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  1. My brother and I did a bunch of end game content, but the terrible PvP experience is what killed it for us.
  2. KMBR: The Rooftop Kerfuffle PRT 8 ----- ____________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE wasn't surprised to hear that Sylvia seemed to have her own less than pleasant run-in with Yukata. While he was content with not speaking on the manner any further, he held on to some hope that the 4th Seat's own personal encounter would see some retribution fall on Yukata. For now, that was comfort enough for the teenager. "The Minamikawase team, what do you mean by that? Are they not responsive or skilled enough? Or is it maybe something to do with the district itself?", Sylvia asked. Ryūnosuke paused to think on his answer before stating his opinion as objectively as he could. "Well, technically, it's a number of things. Minamikawase is pretty big and geographically it's on the outskirts of the region. Uh, it's kind of like an outfield of Karakura and we all know it, including the Hollows. Minamikawase sees a lot of Hollow activity from particularly strong repeat attackers. Quadhorn, Jetz B. Layd, and Bannalilla Ice regularly targeted that district --we had to take those Hollows out ourselves. Team Minamikawase, at the very least are either unfit or negligent." Ryūnosuke reflected on how difficult it was for Chizuru to patrol Minamikawase on her own; how much time it took from her day and the emotional burden and responsibility she felt towards those she couldn't save. "My teammate does what she can, but she's just one person. Unfortunately Minamikawase hasn't been keen on fostering a cooperative relationship with WILD'S due to some past... confrontations." "I see. Since you live here then you probably also go to school in this area? It’s no wonder that you keep fighting to protect the town.", Sylvia remarked. Ryūnosuke smiled and nodded. "Graduated this March.", he declared proudly. "Well, yeah. It's our home after all and with the powers we have, we ought to make a difference, right." Ryūnosuke was about to say something else when he heard Kanako's voice ring out from his earpiece. "Hey, fearless leader, where the Hell are you?", Kanako asked. "One sec." Ryūnosuke stated and turned his head from Sylvia. "I'm at the Morishima's, had to make a quick stop. Why, what's up?" "Well, you need to haul ass. We're meeting at the Community park, looks like that Quincy is sniffing around the shop again." "Shit!" The Fullbringer hissed, he was already pacing towards the edge of the roof. "Hang tight, I'm on my way!" He paused and turned to face Sylvia briefly. "It was nice meeting you, Sylvia. I gotta jet for now, but uh, if you have anymore questions maybe we can chat again some time. Tenzen knows how to reach me. Later!", with that the Fullbringer suddenly disappeared with a Bringer Light step. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|395 ----- OOC| Achievements In Progress: RT#9 [Friends In High Places (2): [Tamura Ryūnosuke★★ Exclusive] - Collaborate with at least 5 Shinigami (players). (Minimum 2,000WC Each) [Oriru|Hitsuyona|San|Xarius|Sylvia] [2,490/ 2,000 WC] Achieved.
  3. KMBR: The Rooftop Kerfuffle PRT 7 ----- ____________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE ,visibly surprised by Sylvia's answer, took a step backwards and took in the Shinigami's words. Sylvia explained that she hadn't meant to undercut her own experience and, combined with what she stated about her physical appearance, it was clear that she was someone who dedicated herself to her work as well as her personal life and goals. All things Ryūnosuke himself held in high regard. Still, he couldn't believe he was looking at someone 105 years of age. "Ehhh, must be nice.", he remarked. There was obvious astonishment but perhaps also a tinge of jealousy in his tone. His thoughts on that subject, however, were evaporated instantly in the flames of his own internal rage as Sylvia mentioned the name "Yutaka". Though he facial features remained concealed behind his red mask, the teenager's eyes, tone, and demeanor betrayed nothing of his seething animus towards that one purple-haired scumbag in particular. Ryūnosuke and by extension the rest of WILD'S were certainly aware of Yutaka's existence. After all, Yutaka's had been an unwelcome presence during their confrontation with the Hollow Ghastlisp. His interference with that mission aside, the Shinigami's true offense was having the audacity to make a move on Juri. Just remembering the way Yukata grabbed her hand made Ryūnosuke's blood boil over, his fingers clenched tightly around the handle of his bat. Then, Ryūnosuke faced Sylvia and nodded. He then spoke with a leveled impassive voice that reflected the polar opposite emotions of the ones his body and aura were visibly exhibiting. "Oh, Yutaka, sure. I hate him. He's complete fucking degenerate scum. He should be court-martialled and executed, as soon as possible." Ryūnosuke nodded once more in conclusion, but he gathered that his answer wouldn't be that useful to Sylvia as a whole and he still wanted the best for team Kasazaki, even if he had complete disdain for one of it's admittedly less prominent members. The teenager took a deep breath and relaxed a little. "Tsk. Look, to be honest, I don't know that much about his work to say for certain --I've only seen him once or twice. But, on a personal, I think he's a sleazy piece of shit. I'd take a hundred Jino's over the one Yutaka, as far as I'm concerned." Ryūnosuke hoped to leave the subject of Yutaka there and thankfully, Sylvia moved on to another question regarding the other Shinigami teams and Ryūnosuke reason for aligning with team Kasazaki. It was a fair question to ask and the answer was much simpler than most assumed initially. "Kasazaki team is the best. Sakurabashi and Komatsu scrape by. Minamikawase might as well not be there at all --though, I suppose I have them to thank for where I am now, first time a Hollow attacked me, it was on their turf." Saying that trigger a memory of Baron Quardhorn, a flashback to the night that it all began. "Well, within WILD'S we all have zones that we patrol daily; Kasazaki is one of mine because I live here. So, my duties kind of overlay with the team anyway. I can't be everywhere at once, so it's nice to have a dependable team of Shinigami I can rely on if I'm not around.", he explained. