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Found 4 results

  1. He glanced at his right shoulder for a moment to notice the blood leaking through his shirt from the bullet wound as darkness became the only company that he could recognize. "Brandon, please hold on." Kara held firmly to her boss in her arms as he continued to bleed. He had denied the idea of having any involvement with the hospital but she could not consider any other options and the gunshot was loud enough that people would be coming any minute. She reached for her phone and prepared to call out for help, "It is best that you don't call anyone right now." Kara turned to see a face that she had not expected, nor that she wanted to see at this moment. "You're the woman that claimed to be Brandon's wife." "That is one way to look at it. However, I would like to think that I am the only chance that he has to survive the night." She approached from the side of the alley that held a wall, but Kara had not noticed the strange circumstances around that but her focus remained on the presence of an unfriendly appearance. Still, Leana continued to make her way towards the pair of them, "Stay back." Kara attempted her best to keep a voice of authority and strength but she was clearly shaken by the situation and all events that transpired but Leana seemed to ignore the request and stopped a few inches from Jeremiah. Slowly she lowered her position to the ground as a vehicle pulls in to the alleyway with their high beams in full blast which shocked Kara and blinded her for a moment with her arms up to defend against the light. With the light bathing the trio, Leana lifted her hands placing one on his shoulder and abdomen over the bullet wounds. Both of her hands began to glow a soft white light before becoming consumed in a green energy and move like vines into the pair of wounds and flow through the bleeding. Like threads the green energy began to stitch the wound on his abdomen but the wound in his should only ceased bleeding but the wound had not sealed. Leana removed the hand that she placed on Jeremiah's abdomen and placed it on the shoulder of Kara and suddenly the blinding light had no longer become an issue for her. "What is-" But Leana interjected, "No time to explain. Help me get him up and in the car, we need to take him somewhere safe." Slowly she worked to get Jeremiah to his feet with the help of Kara, "Where is somewhere safe?" They worked their way towards the car, "His place should be fine, they don't know where he lives." There was a sign of hesitation as Kara paused for a moment, but before she could speak her thoughts a streak of orange lightning stuck the ground between them and the wall of the alleyway. Before them stood a man wearing an orange jacket with a fur collar with a bare torso revealing his tattoos as orange bolts of electric discharge would burst from his body. "Aye, I will take it from here." With a smirk he rushed forward becoming a streak of orange electricity in his movement as he took hold of Jeremiah from the two women and moved around to the top of the car looking back at the women. "Appreciate the help. He is known for getting in more trouble than he is prepared for." "Who are you?" Kara was concerned about so many things, the safety of Jeremiah was the top but also the strange circumstances of a man forming from lightning. "Aren't you Kaje?" The man pointed with his left hand, "You probably should come with me too." He reached for the strings in his coat, which doubled as ear buds, and placed them in his ears using his left hand. "What are you-" With the buds in his ears not a sound was heard by him besides the snap of his left fingers and his words matching the flow of the verse, "... Ay, man, caveman, Two drink, cave in, Two blunt, ease up, Booyah, leaves up, Who care? Who there? Do what? Wake up, The hell, happened, We want, hands up, Pay you, dare you..." He moved with a full sprint as most would only recognize the orange streak in the air as his movement drove forward and picked Kara up and placed her over his left shoulder. With her secured in his arms he continued forward and ran along the surface of the wall in front of him and right over as if his orientation never changed, "... Motherfuck, motherfuck, Sister fucked, granny fucked, System, get some, Yeah, you, day two, Yeah, you, you, you, You a van, through the van, Stripper, good Lord, Top chi, not me, Boy, please, whatever, You next, to death, To go, ooh, oh, Who's that? Ring ring, Your number, bang bang, Callin' up, talk it up, move over..." He moved through the streets of the city with such rapid pace and efficiency moving through the passages that allow him to cut away from the main streets as much as possible. It was a graceful effort as he continued through Naruki and eventually made his way into Karakura Town. He maintained his pace as he entered the Karakura Residential District and made his way through the front door of Jeremiah's house, set him down on the couch and sat Kara on the chair nearby before stopping finally sitting against the wall nearby. "That... was a lot." He spoke between breaths as he was visible exhausted with a bit of sweat and clearly worn out as