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  1. The morning came too quickly for Sibylle as she found herself slapping her alarm a few times to turn off the noise blaring into her ear. The uncomfortable position she fell asleep in gave way to her rotating her body to get up and gather her outfit for the day. After a shower, a quick breakfast, and a moment of meditation she found herself in the car with Frieda getting take to Noir's headquarters. The car ride is filled with her mentor's unending nagging being drown out by her own thoughts as they left the suburban setting entering the thicker city-like area of Karakura Town. Speeding past several cars the Noir headquarters soon came into view sticking out in an almost gaudy kind of way. A massive skyscraper like building that seemed to be twenty or more stories high, the structure had an almost plus like architecture if viewed from overhead, and the top there seemed to be a place for a helicopter to land. No doubt Sibylle's cousin took full advantage of such luxuries. This was the first time for her to see the building in person, she had seen images online and in magazines as she was studying for her internship with Noir as a company. Getting out of the car Sibylle smiled and nodded to Frieda, who was still clamoring on about things to do and not do on her first day of work. This mostly fell on deaf ears as she soon closed the door and walked towards the entrance to the Noir building. The first floor opened up into a large displaying area with all kinds of modern technologies and to the far left was the lobby area leading into the reception section. There the familiar face of the recent bride of her cousin could be found, Ayumi. Her cousin in-law seemed to have a direct and fiery personality from what Frieda had described to her, this was something she looked to explore herself. Nepotism at its finest, the boss marrying the receptionist. That pretty much locked her into being unable to be fired, similar to the teenager. However, Sibylle believe that she herself was not as fortunate as the wife of an executive. She could not remember ever meeting her cousin Yusei Kinoshita in person, but maybe there was a time that she was unaware of. "<Hello>," Sibylle introduced herself in Japanese to Ayumi dressed in the attire that Frieda gave her as an employee of Noir. The outfit seemed to fill in with more of a business slack and suit setup, yet there was part of her that was a little shocked this was not in a more traditional business outfit. This could be due to the fact that she was working for the research and development instead of the more call-center like jobs. Ayumi was more American looking in appearance with the outlandish flowing red hair, causal-dress attire, and a vibe that was just different than what she was used to being around in recent times. "<Hello, you must be Kinoshita's cousin Sibylle? Come on over here and I will help you get setup,>" Ayumi said as she waved her over to the receptionist's desk. The ring on display and everything, this made the teenager cringe a little bit but she brushed it off putting on a fake smile as she approached. "<Yes, this is my first day,>" Sibylle replied as she was getting more comfortable speaking in Japanese as the months had passed by since arriving. "<Ah right, you were delayed due to the issue with your plane crashing near Tokyo. Thankfully you and the other passengers were not too badly injured,>" Ayumi replied pulling out a file as she moved her hair out of the way of her face so that she could look into her screen and begin typing something up. The reminder of the plane crash from some months ago burned her a little, but she pushed through it not wanting to make a scene the first day. She did not know this lady all that well, nor her cousin. The reminder was that she needed to be on her best behavior as she was completely dependent on her cousin for the time being; housing, job, and overall living expenses. She did not like being in the control of others, but this was a necessary evil until she found her own way and got acclimated to her surroundings more. "<Right, you are being assigned to the research and development team,>" Ayumi smiled as she closed the file and stopped typing, "<Please hold still for a moment.?" This was so that she could get a picture for her badge in the future. She begrudgingly followed what Ayumi told her to do. "<Alright, you just need to watch a few videos and then Akira Kisaragi will be down to get you,>" Ayumi explained pointing over to the lobby area where a video was cycling through on repeat since she had been there. This was not exactly how she thought her first day on the job was going to go, but she was here nonetheless. The video explained the basics of what Noir was based around, something anyone could find from a quick internet search or magazine on the side of the road. There were the stereotypical business mottos and tag lines. There was a brief explanation that each floor was office space besides the middle floors that were dedicated to the research and development team. An interesting point of order as she was sure that anything dangerous would not be held that high up in the building, but maybe the building was constructed with that in mind. The top floor was where Yusei's office was located, among a variety of other things. She had to imagine that other executives had to be close in proximity to the top of the building so they could hold meetings with the boss. The length of the video was obnoxious in Sibylle's opinion, but that was probably so that it would cover the basis for anyone starting out or waiting. A way to eliminate frequently asked questions to the employees or background noise for those that found themselves sitting in the lobby area. There was a difference to the layout here than in other skyscrapers she had been in before back home, but that was not of particular interesting to her. She was more invested in seeing what she was going to be doing with the research and development team of Noir and if there was going to be any connection to the Quincy technology Frieda had already showed her back home during their training. [WC: 1,111]
  2. Rukongai District 1 The Thursday air was calm as the busy streets of Rukongai's First District moved about their day. There are several clouds in the clear blue sky with the sky at its highest point. Noise fills the air with civilians unsuspecting of what was about to happen. Several toad humanoids begin to push through and cause scenes within the district as they are pushing to get closer to Seireitei. They hold at the edges while a figure appears above them with a puff of smoke from their pipe before landing on the ground several feet ahead of them. A large sized toad humanoid male with dark red wart covered skin, yellow eyes, and massive frame wearing loose clothing, black vest, and an old looking zanpakuto with black sheath and gold hilt appears between the open area where Seireitei and Rukongai are separated. Then the Blue Stream Gate or Shōryūmon large walls crash down from the sky splitting Seireitei and First District of Rukongai. Several shinigami appear and try to approach the figure to call him off, but they do not make it anywhere close to him as wisps of water lash out knocking them down as he takes steps towards the lowered walls. [WC: 202] ------------------------------ OOC: Event battle Xarius Kaeru vs Doldoth Gama [Rash]
  3. The beginning of Sibylle’s day was spent with Frieda Thoumeaux in the Karakura shopping district on the west side of town, but then she was dropped off at the Karakura Community Park towards the center of Karakura Town while the older woman had to run some errands. As the Tsubakidai Park was too far south and the only other park in town was the Yumisawa Children's Park to the north. This was the first time she was allowed to explore, other than walking around the local area near their house or going to university. That red-eyed woman endured the teenager’s constant protests of being coddled. The one time she actually got out it was a rainy day and she found herself fighting a hollow on the track of the Karakura Highschool. That was something that she had kept from Frieda, though she had a feeling that the woman knew somehow. Walking into the park Sibylle looked for a bench further in so that she could get a better look at those coming in and out of the area. She had her headphones on so that she could ignore people passing by while listening to some random idol music that Frieda had given to her to get exposed to the culture here. She was not particularly interested in this music, but she could see why people referred to them as idols over here versus rockstars or superstars like they do in America. One of many things that she was a fish out of water on as she was trying to understand Japan more as she was going to be here for three to four years while studying in university. She had made zero friends at university and that did not seem to be changing any time soon. The one bright spot for her was that Sibylle was going to be starting her internship at her cousin’s company Noir soon. She was not exactly sure what she was going to be doing there just yet, but she was excited to be making her own money and having another place to interact with people. She did not need friends to find happiness within her own life, but her grandmother had repeatedly told her that friendships were necessary to survive. Even if she did not particularly care for the other breathing flesh sacks around her, she acknowledged that having a few like minded people in her life to help pass the time might not be so bad. Reaching a bench that had the view of an intersection that had several connecting pathways and an open field area where a bunch of younger people were playing a game of some sort. Letting out a long deep sigh Sibylle sat down on the edge of the open bench looking out to the field before pulling out one of her books to do some light reading. She did not have much free time with all of the training and studying, so when she had the chance to snag a couple magazines to read she took it. Flipping through the pages of the first magazine she noticed that a lot of pages talked about the local music scene and where some concerts or festivals coming up would be happening. Lifting up the magazine Sibylle crossed her left leg over her right leg before lowering the magazine back down to her lap. She was so lost in her music and reading the magazine she had not noticed an older man had sat down on the other end of the bench. Glancing occasionally out of the side of her right peripherals she noticed that he seemed to be talking to someone, possibly even her but she did not acknowledge the conversation or fully divert her attention from the magazine. She would reach up with her right hand to pull her stray bangs to the right side of her face out of the way of her reading the next page within the magazine about a rising idol that she went to university with named Yui Tanaka. She was a late teen Japanese female that had light tanned skinned with brown eyes and long straight black hair with curls at the tips. She had become popular as a singer first then as an actress. The girl could literally do anything it would seem. [WC: 721]
  4. Rukongai District 17 The Thursday air was calm as the busy streets of Rukongai's 17th District moved about their day. There are several clouds in the clear blue sky with the sky at its highest point. Noise fills the air with civilians unsuspecting of what was about to happen. Through the alleyways and side streets of the district several cloaked figures start to block off the flow of traffic roughing up civilians that try to pass them or enter into the main road ways. Up above the area as a commotion started to stir below four figures appeared moment. They linger for a few seconds before three larger ones bolt in the direction of Seireitei. The medium sized figure stays up in the air raising their hand several balls of water form before crashing down like massive balls of rain that collide with civilians below breaking their bones. The screams and cries of pain led to the shinigami within the area to try to move in, but the toad humanoid female with dull orange wart covered skin, yellow eyes, and lean frame wearing loose clothing kicks the first shinigami in the side of the head. She then clotheslines the next shinigami on scene where a loud crack can be heard. "They do not make them as tough as they used too," she mused aloud as she squats down onto the shinigami's chest as she punches his chest with an impact that crease an air burst. "The Gama Clan is moving in," the female toad speaks loudly as she stands up still on the unconscious shinigami, "My name is Gix. I look forward to making friends with all of my new neighbors." With a menacing smile she darts forward summoning a water dragon head that launches out destroying the closest building off the main road. The causes more screams in terror and commotion of civilians trying to run from the area but are kept in by the Gama Clan goons blocking the streets. [WC: 329] ------------------------------ OOC: Event battle Daisuke Sato vs Gix Gama [Kaeru]
  5. Stepping off the sidewalk Sibylle Opie found herself on the far outskirts on the east side of Karakura Town. This was where Master Luka Jaeger patrolled most nights while she was keeping an eye on Karakura Park, but due to recent events they were alternating days on where they patrolled. There was an increased sense of urgency and awareness after Nark Shado had arrived to stir up some trouble in Karakura Town at her expense. Since the moment the Nuevo Espada had left she had been grilled and told how lucky she was to have strived that encounter. No one respected her or the work she was putting in, they would gaslight her ego one minute then talk to her like she was five years old then next. This did not set well with her nor would it ever if this was how they would operate in the traditionalist side of the Quincy order. The words from the Master of the North, Ingrid Schmidt, stuck with her as Sibylle walked through an open part of grass where she could see the setting sun in the west. She had brought up the fact that the last the two newest masters, Frieda Thoumeaux and Luka Jaeger, had replaced the previous masters that had left to be 'Sternritters'. She knew very little about that side of the Quincies, but she did know that branch was associated with her grandmother Ermelinda Opie. This begged the question why her grandmother had not recruited her into the Sternritters and what was the point of joining this group if they were this disorganized. Maybe there was a better training system her and acted as a minor league of sorts until the Sternritters called them up as recruits. That was her current working theory, though she imagined that she would get more information the next time she talked to the Grandmaster, Agatha Zimmermann, as she sounded like she wanted to talk to the teenager. That is when Sibylle's eyes darted up as her thoughts cleared and her senses perked up as she could sense that she was no longer alone in the area. Glancing down the grassy river bank side she saw that there was a young boy curled up with his arms around his knees pulling them close to his chest. The boy was giving off some seriously sad vibes as he started to whistle, but the odd part was no one else seemed to notice the almost flute like whistle coming from the boy. There were people walking down the sidewalk without a care in the world. Rolling her eyes the white haired teenager adjusted her jacket as she started to make her way in the direction of the young boy to see if that chill she was getting was him or something hunting him. "Good evening," Sibylle says as calmly as she can as she reaches about ten feet away from the young boy so that she can make her presence known, "Are you all here all alone?" The boy does not move from his positioning as he stops whistling, yet he does bob his head up and down in a nodding motion. "Are you waiting for someone?" She inquires next not getting any closer as she looks out and around as the chill in the air is still there. The boy with short black hair simply nods again without looking up in direction. So she walks over in front of him so that she can squat down to place her hands on her knees and get eye level with the boy to ask, "Would you like me to help you find them?" That is when a long roar from the north could be heard in the area drawing Sibylle to look in that direction. There were two demi-hollows that resemble frogs in body but large boney masks that covered their whole faces. Standing up quickly Sibylle moves over in between them and the boy. She knew that the boy would not be able to see the threat, but she had to act as they were moving closer. "We should get going, something does not feel right..." Sibylle starts to say trying to play the situation off as bad vibes in the area. As she starts to glance back the boy is already standing up behind her opening his red eyes and sharp toothed grin. "So these are the ones that are choosing to come out and play with us?" the boy cheerfully inquires as his needle like tongue licks his lips before he pulls out a oddly shaped dagger from a small brown sheath. The blade has three wholes down the center, the hilt is a gold color and the handle is green with an odd shaped bottom. The boy then puts his mouth on as he moves his fingers on the holes of the blade like it is a flute where music starts to play. "What is the actual Hell," Sibylle mutters to herself as she barely has time to turn around and dodge out of the way of the two demi-hollows jumping at her. Grabbing the handle of her sabre she draws the blade to take a defensive position now that she is up the side of the river bank more looking down in the direction of the boy and the two hollows. "Well, well you are not as slow as I thought you were," the boy takes a moment to speak to her before he starts to play a different tune. This time the two demi-hollow's eyes change from a dull yellow to a deep red matching the boy's own eye color. Then in the next moment the bone faces start to crack and shift as the demi-hollows morph from frog to large rats. The sides of their body now protected and their heads more narrow the two take off in different directions. "This is why I have trust issues," Sibylle mutters to herself again as she moves from a top the river bank to the bottom with one Hirenkyaku falsh-step. "Is everything alright Opie-Chan? We noticed a spike in your reiatsu levels," the voice of the evening field analyst came into the Nagai Sasayaki by Scientist Ota Yasushi. A Nagai Sasayaki, or Long Whisper, was a special Noir earpieces that allow for long ranged communication similar to bluetooth headphones. Ota is a mid-twenties male scientist with well-kept black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, and a lean build that works under Head Scientist Kudo Chika. She had seen him a few times while training