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|540 -----
  4. KMBR: The Rooftop Kerfuffle PRT 6 ----- ____________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE nodded along as Sylvia answered his question. Given the 4th Seat's explanation of her role of evaluator, Ryūnosuke considered there had to be a lot more that went into being a Shinigami besides training, slaying Hollows, and performing Soul Burials. For one, he had no idea they had to file reports, although that fact should have been obvious in hindsight, considering that the Gotei 13 was ultimately a military organization. More specifically, it was a military organization headed by some meticulous like the Frog Head Captain, Xarius Kaeru. The teenager thought he should maybe ask about him, but he didn't want to sound presumptuous. Sylvia then prefaced her reply to his second answer by mentioning that Ryūnosuke apparently had more on ground experience in the field, even if only by a year. Additionally, it sounded like the 4th Seat seemed to downplay her six years of training to become a Shinigami in the first place. While he had no knowledge of Sylvia's own exploits personally, he acknowledged that she had to be at least highly competent to get where she was, considering her competition among her peers. "I wouldn't undercut your experience too much-", he'd started to respond but then paused as his mind registered a bigger issue at hand the more his eyes settled on Sylvia, the person. "Wait, what?" The teenager squinted at the female Shinigami in front of him. "Oi, how old are you, anyway?" He paused again for a moment as he realized the underlying issue with his question, Shinigami aged... differently. "In... human years?" He clarified, though still with uncertainty. He suspected that Sylvia's answer would measure somewhere within the early-to-mid twenties range --which logic necessitated that it should, given Sylvia's appearance. She was definitely attractive in all the obvious conventional ways, but she was also a unique kind of gorgeous. There was a youthful vibrancy to Sylvia that betrayed more mature demeanor. Sylvia reminded the teenager of Ms. Kiyoku in that manner, however the latter was in her mid-thirties and Sylvia didn't have the look of someone in those years at all. It wasn't until after the fact that he considered that Sylvia might not answer the question at all, he knew some women could be funny about the age question and he didn't want to cause any offense to a potential... elder-ish? "Obviously, you don't have to answer that. It's just, uh, you don't look that old at all." He added. In his experience, asking a woman her age usually went over better if you prefaced it or followed it up with a compliment. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|430 -----
  5. KMBR: The Rooftop Kerfuffle PRT 5 ----- ____________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE nodded as the 4th Seat gave him the permission to address her by her given name. While he couldn't return the gesture himself, the teenager got the sense that Sylvia would likely end up knowing his real name eventually, if their paths continued to cross in the future. Quite a few Shinigami knew it already, Tenzen being one of them. Ryūnosuke relaxed a bit, relieved that Sylvia seemed to agree with his assessment of the Kasazaki team --that was good. His little argument with Jino didn't appear to have caused any irreparable damage to the team's reputation, at least not as far as he could gauge. Sylvia seemed cooler than the Fullbringer might have initially given her credit for. It seemed time and time again that first impressions with Shinigami were a toss up --one could never tell exactly what they were going to get. Fortunately, things usually turned out alright, at least in Ryūnosuke's case. Probably the benefit of sharing a common goal. "Your group has also been doing its fair share in order to keep Karakura safe which we are grateful for." "Well, thanks." Ryūnosuke replied. He felt it was the appropriate response to the compliment, although it still felt awkward to say. No matter how many times he'd heard it, there was no getting used to it. "Likewise, there's a lot we can't do alone, so the presence of Shinigami like Tenzen and team Kasazaki is needed and appreciated as well.", he nodded. "It must be hard to do this while trying to maintain a normal life. Have you been doing this for long?" Ryūnosuke let out an involuntary nervous chuckle. He quickly apologized and then paused for a moment to consider how to best respond. "I guess for us 'normal' is kinda of relative, yah know." The teenager had a thought on the ways his life had changed since moving to Karakura, gaining his powers, and joining WILD'S. Sure, there was a significant paradigm shift, but he felt like he'd adjusted and now having experienced