time for her to get a move on as well. Since it was still early and they haven’t had breakfast, her destination would be the Morishima’s room. However, when the female Shinigami tried to leave the room, her path was blocked right in the doorway,’Good morning, gorgeous,’ greeted Yutaka who was leaning against the doorway with a cheeky smile. He added,’I know we agreed to have our little chat in the morning, but God, I just couldn’t stop thinking about you all night, Miss Barlowe. As promised, you’ll have your interview with my amazing self. I’ll do my best to behave, but you don’t have to. In fact-‘ he leaned in and whispered,’I’d rather prefer that you didn’t.’ Sylvia took a step back as she could only feel repulsed by this sort of greeting,’Back off, you’re in my personal space,’ she said with a stern look. She then immediately shot down his advances,’I’m here to do a job so I will carry myself befitting of that.’ He chuckled,’Aw, don’t be so cold. Maybe all you need is a bit of fiery passion to warm you up, hm? What do you say? Should we take this to my room or somewhere else a little more private?’ The female Shinigami became more disgusted with every sentence that he spoke as she was feeling a pit in her stomach. If this was how he was right now, then he will probably be even worse in private as alarm bells were going off in her head,’Go to your room.’ That was probably the safer option as she wouldn’t be in a place far from others. Furthermore, she didn’t want to leave him unattended in her room as he might try to steal her underwear or put something in without her knowing. Yutaka nodded happily,’Alright, I’ll answer any question you have, but in exchange, you have to answer one of mine in return.’ Sylvia could already predict that they will be vulgar questions but she will not be entertaining him,’I’ll be the one asking questions.’ He shrugged and then walked off towards his own room. She could only let out a deep sigh of relief when he was gone but her feelings of disgust would not go away. As much as she hated it, this was something that she had to do so she retrieved her notebook and pen before going outside. However, with his behaviour Sylvia knew that she couldn’t allow herself to be one on one with him so she decided to bring in one of the other guys as witnesses. Youma was probably busy making breakfast and there was a chance that Tenzen was assisting him so they didn’t seem like reliable choices in the moment. Ultimately, she went next door to Unit 05 and knocked on the door. After a moment she heard a response,’Coming.’ The door opened to a sleepy Jino who was rubbing his half-closed eyes that were getting irritated due to the sunlight. He was only clad in underwear so Sylvia averted her gaze as she did not want to have to see his body or its biological functions. He spoke,’Hmm…? You… Didja come to lecture me about yesterday? Can’t it wait? It’s not even noon yet…’ She answered,’No, that’s not what I’m here for. Actually, I’ve come to ask for a favour.’ Since he was still half asleep, he didn’t hide his bluntness,’What do you want?’ Sylvia stated,’Unfortunately, I have to interview Yutaka and his behaviour towards me, a woman, is quite unacceptable. So, I would like a witness to be present.’ After processing her words, he understood,’Oh, well… I guess I can do that. Just let me freshen up a bit first.’ It was a bit easier than expected but it seemed to have worked out gaining herself some degree of security. Once Jino was ready, they went to Yutaka’s room. However, just before she entered Sylvia secretly turned on the voice recorder in her phone as an extra measure of security. Yutaka, who was wearing his sunglasses even inside, did not seem too pleased at the sight of Jino,’What’s he doing here? This was not the deal, Miss Barlowe. Unless, you like yourself an audience? I won’t judge.’ Sylvia stated plainly,’Jino will be serving as a witness to our interview.’ Jino himself was still visibly groggy so he didn’t bother commenting. She reckoned that no matter where she sat, Yutaka would scoot over closely so she couldn’t avoid it. Yutaka was seated closely opposite her with Jino being sat to their side. Sylvia turned to a new page in her notebook with her pen at the ready,’Let’s start then. From the information I have about you, you are the most recent member in the Kasazaki team and you belong to the Onmitsukido. Which unit in particular?’ Yutaka showed a cheerful smile,’So, you are interested in me after all, look at you playing hard to get. Alright, I’m game. I belong to the Patrol Corps. With a specialty in espionage and intel gathering.’ As she simply jotted down that down, he asked,’My turn, what colour panties are you wearing?’ Jino who seemed uninterested at this point perked up,’Oi-,’ but before he could say anything else the sound of a slap resounded in the room as Sylvia’s palm made contact with Yutaka’s face. She expected the questions to be vulgar, but hearing them only made her disgust increase and if he wouldn’t listen to her words then she had to set boundaries with her actions. However, Yutaka only chuckled and winked,’Feisty, I love that.’ Even with the presence of another member it didn’t seem like he had any intention of changing his attitude. Sylvia could only keep a stern look on her face and hoped this would be over as fast as possible. Perhaps, he thought he was being sneaky with his sunglasses but she knew that he was looking at her body. With comments like thinking about her all night and even now, she could only image what was going through his head which she found all the more revolting. The female Shinigami moved onto the next question,’It seems that your stay with the Kasazaki team revolves around your mission. What does this mission involve?’ Yutaka was clicking his tongue as he wagged his index finger,’Naughty naughty Sylvia. You know that information is classified. I’m a professional, that’s the kind of information I’d only let slip during pillow talk.’ Jino was now fully paying attention and wanted to do what was asked of him,’Keep it civil,’ though he was ignored by the other male. Sylvia wasn’t expecting for him to tell her but at least, thanks to Kichi’s help, she probably knew more than he expected. Being part of the Onmitskido, even if she tried to push him for a clear answer, she knew that it would be pointless. Once again, Yutaka asked a question of his own,’What are you doing this evening?’ The female Shinigami answered coldly,’I don’t know yet but I assure you that I won’t be spending it with you.’ He feigned disappointment,’Don’t be like that! There’s plenty to do here. I know, lets go to the movies! What do you like? A chick flick? Or maybe a horror so that you when you get scared you can take safety in my arms?’ She ignored him as giving him too much attention will only make him continue. Jino too was getting more uncomfortable and annoyed at Yutaka’s comments. However, since he started a fight yesterday, he wanted to try to show some control today,’Stick to the topic.’ Even if the question didn’t seem harmful, he was sure that Yutaka would probably find a way to turn it into an advance so for Sylvia’s sake, the less he talked the better. Sylvia continued the interview,’Is this a solo mission, or are there others in a similar position as yours in other districts?’ Once again, he had no intention of answering,’That is also classified information. However, I am obligated to report my correspondences and activities in my reports.’ As the female Shinigami heard that, she felt the there was something incorrect with his statement. She turned the page back to her interview with the twin and looked at some specific notes. According to Saya, Yutaka has never submitted a single report during his stay. Therefore, what he said just now was quite suspicious. If he did indeed submit reports to the twins then they would also be privy to the details of his mission. Then were they trying to cover for him when they said that? Sylvia doubted that to be the case as frankly, Saya was quite a blunt person. She had no problem discussing Youma and Chisa’s hidden relationship and gave an honest opinion about everyone else. The twins were much more trustworthy than Yutaka so she chose to believe them rather than him. Still, that didn’t stop him from reporting elsewhere so at least there might be some truth to it. Yutaka took his turn to ask a question,’What kind of food do you like?’ Sylvia gave a vague answer,’Most foods, I’m not really a picky eater and I don’t have any allergies. I’m not too fond of seafood though.’ He nodded in understanding,’I get that, having their googly eyes looking at you while you feast on their flesh doesn’t really set the romantic mood, does it?’ She asked her next question,’Once you finish your mission, will you be staying with the Morishimas longer or will you be returning to Soul Society?’ His answer was short and straight to the point,’Unfortunately, no. Once I am done with the assignment, I will return to the Soul Society.’ Yutaka then got a cheeky smile on his face,’You ever been with another woman?’ Sylvia gave him a sharp and cold look while Jino got visibly angry,’Oi, the fuck you thinking, asking something like that?! Do you not have any respect?’ However, Yutaka simply brushed him off again,’Stay out of this musclehead, this doesn’t concern you. Sit and watch like you are supposed to. You might hurt yourself if you start thinking.’ Jino became further agitated at the insult,’What was that?!’ The female Shinigami was grateful that he was getting angry on her behalf but she didn’t want it to lead to another fight so she motioned for Jino to back down. Since it was her request, he reined himself in and continued to keep watch. Yutaka smiled at his team member’s misfortune while Sylvia asked her next question,’Do you have any duties assigned to you in the house? Is someone else filling in for you while you are away?’ He was a bit dumbfounded by the question,’Chores?’ Yutaka chuckled,’Of course not. Why would I need to do chores in the house with four perfectly capable ladies?’ It was clear that not only did he see women as a sexual object but also had misogynistic views of their role. However, at the very least his statement perfectly matched that of Saya’s which said that he doesn’t contribute at all. As usual, he then asked his question,’Have you ‘taken care’ of yourself in the Gigai?’ She felt utter disgust and nausea at his words and felt like even a slap wouldn’t be enough to convey this. Luckily, it seemed that this was also too much for Jino as he pulled in Yutaka by his collar and delivered a right hook to his face, causing him to fall to the floor with a loud thud,’You piece of shit!’ Jino stood over and was ready to do more if Yutaka tried to play it off again. Yutaka raised himself up as his nose was now bleeding and the left side of his lip was busted,’Do you think you will get away with punching an Onmitsukido member? You better watch your back,’ he said with an unusually serious tone. Jino didn’t seem to care about the threat,’Maybe if you took off your shitty glasses you would notice that we are in Karakura right now. Your authority don’t mean shit here! The only with authority here is Sylvia so either you respect her or imma make sure you need a new set of pearly whites.’ From their interview, it was clear to Sylvia that Yutaka wasn’t a proper member of the Morishima team. As such, there was no further need to evaluate him or put up with his behaviour,’We’re done here,’ she announced. With her overwhelming disgust and Jino’s anger there was no need to stay any longer. She got up and started to leave as Jino followed suit though he spat out,’Asshole,’ before they left. Outside, she let out a sigh and was glad that it was over so she turned to Jino,’Thank you for being there. It means a lot.’ He scratched his head in response,’Ah… don’t mention it.’ Then they parted ways as Jino went to Tenzen’s room as breakfast should be mostly ready while Sylvia returned to her room to put away her things. However, after doing that she headed to the roof rather than for breakfast. The female Shinigami submitted the recording as evidence to her sexual harassment report and requested that a restraining order be put on Yutaka. Then, she wrote to Kichi saying that it went pretty badly but she was otherwise unharmed. After putting away her phone, Sylvia didn’t know how much time passed as she was leaning against the railings. The disgust she was feeling hasn’t gone away yet and unfortunately this experience will probably be engrained in her memory for a long time. It was then that Jino came up to the roof and spoke,’Hey, breakfast is ready. We’re…waiting for you.’ She shook her head in response without looking at him,’I’ve lost my appetite. Don’t mind me, you guys can eat.’ He tried to insist,’Come on, you can’t do your work on an empty stomach. Even I know that.’ Sylvia didn’t respond as her answer did not change. Since he didn’t want to force her, Jino let her be and began to leave but before he did so he added,’You did well in dealing with him,’ leaving her alone on the roof. Word Count: 3,306
  24. Night Kuchiki Vizored Cell 2 Commander Lightmoon Guild Master Affiliations include the Kuchiki Family, past member of the Gotie 13 and current Cell 2 commander, and Guild master of the Lightmoon adventurers guild. URP character info located here https://bseforum.site/forum/index.php?/topic/11408-character-description-power-and-stats-for-events-and-spars/
  25. This will be the sign up for the URP adventure into Research Site 13, which has been dropped into outskirts of Eastern Rukongai 80. Site 13, is a research site from a different dimension. The Squad 12 of the universe this research site is from, was a lot more inhumane than of the current universe. They were also more reckless with their experiments resulting in the current situation. The entire area inside and around Site 13 is highly unstable. There are 25 floors to Site 13, all floors though due to the dimensional instability are in constant flux making mapping them impossible. The experiments done at Site 13 were varied from dimensional, power enhancements, forced hybridization and more. Site 13 in the end paid the ultimate price though for the experiments the Captain of the alternate Squad 12 did here. Key areas in Site 13 include the Archives, The Thresher, and the Meat Grinder. The entire Site is highly dangerous with the basic enemy threat level being that of a seated officers. However it can be extremely dangerous even for those of a captains strength and all involved in this adventure should tread with caution. The writing is on the walls, literally with Site 13. Are you willing to delve into the dangerous research lab and find the answer to, "What happened to Site 13? " If you are up for it leave your URP basic info, Character name, race, rank and affiliation. Will work out how you find your way to Site 13 if you need help coming up with a plausible way. Shinigami are easy as a research site suddenly appearing on the Rukongai outskirts wont be subtle or under the radar. Site 13's appearance is anything but subtle and is not hard to detect from just about any method out there. The very reishie comprising Site 13 is twisted and corrupted and something in the Site is constantly putting out a heavy reiatsu that is unlike anything ever seen in the Soul Society. Bring your A game if you want to have a hope of surviving everything Site 13 has to offer. The Adventure will commence a little after Himuro Mansion has been concluded so there will be plenty of time to prep. All are welcome to join in on the fun so dont hesitate to join in on the adventure.