in the Projektion, but they had not formally talked other than initial introductions. He was usually grouped with two other scientists Kawai Katsuo and Fujioka Shiro to do projects for Kudo or clean up Sibylle's messes. "Everything is fine Yasushi," Sibylle replied as she narrowly dodges the next round of attacks by the two rat-like demi-hollows that seemed to be in a controlled trance by the boy with the flute dagger. "I heard it was fun around here by a friend of mine, so I thought I would come visit. Though to be fair I did not think that a Quincy would be this ignorant of our reiatsu cloaking," the boy called out with a big toothy grin on his face before he played the first tune once again drawing the rats hollows back away from Sibylle to pace back and forth in between her and the boy. "There is a couple demi-hollows and a strange boy with a dagger he is playing like a flute," She explains quickly to Ota as she starts to gather reishi around her sabre, "I do not really care who your friend is, but those two friends of yours need to go." "Tsk, tsk, tsk," the boy made the noise with his mouth in disappointment as he glared menacingly over to the white haired woman, "He would be so sad to hear that. Also, I just made their lives so much better and you want them to leave already? That just will not do. I think we will just have to kill a Quincy today instead." Lifting the butt of the dagger to his lips again the boy starts to play the second song once again, this spurs the two rat hollows to bolt away from one another and make a piercer team attack on Sibylle. She leaps into the air with a flash-step as she calls out, "Klavier." With a swift thrusting motion downward she creates six heilig Pfeil arrows that rain down upon the lower hollows three piercing into each. "Reissen," she then states before the arrows can dissipate drawing the arrows back out of their bodies to cause more discomfort for the two altered demi-hollows. "Oh? Looks like you have a few abilities," the boy says with a measured amount of excitement as he starts to play the first song again drawing the two rat hollows back to pace between them. "What is going on over there, your reishi levels are all over the place. Do you need support?" Ota inquires over the Nagai Sasayaki once again. "Busy, call back later," Sibylle spoke in a short manner to the scientist in her ear as she started to gather more reishi around the sabre in a larger degree knowing that the method so far was to piercer attack, withdraw then piercer attack again. This was a wear down tactic, but there had to be another reason for this and she was not exactly sure how the boy was able to alter and manipulate the hollows before her. The next song played from the dagger flute was different from the first two as this caused the two rat hollows to generate red balls of reiryoku in their mouths that launched into large blast like waves, these were ceros. Reacting quickly the white haired female thrust the sabre forward twice to create to enormous arrows that matched her own height, "Schlagen." The two large arrows clashed with the ceros before piercing through and colliding with the two rat hollows. This damage started to crack the bone masks and rib armor. The boy starts to play the first song once again causing the two rat hollows to limb around in a previous pacing areas. "You Quincies sure are an interesting group. I will say you are not as entertaining as I was hoping you would be," the boy states as he starts to play a fourth song with a much more sinister vibe. The two rat hollows start to create the red balls in their mouths again like they did for the third song, but this time they closed their mouths and charged at Sibylle with double the speed as they had before. She was not able to dodge out of the way as the got close up on her, so she made four quick swipes trying to launch standard Heilig Pfeil arrows as both of them. Each rat hollow was hit directly in the mask twice causing them to crack, but this led to two large explosions at a distance she could not dodge. All that was left of both of them was smoke and ashes as Sibylle stood there with her sabre up trying to defend herself. "Unlike the rest of my kind I can use some of my abilities without having to get all flashy," the boy says as he suddenly appears a few feet from her to kick the dirt of where the ashes of the rat hollows fell, "Weak hollows like that make great minions don't you think? Maybe one day I could change a gillian or adjuchas class? That would be fun...." The boy mused for a moment as he spun the dagger by the middle hole in the blade with his right middle finger, "Any who, you have friends coming to check on you and I was hoping to see why Nark Shado was so interested in capturing you instead of killing you. Guess I will have to ask him myself, you seem so ordinary.." At the mention of the Nuevo Espada Sibylle's reiatsu spiked as she spun into a slashing motion on at the boy's head only for the sabre blade to to be stopped with his left pinky finger as if she was swinging a limp foam bat. "It is not your time to die just yet, other's have your life on their list. I have a different Quincy I would like to devour. However, should you still be alive after I consume that arrogant muscle freak? Then I guess you could be my dessert." With that the boy disappears and reappears behind her to chop her in the back of the head knocking her down before she fully knew what was going on. Summoning a Descorrer, or "Loosed Void", to open a Garganta between the living world and Hueco Mundo the boy steps towards the opening as the wind kicks up the boys jacket to reveal a hole on his lower right side of his back and a number seven just above it. The boy starts to play a song that is jaunty and whimsical as he skips into the opening, she feels the weight of the area increase as if she was being suffocated by the music alone. Her turning in her hand as blood starts to pour from her mouth as if she was being punched in the face repeatedly, even though nothing was striking her face in that moment. The void soon closes behind him cutting off the sound of the music returning the area back to normal as the sound of Master Jaeger's voice could be heard calling out to her as she loses consciousness. [WC: 2,287] [Exit Thread] OCC: ------------------------------------ SO#6 [Expert of the East (2): [Sibylle Opie Exclusive] - Defeat 2 Hollows on the Eastern outskirts of Karakura. (Minimum 2,000 WC) [Expires: 04/01/2022][ACHIEVED]
  6. Rukongai District 20 The Thursday air was calm as the busy streets of Rukongai's 20th District moved about their day. There are several clouds in the clear blue sky with the sky at its highest point. Noise fills the air with civilians unsuspecting of what was about to happen. Through the alleyways and side streets of the district several cloaked figures start to block off the flow of traffic roughing up civilians that try to pass them or enter into the main road ways. Up above the area as a commotion started to stir below five figures appeared moment. They linger for a few seconds before four larger ones bolt in the direction of Seireitei. The smallest figure flash-steps down below exploding into the street below sending several civilians flying into the nearby buildings. As the smoke and dust clears a small toad humanoid male with red wart covered skin, yellow eyes, and lean frame wearing loose clothing stands up. Stepping to the side he starts to summon the moisture in the area to his body blasting the first shinigami on patrol in the face. Spinning around the next shinigami rushing forward is met with a spinning kick to the face before being sat upon. [WC: 202] ------------------------------ OOC: Event battle Sylvia Barlowe vs Belch Gama [Rash]
  7. Arriving to the lobby of Noir early Sibylle Opie chatted up her cousin's wife Ayumi Kinoshita as she waited for the Noir Research and Development Lead Akira Kisaragi to come and get her for their field trip. The usual conversation about how Yusei Kinoshita was busy with overseas transactions and customers has been keeping him away from her and how their married life was going were the topics that Ayumi always steered towards. The teenager did not really care all that much for the personal life happenings or business transactions of her cousin, though she was sure there was interest to be had by someone of some kind. She did not really march towards the family or company line more than what interested her in the given moment. What did interest her at this moment was getting to see the Quincy Headquarters where the Traditionalist Masters operated out of nightly. The middle aged adult man with chaotic black hair, a goatee, pale like skin wearing a suit underneath the breastplate, a set of bracelets, and a headband that sat under his Hohe Sicht goggles approached them from the elevator with several files in hand. "Decided to change your tattered suit for a clean set and shaved?" Ayumi inquired with a hum of interest towards the lead. "Yes, yes," Akira replied hastily in her direction handing over a suitcase to Sibylle to carry, "Not every day the Masters agree to a impromptu visit. So I decided to look my best." "Sure it is not to impress someone else?" Ayumi pressed the drama or gossip lines even towards the leads. Something that the white haired teenager found interesting as the receptionist was of way lower rank. She had to assume this was either because of her personality or the fact she was married to the CEO. Or both. "You and I both know I do not have time for such things," Akira lamented as he kept things professional while turning to look at Sibylle, "There is a Quincy in need of training and guidance. That is where my focus is currently." "Still have to make time for yourself Kisaragi," Ayumi pouted in an annoying older sister kind of way. "Yeah, I making time during my next vacation," he replied as he motioned for the teenager to follow him towards a far set of doors past the elevators. Sibylle hurriedly gave a quick bow to Ayumi who was calling out to Akira about how he had not taken a vacation in years. This made the young woman laugh a little as she could tell that her boss was annoyed by the whole situation, this meant there was probably someone there that he had history with in some form. "That woman will talk your ear off if you let her," Akira mutters as he swipes his badge to open the doors to a open garage area where several vehicles are parked. There was a couple cars, several bikes, and at the back one tank. "Whoa, quite a selection you have here," Sibylle stated with amusement in her voice for what felt like the first time in a while. They made their way down the stairs past the bikes first heading towards the sleek looking cars. "Noir has their hands in a lot of technological markets. A lot of patens on future technology that could change the game for many people. The motorcycles are called Biene or Bees built for speed and quick dispatching. Something we hope to get the clearance on for at least the masters here soon, the batteries are made from a very unstable source of power. However if we can lock that in, could be the very next thing that will help the Quincy Traditionalists in the war with Hollows," Akira explained as they walked over so that he could place his hands on one of the bikes that looks similar to a Aprilia Tuono V4 to activate a few lights and pressing a few buttons is able to show her all of the storage compartments for Gintō and Seele Schneiders. "The Tragen or Bears, are the armored trucks built for mass deployment and resource movement," Akira explained as he closes all of the compartments and turns the bike back off, "Like the Biene, the whole system has plenty of storage and is set to be powered off the new type of battery we are trying to create. Unfortunately neither of them are in permanent working order yet and as such cannot be put into the field yet. The risk is too high." "That is unfortunate," Sibylle said with a level of disappointment in her voice as she looked back towards the tank. "The Hornkäfer Panzer or Horn Beetle Tank was a gift from the government," Akira stated as they walked past the set of H2 Hummer looking vehicles to look at the repurposed Arjun looking tank, "This was a wrecked piece of technology that the CEO bought after a hollow destroyed a section of a base. Unable to identify how or why it happened, Kinoshita reached a deal and contract with the government to get possession of the tank for studying. We obviously knew what had happened to it, but gave us access to a tank. The farthest thing from completion, but it is a pet project of the CEO to get that running one day to deal with swarms of Gillians." "Come this way," Akira pulled the distracted teenager away from the tank towards another set of stairs that led downward into the actual garage where everyone parked their cars. Using his badge once again to get into the garage proper he waited to close the door behind them before unlocking his own van so that he and Sibylle could depart. "This is quite the downgrade after seeing all of those," Sibylle commented as she got into the passenger seat and put her seat belt on after closing the door. "What can I say? I stay within my budget," Akira replied getting in and taking off from the parking spot towards the exit and out on the main road. About an hour later they arrived to a large rectangular building within downtown Karakura Town. There were no identifying symbols or corporate insignias to draw the distinction that this was the right location, in fact Sibylle would have driven right by it had Akira not driven right up to the gate. They were let into an enclosed parking area after getting directions into the main building and where to go once we get inside. Akira parked the car and led the way into the average looking building that opened up into what appeared to be a former sports arena of a high school. Waiting inside were a group of people that looked familiar and some that she did not recognize. Agatha Zimmermann was the short elderly woman with ghostly pale white skin, long gray hair pulled back into a bun wearing white uniform with blue trim and a wooden cane. Near her was Sibylle's roommate Frieda Thoumeaux, an adult woman with cream skin, red eyes, messy blond hair wearing the standard Quincy white uniform. To Frieda's left was her master Lukas Jaeger, a middle aged man with light brown skin, short jet black hair wearing the standard Quincy white uniform. There was a host of other Quincies wearing similar outfits that were noticeably less decorated behind them moving around heading down into the seating areas. "Lead Kisaragi and Expert of the East Opie welcome to our headquarters," Agatha greeted the two of them as she pulled away from the conversation with the two masters to walk over to them. Her cane clicked down before each step with an hollowed echo as both masters give a wave to the newcomers. "Grandmaster Zimmermann, thank you for the gracious invitation and opportunity to come here," Akira returned the greeting with a bow, which Sibylle followed his lead on. "Yes, yes. I trust that you have the full reports and brought the prototypes?" Agatha inquired as she eyed the teenager up and down. "Correct, we have brought the Gebildet suit and Hohe Sicht goggles," he points to the case that Sibylle had been lugging around then to the goggles on his head. Pulling them off he hands the goggles over to Agatha to which she looks them over then nonchalantly tosses them in Frieda's direction. This draws a panicked lift of Akira's hand until Frieda snags the goggles from the air with ease. "Lead Kisaragi join Masters Jaeger and Thoumeaux in the suite to watch the match. I will take Sibylle with me to properly introduce her to Master Schmidt and Wagner," Agatha directed the three older members of the conversation as she waved for the white haired teenager to follow her, "First we have to stop so you can change into that prototype suit." They make their way into a back area then into the women's locker room where Sibylle can get changed into the Formed Suit. "How has your recovery and training been going? You did not seem particularly amused when I stopped by yesterday," Agatha asks from around the corner loud enough for the teenager to hear as she pulled the suit from the suitcase. "Slower than I want, but I was able to get a better understanding of how Gintō can be used differently. So at least it is not boring working with Lead Kisaragi," Sibylle replied as she pulled the baggy suit up and over turning so she could zip it up in the back. Walking around she is greeted with a puzzled expression from the elderly woman. "Figured you wanted to see how the suit worked," Sibylle explained as she activated her reishi enough to cause the suit to snap into a form fit snug to her body. "Well, that is different," Agatha whistled as she walked around the teenager while Sibylle put the Gintō capsules into the hardened storage holders built into the suit. "Ah, okay. So the suit has a built in system to gather reiryoku after being activated by reishi," Agatha states correctly as she investigates and watches the vials starting to fill up, "That could very useful or very dangerous depending how strong those hardened holders are. Weakness to be tested I am sure. How does it feel to wear?" "The first week or so it was not very comfortable, but after that I actually found myself becoming more comfortable and got used to the freedom of movement it provided," Sibylle replied as she tapped her right foot on the ground to show that even the foot holds turned into hardened shoes, "Not sure how much force they can handle, but I have taken a few arrows and blasts in training. This is not field tested at all, so I am curious what kind of resistance this will provide." "You and everyone else dear," Agatha replied as she gave the teenager a nod, "This way. We have a lot of people waiting to see what the Prodigy of the Opie's is all about. Maybe, I will get to learn something new about you today." With that the older woman led Sibylle out into the gymnasium where two people were standing across from one another with all the seats in the arena filled. "Master Schmidt and Wagner," Agatha greeted both of them as she reached about twenty feet away from them with the teenager to her right, "This is Sibylle Opie. Please introduce yourselves." The six foot eight inch tall muscular man with tanned skin, short blonde hair, and blue eyes wearing a military white suit and hat stepped towards her with a dramatic bow as he spoke, "My name is Fynn Wagner, the Master of the West. It is a pleasure to properly meet you and I would like to apologize once again for being slow to reaching you." "Hello, it really is not...." Sibylle barely gets out before the murmur grew into a fervor of chants. This caused Sibylle to be a little confused, but the short adult woman with smooth lightly tanned skin, red hair cut into a bob, orange cat-like eyes wearing the standard Quincy white uniform was standing next to