everything he had and seen everything he'd seen he could no longer picture himself living the typical human teenager life. For him, WILD'S, being a Fullbringer, constantly fighting off supernatural threats, and casually chatting with Soul Reapers on an apartment roof were completely 'normal'. "For me, it's been a little over a year and a half. It's been pretty wild though, no pun intended." Ryūnosuke snickered at the Iwa-level pun and considered if he'd mention it later. "So, what about you? I think you're the first Shinigami evaluator I've heard of, but I supposed it makes sense to have them." Ryūnosuke again reflected on his own state by comparison, he supposed the closest thing the Fullbringers had to an evaluator was ARMORY S, but functionally they were more like a bosses henchmen who occasionally stepped in to make sure no one group was getting out of hand. Shovel was cool, though, but he was also kind of the exception. Suddenly, Ryūnosuke found himself more curious about the role of Shinigami evaluators or if that was even a full-time job within the Gotei 13. He waited to hear Sylvia's response. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|490 -----
  6. KMBR: The Rooftop Kerfuffle PRT 4 ----- ____________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE had resolved to be the bigger person between himself and Jiro, but that didn't mean he couldn't shoot a final sly grin at the Shinigami as he was ushered away by the Morishimas. Once they were gone he returned to his conversation with the silver-haired Shinigami, who introduced herself as Sylvia Barlowe. Apparently she held the ranked of 4th Seat of the 5th Division. Though Sylvia wasn't quite a Captain or Lieutenant, Ryūnosuke understood that her rank meant that she was no one to scoff at. Additionally, Sylvia was the first Shinigami he met from the Fifth Division. While he couldn't guess what the duties of the Fifth Division usually entailed, Sylvia's current assignment seemed to be inspecting team Kasazaki --which the teenager found kind of odd. He blushed a little behind his mask as Sylvia mentioned his popularity. Truth be told, Ryūnosuke was aware of his reputation among the Shinigami and other spiritually aware in Karakura, although he was a member of WILD'S the team, he was the only member that some knew by name, a few being Shinigami themselves. Still, the teenager was far from being immune to flattery and simply chuckled at the remark. "Nice to meet you, uh... ma'am.", he greeted. Suddenly realizing how his little incident with Jiro must have looked to an inspector, Ryūnosuke felt a little guilty. The last thing he wanted to do was jeopardize team Kasazaki's evaluation. "So, setting aside whatever the Hell Jino's issues are, team Kasazaki actually does a great job. Jiro isn't a bad guy either, he's just kinda fucking stupid... and slow. Anyway, Tenzen and the gang are great, they've helped out quite a few times and Kasazaki is one of the safest districts largely thanks to them." Ryūnosuke paused, he hoped he wasn't laying it on a little too thick, but he felt a responsibility to put in a good word for the Morishimas and the others. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|320 ----- OOC| Achievement Unlocked: RT#8 [The Negotiator (2): [Tamura Ryūnosuke★★ Exclusive] - Come to amicable terms with Sylvia Barlowe and Jino Uchiyari. Achieved.
  7. KMBR: The Rooftop Kerfuffle PRT 3 ----- ____________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE gave Sylvia a stern glare as she raised her Reiatsu and warned him against any further attempt to fight with Jino. With tensions flaring as they were, the Fullbringer's immediate reaction was the flare his own Reiatsu in response as he was swarmed by the Morishima couple. Presently, he allowed them to hold him back as he stared down Sylvia, his own eyes ablaze with the bright fiery orange glow of his Reiatsu. "How many times do I have to say it." He muttered flatly. This entire situation was ridiculous and quite frustrating. As far as Ryūnosuke was concerned, Jino had instigated and he was in his full right to respond. Why were Tenzen and Hanao, let alone this complete random, butting in. Who was she anyway? Suddenly, Ryūnosuke couldn't give a shit about Jino and his challenge, his attention had shifted almost entirely to the silver-haired woman in front of him. Ryūnosuke could count on his fingers the number of individuals who didn't at least flinch in response to his Reiatsu; curiously enough, it seemed this new Shinigami had made that list. Ryūnosuke never believed things would escalate to a fight between himself and the Kazasaki, certainly not over something this --admittedly-- pity. Nonetheless, he'd begun to consider that if it did, things might not have been as one-sided in his favor as he currently assumed. In any case, the female Shinigami didn't look like she would back down and Ryūnosuke, upon further consideration, accepted that besides the immediate satisfaction of a brief beat down, he had nothing to gain from fighting Jino anyway. The teenager sighed and lowered his Reiatsu. "Whatever. I'm over it.", he gasped as he shrugged away from Tenzen and Hanao. He avoided eye contact with Jiro, opting to not even acknowledge the latter's presence. Instead, his focus again fixed on the newcomer. "Who are you, anyway?", he asked. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|315 -----