he reached for a bottle of water that he had nearby. "What happened? Where am I?" Kara spoke up, confused about literally everything at this point. "Who are you?" Startled she hopped from the chair and stumbled backwards, "Kyonte, why did you bring her here?" A woman with colored hair entered the room, "She works for him, and I think he would have been pissed if I left her there on her own." The woman shook her head, "Ale, come on. He would have blamed you." Ale only managed to provide a sigh, "I know." Ale made her way over to Jeremiah and began to look him over. "So is no one going to answer me?" Ale turned around and glanced at Kara, "Sorry about this." Kara brought her attention to Ale, "For what?" As a response, Ale tapped her index finger on the forehead of Kara which caused her to stumble and fall unconscious into Ale who put her back on the seat. "Reset?" Ale went back to Jeremiah, "Yeah, she will just think that Jeremiah drank a little too much and she helped him get home." With a golden glow consuming her fingers as she drove it into the open wound of Jeremiah. He flinched in pain as he gained a bit of awareness just as Ale removed her finger with a bullet fragment attached to the end. "Ale?" Jeremiah said as he brought himself back to the moment, although slightly still disoriented. "Yeah, you had a bit of a rough night." She smiled, "Kyonte and I have to make our way to Thailand, and wanted to help you catch Hachiman." "Kara!" "She's fine, resting over there." Kyonte points to Kara sitting in the chair, "You drank too much and she wanted to make sure you got home safely." "Ah, Reset." "Yeah, and your wound should heal then we can help you deal with Hachiman." "Not yet. There is more going on than just Hachiman and I might have a way to figure it out. But I will need more time to handle it alone." Kyonte released a chuckle, "Are you sure?" Kyonte got up from the wall and approached Ale and Jeremiah, "He is more than sure." Jeremiah smiled as he reached up, "I will call when it is time." Kyonte grabbed his hand in a handshake. "Sounds good." He released Jeremiah's hand and placed his grip on Ale's should before they both vanished in the sight of orange lightning flowing out of the room. Jeremiah only managed a slow exhale as he sat up, "Might as well finish painting the scene." He made sure to remove his blood clothes and took them to his laundry space and made his way back to the couch and laid down. For a moment he glanced over to Kara, "Thank you." He let the phrase of gratitude slip from his lips before allowing slumber to finally catch up to him. Word Count: 1500Karakura Town: 1500 Naruki City: 1660Overall Word Count: 3160
  2. Quickly he jumped on the phone and called out... The day continued seemingly as normal after the call was completed. Jeremiah was able to get through all of his paper work and deal with several remote client meetings so to close a few deals. There were also several meetings that the Regional Vice President wanted to coordinate and determine a few steps in the action plan for the Asian Pacific Region for the company. Normally he remains invested in all of the meetings and projects but he could not let go of that single name, "Hachiman." A single person, the name that drove him all the way from the United States to Japan and after more than a year of working and studying he finally got the name and it came by chance. "Hey Kara?" He spoke out from his desk as he started to close some of his files just as she made her way around the corner into the doorway, "Yes Mr. Richardson?" She stood in the doorway with her tablet in hand, "Tell me what you know about Malachai Korolevu." Kara revealed a smile with a small laughter tucked underneath at his inquiry but soon that dissipated when it was revealed he was not responding accordingly. "My apologies. I had no idea that you were serious." Jeremiah made an expression for her to continue to which she responded by using her tablet and moving things around, "Have you been to Naruki City yet?" He simply responded with a shake of his head, "Mr. Korolevu is the owner of The Vault located in Central Naruki City." She swiped on the screen which caused a beep on Jeremiah's phone. He picked his phone up off the desk to see the notification from Kara. The screen illuminated as he pressed on the notification that shifted his screen to the front of building that looked like a bank fitted with vibrant golden neon lights at the deep of night. Jeremiah approaches the building from across the street out of his work clothes and into something more casual, at least casual in terms of how he normally operates. He checked his watch for a moment, checking the picture of Malachai for a moment and using the references that he was able to gather from his internet search several hours prior. There was little to go on as everything he was able to uncover was fluff pieces and with little to actually identify the man with, as he apparently avoided the public eye and lived by his name and identity behind his business operations. Only appearances were pictures of over ten years ago and the most recent is one someone got of him as a private investigator. The line leading into the building was a long