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  1. Just stopping by to say that I'm so happy to see chat and some of the topics so active whenever I drop by to creep around. Also, huge congrats on making the donation goal! I'll try to stop in and talk some more with everyone in the future.

  2. lol, did a raid HakumeiSeishin did 4.1835398453208E+22 damage. The enemy group has -4.1835398453203E+22 hp left. The enemy group did 1000000 damage. HakumeiSeishin has 7.6349602177801E+23 left. AGuyNamedDave did 147929.04 damage. The enemy group has -4.1835398453203E+22 hp left. The enemy group did 1000000 damage. AGuyNamedDave has 1702278 left. fearthefear did 13802.04 damage. The enemy group has -4.1835398453203E+22 hp left. The enemy group did 1000000 damage. fearthefear has -740667 left. Deewvul did 5341332.38 damage. The enemy group has -4.1835398453203E+22 hp left. The enemy group did 1000000 damage. Deewvul has 96616878 left. JesMaH did 103543.78 damage. The enemy group has -4.1835398453203E+22 hp left. The enemy group did 1000000 damage. JesMaH has 890061 left. tikkesa did 32744.33 damage. The enemy group has -4.1835398453203E+22 hp left. The enemy group did 1000000 damage. tikkesa has -394374 left. Tofan did 29861.86 damage. The enemy group has -4.1835398453203E+22 hp left. The enemy group did 1000000 damage. Tofan has -447755 left. Congratualtions, you have defeated the enemy! ^^also, this has bothered me for years.
  3. Your Waifu


    When you get burned so hard
  4. OOC: I say do whatever you want. It's been months and Vad hasn't posted. As for me, I don't know if I really have much time anymore and after all these years, I think I've finally given up on the urp community.
  5. HakumeiSeishin did 4.1835398453208E+22 damage. The enemy group has -4.1835398453203E+22 hp left. The enemy group did 1000000 damage. HakumeiSeishin has 7.6349602177801E+23 left. Congratualtions, you have defeated the enemy!
  6. Gonna delete this, but I've been given permission to go over any of the apps/bios. Gonna start by saying the majority of Toma is totally good, only small problems are just that as an Arrancar, he shouldn't know Gran Rey Cero without being an Espada and he shouldn't have High-Speed Regeneration without some sort of reason why. Other than that, nice job with everything! As for Azezel: First thing I noticed isn't necessarily a problem or something to change, but decent RPers have said this to everyone time and time again, "saying your character is super smart doesn't make them super smart. A decent RPer can RP a character less intelligent than themselves(Example: myself with Chernobog, he's not the brightest crayon), but it's essentially impossible to RP a character smarter than yourself as an RPer." Your character legit can't possibly come up with strategies, ideas, and solutions that you yourself don't think up as the person writing the character; so no matter how smart anyone says their character is, in reality it isn't any smarter than the writer behind it. Next up, saying he didn't care to go to Vasto Lorde gives the presumption that he could have, which is one of those loaded ways of making one's character sound like a special snowflake without actually putting any real work or development in. Hierro from normal Arrancar can block captain now? Ok then... 'His sonido is nothing special, he is just a normal arrancar that can keep up with a captain is all.' Please think more while making something. Next up the Gran Rey, which is just a small thing like with Toma, he just shouldn't be able to know it at that level. Everything else is passable, but I'll end this section off by putting out a reminder to people making a character: if you're putting more into your powers/abilities than into the actual character(personality/story), then it's likely not going to be a very good or enjoyable character. That said, of course all of the characters like Vatto, Chernobog, Vulpis, Jacob, and Monk have already been worked on if they had problems and are totally good. I've already made a thread on why most people don't consider Angel's whatever to even exist, and honestly tons of people have tried to help so much with Draiden but I could still make a whole thread's worth on that.