  26. after changing into the dry towel she nods as Hirako sama aslo agrees on moving the room. then she listened to commander. her lips separate slightly in surprise . *enduring commanders full spiritual pressure?* before she can say anything the tremendous power was released into the mansion and fields around it. Aya presses her teeth together, glances at her Zanpakuto that was on the corner of the spa. she attempts to take only one step but she cant, she cant move any muscle. she cant even stand straight and she bends under the power. she had felt Hirako samas impressive spiritual pressure before and fainted but commanders power is in another level. Aya is stronger from the first time that she met Hirako sama but not strong enough for this. for a moment everything goes colorless and then she cant move and then everything goes black. she faints and falls unconscious on the floor. her long wet silky hair is now all dry because of the spritual pressure and it spreads all around on the floor.
  27. The two seemed rather insistent on moving rooms sooner rather than later. Mog be a dear and instruct the other staff please to help get the rooms moved and situated. On it Kupo! The moogle replied and took off. She would wait for Aya to finish changing before she got around to the more important matter. The young woman had insisted on continuing the mission even with the injury. She wasnt someone who liked to needlessly endanger someone in her charge. She also couldnt help but remember how when she forced open the Garganta to come back and grab research supplies. The reiatsu had become severely dense the entire room had become bleached of color. Skeith had stirred, whatever it was corrupting the mansion called Skeith closer to the surface. She stood up and out of the hot spring and looked to Aya. I will approve continuing the mission. If you can stand a dense burst of my spiritual pressure. When I left the mansion I agitated it. The spiritual pressure in the place became heavy, bleaching all color from the surrounding and called to my inner hollow. She explained so Aya would know and be able to prepare herself. A few seconds after saying this Night let her full spiritual pressure loose, her eyes turning bright pink and her sclera black letting her hollow reiatsu mix fully with her shinigami. This way it would best reflect the reiatsu of the manor as best as she could replicate.
  28. Dante listened to the commander and her explanation and then found Mog to be very interesting as he had very little experience with mod souls only remembering that he read about them while in the academy but never having the chance to really see one in action. Dante then decided to turn his back as Aya got out and was changing. He waited for Aya to finish before he moved to the edge of the spa and climbed out as the water was dripping from his clothes and making a small puddle below him. This was very natural to him as he did a lot of training underwater when he was still alive in the human world. Dante then walked closer to the commander and Aya and with each step the water slowly stopped dripping and rather started moving towards his zanpakuto and being absorbed by it. Dante now stood in between the commander and Aya and was completely dry except for what little remained in his hair. Commander, I do insist that you take back your courters. I feel some traditions are important to keep alive. I believe we could finish it with help in but an hour if not less. I have only a few things in my room luckily. Most of my belongings are in storage due to being way too dangerous to be left out in the open. Dante stood firm in place as he spoke and seemed to be in a slightly happy mood now.