  8. KMBR: The Rooftop Kerfuffle PRT 2 ----- ____________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE raised a brow as the woman Shinigami locked Jino down with a Rikujokoro Kido binding. He snickered behind his mask as the Shinigami, apparently named Sylvia, dressed Jino down. Unfortunately, it didn't seem that Sylvia's words had any effect on Jino, despite his inability to move. The Kido had bound everything but his mouth. "How 'bout you all butt out of it! This is between me and that little mask-wear prick!", Jino continued to lash out. "Are you stupid? Learn to take a hint, they're doing you a favor, shithead.", Ryūnosuke continued to fire back. "Seriously, this punk.", Hanao slapped Jino across his head. "Shut up and listen to Sylvia, you're just embarrassing yourself right now." Ryūnosuke paused, he was curious to see that even Hanao of all people seemed to hold Sylvia to a high regard. Ryūnosuke understood that Tenzen and Hanao were the leaders of the Kazasaki team, he also knew the other team leaders for most of the surrounding districts and they more or less all treated each other as equals. Perhaps Sylvia was a Captain like Oriru or a Lieutenant like San Salvatore, but seeing as she was out of uniform with no white haori or badge in sight, he couldn't say for certain. "What is going on here? Why are you two trying to fight?", Sylvia asked. Her question was clearly pointed at Ryūnosuke and Jino and the two shared a momentary glare before they both blurted out, "He started it!" , "He started it!" "Oh, for heaven's sake.", Hanao sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose. Ryūnosuke knew the look, she'd probably get involved any moment now. "Oi, you asshole. You're the one that called me here because you wanted to fight. Stop lying, already.", Ryūnosuke argued. "Yeah, I called you here to settle things once and for all. You keep stealing all my Hollow kills, I've fucking had enough with you!" "I didn't steal anything! I got there first --as usual.", the teenager retorted sharply and snickered. "You weren't even there. You threw one of your stupid Reiatsu balls from far away just as I was going in for the kill." "So what? You got a problem with it?" "Who's hard of hearing now? That's what I'm telling you, you fight like a bitch!" Ryūnosuke was speechless for a second, but then he started to march towards Jino. All thoughts of Sylvia and her rank completely left his mind as he walked aggressively in a straight line towards Jino. "Motherfucker! Tenzen let him go, so I can beat the shit out of him!" Tenzen and Hanao were now both on the teenager trying to hold him back. "Tengu-kun, you know we can't allow that.", Tenzen strained. "Stop being a brat! That goes for the both of you!", Hanao shouted, growing increasingly frustrated. "I'm just gonna punch him in his face.", Ryūnosuke threatened in a nonthreatening tone. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|475 -----
  9. KMBR: The Rooftop Kerfuffle ----- ____________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE stood patiently as Jino continued to mouth off to Tenzen. He knew Jino had problems, but he never would have guessed that the Shinigami was this unhinged. Furthermore, he hadn't the faintest clue of what had caused Jino to suddenly fly off the handle like he had. Still, when the Shinigami challenged him to a fight the Fullbringer wasn't going to just back down. Ryūnosuke would have given Jino a quick beat down in the abandoned factory, but Jino insisted that the handled it in Tenzen's presence and Ryūnosuke agreed. The two made their way back to the apartment hurling insults at each other the entire way. At the moment, Tenzen was trying to talk Jino out of the idea as Ryūnosuke stood silently a short distance away with his bat hung over his right shoulder. He was wearing a gray winter coat with a fur hood over an orange sweater and black sweatpants. He had his Reiatsu suppressed to basically human level. Unlike his Reiatsu, tensions were raised pretty high by the time the woman with the gray and blue hair arrived. "Out of my way, Tenzen. Someone has to teach this little prick a lesson!", Jino shouted. "Jino, Calm down, will you! This isn't going to end well.", Tenzen replied, earnestly attempting to dissuade his teammate as he stood between him and the Fullbringer. Ryūnosuke sighed out loud and rolled his eyes. "Let him, Tenzen. This moron is clearly itching for an ass-kicking.", Ryūnosuke replied plainly. "What's that!", Jino muttered. "Oh, he's hard of hearing too.", Ryūnosuke added mockingly. "Little bastard!", Jino shouted as he tried to lunge towards the Fullbringer and was again held back by Tenzen. "Jino, relax! Ta- Tengu-kun, could you kindly try not to rile him up!", Tenzen begged. "What, I didn't do anything! He's the jackass that asked for a fight!", Ryūnosuke shouted back. "Stupid blockhead." "Let me at 'im, Tenzen!" "No!" Tenzen shouted at the pair. Ryūnosuke seemed to notice the female Shinigami's arrival at the same time that Tenzen and Jino did. She wasn't Hanao, Chisa or the twins. In fact, the teenage Fullbringer didn't recognize this woman at all. She had a mature appearance and demeanor. Physically she appeared to be the same age as Hanao, but Ryūnosuke knew that physical appearance wasn't an accurate reflection of a Shinigami's age. "Tenzen, who's this?", Ryūnosuke asked curiously. "None of your damned business, punk!", Jino answered. "This guy... Oi, I wasn't asking you, dumbass.", the teenager snapped. "Ah, Sylvia, a little help please. As you can see we have a bit of a situation here.", Tenzen requested. "I'm telling you, there's no situation, Tenzen. Just Jino making a complete ass of himself." Ryūnosuke watched Sylvia's movement cautiously and lowed his bat from his shoulder down to his side. To Be Continued... ______________________________ WC|470 -----