  7. Reaching the crowded entrance, the young Shinigami would wait for an opening in the mass of students to get to the doors. She saw many students all around and a few Shinigami as well; some groups appeared to be forming already, evidenced by the fact that they didn't look totally comfortable together. Ren herself wondered how awkward it might be to have to spend this time with randomly selected partners, people who may have not met before or not even like each other. Just as she was preparing to make her way into the building, the Shinigami heard a familiar voice call from behind her, "Are we late, Ren?" The girl turned to see her fellow Second Division Shinigami, Yoshimitsu Himura, approaching. Himura was a young man who she had come to know during her time as a Shinigami in the Second Division. Stopping a moment to turn back and address her friend and coworker, Ren would reply, "I don't think we are, but we should probably make our way to wherever the group listings are posted." She would wait a moment for a response from Himura, then turn her attention back to the door. If there was nothing to stop her from doing so, Ren would proceed to open the door and hold it for Himura so she and her ally could enter the building. OOC: I'm terribly sorry, and like I said in PM: I won't be taking this long for a post again. Some things happened last week that put me pretty behind in other aspects of my life; but now that I'm all caught up, I should be posting with haste from now on.
  8. I did tell Eml over IMs as soon as I read his post that everything should be cool now or whatever after he worked stuff out with Aiden. So I'm pretty much not going to comment on any of the resolved stuff. I did say, however, that I wanted to bring up the few concerns that I still had in a post when I got the time; so here they are! I'll try to keep this super short so that I don't waste time I could be using on RP stuff. Also, I mean this all in the most polite and objective way I can; if you think the way I said it was wrong in any way, just correct me. Going back and re-reading the cleansing and ooc thread relating to it, it seems that some of the BS surrounding it caused a lot of respectable RPers of the community to call it out for being BS and pull out of the thread/storyline. It sort of turned into another one of those threads that the majority of urp had to just learn to ignore because of that. Now it seems it was agreed upon by pretty much everyone except Yuro at that time that because the Gotei had no knowledge of Eml and Yuro's 'plan' before the attack, they would obviously see it as any other attack. Saying that more people could've died from the NPC enemies if it didn't happen still doesn't excuse that it did happen. The issue with coup was that Aiden(the character) was tired of the gotei falling apart and Emmell never doing anything(the character's view). Now Emmell as a character was never charged before this because of the same reason Yuroshima wasn't: none of the few active people wanted to deal with that thread or its events. You were inactive(in urp) and showed no signs of ever wanting to relinquish the title, so Aiden started a storyline that would remove the inactive Captain-commander. Hakumei, who learned of the events of the cleansing when he returned to the Seireitei, wanted to bring Emmell up for fair trial rather than killing him, but Aiden got there first. Pretty much every single Captain was fine with this ooc, and over half supported it IC. As for solutions: There were a few people even at the time suggesting that the thread(the cleansing one) just be labeled filler, but I don't think this is necessary. Things happened the way they did, and the Gotei has no reason to support an attack on them even with the excuse that more people could've been killed without it. Saying that Emmell had left before Aiden arrived at the office or that Aiden 'killed' the body-double or whatever are both fine either way. I'm just saying that from an In-character standpoint, the Gotei is right to react how they have. Even if Emmell's wanted for treason, I said before that means he would have a trial if captured. So there's always the option that if/when he returns to seireitei he explains his side and defends his actions to the Gotei/C46 and they say "aight, cool then". So yeah, it's really all cool, even with the charges; he could just explain his side and whoever was listening would decide from there if he ever decided to return to the seireitei or whatever. To explain how the Gotei works ooc before just for some forewarning is just that it's a bit of a balance between the Central 46(40 elected representatives and 6 appointed judges), The Gotei 13(where there is no CC and all Captains are equal), and the Four Great Houses. Lastly as a note, the issues brought up earlier with the titles and stuff: The clan and 'keeper of souls' stuff has a real "chosen one" and "main character" complex associated with it that a lot of people dislike. Even if you don't intend it to be taken that way, I'm bringing it up as to why it's usually an issue with people.