Fynn. "Quit being so dramatic Wagner-Sama," the drastically shorter person stated as she punched him in the left arm causing him to react with a flinch as if that hit hurt, "Name is Ingrid Schmidt, Master of the North. I can see why Jaeger-sama wanted you all to himself. Hopefully you do not lose that pretty face today." "What is that supposed to mean?" Sibylle replied to the half formal half informal speech that the youngest looking Master spoke with. "Oh, you will find out soon enough Snow White," Ingrid replied with a flick of her wrist before grabbing Fynn by the ear and dragging him away from the teenager to scold him. Agatha took this opportunity to walk to the center of the arena floor as she struck the bottom of the cane down on the floor to create a echoing effect that drowned out all the cheering and chanting. "Today is an opportunity to see the future of Quincy combat and technology. Everyone here is aware of what Master Schmidt and Wagner bring to the organization. This is the Expert of the East, Sibylle Opie. She is also a representative of the Noir Research and Development team that will be displaying the capabilities of what the Gebildet Suit is capable of. Do remember everyone that she has the most extensive training and understanding with this formed suit. Depending how today's test run goes, the prototype could be moved into production faster or delayed. No pressure." The last part was directed over to the teenager as the old woman smiled before turning back to the two masters to say, "Remember to show some restraint." Fynn Wagner gave a firm nod of acknowledgement while Ingrid Schmidt stuck out her tongue at Agatha. "I shall go first," Fynn stepped up to announce his intentions after Agatha made her way to the sidelines where a bench was so she could sit down and watch. "Okay," Sibylle replied as they moved in a circling pattern to keep the twenty foot distance from one another. "I shall use my full regular strength first to test the durability of the suit. I suggest if you have any doubts to prepare whatever defenses you might have," Fynn states as his expression changes to a more serious tone as he steps towards the teenager then in the blink he was punching into her stomach launching her backwards sliding across the ground. What the Hell was that? she thought to herself as she spit up some blood as she rolls to her side then jumps up. She could not track that movement or punch at all. The punch itself was already creating a bruise on her lower stomach. She could not activate her Blut Vene fast enough to counteract the bunch. "Interesting, the suit itself is not a measure of protection but rather a regulatory system for reiryoku. It relies on the wearer to be able to control their own reishi and works in concert with your Blut ability. Durability is able to withstand an average adjuchas brute strike without damaging of the suit," Fynn stated aloud through the cheers and shouting that erupted after his punch landed, "Need to work on your timing and speed of acting your Blut Vene. I gave you a warning and you were still too slow. This next one will probably hurt as I will be using my Schrift - M for Might." The man then tears open his shirt as an M forms on the right side of his chest as the pressure in the area changes as he slowly walks over to her stating, "I will use ten percent of my strength. This is roughly on par with a Vasto Lorde or Espada." The next moment the man was below her lifting her up by her stomach with an uppercut that explodes with a wind burst from the sheer force. Thinking quickly Sibylle dashes to the side with a Hirenkyaku flash-step so that she would not collide with the ceiling. How the Hell was that only TEN PERCENT? This man is a monster, she thought to herself as that much was easily twice the previous punch he had landed. "Still standing? Well met Opie-Chan," Fynn expressed with a hint of enthusiasm as he nodded a few times, "Not many can withstand that level of a bunch. Though something tells me you are putting on a brave face for your boss, master, and the crowd. Crying out in pain is not a show of weakness." "Cut the crap Wagner-Sama, everyone knows you only used two percent of your power," Ingrid called out to Fynn in an antagonistic way as she had already drawn a Heilig Bogen in the form of a shortbow, "Klavier." The short red haired woman fires a multitude of Heilig Pfeil arrows with one hand at a rapid speed. This was the Piano technique that she was familiar with, however for some reason the holy arrows were lingering in the suit and in her body. The pain was welling up and she could not just sit around and keep taking punches. She nor the suit were going to last long if she just stood around taking a beating so she would move around using Hirenkyaku flash-steps. "Oh you think moving around will help? I like a moving target. Licht Regen," Ingrid calls out now above Sibylle as she gathers a large amount of Reiryoku at her left shoulder. Then the Rain of Light fires down in a volley of arrows upon Sibylle unable to avoid getting pierced by several of the arrows. Each one of these arrows packed so much of a punch that she could feel the blood from the wounds and burning from the arrows lingering around. She moved to pulled them out, but the burning sensation was still there. Most of her arrows dissolved after they stuck into the hollows she hit, but the woman was able to keep the arrows in longer somehow. "You seem to be confused by something," Ingrid mocks Sibylle as she appears to the teenagers left, "Reissen or Rend? Have you not learned this ability yet? Allows my arrows to stay lodged in my prey for a time even after the arrow is removed. The fun trick is that I can can forcibly recall that energy." With that Ingrid closed her left hand into a fist drawing all the lingering reiryoku out of Sibylle tearing at her wounds causing the burning sensation to return once again for a moment. "Subjugate, Ersticken!" Sibylle commanded as she tossed two Gintō to ensnare Ingrid with two ropes of Reiryoku that solidify into metal. "Really? Are you stupid?" Ingrid inquires frustrated in the teenager's direction she turns her head to see her arching a slash with her sabre to create a Licht Regen volley of arrows raining down. "Is this the best you have? These barely tickle, no wonder everyone had to rush to save you," Ingrid mocked as she remained locked with the metal and the arrows stuck into her body. "Reissen," Sibylle stated as she drew the reiryoku from the logged arrows to pull back out from the smaller woman grimacing in some discomfort, "I know that hurt." "So you are a quick learner," Ingrid laughed as an ominous intensity started to seep from her body forming a P on her left cheek as orange flames started encase her arms melting the metalized reiryoku that was binding her. "My Schrift is P for Phoenix. Let us see if you can handle the fire," Ingrid called out as she flash-stepped to the right side of Sibylle this time as the fire shifted from her arms to her face in the form of a bird like face, "Phoenix's Breath!" With that command a flamethrower-like wave of fire aiming to engulfed the teenager. "Oh seed of flood, spread! Regentropfen!" Sibylle called out as she threw a Gintō that released Reiryoku that turned into a blast of water that clashed with the intense flames. This did not completely counteract the Phoenix Breath as it was still overpowering her, however she was able to deal with the remaining heat as it was not the full force sent in her direction. "Pour, waters of this sacred chalice and drink thy fill, Taufe," Sybille states as she pulls one of the Gintō to pour over some of her wounds. "Impressive. The suit is able to handle some of lower level flames and Good to see Kisaragi-sama has not lost his touch. Wonder how much this suit can actually withstand... let us find out!" Ingrid calls out menacingly as she starts to gather fire in front of her once again in the form of a bird's head. [WC: 3,497/3,150 (Genius 10% WC Requirement Reduction)][Learned Heilig Pfeil: Reissen]
  8. The gentleman escorting Zaius and the young soul was using a Senkaimon to travel to the Seireitei and get the brave youngster enrolled in the Spiritual Arts Academy. The Shoji opened, along with another behind it and that released two black butterflies as the stranger and the youthful adolescent emerged from the Senkaimon. The man and Zaius were still quite a ways from the academy, though still in the middle of the Seireitei. The young soul was awestruck at the towering buildings, including the incredible piece of architecture that housed his destination. It was not just the skyscraper-like stone monstrosities, it was rustic, yet the lavish design of the residences within; the audacious youngster pondered how much he would love to live in a home like this. After the dilapidated hovel, the youthful adolescent had called home for so long, this would certainly be a substantial upgrade. The walls were extremely impressive as well; they were made of a very smooth stone and surrounded most of the important buildings as well as the Seireitei itself. The gentleman accompanying Zaius to the Academy could see the young soul's reaction and easily deduce that the valiant youngster had never set foot in the Seireitei until this day. "So, what do you think of the Seireitei, young Zaius?" the stranger questioned. The youthful adolescent faced the man and countered, "It is a truly amazing architectural wonder. I cannot wait to see the Academy itself." The gentleman smiled and retorted, "Indeed. Well, I am sure you are eager to arrive at the Academy and get things going. With that in mind, what say you to pick up the pace a little bit?" Zaius grinned and with hubris just dripping from his lips, responded, "Absolutely; try not to fall too far behind though." The young soul assumed that due to the strangers' large frame and stout features, a race of some kind would give him the advantage in the contest. The man chuckled and took his starting position as if the simple walk to the Academy had now become a race. The gentleman elevated his left arm and stuck his hand high into the sky, holding up all five of his fingers. The stranger then began curling his fingers into a fist, one by one as he was initiating a countdown for him and the fearless youngster's friendly contest. When the man's final finger began to curl, the youthful adolescent started sprinting as if he had been shot out of a cannon. The gentleman laughed heartily and waited for a few seconds. After a few more moments, the stranger took off towards Zaius, kicking up a cyclone of dust in his wake. The young soul was traveling at a tremendous pace, or at least he thought he was. The adventurous youngster gazed behind him as he rocketed forward and saw nothing but his dust in the wake. Feeling confident that he was far enough ahead of his opponent, the youthful adolescent slowed his pace in half and then started jogging in reverse. However, before he knew it, Zaius was being passed by a blur. With a way still yet to travel before the pair reached the gates of the Academy, the young soul blasted forward with exceptional celerity. By the time the confident youngster reached the gates of the academy, his escort was awaiting his arrival, and judging by the expression on his face, he had been waiting for the youthful adolescent for quite some time. "Ah young Zaius, there you are. I tried not to fall too far behind...though it would seem that I got here first somehow," the stated with a hint of sarcasm in his voice. "Yeah, alright. You don't need to rub it in," Zaius angrily replied. The gentleman was beaming as he heard the young soul's reply, which prompted his response, "You certainly take even the smallest of competitions seriously, don't you? I foresee great things in your future, young Zaius; you certainly have the right attitude to be successful. At any rate, let us go and get you situated." The adventurous youngster nodded and followed the stranger as he opened the gates and walked inside towards the academy's entrance. The youthful adolescent made his way inside the structure, finding a long table with several instructors sitting behind it. Zaius and his escort approached the table at the far left end as the woman in that position addressed the pair, "Good day to you, gentlemen. What can I do for you today?" The young soul stepped up to the table. "My name is Zaius Koji. I have come to enroll in the academy," the valiant youngster proclaimed. The woman would then reach behind her, grabbing some files from a large box. "Zaius Koji, we have been anticipating your arrival; we were told that you would likely come in being escorted by another of our students. Might I inquire as to Enaza Kanore's whereabouts?" the female instructor inquired. The youthful adolescent sighed heavily. Without knowing what had become of his brother, Zaius was somewhat unsure of how to answer. "I am unsure of just how long he will be, but Enaza is on his way," the young soul unassuredly declared. "I see..." the young lady stated, before pausing momentarily to write down some information before continuing, "Are you prepared for your entrance exam, Zaius Koji?" The reckless youngster nodded in response. "Very well. If you would, please stand over there with the other students preparing to take the exam," the woman added, pointing to the large group of students standing in another line against the wall to the west side of the building. The youthful adolescent did not have the greatest respect for authority, so he simply scoffed at the female instructor and went on his way. Even more than authority, Zaius could not stand being in large groups or being around others in general, for the most part. Perhaps it was the young soul's upbringing, the fact that he never truly had a real friend, or maybe the years he spent in captivity played a role in his distrust for others; the likely scenario was a combination amongst all three points. The brave youngster made his way over to the potentials taking the exam and stood at the rear of the line. The youthful adolescent stood silently in his place, hoping that no one around him would feel the need to make small talk whilst they awaited the proctors to start the examination. Zaius looked around at a few of his peers, who were themselves gazing around the room. The young soul was eager to start the learning process, for if his time at Umekuda's complex taught him anything...it was that he had a lot to learn. The gallant youngster was not an expert at detecting Reiatsu, though he was getting better at it with practice; this skill was certainly sharpened with his brother's assistance. However, in this particular situation, one where so many different spiritual pressures in the same small area...is one where the youthful adolescent was having a hard time. It would be nice to know which of these potentials was going to pose the biggest threat. While some may have not seen joining the ranks of the Shinigami as a competition, Zaius was capable of turning any task that involved more than just himself into something where he could find himself competing. The young soul could not venture out of his current position at the moment, though he would try and extract some information from the other potentials when he was able. After some time had passed, a few more potentials found themselves in the exam line with the fearless youngster and the rest. The youthful adolescent then noticed a line of instructors walking out with these large, shiny spheres that were about the size of a basketball; the proctors then began to spread, handing out one of these orbs to everyone in the exam line. Once that had been done, one of the instructors walked to the front of the room and began to address everyone, "Greetings to you all. For those potentials who are participating in the entrance examination, you were given an orb. What to do with them is simple; you are to channel your full Reiatsu into these spheres. They have been specially constructed to be able to support the pressure and force your spiritual pressure's have the potential to create. Your current level of Reiatsu is how we will determine what class you are placed into. We will start at the front of the line and work our way towards the back." The proctor then began to administer what Zaius thought to be the first part of the exam. It would be a minute before they reached the rear of the line, so the young soul patiently waited. The foolhardy youngster noticed that upon completion of the task, potentials were being told whether or not they passed and what class they would be placed into. "Is this all there is to the exam? Simply measuring our spiritual pressure? Well, then this should be no problem at all," the youthful adolescent thought to himself. By the time he was done pondering, the instructors had worked their way to the back of the line, where Zaius was standing. The proctor turned to the young soul and spoke, "Alright young man. If you would, channel your Reiatsu into the orb...as much as you can; you may begin when ready." The strong youngster nodded. "Alright, time to put everything Enaza taught me about controlling my Reiatsu to good use," the youthful adolescent silently pondered. Zaius clutched his orb with both hands, closed his eyes, bowed his head, and began to focus intensely. The young soul proceeded to pour his spiritual pressure into the sphere, as he was instructed to do. Before too long, the brazen youngster had completed his task...or at least, he thought he had. However, when the audacious youngster handed his orb over, the proctor conducting the examination called over a couple of the other instructors who were still standing in the line of academy staff that had come out when the exam started and they have begun speaking about the youthful adolescent's sphere and pointing at it periodically. It seemed they were done speaking, as the instructors moved back into their line apart from the one conducting the examination. "Zaius Koji, you have passed. You will be in Class One, which is the highest class you can be placed into. You possess spiritual pressure at a Captain's level, so I am not sure what you are doing here..." the instructor stated before he was abruptly cut off by the youthful adolescent, "Despite how strong I may seem, there is much about the basics that I still need to learn. When I earn something, I want to know that I worked for it." The proctor slowly nodded his head in agreeance with Zaius. "That is a very admirable quality, Zaius Koji; it is certainly one that I wish was more common amongst the Shinigami hopefuls that are in your age bracket..." the proctor declared, before looking the young soul over and inquiring, "What is your age if you do not mind me asking?" The gallant youngster grinned slightly and retorted, "I believe I just turned sixteen this year, though I am not completely sure about that." The instructor had a look of confusion and shock on his face when he heard the youthful adolescent's response, though he decided