one, and that was expected based on the amount of popularity that this location garnered. He had not considered this when he made the plan to come to the location, and honestly he hadn't developed much of a plan beyond coming to the location. The weekend had already arrived and it was the best time to get a chance to understand the environment and determine if his target was even situated in the building. So without many other options, he made his way towards the back of the line and each step feeling like miles separating him from his target. It had not bothered him at first, but it slowly became increasingly painful as he went down the line. Eventually he arrived at the back of the line, nearly down the block and a half further away from the door and through that entire time he had not seen the line move more than two people. 17 Minutes Later One more step forward as the line moved once again, but if that was a metric used to measure the progress of his evening Jeremiah was more than certain he was not going to be entering this building tonight. It was disappointing, which also means he would have to try to arrive dreadfully early to the next opening to get a chance to get in but that would bring too much attention to himself in a way that is worse than most other circumstances. "Brandon?" More than hearing his name, Jeremiah was shaken by hearing the voice of a familiar tone speaking his name. He looked to the side to see someone in a way that he would not expect, Kara his assistant, making her way up to him in an outfit that was more flattering than he would imagine. "Kaje? What are you doing here?" She smiled with a charm that was new to Jeremiah, "Well, you had asked me about The Vault and thought 'well I haven't been there in awhile' and now I am here." That smile was maintained, "But what are you doing here? I never considered you as a party boy." Her tone was held with a smooth tone of sarcasm. "I was... Hoping to find someone." Kara gave a mocking look of endearment, "Did the run in with you wife make you wish you had someone?" Jeremiah gave a scoff as he rolled his eyes, "That's not what I mean I just-" "Come on." She took his hand and pulled him out of the line, "But my spot." Kara continued forward, pulling him along side the line. As they approached the front of the building there were a few women gathering as Jeremiah was brought to them. "Hey Kaje!" One of the girls exclaim, "Wait, isn't this your boss?", one of them smirked, "More like, how is this your boss?" As she motioned towards his physique with a sly smile before another interjected, "Nah, more like how is this your boss." Her hand brought up like a height scale pointing out his shorter than average American height. He couldn't decide whether he should roll his eyes or simply walk away. "Don't worry, they aren't always so creative." "So says the assistant hope for a chance to-" "And we're off." Quickly Kara pulled Jeremiah towards the entrance as the other woman chuckled behind them. They stopped at the doorway as the bouncer stepped in front of them for a moment, and almost on cue the other girls swarmed around Jeremiah while look at the bouncer. He took a moment but then shook it off before step aside and moving the velvet rope. With a smile, "And VoilĂ ." They made their way through the first entrance before opening the second door and being bathed in a golden glow. WC: 1100 Naruki City: 1100Kagamino City: 3120A Walk in the Park: 1950Overall Word Count: 6170
  3. It was another early morning handled well after an uneventful night, and thus begins the day for Jeremiah on his way to work.... Jeremiah sat comfortably on the seat of his bike as he made is way through the main city of Karakura Town, or at least the portion of the city that stands between Karakura Park and the eastern border of the town. The sun had only recently broken over the horizon and was starting to give the day the light that it normally does and he kept his music flowing through his ears. "...Still a nutcase still a pyscho, Tellin' mama, any day I might blow up, Stayin' up late where did time go, Still ain't caught a break but I'm like so what, Will my luck change fuck if I know, If I hear another no I might throw up, I'm a nutcase I'm a pyscho I'm a pyscho..." The rhythm maintained with his peddling as he followed the path that he normally would take that was provided for the biking community since few people were walking about this early along his path and even fewer were using vehicles at this time of day. As he was approaching the edge of the town his music was interrupted by the sound of his phone ringing. He brought his right hand to his eye level to check his watch and noticed the display KAJE and brought his finger to his ear to press the call feature. "Brandon speaking. What's up Kara?" Both hands were back on the handle bars. "Just checking on how long until you show up?" Her voice held a bit of a tension in it which brought a bit of concern for Jeremiah, "Well, I just got out of Karakura and still have to cross the forest. Maybe forty-five minutes, give or take. Why? What is going on Kara?" "Kuso. Alright, if you can get here a little faster that would be great." Jeremiah shook his