  9. The man in the gray coat's slash grazing the sternritter, another wound was carved below her left breast. She moved back intuitively, escaping the reach of the man's jab and responding in kind with her own attack. Manifesting a Quincy Heilig Bogen, she would launch her reishi-charged Seele Schneider as the arrow it truly was. In this quickly-paced exchange of attacks, the man had little time to think without acting. She had launched a single, straightforward arrow, and he was still moving forward in control of his movements; as she had not interrupted them nor tried to distract him. He was in a very advantageous position; one where he could easily dodge or try to block. Dodging or blocking, however, would impede his movement enough for the sternritter to capitalize on his momentary distraction. Without even thinking so deeply, the man made his move to continue forth and attempt to capitalize on his opponent's attack. In the snowy air, with the battle of two other powerful beings around them; it seemed to the man as if everything was moving very slowly as he brought back his left fist. The reishi that composed the blade of his Seele Schneider broke down during the movement, joining other reishi around his fist as it began to burst around rapidly like an uncontrollable white flame. The handle of the bladed arrow itself was even torn apart itself as its power was added to the inferno of violently vibrating reishi around the man in the gray coat's left fist. "I don't know why it chose people like you," Ringo Fiehr thought. Red vein-like markings would begin at his fingertips and crawl up his left arm as reishi in his bloodstream caused it to flow incredibly quickly, revealed as his sleeve up to the bicep was torn into reishi. The intense drawing in and vibrating of reishi emitted a loud hum from the bursting white flame around the man's hand that would sound like a low, echoing growl. His chest moved forward, tensing his muscles and loading his fist to be fired forward. His body moved and reacted as it did when he was training until at death's edge again and again; just as the unarmed man would punch the direwolves who came after him, his fist moved forward until it connected with the tip of the arrow. Reishi burst at the connection as the man pushed forward with his strength and heart put into the punch. "...but my schrift chose me... because I gave it a reason to!" The fired Seele Schneider's erupting energy burst apart into white light as it was compressed into the finished punch. "Heulen der Wölfe!", the man yelled. The Reishi, violently erupting was compressed and directed forward, setting off a chain reaction as the unstable spiritual particles caused the ones that were in front of them to continue exploding. Compressed by the man's power, the funneled explosion traveled forth from the man's fist unto its target, the woman's location. As the cannon-fire of white explosion that traveled from his fist and gained power moved at a near-instantaneous rate to the woman's location, it made a sound like the baying of wolves. At the end-point of its travel, the reishi that was no longer being compressed together was able to violently explode with all its fury, lighting up the snowing day in a blinding burst of light. OOC: Abilities used: Heulen der Wölfe: Using his schrift, Ringo compresses reishi and brings it to a violent and unstable point on the brink of explosion. When launched forward, the explosion travels forth and gathers more power as the reishi before and around it is made unstable and joins it. At the end-point of its travel, all of the gathered unstable reishi finally explodes violently. Blut Arterie: The offensive form of Blut which grants the user inhuman attack power.
  10. Since Aiden was the one issuing the attack; I guess just work out what happened with him and I'll follow along. I'd say though that it's difficult to say he wouldn't know about the charges or else he would've never had reason to leave the Seireitei. If I can throw in a suggestion; you could always say he heard about the charges and fled(for lack of a better term) the Seireitei before Aiden, Yoshirou, or Hakumei arrived at his office. That way there's a reason for everything to have progressed the way it did from there and Emmell can live, as it seems you'd like(albeit still a wanted criminal to the Gotei). I'd be relatively okay with that depending on how it's done. Of course you could always accept Emmell as having died there by Aiden's crossed out post and start a new character, but I definitely get why you wouldn't want that. Either way is fine, or if you can think up a better way to have everything fit together. I'll delete both this post and the first one either once I know you've seen it or when everything is all fixed up, either way. Like I said before; it's nothing against you or your character, we just have to find a way to fit his surviving into the storyline properly if that's what you decide, with Aiden, is what happened.