not to pry, "Well, for someone your age, you are certainly one of the more talented students in attendance; I cannot wait to see what your future holds, Zaius Koji," the proctor proudly proclaimed. The teacher then went over to the area where sign-ups had taken place and took possession of a clipboard positioned at the left foot of the table. He then returned to where Zaius was standing to address the young soul, "At any rate, the exam has concluded. Feel free to pick up your weekly itinerary in the morning before heading to your classes. Until tomorrow morning, you are more than welcome to tour the academy grounds, classroom areas, dormitories, and training areas. You may also relax in your room, try to get to know some of the other potentials...it is truly up to you how you wish to spend your time here at the academy, outside of attending your daily classes, which is mandatory of course. I believe that is everything..." The proctor paused momentarily as he was trying to think of anything he could be forgetting to tell the valiant youngster as he rifled through the pages on his clipboard, "Oh, how silly of me for nearly forgetting to give you the most important piece of information. You have been placed in dormitory 2C in the first residential building; there are ten residential buildings, each with three floors, and every dormitory on each floor is marked with a letter designation...which is 'A' through 'Z'. Your dwelling will be on the second floor of RB1 and you simply look for the letter C, which will be your room. As of this moment, I do believe you are occupying the room alone. However, this could change at any time. Your asauchi will be delivered to you at some point this afternoon; it could very well already be waiting for you when you arrive...I believe that is all you need unless you have any questions for me?" The youthful adolescent shook his head. "Very well then. You may pick up your itinerary here in the main hall anytime before your first class is scheduled...which is at seven o'clock AM, bright and early. Itineraries may be retrieved anytime after five o'clock AM. Until then, the rest of the day and evening is yours, Zaius Koji. Have a pleasant evening, young man," the instructor announced, just before walking off to go about his business. This was a feeling that Zaius was not used to; after spending the last four-plus years in captivity, the young soul had completely forgotten what true freedom felt like and had never attended school as a child or as an adolescent, the Shino Academy was going to be an entirely new experience for the heroic youngster. Moreover, never having developed social skills that one would usually learn when attending school could pose a problem for the youthful adolescent down the line. Being able to work well with others was certainly not a pre-requisite for joining one of the Thirteen Court Guard Squads. However, Zaius' goal was to eventually Captain one of these squads...so he would need to learn to get over his deep distrust for anyone other than himself or his brother eventually. As for what to do with the rest of his day, the young soul first needed to find where he would be staying. The academy was certainly a big place and getting lost would not be very hard for someone who did not know their way around. The perceptive youngster had plenty of time to wander the campus and if he did get lost, he would certainly find his way at some point. With that in mind, the youthful adolescent proceeded out of the main hall's front entrance, right back out the way he came in. Now standing in the courtyard, Zaius could see buildings everywhere. Yet, he had no idea where he was supposed to go. The young soul pondered the situation for a minute and came up with a plan; not only that, but it was the foolhardy youngster's favorite type of plan: one where he wouldn't have to talk to anyone. There were more than enough students wandering around the academy grounds at this particular point in time; the youthful adolescent's plan should at least get him close to the dormitory building his particular room was in, if nothing else. "Now, I just have to start following another student or a group of them and hope they are heading towards the dormitories; that's as good of a plan as Zaius noiselessly uttered. Putting the plan into action was certainly tougher than thinking it up. The last thing the young soul wanted was for someone to think he was stalking them and have a problem arise. The strong youngster waited around for a few minutes, acting like he was looking around and admiring the architecture. The youthful adolescent would then hear a group of approaching girls discussing which dormitory they were in and who amongst them were possibly in the same room, floor or building. It stood to reason that the young ladies were going to the same place, so Zaius decided to follow the group as casually as possible. The young soul kept his distance, enough so that he was unable to hear what the group was talking about. However, the girls kept looking back at the audacious youngster and giggling before turning back around. Eventually, it appeared that the youthful adolescent's decision to follow the young ladies paid off, for they were now within shouting distance of the dormitories; all of the residential buildings seemed to have temporary signs over them, likely for the new students who do not know their way around as of yet. Just as Zaius and the group were about to reach the gates to the dormitories, the girls stopped and turned towards the young soul. The Galant youngster was attempting not to look directly at the young ladies, so he was slow to notice that they were no longer on the move. By the time he looked in front of him, he was nearly faced to face with one of the group. "...Oh...uh...I'm...um..." the youthful adolescent stuttered as he tried to compose himself after nearly being startled into falling. The young lady that Zaius nearly collided with covered her mouth with her hand to try and hide her snickering. However, the girl did extend her hand towards the young soul as she introduced herself, "Hi. My name is Marra, Marra Lyoto. You're new here aren't you?" The brave youngster reached out to reciprocate the young lady's handshake as he tried to retort, "I, uh...am, Ummm...hi." Marra chuckled again as the youthful adolescent continued shaking the girl's hand. The handshake had come to an end, though the pair's hands remained in contact. "Excuse me...could I have my hand back, please?" the young lady calmly requested. Suddenly, Zaius snapped out of whatever trance he had momentarily been in and addressed Marra, "Oh my, I am so sorry. I didn't mean...I mean..." the young soul paused and took a deep breath before proceeding, "Zaius Koji. Sorry again. Um, bye." The heroic youngster darted off and frantically began searching for his dormitory building. One of the other girls in the group began speaking with Marra as the youthful adolescent sped away, "Well, that went well." Lyoto smirked as she nonchalantly walked away towards her dormitory building. "You're right...he is cute though!" Marra's friend shouted before she also made her way towards the dormitory buildings. Zaius found his building through a good deal of chaotic looking, but once inside he dropped to his knees and repeatedly gasped for breath desperately. "That was so smooth. You might as well have come right out and told her that you had a hollow spirit inside of you; that just might have worked out better than running from the girl like she had a contagious deadly disease," Nhirkos voice stated with a chuckle. "Very fucking funny, asshole. I could be wrong, but I don't recall asking you a god damn thing," the young soul angrily replied. "That's the wonderful thing about being trapped in this damn prison you call a mind. I have to hear everything you say; I do not consider it a privilege, believe me," the monster's voice countered. The Galant youngster scoffed and hopped back to his feet. Now that he was in the correct building, it was just a matter of finding the proper room. "I am in 2C, so that has to be here on the first floor," the youthful adolescent quietly pondered. Zaius found room A, then room B, and finally room C, his room. The young soul stepped into the doorway of his new abode, with nothing more than the clothes upon his back. There was enough room for four individuals to share the room, as there were two sets of bunk beds, one on either side of the room. The valiant youngster felt very fortunate that he was flying solo in his room, at least for the time being. The youthful adolescent went to the bunk beds on the east side of the room and sat down on the bottom bunk; Zaius had never been a top bunk kind of person and he was not about to start now. The young soul spent the better part of the next hour in his room relaxing and thinking about his itinerary; during that time, a messenger delivered the audacious youngster's asauchi to him, wrapped in brown parchment paper. The youthful adolescent truly did not like weapons or having to use a weapon. However, he was aware that he would need his asauchi to communicate with his Zanpakuto, whenever that time would arrive. There was nothing wrong with the blade. The hilt was stainless steel with brown rubber grips on either side and also wrapped in thick yellow string. The tsuba was very basic, looking very much like a lowercase 't'. The blade was acid edged on both sides for more versatility and was also basic stainless steel in color. Zaius spent a little while practicing with his new blade in his room before eventually deciding to turn it in for the evening. The young soul had a big day ahead of him and he had not had a decent night of rest since arriving at Umekuda's compound. With that in mind, he decided to take advantage of an early evening and get plenty of rest so that the reckless youngster would be raring to go for his first class in the morning. As the youthful adolescent slept, he began slipping into a dream state. In Zaius' dream, he stood in the middle of a large arena that was jam-packed with spectators. The young soul's arms and legs were chained to the floor and a thick chain that ran to a ceiling beam was wrapped around his neck. The foolhardy youngster was incapacitated, unable to move in the slightest of ways. Suddenly, the muffled voice of an announcer played in the arena; the youthful adolescent could not make out what was being said, though the words seemed to precede the entrance of this particular nightmare's villains. Haragita was the first to make his way out, followed by Umekuda, and last but not least, Nhirkos was the final character to make his presence known. In this dream, each of Zaius' opponents took turns beating on, stabbing, burning, blasting, slashing, and altogether maiming him. As it was at Umekuda's compound, there was nothing that the young soul could do to defend himself. In this dream, however, the damage being done to the brave youngster was not cumulative; the youthful adolescent was feeling the pain from what was being done to him, but there was no damage being done to his body. All three villains worked as a trio, giving Zaius the worst beating he had ever received. The main theme of this nightmare seemed to be Haragita and Umekuda helping Nhirkos take over Zaius' body and the three of them reigning supreme over the world of the living, the soul society, and Hueco Mundo as well. This nightmare had gone from a one-time occurrence to now turning into a reoccurring dream that the young soul would experience at least a couple of times a week. While on the surface, it seemed the audacious youngster was dealing with his time in captivity in stride...inside, the youthful adolescent was still learning to accept what happened to him and attempting to learn how to process his feelings on the entire period. At any rate, this night happened to be one where once again, Zaius would experience his re-occurring nightmare. During his sleep, as he was dreaming, the young soul was moaning, screaming, and thrashing all about his bed. A large group of students had gathered outside of the valiant youngster's room, though none dared to go in and attempt rousing him from his slumber. Eventually, the youthful adolescent rolled off of his be and crashed onto the floor below, waking himself up nearly instantaneously in the process. Drenched in sweat and surrounded by his peers, Zaius breathed laboriously as his lungs endeavored to catch up with the rest of his body. The young soul gazed around at the prying eyes fixated upon him. "Show's over...NOW GET THE HELL AWAY FROM MY ROOM!!" the furious youngster bellowed for all to hear. The students proceeded to scatter like cockroaches as they began making their way back to their rooms and getting on with their days. Ever since he was a small child, the youthful adolescent always could wake up from a deep sleep and0 be completely awake within just a few minutes. Zaius retrieved his cell phone from the small end table next to his bed and checked the time, which happened to be Five Twenty Seven AM. "While I am up, I might as well go ahead and get my itinerary," the young soul noiselessly thought to himself. The daring youngster got dressed in his uniform and made his way down to the main hall so that he would be able to grab his schedule, which he did. The youthful adolescent still had a couple of hours before classes were to begin for the day and Zaius' first scheduled class was to be Hoho or the art of movement. Once he had collected his itinerary, the young soul decided to get a little more sleep before he headed off to his Hoho class. Once arriving back at his room, the audacious youngster laid his head down and was knocked out within ten minutes. The first classes of the day were approaching as the youthful adolescent picked his head up off of his pillow and swiftly hopped out of bed. Looking over his itinerary, the class was scheduled for eight o'clock AM; a quick check of the time revealed that Zaius still had forty-five minutes until he needed to be in the classroom. With that in mind, the young soul began doing some jumping jacks. After about fifteen minutes the brave youngster began stretching his lower extremities in preparation for the walking, jogging, and/or running he was sure to be involved in. Following his warm-up, the youthful adolescent still had some time remaining before class began, so he decided to make his way towards the classroom and wait inside until it was time to get started. There were two buildings for classroom study and Zaius' initial Hoho class was in the first of those two buildings. Finding his destination this time was not a problem at all. The young soul simply followed the droves of students who were making their way to a classroom as well and as most of them were funneling into one of two structures, it was simply a fifty-fifty shot as to which building the Galant youngster needed to be in. Once inside the building, the youthful adolescent could see signs indicating which classrooms were housing which classes and arrows showing which direction students needed to go to find these classrooms. It would seem that Zaius had chosen the correct building, for he could see a sign that was pointing him in the direction of the Beginner's Hoho class. The young soul followed the arrows down the corridor and found his destination at the end of the main hallway on the left-hand side of the first floor. The valiant youngster peeked inside the room, which was empty at this point. The youthful adolescent assumed that more students would continue to arrive as it got closer to the scheduled start time. Until it was time to get started, Zaius would simply sit and wait for the rest of the class to show up. With that in mind, the young soul found a desk not too far back yet not too close to the front and took a seat while he patiently waited for class to commence. The heroic youngster watched as potential shinigami filed into the classroom; some arrived on their own, while others traveled in groups. The youthful adolescent studied each student as they entered the room, which was made more difficult seeing as how some were showing up in their cliques and with their new acquaintances. Zaius pondered every minut detail of every student's life as they passed before his sight. The young soul wondered about his peers' journeys, for everyone had their path in life in which they had to walk. He thought about the means which one might use to deal with their particular dilemmas as opposed to how the confident youngster handled his. The youthful adolescent was constantly comparing others to himself, creating even the smallest of competitions in his mind helped him in battle and he believed it would help him in the classroom as well, though only time would tell. Zaius continued to watch and analyze as students proceeded to fill the classroom; the auditorium was filling up quickly, for the number of remaining empty seats progressively got smaller and smaller. It was at this point that something happened that the young soul did not expect. Entering the room with the same two other young women she was accompanied by during their first meeting, was Marra Lyoto. The adventurous youngster's heart began racing and his hands started to become rather clammy. The youthful adolescent would slink down in his chair, hoping to avoid making eye contact with the young lady. However, Marra spotted Zaius amongst the crowd and beamed brightly at the young soul, causing him to blush. The audacious youngster did not know what these feelings were that would manifest themselves whenever he caught a glimpse of this beautiful young woman, though he did not seem to mind feeling this way. The young ladies took their seats just as an adult female walked into the room holding a clipboard with several notes and documents attached; the youthful adolescent concluded that this woman must be the instructor. She walked up to a large desk at the front of the room and set her belongings down upon it. The woman walked back and forth in front of the entire class, looking into the crowd of students and analyzing them; it truly looked as if she was individually assessing every single pupil in the room and making her pre-determined judgments. The young lady had the undivided attention of everyone in the room. After fifteen minutes had passed, Zaius knew that the instructor would have to speak at some point, though he was starting to wonder. "THIS...is the most important class any of you will participate in during your time here," the instructor fervidly declared, as she continued deliberately pacing before the room. One of the younger students started laughing when he heard this. "Might I ask what you thought was so funny, young man?" the teacher inquired. The pupil did not expect to be called out for his laughter, for he struggled to find his words for a moment. "Well...um...I would, um...just say that maybe learning how to use your sword would be the most important thing we learn," the young pupil indecisively stated. The teacher slowly nodded as she proceeded to pace once more while countering the student's statement, "I see the line of thinking that lead you to make that statement. I must ask you though, what good will knowing how to use your asauchi do if you do not know how to move while you're wielding it? Do you intend to stand in one spot and hope that you can block ALL of your enemy's attacks and somehow strike them from that same spot? Do you feel that parrying is not a useful battle tactic? Do you intend to attempt using Shunpo without any training or practice? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you will surely die before it is your time." Suddenly, everyone in the room who wasn't already paying attention was now hanging on the instructor's every word. "This is your introductory course in Hohō, which is the art of fast movement in battle. My name is Nomura Otsu and I will be your instructor. I bid you all welcome to my class. Once I take attendance, we will get started," Nomura declared as she began shuffling through the papers attached to her clipboard. Otsu proceeded through roll call, which did not take very long, as everyone slated to attend the class was present and accounted for. The young soul could not help but notice out of his peripheral vision that Marra was burning a hole through the courageous youngster with her intense gaze. Even though Lyoto knew nothing about the youthful adolescent, it was abundantly clear that she had taken an interest in him for some reason. Be that as it may, Zaius was not the most social young man; the young soul had a rather difficult time talking to members of the same sex, let alone a girl. On the other hand, the daring youngster could not help but feel that some supernatural force was pulling him towards this beautiful young lady; the youthful adolescent did not think it a coincidence that he and Marra ended up in the same class, for he did not believe in coincidence. The instructor, having completed attendance for the day, proceeded to address the class and let them know what the day would hold, "Alright ladies and gentlemen, we are ready to get to work. Hohō, as I stated before, is the art of fast movement in battle. To move fast, you will need to be fast. Having said that, we will begin by moving our class out to the training area. If you would all line up in an orderly fashion at the door, we will make for our destination outside." Nomura led the group of students out to the training area, which consisted of multiple sparring rings, tracks for sprinting and cross country, and other amenities. With all of her pupils now gathered around her, Otsu spoke to the group once again, "As I mentioned in the classroom... to move fast, you will need to be fast; the easiest and simplest way to increase your speed is to run. As you are all beginners, I suggest running twenty miles a day to start out and gradually ramping yourself up until you can comfortably sprint for fifty miles without getting winded. Those that can do this already will be moved to the intermediate Hohō course. Are there any among you who are already able to perform this task?" Zaius had no idea if he could run for that long without getting winded. However, the young soul was aware of his incredible stamina and felt that he was up to the task as a result. Before he thought about raising his hand or speaking up, the dashing youngster discreetly l0ooked around the crowd and noticed that there was not one among them who had raised their hand. The youthful adolescent was confident in his abilities, so he stood and raised his hand. It looked as if Zaius would be the only one amongst the introductory class to move up to the intermediate level and just as this seemed to be the case, Marra casually elevated her arm and extended her hand. "Very well then. Is there anyone else who feels they are up to the task?" the instructor catechized. This time no one bothered to raise their hand, which meant that it was time for the pair of pupils to prove that they were truly prepared to move on to the next level of Hohō. With that in mind, Zaius and Lyoto walked up to the starting line up on the asphalt track. As they took their starting positions, the young pupils gazed at one another. "Do you truly think you can sprint fifty miles and not get winded at all?" the beautiful young girl wondered aloud. The young soul was flustered just by Marra's very presence. "Well, um...I think, um...you...I, um..." the dashing youngster was cut off by a smiling Lyoto, who was a little flattered that the youthful adolescent was lost for words around her, "That's okay, Zaius. I'm sure you can do it; you wouldn't have raised your hand otherwise, right?" Zaius simply nodded in response, attempting to avoid embarrassing himself any further by trying to speak. "See you on the other side, Zaius," the beautiful young girl said with a wink. The young soul bowed slightly as a counter to her statement. Now that the two students were lined up at the start, Nomura was prepared to send them on their way as she addressed them both, "Very well Zaius and Marra. Our track here is one mile in length. Therefore, you will run fifty laps; following the completion of those fifty laps, you into one must maintain a normal rate of breathing...just as you are breathing now. If you are showing signs of fatigue in any way, you will continue with the beginner's course. So basically, there is no penalty if you are unable to complete the required laps without your breathing pattern changing. You must maintain a full sprint for all fifty laps and on my signal, you may begin." Otsu raised her arm in the air, causing both pupils to take their respective sprinting positions. the teacher then dropped her arm, signaling her students to start running. The young soul and Marra blasted off of the line, breaking out into a full sprint. Even though this test was not a competition, it appeared that the pupils were turning it into one. Through ten laps, the daring youngster and Lyoto were neck and neck. The youthful adolescent had pulled ahead slightly after the sixteen lap mark and when he peaked behind him, saw that the beautiful young girl was gaining on him. Zaius would then decide to begin running even faster in an attempt to distance himself from Marra. following thirty laps, the young soul was no more than three arms lengths in front of Lyoto. If she wanted to close the gap between the two of them, she would need to start running faster also and with more than half of the laps were already behind her, treating this stood waiting for thirty. It seemed as though the beautiful young girl and the fearless youngster were playing it safely towards the end of the test, as forty-six laps had now passed and the two students had not slowed down in the slightest. Just as the youthful adolescent thought that Marra had given up on coming across the finish line first, she began increasing her speed and narrowing the gap between her and Zaius. There were only two laps left and when the young soul peered back, he saw his fellow student catching up; this prompted the young soul to burst ahead of Lyoto. Now running the last lap, the beautiful young girl continued to increase her speed and close the gap. Coming down the final straightaway, Marra passed the foolhardy youngster momentarily. However, the youthful adolescent pulled ahead at the very last second and came across the finish line first. Now reducing their speed and coming to a stop, Zaius and Lyoto stood waiting for the instructor to come over and assess their respective breathing. Nomura was now standing before two of her young pupils. Otsu took her index and middle fingers, placing them on the beautiful young girl's carotid artery to check her pulse. The teacher then leaned in and placed the side of her head against Marra's chest to listen to her breathing. The instructor nodded and then proceeded to check the young soul's pulse and breath in the same manner. After Nomura lifted her head from the youthful adolescent's chest, she backed away from her students and spoke to them, "Congratulations to both of you. I am truly impressed; the two of you appear as though you never even participated in the test...it's really like you never ran in the first place. Well, as promised, you two will be moved to the intermediate class effective immediately." The beautiful young girl and the gallant youngster smirked and bowed to Nomura following her announcement. "You two are more than welcome to stick around for the rest of the class if you wish. However, the test you just completed absolved you from needing to participate in the intro course any longer, so you two are technically done for the day. Well, I must get back to the rest of the class. Great work to you both and enjoy the rest of your day, Zaius and Marra," Otsu declared as she made her way back towards the other students. Now that the instructor was back with the rest of the class, and excited Marra reached out and hugged the youthful adolescent, squeezing his body tightly. "Congratulations Zaius!" Lyoto exclaimed. Zaius was frozen inside of the beautiful young girl's embrace and still a stuttering mess in her general presence. "I, um...well, you...uh, see...yes..." the young soul knew what he wanted to say in his mind, though he was unable to get the words to pass his lips. "Zaius, you are ROYALLY SCREWING THIS UP! This gorgeous girl seems to think you aren't a freak..." the gutsy youngster speculated, before being very rudely interrupted, "She just doesn't know you yet, boy. Even if you are somehow able to spit out a complete sentence to the poor girl, odds are you will say something that pushes her further away...you are pathetic, Koji. Maybe I 22should take over and do the talking for you," Nhirkos smugly interjected. "NO!!" the youthful adolescent abruptly shouted out loud. Zaius' sudden outburst caused Marra to pull away from him. "I'm...sorry, Zaius...I shouldn't have...done that without your permission. I apologize," Lyoto stated with a sad and somewhat frightened tone to her voice. "No...it wasn't...you, I...um, well...I'm sorry," the young soul uttered in fragments. The beautiful young girl smiled. "You're getting better at talking to me, it seems. As cute as I think you are when you get all flustered, it would be nice to have an entire conversation with you," Marra declared with a wink. Lyoto's comment caused the heroic youngster to blush once more. The youthful adolescent was indeed trying to remain composed in the beautiful young girl's presence and though he had only just met her, Zaius was smitten. "Marra, um...well, um...since we, um...don't have class anymore, um...uh, would you...um, like to...uh, hang out for the rest of the day?" the young soul queried. It appeared as if all of the blood in Marra's body rushed into her face, for the young woman was blushing heavily. "Zaius Koji, are you asking me on a...date?" Marra retorted. "Well, um...uh..." the resolute youngster began to answer, before he cleared his throat and continued, "Yes, Marra." Lyoto smiled brightly before leaning in and giving the youthful adolescent a peck on the cheek. "I would love nothing more," the beautiful young girl countered. Zaius nodded and stood up, as he was preparing to leave. The young soul extended his hand towards Marra with a smile on his face. Lyoto apprehensively gave the spirited youngster her hand and he gently helped lift her to a standing position. The two young pupils walked off hand in hand and spent the remainder of the day conversing about their respective lives and getting to know more about one another. Of course, the youthful adolescent had to be careful to withhold certain details about himself, for he did not want to scare the beautiful young girl off. Still, the two of them had a great time together and agreed to go on a real date as soon as they were able. Eventually, the pair parted company and went back to their respective dorms to rest for the intermediate Hohō class they would be participating in the following morning. Zaius laid his head down upon his pillow believing that this was the best day of his life and hoped that Marra felt the same way. The young soul closed his eyes and drifted off to sleep much easier than he had in quite some time. The valiant youngster awoke the next morning and immediately prepared for class; the fact that he knew he would see Lyoto upon his arrival certainly added a little pep to the youthful adolescent's step. Once he was dressed, Zaius proceeded towards the practice area. Nomura Otsu informed the young soul before leaving the day before that class would start in the practice fields this time and that she would also be the instructor for all Hohō classes at the academy. Just as the stout youngster approached the congregation of students surrounding the outside ring, Marra came sprinting up behind the youthful adolescent and kissed him on the cheek. Zaius swiftly turned around and realized who was behind him. The young soul then put his arm around the beautiful young girl, pulled her in close, and gave her a peck on the forehead. The pair began conversing as they awaited the teacher's appearance. Not more than a few minutes following the brave youngster's arrival, the instructor also arrived in the practice area. As soon as Nomura set foot into the area where the class would be taking place, she got things rolling. "Good morning, students," Otsu bellowed into the crowd. [the entire class in response]: "Good morning, Sensei." Now that all of the pupils were aware of the teacher's presence, everyone lined up in an orderly fashion and prepared for instruction. Nomura stood before the class and started to speak, "Alright ladies and gentlemen, today we will be learning the most basic Hohō ability you can perform...the flash step. Flash stepping is what we call the use of pendulum physics to optimize your performance when covering short distances; this art can be easily learned and with sufficient practice, can be 0the difference between winning and losing a battle. Now, think of how a pendulum works; it is a weighted object which is tied to a string and swings back and forth. There are formulas describing how the movement is done with their periods and how they form. However, in the way that a newton's cradle works, energy is transferred back and forth with each swing of a pendulum. Your legs work very similarly in this pendulum-like manner..." Otsu paused and stood with her feet together and perfectly straight. She then kicked her leg out to the side and when she brought it back down, it nearly automatically kicked her opposite leg out to the side very much in the fashion that a pendulum would. The teacher then repeated the process a couple of times before continuing her explanation, "To use this process in flash stepping, first of all, when you start running there is a slight moment when you are stepping and your leg is coming down; you will have to fight gravity and inertia to do it. With flash stepping, you are allowed to cheat that somewhat and take gravity out of the equation. With this method, instead of fighting gravity, gravity will be accelerating your movement. All you will have resisting you is your inertia. Starting a flash step will always begin with a simple combat shuffle..." Nomura interrupted herself once more to demonstrate what she was talking about for the benefit of the class. Otsu got into position for a simple movement and did not necessarily take a step forward with her initial movement, more like she simply moved it forward without placing weight upon it and then let her opposite foot drag behind it. The instructor would repeat the process a few more times, performing the task progressively slower each time so that those who might be having trouble with the maneuver could see it broken down piece by piece. Following the teacher's demonstration, she continued with her lecture, "Now, to prevent yourself from actually stepping, you are to use the pendulum method. You extend your leg forward when you initially start to move and drag your opposite leg behind the first. When you drag your leg behind you for the second stage of the movement, you use the pendulum method to kick your other leg forward, which will keep you from placing weight on either of your feet and you will technically be floating over the ground. All of this is based on your initial step forward when you are beginning to run. Using the pendulum method to cheat gravity and use stored momentum to propel yourself forward, as opposed to your effort, will complete the same step...but in half the time. When you string flash steps together, I am sure you can imagine the time that will be saved covering the same distance...only much, much faster. However, all of this is only the first part of the technique; when you combine the change in your actual movement and your reishi, you drastically increase the speed at which you can perform the maneuver. To do this, you must collect enough reishi to coat the bottom of both feet. Once you have done this, the speed of your movements will more than double. Now, ladies and gentlemen, that is all there is to performing Shunpo. An explanation will only get you so far; practice is what will ultimately allow you to master Flash Stepping. With that in mind, who would like to come before the class and attempt Shunpo?" One of the older male students raised his hand, wishing to attempt Shunpo. The pupil made his way through the crowd and stood before the teacher, who was prepared to instruct. "Alright. To start, perform the combat shuffle that I showed you earlier. If there is anything you cannot recall, please let me know and I will reaffirm the information for you." The student nodded in response and successfully performed the combat shuffle demonstrated by Otsu during her lecture. "Very good, young man. Now, it is much harder to do the shuffle consecutively because you are accustomed to running differently. Remember, this is for short distances only; if you are running in a marathon, this technique will not be very useful to you. Sure, you would start faster than everyone else. However, you are ultimately only as fast as you are capable of running; that is why it is important to keep up with your long-distance running as well. I digress. Young man, please continue," Nomura said with conviction. The student prepared himself as he did before and repeated the shuffle three times after the initial combat shuffle, though he would stumble when attempting the fourth. The young man seemed distraught as Otsu approached him. The teacher placed a hand on his shoulder and addressed his failure, "Do not fret young one. No matter how talented, athletic, fast, or smart someone may be, no one can move quickly in an entirely new way on their first attempt; that would be akin to when you learned to walk. I am sure you did not triumph on your first attempt to walk, so why under similar circumstances, would you expect to triumph now? Patience, my student. Nothing worth gaining was ever gained with ease, correct?" The