  10. Whaaaaaah, no way! Happy Birthday, Res! That's crazy!

  11. Live Changes 03/05/2022 - STFAH Officially Retired: We all knew it was coming. It's been a good two years, but it's finally time to say goodbye as we enter a new chapter --literally-- with a x2 WC Week! - Community Chapter 2: "Pestilence" Officially Kicking Off: Expect to see some threads popping up soon detailing the Infection / Health mechanics. The information in the Community Reiatsu Thread is a bit outdated. Don't worry about it too much, it's still small scale, but key characters will start to getting sick. I'll leave the option for people to decide if they're going down with the sickness as well. Initial reactions will be optional for the WotL characters and Hollows, more on that later. Opening the floor for people who would like to help out with NPC roles, as long as you think you can be consistent. Let Kaeru or I know. - Pestilence 250K Reward: "Contagion" x2 WC Week [03/05/2022 - 03/12/2022] - Total Submitted WC= DOUBLED (Caps at 10K and doesn't apply to Community Reiatsu) - WC to Reiatsu Gain Rate= 1:1 Across All Reiatsu Tiers. - Weekly Reiatsu Growth Cap= 10K Across All Reiatsu Tiers. - Race Technique Learning Limitation= 1 Technique Daily.
  12. [1] As the two azure tiger paws met with a thunderous boom, a slash of blue Reiatsu was released from between them in the form of another Azure Slicer, which shot vertically for the center of Yuki's back. [2-3] Next, her two thrown ice blades hit in the same manner they had before, when they were thrown only moments earlier. They again left but small cuts that froze over, frostbitten by the extreme temperature of the ice weapons and the frozen over room as a whole. [4-5] In the fractions of a second that followed Yuki's release of the blades, Tanji's giant Azure Burst Claws rushed back towards him and slashed at both of Yuki's shoulders as they overtook her and the pair of Cero from behind. [6] The paws slammed together at the center of the distance between the Primera Espada and the Snow Runner. They instantly exploded into the form of a giant blue flame Tiger with long saber-teeth similar to Tanji's own and two moon-white Reiatsu eyes. The mighty tiger apparition pounced and roared at Yuki as her two Cero shot clean through its form. It would attempt to bite down on Yuki as the violent mass of blue Reiatsu crashed upon her. [7-8] In that same moment both of Yuki's Cero blasted the Primera Espada in his chest and shoulder with enough forced to finally down him. [9] Tanji never felt or sensed the impact of any of the attacks. In fact, he hadn't even felt himself hit the ground, flat on his back. Within the pitch-blackness of his meditated state, Tanji had no sense of the passage of time. It could have been seconds or minutes or hours, but eventually, there was an invasive sensation. He felt it all around him, a heaviness in his body and arms and of course the pinch of the cold against his fur and the warmth of his blood in his mouth. Then, the absolute silence was overtaken as well, replaced by white noise and the faint hums and whistles of the frozen wind passing through the room and between the countless icicles. The rumbling of his own Azure flames could scarcely be heard at all. Tanji opened his eyes slowly, the first thing he saw was the visage of the Azure Tiger Guardian looming over him. It growled lowly as it too burned away and dissipated into embers and then into nothingness in the air. The battle had indeed ended, but what had become of Yuki. Tanji's hands fell down limply to his sides as he gazed up at the frozen ceiling. He groaned as he tried to sit up, but to no avail. Weighed down terribly by the invisible density of his exhaustion as well as his remorse. This had been the only way, he told himself even now, as his tears rolled from his eyes and froze on his face. He swallowed the blood in his mouth and winced with pain as his chest heaved and he felt the prickly frozen blood stabbing through the numbness of his multiple injuries. "Y-yuki...", the Primera called out weakly. "Are you there... Yuki?", he managed to ask loud enough to be heard at least through most of the frozen room. "Say something, Yuki" He begged, there was an unmistakable earnestness and sadness in his voice followed by silence as he waited for an answer. Tanji could not raise his arms and he wouldn't dare to close his eyes now, but still, within himself he was praying again for Yuki's well-being. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [1] Rebanador Azul Claw Clap Slash [Damage: 120 REI] [Speed: 110] || [1/4 Attack Moves] [2] Direct Hit by: Long Ice Katana (118[-15] 103 REI) [ -412 ND Tanji || New ND= 796 [3] Direct Hit by: Short Ice Katana (90[-15] 75 REI) [ -300 ND Tanji || New ND= 496 [4] Garra Azul Ráfaga - Plegaria Right Shoulder Slash [Damage: 115 REI] [Speed: 110] || [2/4 Attack Moves] [5] Garra Azul Ráfaga - Plegaria Left Shoulder Slash [Damage: 115 REI] [Speed: 110] || [2/4 Attack Moves] [6] Guardián del Tigre Azul Tiger Pounce [Damage: 215 REI] [Speed: 110] || [4/4 Attack Moves] [7] Direct Hit by: Privaron Cero 1 (118[-15] 103 REI) [ -412 ND Tanji || New ND= 084 [8] Direct Hit by: Privaron Cero 2 (118[-15] 103 REI) [ -412 ND Tanji || New ND= -328 [9] Primera Espada, Tanji Ito Defeated. [Remaining ND: -328] --------------------------- WC: 580 ------ OOC: Yuki Kuro can claim the rank of Primera Espada now.