  11. I'm just going to point out some of the wrong stuff here so none of the newer URPers get confused.... for continuity's sake. " 3 time Former Captain Commander of the Gotei 13. " I feel like at least 2 of these times were self-proclaimed. " The killer of The Major, the One True King of the Wandenreich. " If anything, I'd give credit of the Major's final death to Yuroshima; as I believe they both killed one another at Yuroshima's retirement party. If Emmell killed him once, fair enough, though. " Unifier of the Revolutionary Division and the Gotei 13. " Actually, during Aiden Hunter's time as Captain-Commander, he made attempts to integrate the surviving Revolutionaries into the Gotei 13; even making a few of them Captains. If you're referencing that thing where the Revolutionaries attacked and killed innocent people in the SS as part of a plan to draw out Yuro's NPC enemies that you two then fought: That was considered treason IC(and BS ooc) by essentially everyone, and is a key reason for half of the Captains at the time wishing to depose Emmell and either imprison or kill him. You have to see that killing a few NPC enemies doesn't excuse IC that the Revs with Emmell's help and approval killed innocent people and destroyed Seireitei property. " These were among some of the titles given to Emmell. " At least half, if not more, were just given by yourself. I once explained the concept of giving yourself titles to help a new person using the following example: "I could call myself the 'God of Fancy Pointed Hats', that doesn't make it true". So while I don't care to tell you since you probably know, I'm just making it clear for new people that calling yourself things doesn't make your character any better; in fact, overdoing it can have the opposite effect. " Although it was nice to have them unified once more, Emmell knew that in times of peace, there was no longer a need for the Commander. So he left, this time vacating his seat as the Captain Commander as well as the Captain of Division 9. " Emmell was actually under threat of death or arrest by the other Captains under the charges of treason for helping the Revolutionaries. You went inactive, avoiding the situation; but does that mean the entire rest of the universe of URP has to change to bend to your ooc words? Not even RPed out. You were in a thread: Hakumei arrived to arrest you, Aiden arrived to kill you, and Yoshirou arrived to deliver news of his resignation. You were inactive, so all three characters were forced to move on and not stay trapped forever waiting for you to post; the same is true of the Gotei as a whole. The way this was done was that after nearly a month of fair warning, Aiden issued an auto-hit. Again, this is important so I will capitalize it: THERE WERE AT LEAST WEEKS OF FAIR WARNING. Fair Warning that you replied in an ooc to, causing Aiden to cross the post out; though again you did not post to allow the world to move on IC. Of course you don't need to have Emmell die; just find a way to legitimately RP out how he isn't dead. " Seeking pursuits in Division 0 as a defender of the Soul King, Emmell knew it wasn't for him after a while. " I'm almost completely sure Ruroki has beaten me to saying: claiming ooc to join with no one else's involvement or consent and without even RPing it isn't cool. Also, given he was wanted by the other Captains, he would've never been given such a position; saying he isn't wanted is GMing every other shinigami into forgetting an entire point in the Gotei's story as a whole. "Option 1: Emmell could return to the Gotei 13, and reclaim his yet vacant position as Captain of the 9th Division. ... In fact, many had called for his return, wishing him not depart. " Again, Emmell was charged with Treason and is wanted for imprisonment or death. Over half of the Captains at the time of you going inactive were after him for his crimes; to change that is(once again) retconning and GMing their characters. As for options 2 & 3, I'm going to be nice and leave Emmell's powers alone. This isn't about you or your character, it's about correcting the timeline so that my character and the characters of others aren't changed by an ooc from you. And I think that's where I will leave this off: I'm not going to get into talking about another invasion/war and why it's the same bad idea multiple RPers have. I will delete this post as I do with all of my others if/when it's no longer needed. As for right now, before I end, I want to explain why this isn't an attack and why it's necessary. You posted publicly claiming ooc things that would have to change IC events for multiple other people's characters and for the URP universe as a whole; which is GMing their thoughts and actions. Everyone makes mistakes, and this isn't some problem with you or your character. I'm more than happy if Emmell joins in the urp again; but he can't do so in a way that legitimately hurts the works of other RPers. Edited to remove the first mention of the Division 0 stuff since it's been fixed with Ruroki. 2nd is still in for now because it involves a broader point.
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