pupil nodded in agreement with the instructor. "Then you must simply keep working at it until you get it right, that's all. Now, who will be next to try?" Nomura curiously inquired. Zaius had been paying close attention while Otsu was explaining how to perform flash stepping and while many students were practicing while awaiting their turn to go before the class, the young soul was not one of them. Despite that, the brave youngster casually walked forward without a word or raising his hand when the teacher called for the next volunteer. "I see we have an eager one here; eagerness is a noble trait that will get you far in life, though being too much so has been the downfall of many a great warrior. What is your name, young one?" the instructor catechized. The youthful adolescent smirked and readied himself to begin moving. "Now, remember..." Just as Nomura was about to speak, Zaius proceeded through his combat shuffle and repeating the process numerous times, successfully performed a flash stepping chain. However, the young soul was not through. The audacious youngster started successfully achieving several chains consecutively and faster each time. The youthful adolescent then used the reishi focusing technique and on his last chain, moved so fast that he appeared to vanish. Zaius then began using his newly acquired technique to warp all over the expanse. Seemingly getting more accustomed to the movements by the second, the young soul moved faster than many students were able to see. The last flash step the courageous youngster performed brought him before Nomura once again. Once he came back into view, the youthful adolescent went back and stood amongst the crowd without a word. "Well, that was certainly impressive, young one. What is your name?" Otsu asked. "Zaius Koji," Zaius countered. "I shall keep a close eye upon you, Zaius Koji. Your ability to learn quickly will serve you very well in your future endeavors. Despite this, you still have much to learn about Hohō; though I believe that even the most difficult of Hohō techniques will come quite naturally to you and not cause you too much difficulty; we will cover those abilities at a later time. For now, simply practice your flash stepping for the remainder of today's session. Remember Zaius Koji, practice makes perfect," the teacher strongly proclaimed. At that point, the instructor continued to conduct the rest of the day's lesson plan, which included allowing the pupils to perform a flash step if they were able as well as training exercises that would help those who were not able to flash step to eventually perform the maneuver successfully. While this was taking place, the young soul was continuing to practice his flash stepping, as well as meditating. Nomura would then call for a fifteen-minute break for her students to regain some of their stamina, get something to drink, or just rest for a short time. During the class break, Marra made her way over to the confident youngster and sat down next to him. "Wow Zaius, that was amazing! I was wondering...might you be able to show me how to flash step like you were doing earlier?" Marra catechized as she gazed at the youthful adolescent with awe. Zaius smiled and chuckled simultaneously while he responded to Lyoto, "Marra, of course, I will train you. I apologize for laughing...I did not mean to make it seem like I was laughing at you; what I was laughing about was the situation. The way you were looking at me...it was like you were staring at a hero of some kind. I am many things, though I do not believe a hero to be one of them. I do, however, greatly appreciate the gesture." The beautiful young girl smiled and looked down at the floor. "Oh, it wasn't a gesture, Zaius. I look at you in that way because I am truly in awe of you. You are so wise, strong, and...handsome," Marra hesitantly uttered. The young soul blushed momentarily as his heart started racing. The daring youngster would quickly regain his composure after a few moments, allowing himself to reply, "Marra, thank you for saying all of that; I appreciate it more than you can know. Having said that, there is something that has been bothering me. The way you act around me...I feel like the girl you are in my presence isn't who you really are. You are training to become a Soul Reaper, so you must be incredibly tough knowing that you have to be even better warriors than the men to make it. Not only that but being a Soul Reaper requires the sharpest of minds. So, I can safely assume that you are very intelligent as well. That is the girl I want to meet and talk to. This shy, unsure, unfocused young woman that is coming through now...that isn't you, is it?" Lyoto sighed heavily and momentarily put her head into her hands. "Look, I thought if I was myself, that you would be intimidated and that my personality would push you away," the beautiful young girl responded. The youthful adolescent smirked and put his arm around the beautiful young girl. "Marra, there is no need to act like anyone other than yourself. The day we got out of class early and were hanging out together all day...you were acting similarly then also. So, I feel that all that time spent trying to get to know you were wasted, seeing as how you weren't acting like yourself. Even so, I truly cherish any time I spend with you...regardless of if I feel that time is being wasted or not. Just being in your presence is...intoxicating. What is so odd...is that I cannot tell what it is about you that I am so drawn to. You are gorgeous, no doubt about that. However, it is something beyond the obvious. Something elusive. I am sure that one of these days, I will figure it out; until then, I intend on enjoying every second of finding the answer to that question," Zaius intensely announced. Marra laid her hand on the young soul's shoulder and retorted, "So do I, Zaius...so do I." The dashing youngster separated himself from Lyoto and stood in front of her. "Marra, if you were serious about wanting me to help you with..." the youthful adolescent was cut off almost immediately by the beautiful young girl, "Thank you, Zaius...but no, I was never serious about that." Zaius nodded. "Would you mind sticking around until class is over though, Zaius?" the beautiful young girl asked. The young soul smiled and took Marra's hand. "For you, Marra...anything," the fearless youngster declared as he leaned down and kissed Lyoto's hand. The youthful adolescent spectated as the remainder of the class continued their training. Marra eventually took her turn and appeared to be learning Flash Stepping rather swiftly. Zaius did not doubt that Lyoto would have little or no trouble in this endeavor and he certainly seemed to be proven right. The beautiful young girl and the young soul would spend the remainder of class time continuing their training. The session eventually ended and the pair went their separate ways. The foolhardy youngster sat outside of his dormitory building staring at the stars in the night sky. Just as he was about to head back inside and retire for the evening, the youthful adolescent heard a commotion coming from the area around the north gate. With his curiosity getting the better of him, Zaius made his way towards the area from which the noise he was hearing originated. The young soul approached the gate and saw that a group of guards was huddled around something...or someone. The gallant youngster could see a trail of blood following whoever had come inside the courtyard. However, the youthful adolescent could not get close enough to determine whose blood it was upon the ground. At that point, one of the guards yelled, "GET A MEDICAL TEAM DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!" That would cause a couple of the guards to remove themselves from the group surrounding whoever was on the ground bleeding. When that happened, Zaius could finally see who entered the Seireitei in such awful condition and he was horrified. The young man's face was covered in bruises, lacerations, and blood. In addition, the youngster's right leg seemed to be broken or dislocated at the very least. Moreover and worst of all, the young man's left arm had been cut off just above the elbow. Seeing all of this was distressing to the young soul. However, the young soul would not be truly distraught until he realized the identity of the victim; it was his brother, Enaza. WC: 10,121 ++Shunpo learned
  9. Rukongai District 11 The Thursday air was calm as the busy streets of Rukongai's 11th District moved about their day. There are several clouds in the clear blue sky with the sky at its highest point. Noise fills the air with civilians unsuspecting of what was about to happen. Up above the area three figures appear for a moment. They linger for a few seconds before one figure bolts in the direction of Seireitei. The two that remain nod to one another before splitting up crash down several miles apart from one another. The large sized toad humanoid male with dark burgundy wart covered skin, yellow eyes, and massive frame wearing loose clothing crash lands destroying several blocks of housing. "Well, well well," the croaking voice of the massive figure says aloud standing up through the smoke and rumble, "My new neighbors, My name is Clawde Gama. I see that you have comfortable accommodations. I would like to partake in the day's festivities." The next thing the toad claps his hands together as swirling waters form wrecking the buildings nearby injuring several of the civilians close by. "I sure hope we can all be friends and share the pleasures of life with one another," he bellows as an eastern style dragon forms out of the water blast through several buildings in a line. Two groups of shinigami arrive but are immediately whipped with dragon-like water tails taking them down. "No one invited the shinigami," Clawde mocking an annoyed tone as he bounces from one to another breaking each of them in different way through punches and kicks, "You can all go away." [WC: 269] ------------------------------ OOC: Event battle Oriru Ryūka Kushō vs Clawde Gama [Kaeru]
  10. Rukongai District 11 The Thursday air was calm as the busy streets of Rukongai's 11th District moved about their day. There are several clouds in the clear blue sky with the sky at its highest point. Noise fills the air with civilians unsuspecting of what was about to happen. Up above the area three figures appear for a moment. They linger for a few seconds before one figure bolts in the direction of Seireitei. The two that remain nod to one another before splitting up crash down several miles apart from one another. The large sized toad humanoid male with dull green wart covered skin, yellow eyes, and massive frame wearing loose clothing crash lands destroying several blocks of housing. Without saying a word this figure stands up slowly before punching down into the ground creating a wave of air and force followed by water filling the area destroying even more buildings. Looking left and right the toad humanoid jumps up into the area landing a few blocks away to create another impact. Repeating the sequence there became a second cleared out area. Two shinigami arrive on scene are both removed from the air with two swift palm strikes to the face launching them backwards through several buildings. [WC: 205] ------------------------------ OOC: Event battle Zenaku vs Kermander Gama [Kaeru]
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  12. 001 l Working the Suspect There was a certain level of solemnity that filled the air surrounding the majority; begrudgingly so, that the persons seated directly across from the cold steel before them happened to be on the receiving end of. One could hear the whirring lights that flickered lightly, and swung ever so lightly from the gentle breeze pushing from a nearby vent. The young detective’s eyes simply stared intently into that of his suspect, as his hands moved effortlessly to open and retrieve documents from the brown folder labeled ‘Yasuke Adeyomi’. His eye contact never so much as faltered whilst doing so, almost as if the detective knew the contents forwards and backwards. Over the next few seconds he’d placed a lineup of photos facing the suspect, and since closed the folder once again. Thomas held his hands out running along the documents in front of himself, periodically stopping over each one as it would become relevant. “It would appear as though you’ve found yourself tangled up in a world of trouble with the Yakuza gang.” His hands stopped with an extended finger that rested firmly above what appeared to be Yasuke among a group of individuals in a rather peculiar predicament. “And among a Yakuza Branch that calls themselves the Nagaiyo-Kai nonetheless.” It felt as though none of the evidence presented thus far had caught the attention of the criminal before him, but Treynor figured as much from a man of this stature in such a business. It occurred to the officer that he may need to attempt to dig deeper into the situation for any real response. Thomas took his fedora from his head to lay it upon the corner of the table, before reaching into his inside jacket pocket. Another brown envelope labeled evidence was laid onto the table. It was much smaller in comparison to the first, and bore a label with no real importance to those who didn’t handle the paperwork which allowed for the release or logging of evidence. He simply slid the small container towards Yasuke with a certain grueling glare in his eyes. “I only hope you wouldn’t dare to try and use it in my domain.” Normally something as harmless as a pendant could prove of much use to anyone; however, Treynor was far too aware of the potential contained within such a small form. “I can’t wonder what the Etānaruzu would do with a lone Quincy caught in a snare though,” He allowed himself to sit up in a proper manner once more, before interlacing his fingers from both hands together placed upon the table that separates the two men. “Seems as though it would be in your best interest to cooperate and gain the protection of the spiritual investigations department, given the target on your back.” He would then simply sit back and wait for his suspect to obtain the object from its package, as he intently watched to gauge the gentleman’s overall reaction thus far. It wasn’t as if he’d expected their short interaction thus far to immediately give the intended results; although, Thomas was intrigued to see if this young man had the intelligence to completely grasp the unwavering certainty of his fate. No singular person could hope to survive the wrath of an entire community reigning down on them without help. At least they couldn’t hope to do so when dealing with the beings that lurk ever so cleverly within the shadows of a second life, such as those like Thomas, Yasuke, the Etānaruzu and others alike. WC: 593 TWC: 2,404
  13. "Zaius! You cannot sleep all morning. You know your father has chores for you to do and you WILL NOT find some clever way to get out of your responsibilities, young man." The youthful soul rolled his eyes as he proceeded to retort, "I know, mom...I know." The restless adolescent begrudgingly sprang from his bed and proceeded to get dressed. Zaius exited his room and made his way into the kitchen; standing there was the progeny's mother, who was in the process of cooking breakfast. "As soon as you're finished eating, it's straight to completing your chores, understand?" the youthful soul's parent aforementioned. The young adolescent peered in his mother's direction just as she was turning her attention towards her son. The startled progeny gazed upon his parent's face, which was translucent and its features indiscernible. Bewildered by what he was seeing, Zaius was about to inquire about the woman's appearance. It was at this moment when the youthful soul's father strode into the kitchen from a side door leading into the backyard. The flustered progeny surveyed his father's face as he spoke, horrified that it appeared both of his parents were faceless, "Good morning, my son. Make sure you get plenty to eat; you will need your strength if these chores are to be done." In a complete state of disarranging, Zaius observed his kin interacting with one another unaware of what their son was seeing. It was at this point at which the puzzled soul would endeavor to find out just what the hell was going on. Nonetheless, before the young adolescent could utter a word...the confounding scene vanished and Zaius awoke. "That damn dream again," the youthful soul thought to himself. Releasing a beleaguered sigh, the exasperated youth reposed against the slatternly wall he was fettered to. The youth's hands were bound by a thick chain that was connected to the ceiling. Moreover, Zaius' feet were also delimitated by a broad chain that was connected to a sturdy steel plate on the floor. Furthermore, the youthful soul's neck was covered by some sort of odd collar which housed a tiny box with a green flashing light. Two things were painfully evident: the unquestioning youth was being held captive here. Additionally, whoever was detaining Zaius in this basement did not want him to leave. It was at this point that the youthful soul's mind began to wander, landing on the day in which he became imprisoned in this place. The impassioned adolescent had no family that he was aware of, no place of residence, no money, and a temper that would rival the highest level of anger possibly attained. Due to these indisputable facts, Zaius grew up with no sense of right or wrong. The youthful soul had no parents to chastise him when he broke the rules or made a mistake; the energetic adolescent did not even know what the rules were. Zaius' existence was governed by one rule and one rule only: do whatever it takes to survive. The youthful soul was without a home, so his day usually consisted of pickpocketing Rukongai citizens, hoping to acquire enough kan to procure a room at a very seedy motel lying in the slums of district eighty. The young adolescent did not have the greatest sense of time. However, he was aware that years and years had passed as Zaius spent the better part of each day endeavoring to get enough kan to keep from having to sleep in an alley on the frigid concrete. When the brazen soul first injected himself into a life of crime, his attempts to unknowingly pilfer money or belongings from unsuspecting people rarely went as planned. Many times, the youthful adolescent would have to swiftly egress and for those who were quicker on their feet, a chase would lead to an altercation more often than not. As time continued to pass, Zaius became more and more proficient in his thievish ways. When attempting to pickpocket someone, most would consider acquiring the items they were venturing to misappropriate without incident or their victim's knowledge a success. Despite this, the young soul found that as his disputes became fewer and farther between, the youthful adolescent came to the realization that he was constantly craving battle; Zaius' fighting