  29. Just as Sylvia had hoped, Tengu had answered her question honestly regarding the state of the Minamikawase team. Even though it wasn’t the team that she was investigating it was still quite worrying to hear. The female Shinigami appreciated his answer,’Thanks for sharing, I’ll keep that in mind.’ With this information she had an idea for a solution for both the Minamikawase and Kasazaki teams problems, though whether Sylvia would go through with it was to be seen. It was still too early to make conclusions but, in her mind, it seemed like the most optimal choice so far. When it came to the topic of school, the Fullbringer stated that he graduated just recently with some pride in his voice. Sylvia smiled slightly,’Ah, well done.’ Then, he further added that with their powers it was their duty to make a difference. She could only answer half-heartedly,’Right…’ It wasn’t that she disagreed with the statement, as a matter of fact many Shinigami shared this sentiment, but her feelings on this were complicated. Following this, Tengu turned away from her as he began talking to himself or rather with someone else. However, he was not using a phone so he must have had some earpiece unless the Fullbringers too had a long-distance communication spell like Tenteikura. The boy suddenly became tense about the news he had received and then quickly dashed off after saying some parting words while giving her no time to reciprocate. Well, given that the female Shinigami will be staying for at least a few days this may not be their last meeting. Being the last one left on the roof, Sylvia turned around and made her way down. Her destination was the Morishima’s room to check on the situation. Upon her arrival, she saw Hanao reading a women’s magazine though there was no sign of Tenzen. She inquired,’What happened to Jino and Tenzen?’ Hanao faced her as she answered,’Tenzen took him for a lap around the area,’ before letting out a sigh,’I swear that punk is becoming more difficult with each fight. Now he’s going as far as ignoring our words! Surely, there would have been a fight this time around if you haven’t intervened. Though I doubt that he would win against Tengu so maybe that bat could have smacked some sense into his empty skull.’ The two women did understand Jino’s frustrations but there was a limit to understanding. It was clear to Sylvia that this was a constant cause of stress for Hanao and in the immediate future without the 4th Seat around, it could take the whole team to restrain him. Even with all the good comments of Tengu and her own interviews with the members, it seemed like almost nothing but problem children. They then chatted a bit about the magazine and before long Tenzen returned, alone, so Sylvia asked,’Everything ok?’ The owner nodded,’Yeah, Jino went back to his room. He calmed down a bit now so I don’t think he will be giving chase. How was your talk with Tengu, by the way?’ This time she was the one to nod,’He seems like a good kid. His heart is in the right place, hopefully it will stay that way as he matures.’ Tenzen agreed,’Definitely. Actually, he was one of the major players in the Night of Wailing incident. He told me how he teamed up with the Captain Commander to take down the big bad.’ Sylvia was quite surprised to hear this as she knew that he was strong but to be able to fight beside the Captain Commander was a different feat altogether. It was something that even she would be unable to do which spoke of the magnitude of this. The female Shinigami commented,’It will be better to stay on his good side then.’ After a while she took her leave and let out a sigh once outside. It had certainly been an eventful day and she was feeling tired. It was better to leave Jino alone for now and naturally she had no desire to see Yutaka. Also, chances were that Chisa and Youma were spending time together so she wanted to let them be. Sylvia returned to Chisa’s room hoping for some alone time though the tenant was present and in the middle of studying. The nurse looked up at her,’Oh, you’re back. There was a commotion at the roof, right? Sorry, I didn’t want for it to seem like I left you but it was only Tengu and anyway I don’t think I could have helped much,’ she said with a bit of guilt. The female Shinigami shook her head,’Don’t worry about it, just the usual Jino antics it seems.’ It didn’t look like she had her conversation with Youma yet since she probably needed more time to think things over. Either way, Sylvia didn’t want to disturb her studies so she said,’I’ll be in my room if you need me.’ When she laid down on her bed, the female Shinigami briefly closed her eyes as she felt the energy leaving her body. She didn’t want to fall asleep just yet though so she reached for her phone to check her messages. It seemed that she had one from Waiola that said,’Where are you and Vadim??? Did you two escape to elope?!’ Sylvia let out a sigh at the stupid message as Waiola could be quite eccentric in her imagination. In order to clear her name, she wrote her a reply,’I’m not sure where you got that idea from… We are on a mission in Karakura Town.’ A reply came quite quickly,’What?! Not fair! I want an exciting mission too!’ The female Shinigami wrote another reply and left it at that as she didn’t feel like doing this right now,’It’s not even much of a joint mission since we are in two separate places.’ Before she put her phone away, she was thinking that since no one knew much about Yutaka and his mission then she could check with an external source. Therefore, Sylvia sent Kichi a message,’I’m doing an investigation. Do you know much about Yutaka Shihoin and his mission in Karakura?’ According to the notes she got from Kazukan, Yutaka was the most recent member to join so there was a chance that Kichi had known something. She wasn’t expecting much since he was the type that women would want to avoid but it was worth a try. Still, her friend wasn’t always reliable when it comes to replying so she wasn’t expecting an answer until tomorrow. A short time later, Sylvia started getting ready for bed as her first day with the Kasazaki team came to an end. Word Count: 1,115
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