  13. [1-2] The long Ice katana hit Tanji's torso and left a frozen cut as the blade bounced off to the side and hit the ground. [3-4] Similarly, the short katana Ice katana cut across Tanji's left cheek and drew blood that froze in the small cut instantly and the blade fall off to the side. Tanji didn't even flinch. [5-6] Nor did the Primera Espada flinch or show any visible change in his blank restful expression as the ice spikes jutted up from the ground and stabbed his legs and torso in multiple places, and froze the wounds. The giant tiger paws followed behind Yuki, one after the other as she ran along the ice spikes. They thrashed and ravaged the ice spears behind her as they followed her movement and then shot outwards in opposite directions as Yuki used Sonido. [7-8-9] As soon as she reappeared behind Tanji and struck him with the Frozen Gauntlet, one of the Azure Paws slammed down over her head and then rose again. [10-11] The second one slapped at her from the right, followed by the other doing the same from the left as if to smack her back a forth like a ball between two flaming blue palms. [12] Lastly the two giant paws would slam together from both sides attempting to crush the Snow Runner between them. As the battle raged on, the Primera Espada continued his prayer in pitch black darkness. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [1] Direct Hit by: Long Ice Katana (118[-15] 103 REI) [ -412 ND Tanji || New ND= 2,164 [2] Minor Frostbite: -10 Speed [New Speed: 90 [3] Direct Hit by: Short Ice Katana (90[-15] 75 REI) [ -300 ND Tanji || New ND= 1,864 [4] Minor Frostbite: -10 Speed [New Speed: 90 [5] Direct Hit by: "Spears of Regret" (118[-15] 103 REI) [ -412 ND Tanji || New ND= 1,452 [6] Mild Frostbite: -10 Speed || -1 Attack Move [New Speed: 90 [7] Direct Hit by: "Frozen Razor Gaultlet" (76[-15] 61 REI) [ -244 ND Tanji || New ND= 1,208 [8] Critical Frostbite: -15 Speed || -1 Attack Move || Full Evades Disabled [New Speed: 85 [9] Garra Azul Ráfaga - Plegaria 1st Claw Slam Down [Damage: 115 REI] [Speed: 110] || [1/4 Attack Moves] [10] Garra Azul Ráfaga - Plegaria 2nd Claw Slap [Damage: 115 REI] [Speed: 110] || [2/4 Attack Moves] [11] Garra Azul Ráfaga - Plegaria 1st Claw Slap [Damage: 115 REI] [Speed: 110] || [3/4 Attack Moves] [12] Garra Azul Ráfaga - Plegaria Double Claw Clap [Damage: 230 REI] [Speed: 110] || [4/4 Attack Moves] --------------------------- [Turn End Stats] --------------------------- WC: 235 ------
  14. Live Changes 03/01/2022 - Big ND Clean-up All the old Information just a lot of clarifications and rewording. Tied Clashes Tweaked - HSM Evasion Mechanic Added Fatigue Levels Renamed so they're easier to abbreviate Mild - Moderate - Major New: Low - Moderate - Heavy 100% same functionality. Reminder Fatigue is a hardcore Ranked stat that doesn't need to be used all the time. Kaeru and I like to use it though. Sealing/Grappling Are Up! Tied Clashes: Limited To 1 Per Turn. (Except For BRUTE/GENIUS Class Primary) Brute/Genius Class Combat Skill Update: Tied Clashes Limit increased to 2 Per Turn. Full/Partial Action Range Clarification: Previously the range for actions was based on Tier Ranges, but in case it wasn't noticed we've almost completely phased out Tier Ranges (Except for determining Stat Ranges for "power levels": Novice (1-20) / Legendary (200-230)). What we've been using now is a flat Stat Range. Until now it's only been explicitly spelled out for the Speed/Perception Evasion ranges, but the wording could use a little cleaning up. I'm going to present the all here and then edit them into to Natural Defense Thread. Reaction Time: Is a character's ability to react to attacks or actions done by other characters. When your Perception is within the Reaction Time Range(1-40) of the opponent's Speed/Attack-Speeds, you are able to perceive their actions, with increasingly difficult based on the size of gap. In the same manner you need to have the Speed to react to the Speed coming at you. Even if you have high enough Perception to effortlessly comprehend an incoming attack, without the Speed to match it your character