skills were also continuing to ameliorate over time. The young soul's hunger for dispute would eventually overtake his desire for a roof over his head. The youthful adolescent's talents continued to grow, along with a fervent and unequivocal belief in his abilities. With that in mind, Zaius' goals had shifted; instead of making money being his main motivation, the young soul would now seek out opponents deemed worthy of his exponentially growing skillset. Unbeknownst to the youthful adolescent, the decision to indulge his desire for a contest pitted against a strong opponent is one that would swiftly shift the path his existence was currently on. The young soul would scout out someone deserving of being his opposition. The focused adolescent would use all abilities at his disposal to find a suitable opponent. After close to a year of the day after day reconnaissance, the eager adolescent had refined his ability to seek out particular individuals based on their presence or the pressure they would emit. Aware of his spiritual pressure, all Zaius would have to do would be to seek out someone whose spiritual pressure was comparable to his own. Notwithstanding, the young soul wanted a challenge. Therefore, it was his decision to find someone who was not only as powerful as himself...but stronger. With a clear goal in mind, the budding adolescent commenced the process of elimination; at the end of this process, Zaius would likely find himself in a predicament where death was a good possibility. With all that in mind, Zaius proceeded to begin scouting the competition at dawn the next morning. The amount of skirmishing the young soul had been subjected to over the past few years had bolstered his spiritual pressure to the point where it was becoming increasingly difficult to find anyone amongst the wandering spirits who was in the arrogant youth's league. Days passed by and Zaius was growing increasingly frustrated due to the fact that locating a suitable challenger was becoming more and more arduous by the minute. The fledgling soul could not help the rate at which he was progressing, though perhaps he was taking the wrong approach. It never donned on the inexperienced being that maybe it was feasible for someone to possess the ability to disguise or conceal their energy signature; it was just a thought. All the same, if Zaius' hunch was correct, perhaps choosing his opponent could be simpler than even he thought it could be. After another hour or so of searching, the puerile soul's eyes locked on a tall gentleman through a large horde of ordinary citizens. The man appeared ordinary enough. The stranger was garbed in all black and his clothing did nothing to make him stand apart amongst the crowd. That being said, there was one thing that turned the young adolescent's attention towards this being; a katana was tethered to the man's hip. "I do not witness ordinary citizens ambulating with deadly weapons. I do not feel much power emanating from his person. Still, there is something about this stranger...something I cannot put my finger on," Zaius speculated, a wry grin now creeping across his lips. "That's my target. If nothing else, the fact that he is brandishing a sword might make things interesting for an opponent that is unarmed," the eager youngster ruminated. Following days of seeking strong opposition, the youthful adolescent had acquired his target. Much like a drug addict who feels a strong need for his substance of choice, Zaius' desire for conflict was equally powerful. The budding soul knew the area very well and when he witnessed the path the towering gentleman was taking, he sprang into a full sprint in order to cut the stranger off in an alley that was directly behind the structure the fledgling adolescent was standing before. Delighted at the possibility of a battle to the death, Zaius hastily dashed around the right flank of the building. The young soul was expecting to meet up with the katana-wielding stranger in the aforementioned alleyway. Upon arrival in the narrow passageway, the inexperienced youngster was taken aback; the man was already there, casually leaning on a large trash receptacle. Now turning his attention in Zaius' direction, the gentleman spoke, "Well hello there...Zaius Koji." the youthful soul was now in a state of shock; not only had this stranger reached the alley before him somehow, but he also appeared to know the young adolescent. Hesitating slightly, Zaius began a dialogue with his would-be opponent, "I have never met you before today. How is it that you know who I am?" Wearing an ear-to-ear grin, the man responded to the young soul's inquiry, "While I do not know you personally, I know of you; you are a rather prominent figure amongst local law enforcement. Their lackluster effort in apprehending criminals amidst the more lawless districts has made this quite an advantageous situation for me." Further confounded by the gentleman's comments, the youthful adolescent would retort, "What situation is that, exactly?" The stranger straightened himself out as he stood upright, moving off of the dumpster. "That is a simple question to answer; the situation, young man, is that I believe you can be of some use to me. Over the past few months, I have kept a close eye on you. While you are no match for me, I believe your skills could be useful to me and my business," the man disclosed. Zaius began to chuckle, which elicited a response from the gentleman, "I fail to see what is amusing here." the inexperienced soul entered a combat stance just as he was replying to the man before him, "While I appreciate the offer, the only reason I am still talking to you is that I am itching for a fight; so let's get started!" The rangy gentleman proceeded to cackle uncontrollably. "Oh, so you are in control of the situation then?" the stranger interrogated. The man would then reach for his blade, presumably to assault the youthful adolescent before he had a chance to make a move. With that in mind, Zaius resolved to attack in the hopes of surprising his opponent. The boisterous being launched himself at the gentleman in black. When within 2 steps of the stranger, the youthful adolescent planted his right foot into the ground and swiftly circled the man in an attempt to strike from behind. Zaius would then cock his leg back to dispatch a roundhouse kick to his opponent's ribcage. Just as the inexperienced soul's attack made its way towards the gentleman's side, his opponent vanished. Before the budding adolescent's leg could return to its original position, the stranger appeared behind Zaius and placed his still sheathed katana at the young soul's feet. "This is the only way you stand a chance in hell against me...take it," the man pronounced, just before precipitously vanishing and coming back into view in his previous position. The youthful soul was unsure if what his opponent had just done was an ability of some kind or if he was just that fast. In either case, the young adolescent had now come to the realization that this man was on an entirely different level; the fact that he was willingly handing over his weapon told Zaius more than words ever could. Still, in a momentary state of stasis, the young soul endeavored to will his body into movement. Having never experienced genuine fear until now, the burgeoning adolescent was unable to move and did not have the faintest idea why. "Well, I was hoping to see some level of what you are capable of. Unfortunately, it would appear that you are now aware of your ineptness in my presence and that is understandable," the stranger expounded with a heavy sigh. The mysterious man spent a few moments in thought before continuing, "Still, since you will somewhat be in my employ from now on...I think it's best for you to see what a monumental mistake it would be to cross me." The stranger could then be seen beginning to focus, as he closed his eyes and bowed his head. Like an explosion in close proximity, Zaius was instantly brought to his knees as his opponent released his complete reiatsu. The surrounding area began violently shaking while the youthful soul was pinned in place by the immense spiritual pressure. "I...can't...move," the young adolescent thought to himself. Now standing over Zaius, the mysterious man slightly raised his hand. "Now...take a little nap for me," the gentleman ordered. The stranger then brought his hand down in a chopping motion, landing a swift blow on the back of the young adolescent's neck; the force of the blow knocked Zaius unconscious. The strange man reached down and retrieved his scabbard, attaching it to his hip once more. Afterward, the gentleman picked up the sleeping young soul at his feet and draped the youthful adolescent over his shoulder, and began walking. "Well now, it would appear that my manners have escaped me once again," the mysterious man stated. Despite Zaius' state, the stranger continued to speak, "You are always supposed to introduce yourself to your opponent as a sign of respect, are you not? I will forgive you for attempting to sneak attack me and show you this courtesy. My name is... TO BE CONTINUED... WC: 2,266
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  16. stepping downstairs into the massive Kaeru Clan training grounds under the noble house's grounds Xarius was exhausted as he sat down on a nearby boulder near a small pond. This was a pocket space where an entire landscape was carved out in what appeared on the outside to be a standard house. This was something the head of the house Xarm Kaeru, his father, had commissioned the Twelfth Division into doing for them. This was where his siblings went to train and where he was going to get a break from the nonstop headaches of his family. Only a little bit of time had passed since his memories had returned to him, but Xarius was already overwhelmed with everything that had transpired. This moment, away from the family and the Gotei Thirteen duties he had taken on as the acting Captain Commander had started to take their toll as their had been a lot of neglect. He was not going to fix this issue in a day, a week, a month, this was going to take some years. He knew he had to assess all of the issues, weed out the problems, fix what he could, build a solid foundation, and help grow the Gotei Thirteen back into the force that it once was. "You seem trouble Xarius," the elderly voice of Yang broke through the literal silence snapping him out of his thoughts. Glancing over he saw the materialized form of the brown skinned old man with white hair down in a meditating pose on the ground right next to the boulder the frog was sitting on. "Of course he is trouble, he just remembered who he was and now is," the soothing feminine voice of Yin could be heard as though she was whispering into his ear. Her voice pulled his eyes to his right as she gentle dragged her finger tips across his right shoulder as she jumped down also in a fully materialized form. This was the moment that Kaeru realized that his Bankai was once again a tool at his disposal. This release was the second form of both Zanpakutos. The process of achieving this level of power normally takes about ten years or more, not to mention the experience needed to master both of them. When he went to visit them last in the inner world where two separate islands surrounded by a massive body of water. The sun moon in the sky lit up opposite yin-yang island sides. The trials to remember his shikai were not overly tough, but they were necessary without his memories. Now that he had his memories, he had to work at rebuilding the connection he had with both of his zanpakuto spirits. "Over the north side of the hill, Yin. Under the south side of the hill, Yang," Kaeru stated as he drew and released the pure black and white forms of his zanpakutos. If both of them were out and feeling up to being materialized, he was going to do some training. The wave of reiatsu from this release shook the immediate area around him. This was just the power of his shikai release. "No rest for the wicked I see," Yin cooed as she gestured to summon forth a wave of black reiatsu to toss in his direction. He quickly blocked this wave of reiatsu by countering with his white zanpakuto covered in white reiatsu. "No need to hold back young one," Yang stated as he stood up cracking his back in a few different spots, "We are here to help you get back to feeling normal once again." Yin summoned forth two more all black katanas landed down next to Yang who now was holding two all white katanas. These blades all looked like the ones he was holding in his shikai form. Lifting both of her arms up and dropping the blades from her hands Yin spoke out the command, "Kurai hi no odori." Also known as the dance of the darkened day, a technique that allowed the zanpakutos to fly, attack, or defend at her command. Jumping around to clash blades with both of his zanpakuto spirits Kaeru was testing the limits of his shikai potential at this time. He was not one to jump straight to his trump card, nor did he like others knowing enough about his skills to be able to stop everything he could do. The point of this was to train and the only way he was going to get there faster was to truly push himself. "When shady side of mountain meets the sunny side of mountain, Yinyang Taijitu" he speaks aloud as he jumps back landing on some solid ground holding the white katana under the black katana with Yin to his right and Yang to his left, "Bankai." A second wave of reiatsu erupted from where the acting captain commander stood pushes dust clouds around as a massive yinyang diagram appears beneath Kaeru and both of his opponents. To each side of him there were three black and three white katanas similar to his shikai yin and yang blades stabbed into the ground near him. A scale mailed clad frog shinigami in black samurai armor with white lining details stood in between the two zanpakuto spirits. Rotating his head from one side to the other he quickly gestured with both of his hands as he activated the dance of the darkened day technique from his side of the battlefield at both of them to get them to eventually be on the opposite side of the field than he was on. Now that his bankai was release Kaeru's reiatsu was pouring out in droves as this was the first time he had fully cut loose since coming back. Remembering now that those that enter the yinyang battlefield had to deal with the effects of his abilities. When he move to the yin side his attacks used negative reiatsu and when he was on the yang side they deal positive reiatsu. The catch was that no one could be both on the same side at the same time. Meaning if one crossed over the borderline of the diagram the field would shift. This switch flipped the fields to be on the other side. "Kurai taiyō" Yin shouted as she launched forward as a black reiatsu covered the zanpakuto she was holding onto. This negative reiatsu crackled like lightning as she stabbed into his shoulder. This was Yin's dark sun technique used to put her opponent on the defensive, a deadly maneuver if too many strikes were given. As she pulled back the voice of Yang could be heard from just above of him, "Akarui tsuki." The bright moon technique of Yang covered the zanpakuto in a white flame like positive reiatsu. The attack comes down with a with a mighty drop which the frog barely dodges. Shifting his weight Kaeru stands firmly for a moment drawing in air to calm his mind and prepare himself for the last technique he was going to work on today, "Saishū nisshoku." Or Final Eclipse was a technique that took all six blades and the armor over his body merging them all together into one massive nodachi. The interlacing of white and black crossing over one another handle connect to the black leviathan with an open mouth hilt gave way to an extended pure white blade. Holding this massive blade with two hands he lowers his center of gravity jumping at them both with a wide arching slashing motion releasing a wave of white reiatsu, "Kawa no sei no kitagishi" Over the next couple of hours Kaeru continues to push himself through every limit. There was a chance he was going to have to use these abilities in his future, when that time came he had to be zoned in and prepared to use his techniques properly or risk doing unwarranted damage to others or himself. Finally he was starting to feel like himself again, but he knew he could not keep this up forever. Plus there was the fact that a reiatsu release of this magnitude would draw a lot of unwanted attention as well. In fact, as he continued to spare with his two zanpakuto spirits within the yin-yang field he wondered why no one had come down from up above. Whatever the reasons were for the rest of Kaeru's family for giving him space, he was fine with as long as he had access to his family training grounds. There was a lot of pent up frustration he needed to work off, this was the perfect place as any to get that work done. For when he left this area he would be the acting captain commander once again, a title with no power and no real say until he proved his mettle once again. Being that they had Shuu Mikoto as acting Captain Commander for two years without finding a new candidate he did not imagine the Central Forty-Six would be any faster with him back in the fold. [Bankai WC: 1512/1500] [Exit thread]