head a little bit before speaking again, "Kara, I need you to tell me what is going on." There was a moment of silence on the phone that lasted longer than Jeremiah was okay with, "Kaje?" Suddenly she responded, "Hirosawa is here." There was moment that took Jeremiah for a shock that he lost a moment of focus and lost a second of control, but he was able to reign it in and maintain his bike on the available path. "Landon is there? Right now?" He only recieved a simple, "Uh-huh" over the phone and he was clearly frustrated, "Why is he there? We aren't supposed to have a meeting until next week." "Yeah, that is why we were not prepared. He says that we need to have our proposal ready for his new acquisition." Annoyed, "We told him that it would be available at the end of the week for our meeting." With a sigh Kara responded, "Yeah, he assumed that meant the end of the business week. He says that his shareholders need an action plan today." "Fuck." "Yeah, exactly. So how much longer?" There was a pause as Jeremiah started to clench his jaw slightly before relaxing and releasing a deep exhale, "Twenty minutes." "Is there anything I can do?" "Yeah, have my suit ready in my locker. Ben should be there, have him put it in there and tell Landon that the presentation is ready then take him to the Cardinal conference room with water. Make sure you have blueberries and kiwi in the tank." With that, he pressed his finger to his ear to end the call and lifted himself from the seat of the bike and prepared to push the limit... WC: 600 TWC: 600 A Walk in the Park: 1950 Overall Word Count: 2550
  4. The sun remained far below the horizon of the distance with few taking the chance to be out in the world, but among the select that decided to about was a specific man going for his early morning run. Jeremiah Brandon Richardson (the Third), a name acquired by a father that was not his, who remained an American in a town only because of a job working for a father that he recently discovered to be his. Black shorts with white compression shorts underneath, black running shoes built for the resistance to move forward with momentum, and a black sweater covering his white compression shirt. His house was not too far from the park, which made the ride to this location not too complicated, although his job was located about 15 miles east in Kagamino City. Karakura was less populated than the actual region of Kagamino and it allowed him to enjoy the quite living of a residential district, despite his coworkers best efforts to convince him to settle around work or even further west to Naruki City. The best part about getting up early meant that he had plenty of time to get to the park and start working out before having to make it to his commute to work. Headphones placed firmly in his ear, Jeremiah kept his focus forward with each step as he began to mouth the lyrics of the sound; "...I'm counting my bullets, I'm loading my clips, I'm writing down names, I'm making a list, I'm checking it twice and I'm getting 'em hit, The real ones been dying, The fake ones is lit, The game is off balance, I'm back on my shit, The Bentley is dirty, My sneakers is dirty..." Slowly he started to slowly down as he approached the location where his bike was locked up and got to his bag. He reached into his bag and pulled out his white wraps. Jeremiah slipped his thumb through the small loop and began to wrap the fabric around his hand, ensuring to get around his knuckles and wrist. "...I just win again, then win again like Wimbledon, I serve, Yeah, that's him again, the sound that engine in is like a bird, You see fireworks and Corvette tire skrrt the boulevard, I know how you work, I know just who you are..." He pulled taught on the fabric before securing it on the latch on his wrist and adjusted. Once it was set he took the remain fabric and began working on his left hand, "...And I'm gon' shine like I'm supposed to antisocial, extrovert, And excellent mean the extra work, And absent-ness what the fuck you heard, And pessimists never struck my nerve, And that's a riff, gonna plead this case, The reason my power's here on earth, Salute the truth, when the prophet say..." His left hand was tightly around, slightly more than his right, and he worked to correct that a bit before latching it firmly and sealing up his bag. With momentum in his step, almost rhythmically, Jeremiah made his way to a small patch of the grass that could be considered a clearing that had a decently sized tree otherwise. He made his approach of the tree with the beat moving his steps, "...The more that I try, the more that I want, The more that I grind, the more that I shine, The more that I stride, the more that I stunt, The more that I cheat, the more that she leaves, The more that she cry, the harder to trust, The more that I lie, the more that she dies, Somehow I realize I'm harder to love..." His stance was set and his hands in front of him with the lowered posture. Eyes were locked on the part of the tree that were considered his eye line and slowly released his breath. A two and a half seconds passed before he allow his lungs to absorb air once more. WC - 660
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