will be getting hit seemingly in slow motion. While Inversely, if you have too much speed and not enough perception to see where you are going you will crash into everything. *This applies to Attack-Speeds as well. - Perception & Attack-Speed Relationship (Accuracy) Rule: This rule explains the relationship between your Perception and the Speed at which you can make your actions or reactions. Maximum Value of Usable Speed/Attack-Speed= Perception +20. Reaction Time Range (1-40 Points): This is the maximum range of Perception and Speed at which an action to be perceived and physically react to. - If the Speed of an action falls within a 1-40 Range of a character's Perception they can perceive that action, even if only barely at the higher end of the range. - If the Speed of an action falls within a 1-40 Range of a character's Speed they are capable of physically reacting to it to some extent, even if only barely at the higher end of the range. - Falling within the Reaction Time Range is a prerequisite for being able to perform any defensive action. Without the adequate Reaction Time your character won't be able to perceive or physically react to an action at all. Perception to Speed Difference Range Breakdown 1-10 Range: Speed at this range is still Effortlessly Comprehended. 11-20 Range: Speed at this range is Easily Comprehended. [This is your character's Maximum Value of Usable Speed/Attack-Speed] 21-30 Range: Speed at this range is Difficultly Comprehended. 31-40 Range: Speed at this range is Barely Comprehended. 41+ Range: Speed at this range is Incomprehensible. Stat Difference Action Ranges: - (1-20 Points) Action Range: [Full-Evade] A 20 Stat Difference is the maximum range for this actions. - (1-30 Points) Action Range: [Partial-Evade || Full-Blocks || Partial-Blocks || Grapple Break] A 30 Stat Difference is the maximum range for these actions. - (1-40 Points) Action Range: [Partial Blocks || Defensive Clash || High-Speed Movement Evasion] A 40 Stat Difference is the maximum range for Partial Blocks, Defensive Clashes and High-Speed Movement Evasions. - (41+ Points) Action Range: [Seal Breaking] At a 41+ Stat Difference there are no ND Defensive Actions available. - Full-Evades: For a Full-Evade to be possible a character's Speed and Perception must be within a 1-20 Stat Point difference from the Speed/Throw-Speed/Reiryoku-Speed of the incoming attack. If either Speed or Perception fall outside of the 1-20 Stat Point Range, a Full-Evade is not possible. - Partial-Evades: For a Partial-Evade to be possible a character's Speed and Perception must be within a 1-30 Stat Point difference from the Speed/Throw-Speed/Reiryoku-Speed of the incoming attack. If either Speed or Perception fall outside of the 1-30 Stat Point Range, a Partial-Evade is not possible. - High-Speed Movement Evasion: For a HSM-Evasion to be possible a character's Speed and Perception must be within a 1-40 Stat Point difference from the Speed/Throw-Speed/Reiryoku-Speed of the incoming attack. If either Speed or Perception fall outside of the 1-40 Stat Point Range, a Partial-Evade is not possible. ------------------------------------ - Full-Block: (Assuming Reaction Time is adequate) For a Full-Block to be possible a character's Strength/Reiryoku must be within a 1-30 Stat Point difference from the Strength/Reiryoku of the incoming attack. If Strength/Reiryoku fall outside of the 1-30 Stat Point Range, a Full-Block is not possible. - Partial-Block: (Assuming Reaction Time is adequate) For a Partial-Block to be possible a character's Strength/Reiryoku must be within a 1-40 Stat Point difference from the Strength/Reiryoku of the incoming attack. If Strength/Reiryoku fall outside of the 1-40 Stat Point Range, a Partial-Block is not possible. ------------------------------------ - Defensive Clash: (Assuming Reaction Time is adequate) For a Defensive Clash to be possible a character's Strength/Reiryoku must be within a 1-40 Stat Point difference from the Strength/Reiryoku of the incoming attack. If Strength/Reiryoku fall outside of the 1-40 Stat Point Range, a Defensive Clash is not possible.
  15. [1-2] Tanji again felt the cold bite of Yuki's Ice as she deflected his right claw with her Ice Katana. Yuki then announced her return from her mental disassociation from the battle. He would have to investigate that strange phenomenon with her later, at a more appropriate time. As Yuki's Ice blade slashed upwards for his chest, Tanji advanced and evaded forward, to the right with a Sonido step. He predicted, at this stage of the battle, that Yuki would surely follow up her attack with a temporary retreat; such had been the Snow Runner's pattern so far. [3-4] The Primera Espada predicted correctly. He pounced on the opportunity to attack as soon as Yuki landed in her new destination, a short distance left of him, and released a diagonal Azure Slicer attack intended for Yuki's left arm and side. As the Rebanador Azul attack swiped through the air, it passed the incoming Privaron Cero fired from the tips of Yuki's pair of ice blades. Tanji ducked beneath the Cero and pounced forwards at a blistering speed, tailing after Yuki in her immediate reaction to the Azure Slicer. [5] The Primera Espada would land in front of Yuki, the handles of her two ice blades would be close enough to his left rib cage that he could trap Yuki's hands between his left arm and his side, that, however, was not his objective. Instead, with his left hand, still imbued with the blue flame of his Garra Azul Ráfaga, Tanji stabbed at a downwards angle. The strike was aimed for the Snow Runner's solar plexus, [6] "Jalar" Tanji stated coldly as he followed up with a right claw slash intended to go across the entire left half of Yuki's head. This attack used to same azure flames seen on his left hand, but there was something different about it. For one, the attack moved at a noticeably slower speed, it was more intense and even physically looked "heavier" than its former counterparts. Additionally, Yuki would have likely noticed that the attack had an almost magnetic pull to it that continuously tugged at her being, drawing her face closer to the blue flame against her will. If the Jalar strike landed, the impact of the attack would likely launch Yuki some distance away if she did not brace for it. Tanji paused suddenly as he felt the eruption of two Reiatsu signatures from a great distance away. One of them was instantly recognizable as that of the Tres Espada, Aurellia Avanharde. The other was unfamiliar to him, though the Primera Espada took an educated guess that it was Gozira Tengarra. In Gozira's case, the flaring of his Reiatsu would not be anything out of the ordinary, given what little Tanji knew about the creature from Cerrina's reports. However, for Aurellia to flare her Reiatsu in that matter within Las Noches meant that their battle had gotten serious. It would likely no longer be possible to keep the existence of Gozira a secret from the other Espada or Lord Tsukishima. By proxy, Yuki's association with Gozira would also come to light; if not by Cerrina's expected accusations against her, Yuki would most certainly expose herself in an attempt to aide her friend. Tanji needed to prevent that, for Yuki's own good. "You have my apologies, Yuki. The gravity of this situation is not something I believe you fully understand, it's due to no fault of your own. However, there are those in Las Noches who do not know you as I do. I am doing this to protect you from them and from yourself. Gozira has sealed his fate, you needn't by condemned along with him. I will not allow that. I pray that one day you will understand my intentions." [7] Tanji took a deep breath and stood perfectly still. He raised his right and left palms in front of his chest and brought them together in a praying gesture. "For the soul of your wayward friend, Gozira Tengarra, I can only offer you this... Garra Azul Ráfaga- Plegaria." The azure blazes around Tanji's hands were blown out like candle flames and replaced by a very calm, almost smoke-like blue hue that surrounded Tanji's entire body. An actual thin white smoke rose from him afterwards, portions of his Hierro literally being burned away. Tanji's fur appeared more vibrantly white and glowed like a full-moon. Looming above him were two massive tiger paws, almost twice his own size, made entirely of flaming blue Reiatsu. Tanji looked genuinely remorseful as he faced Yuki. Then, the Primera Espada closed his eyes. He couldn't bear to watch. [8-9] The two giant paws shot towards Yuki instantly and crashed down on her like blue comets. Tanji could not even hear the commotion. He drowned out all his senses, he didn't see or hear, he couldn't taste the air or feel any touch, and he did not move. Such was the nature of his ultimate ability Garra Azul Ráfaga- Plegaria. When Tanji opened his eyes, the fight would be over. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [TURN STATS] --------------------------- [1] LOSS Offensive Clash: Garra Azul Ráfaga Right Claw Slash (85 REI) VS Yuki's Ice Katana (90 REI) [ -218 ND Tanji || New ND= 2,952 [2] Full Evade (100 SPD || 90 PER) VS Ice Katana Slash (95 SPD) [ -195 ND Tanji || New ND= 2,757 [3] Rebanador Azul Diagonal Slash [Damage: 120 REI] [Speed: 110] || [1/4 Attack Moves] [4] Full Evade (100 SPD || 90 PER) VS Privaron Cero (81 SPD) [ -181 ND Tanji || New ND= 2,576 [5] Garra Azul Ráfaga Left Claw Stab [Damage: 85 REI (170 REI vs Hierro)] [Speed: 100] || [2/4 Attack Moves] [6] Garra Azul Ráfaga - Jalar Right Claw Face Scratch [Damage: 120 REI] [Speed: 85] || [3/4 Attack Moves] [7] Activated: Garra Azul Ráfaga- Plegaria (Azure Burst Claw - Prayer) [Effect-Plegaria: Disables all defensive actions for Tanji. Tanji takes reduced damage from all sources. Critical Hits become Direct Hits. Gains Bonus Attack Moves.] Power= 110 Reiryoku || Speed= 110 Speed || Damage Taken Reduction= -10 || Bonus Attack Moves= +1 || [New Hierro Durability: 000] [8] Garra Azul Ráfaga - Plegaria Left Claw Slash [Damage: 115 REI] [Speed: 110] || [4/5 Attack Moves] [9] Garra Azul Ráfaga - Plegaria Right Claw Slash [Damage: 115 REI] [Speed: 110] || [5/5 Attack Moves] --------------------------- [Turn End Stats] --------------------------- WC: 825 ------
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