  17. After entering Seireitei Kaeru was immediately taken to the Maggots Nest where he was held for ten days. His zanpakutos were taken from him as he meditated in the darkness. During that time a Captain's Meeting was held for the first time in two years. The meeting was to determine which of the captains would take him and protect the Central Forty-Six if he would attempt to harm them in any fashion. Those that came to get him were Captain Shuu Mikoto of the Second Division, Captain Elevander Jecht of the Fourth Division, and Captain Regashi Hokori of the Fifth Division. Shuu was the one to bring him into Seireitei and Elevander he remembered, but Regashi he was not familiar with at all. Evelander was flanked to his right with Shuu to his left, while regashi walked out in front leading them to where the Twelfth Division barracks were located. This was a carbon copy of the seireitei he knew, down to the barrack locations. None of the captains talked to him while they walked, but each of them were keeping a close eye on the restrained former captain. He noticed at this time that Shuu had both Yin and Yang laced to his back. The time in the science laboratories of the Twelfth Division barracks was racked with a lot of tests and questions about what he knew, where he came from, and what he remembered. These tests were meant to try his mental, physical, and spiritual fortitude. Having been isolated for ten days to do nothing, but work out and meditate he was a little more prepared than he was the last time he had saw Shuu. He answered each question openly and honestly, until they started to ask about his zanpakutos to which he said nothing. This drew a snicker from Shuu who was standing in the background with his arms crossed. The three Captains took him back to the Maggots Nest when the tests were done. During his time in the pitch black of his cell he could faintly sense an reiatsu near him, once that was familiar yet not. Every time he sensed this reiatsu a moment later it would disappear. There was definitely someone actively keeping an eye on him while he was in this prison. Yet, the next morning the same three captains came back and took him back to the Twelfth Division for more questions and tests. This process would continue for another ten days until the day they changed directions. On this day they were heading in the direction of the Central Forty-Six chambers. The Central Forty-Six serve the Shinigami royalty made up of forty wise men and six judges that selected from all of Soul Society. These members of Seireitei are sealed into an enclave known as Seijōtōkyorin. No one else may enter this regardless of their military or civilian status within Soul Society. This body of souls had the final say on every violation and judgement without exception. Being brought in front of these figures with twenty days of isolation, questioning, and testing was going to be a whole new challenge. The three captains made a triangle around him to create each working together to cast the Bakudō number seventy-three: Tozanshō or Falling Mountain Crystal. The spell ignites at a single point below the frog, blue energy extends upward to four points and forms an inverted pyramid, which solidifies into a barrier around him. "Xarius Kaeru, who are you really?" one of the judges spoke up in his now encased direction. This group was hard to deal with, probably his least favorite people in all of Soul Society. Yet, they were some of the people he had to talk to the most during his time as Captain Commander. "I am Xarius Kaeru," he spoke up firmly, "A lot of my past is hazy, but there seems to be something connected to me and a version of me from your past." "You are one in the same, as the Twelfth Division reports state that you are the exact same shinigami except that your power seems to be diminished because of interactions with one of the reality warps. They have been doing a lot of tests on those warps and the effects on those that interact with them. Reports of a frog figure being found near one in the Fifty-Sixth East Rukongai District were later confirmed when beaten down mercenaries were questioned by Shinigami on patrol for that area." Kaeru listened intently to each and every one of these points of interest and what they could mean. Keeping his mouth shut was easy, when each member liked to speak as they were the most important person in the room. This continued until he finally spoke up, "Why am I here?" This interrupted one that had started to drone on about the sad state of affairs that was the disjointed Gotei Thirteen which could never properly agree on anything, their example was that it took ten days to have a five minute meeting to decide who was going to be his babysitters. "You have tested me, exhausted me, ignored me, questioned me, taunted me, isolated me, and now I am here in the hallowed halls of the Forty-Six to listen to you complain about matters that I am not of rank to handle. So why am I here?" A murmuring takes over the crowd once again before the judges command them to quiet down. "Your tone is that of a version we once had here. While you may or may not be our former Captain Commander, that will be found out. Currently one of the scientists believes there is a way to return your memories, but not your power to what it once was," the Judge explains as a figure in a weird tall white hat approaches the inverse pyramid. Jecht slowly opens a small section in order for the figure to inject the frog with a vial of something before saying, "My name is Seded Nadu the Twelfth Division's Third Seat. This might hurt..." The next three minutes went by with nothing happening, but then Kaeru's brain exploded with images and memories those of the poor life and working up to the Captain Commander from the Academy were now of that of growing up a noble in the Kaeru Clan. He was not a prodigy like his brother Ank, but he out worked everyone in the divisions he joined. Eventually he would become the Captain of the Eighth Division for a short time, then become Captain Commander until a shadowy figure appeared within Seireitei. To protect the rest the two entered one of these warps and now where he reappeared four years later. All of these memories were so real, so vivid, they were him and he was whole again. "Who are you?" the judge asked again after the frog stopped screaming in pain. "Who am I? I am Xarius Kaeru of the Kaeru Clan, Captain Commander of the Gotei Thirteen," the shinigami stated proudly and firmly as he gathered himself releasing his reiatsu in an intense but nonthreatening manner, "Captain Shuu offered to come because of our history growing up, Jecht because of our history training together, and Hokori came because he was skeptical of me being the real me." With that the barrier was lowered and his zanpakutos tossed in his direction. "Seems the serum removed the odd reiatsu warping element in his body. My work here is done," the figure stated as they nodded and strolled off to the side. "Perfect," the judge replied, "Seded Nadum, you may return to your daily tasks." Over the next five hours the Central Forty-Six members take turns explaining that over the last two years there have been these rifts showing up in Soul Society and in the Material Plane causing distortions, because of these distortions weird things were happening. They also mention Draka was Lord of Hueco Mundo and Emperor Haschwald of the Wandenreich as being unchecked threats that have not messed with the balance of late, but could be building up armies as they were unsure of the cause of these rifts and what they were associated with in the grand scope of the balance of life. "It would seem I have a lot of catching up to do," Kaeru stated to the three other captains after they exited from the Central Forty-Six chambers. Shuu, Jecht, and Hokori were going to help him get back on his feet and work on getting him back into top shape. Each was charged with testing his recovery before he could officially be named the Captain Commander once again. That was fine with him if the Central Forty-Six wanted to play power games and give him a "fake" title until he jumped through all their hoops, then he would. They wanted the option to be able to pick someone else if they liked them more, which was fine with him. Until then he would crush all those obstacles in front of him and move forward with no hesitation. "Where should I start?" [WC: 1519] [Acting Captain Commander under Shuu Mikoto. Won't officially become captain commander until 100k] [Exit thread]
  18. Waking up the next morning to an early alarm set by Frieda Thoumeaux so that she would have time to get ready for university Sibylle Opie found herself still sore all over, particularly her feet and hands were not in the best of shape. Rolling over she decided that today was not going to be a get out of bed day. She hurt too much and did not want to do anything today. Her long hair was not pulled up into her usual hair style, because after she got out of the shower the previous night she was too exhausted to do anything special to prepare for the next day. Fixing her hair would take too much energy and in her mind there was no point wasting what energy she did have on something she did not want to do. This all stemmed from the airplane crash over a week ago for Sibylle. After that crash she started to see outlines of invisible creatures and then eventually ghosts themselves. While staying in the hospital she started to see and hear more of these ghosts. After leaving the hospital a few nights back she had her first encounter with an evil spirit with a white fish head mask and black humanoid body that she later learned was called a Hollow. The mortal enemies of the Quincy race to which the teenager was a pure-blood, or Echt. Frieda had appeared just in time to activate the silver-eyed teenager’s Quincy blood technique known as Blut. This was represented by the dull blue veins that appeared after the spiritual power awakening. Frieda quickly eliminated the hollow. Returning inside Frieda allowed Sibylle to ask a few questions before the teenager passed out on the couch. The next morning the two talked briefly before the red-eyed woman decided they were going to head out to a park not too far away. Upon reaching this park they found an area where they could train in peace near a river within a forested area. Frieda explains that the Quincies are a human race that has the ability to manipulate spiritual energy known as reishi. They wear the five point cross known as the Quincy Zeichen. After this the teenager then learns about the two different types of blut; the defensive Blut Vene and offensive Blut Arterie. The main weapon of a Quincy is a spiritual bow known as the Heilig Bogen that can fire holy arrows called Heilig Pfeil. The last of the techniques trained was the high speed movement Hirenkyaku, which allowed a Quincy to create platforms of reishi under their feet to get from one location to another. “And what do you think you are doing?” the chilling feminine voice of Frieda cut through the air to disrupt the teenager’s thoughts, “You are running out of time to get ready and I do not think you want your first day in university to be looking like a slob.” “I am not going today,” Sibylle protested with her back still facing the door. She could feel the temperature in the room drop by about thirty degrees creating goose bumps up her exposed right arm. She pulled her blanket up and over her shoulder as if to hide under them. “You decided this all on your own? That is fine, but if you are not going to university then you are making the choice to be sent back home and I am sure Ermelinda Opie-sama would be thrilled to see you again so soon. You are only here on the condition that you go to university. Anything else you happen to learn or deal with is just a bonus,” Frieda spoke with an eerie calm to her voice as the room seemed to get so cold for a moment that the white haired teenager could actually see her breath escaping her mouth while shivering. “Ffffinnne, fine… fine. I...I….I get...get your point,” SIbylle frustratingly tossed her covers off turning to actually look at the shaggy blonde haired woman with the temperature back to normal in an instant. “Good to see we have an understanding,” Frieda spoke as her red eyes locked onto the teenager for a moment before turning to head out of the room, “You might want to hurry since you wasted so much precious time.” The door to Sibylle’s room close with a thud as the teenager could be heard cursing the woman out. [WC: 738]
  19. This weekend had brought her on a very long walk by the Karakura Town High School. Her teacher and roommate Frieda Thoumeaux had told her a lot of the hollows had appeared near here in the past. The teenager was told to steer clear of this area while she was still in trainee status. So naturally she wanted to do the opposite as she was in a new country, found out that she belonged to a superior race of humans known as Quincy, and she was quite tired of feeling helpless. There was so much new in her life now that she was in Japan and she did not want to lose this rush that she was feeling. Recalling what Frieda had told her the other day about the dark spirits known as hollows she just had to keep an eye out for any soul that clung to their previous life and the trauma that came with having lived at all. Any soul that becomes a Hollow is driven by an unrelenting hunger to devour other souls. This was regardless of the living or dead as they were in a way trying to fill the void that drove them to becoming this demonic creature in the first place. The descent into a mindless beast is fairly quick for most hollows. However, Frieda did warn of those that were crafier as they were strong hollows trying to rise in the ranks often by feeding on their own kind to reach this mountain top. This was a weekend plus the added fact that there was a dreary rain coming down around her. Sibylle walked along the sidewalk near Karakura High School. This school was located in the Gakuenchō area of Karakura Town surrounded by trees. The school complex consists of several buildings and open areas. Some of these buildings vary from one to four stories with flat rooftops encircled railings. The track out back has six lanes circling a court-like area. This was a pretty typical Japanese high school from what the teenager could tell. Pulling her hood down slightly as she stepped through the bushes Sibylle looked over to her left where the buildings were located. Even in the rain she could tell that they were structurally sound and well designed for a modern building. This whole town was a hotbed for high spiritual pressure people, the teenagers that attended this high school were no exception. Most of them had no idea that the Hollows would be coming for them if they were not careful, but Frieda explained that the Shinigami and Quincy while opposing forces did have one goal in common; to protect souls from being devoured. Their methods were the main difference; Quincies preferred to destroy the hollow’s soul outright, while the Shinigami tried to purify them so that something called the balance of souls could be maintained. Looking across the track Sibylle notices a ghost of a child walking across and stops in the middle to look into the sky. A chill soon followed as the sinister aura of a hollow could be felt nearby. Acting quickly the silver-eyed teenager activates her defensive Blut ability known as Blut Vene. Blood Vein technique, granted her inhuman durability as long as the faint dull blue pattern tracing the veins beneath the surface of her skin. Looking around she did not see any hollows coming, but the presence felt like it was nearby. She was struggling to match up to the spiritual power that the creature was putting out as the air felt like weighed down gravity. The boy soon drops to his knees in pain crying out in indistinguishable words. She goes to step forward, but stops immediately as the boy turns revealing a hole in his chest. In the next moment the boy’s body morphs into a hollow with a humanoid upper body with red arms, red eyes, a white mask, long black hair, and a snake-like lower body. “ARRRAGGGHHHH!!!” The creature screams out in rage as he recoils his body after the scream. Reaching forward with her left hand into the light rain Sibylle summons forth her Heilig Bogen from her mother’s Quincy cross necklace that was wrapped around her left wrist. The activation of the bright blue holy bow burning away the wetness on her hands as she shifted her body so that she could brace for firing one of her holy arrows. Drawing the bowstring back she creates a Heilig Pfeil aimed directly at the hollow’s mask. The holy arrow snaps from her figure bursting forward bashing the hollow directly in the forehead. An explosion follows launching the upper half of the hollow backwards into the ground. A sly smirk crosses Sibylle’s face as she thinks about how easy her first hollow after training was to fall so easily. That confidence soon wavered as she noticed the tail twitch then the upper half snapped back to being upright once again. The air was forceful enough to knock the creature backwards, but the white mask only had a scuff mark without any cracks at all. “Well that sucks,” the American teenager muttered to herself as she held the Heilig Bogen ready to draw another holy arrow. However, the hollow leaned back and spat out a stream of dark green liquid in her directly that she was only able to partially dodge out of the way thanks to Hirenkyaku. This liquid was like an acid burning away at the right side of her clothes so she quickly rips the hoodie off tossing it to the ground near her. Thanks to the Blut Vene she was unharmed by this attack, but she could tell that a strong dose or continued exposure could be detrimental to her health. “ARRRAGGGHHHH!!!” The creature yells once again as he launches towards her only for her to use the reishi platforms under her feet to use Hirenkyaku once again. Sliding to a stop she speaks out the incantation through the rain as she reaches for a silver tube on her right belt, "Tilt the goblet to the west - Wolke!" Spiking the ginto down in between them she creates a large blast. "Feel the wrath of battle and accept this sacred chalice - Heizen!" She speaks out another incantation as soon as the creature rips through the smoke tossing four more ginto into the air. This time she creates a transparent rectangular cube that slices through the right shoulder of the hollow. This destroys half the mask and removes the right arm as well. “Sorry for your luck,” Sibylle speaks aloud as she switches to Blut Arterie so that she can amplify the power of her Heilig Bogen, “But I am not going to lose to another fucking hollow.” The red veins appear on her forearms as she draws back another Heilig Pfeil firing it directly into the hollow’s right eye. Screeching back for a moment and wiggling around the creature lets out another scream, “ARRRAGGGHHHH!!!” [WC: 1160] OCC: ------------------------------------ SO#4 [Super Sibylle (2): [Sibylle Opie Exclusive] - Obliterate a Hollow in Karakura (Minimum 2,000 WC/1160). [Expires: 05/01/2020]
  20. Waking up the next morning on the couch with a stiff neck to the smell of steaming vegetables Sibylle shifted her weight so that she could sit upright. Stretching her arms upward she felt her stiff back crack a few times. Getting up off the couch she turned the corner to see the mess of curly blonde hair that was Frieda Thoumeaux. “Look who decided to do something with her day,” the red-eyed woman stated sarcastically as she continued to cook breakfast, “Sit down and get eating. We have somewhere to go today.” “We do? I thought you said yesterday we would relax before I had to go to school tomorrow,” the teenager protested as she slid the nearest chair half way out, which was just enough for her to sit down and rotate her legs under the table. “Well, after last night plans have changed,” Frieda replies nonchalantly as he places a few different bowls and plates down for them to pick and choose what they want to eat. “Itadakimasu,” the pale woman blesses her food before picking the vegetables with chopsticks. “Uh… do you have a fork or a spoon?” Sibylle asks as she looks down to the chopsticks next to her plate. “No time like the present to learn how to adapt to other cultures,” Frieda states casually in a way that made it clear that it was chopsticks or eating with her hands like a heathen. “Fine, fine,” Sibylle mutters under her breath as she breaks the chopsticks apart so that she can literally stab at things out of defiance. “I can already tell training you is going to be a real delight,” Frieda states dryly with heavy undertones of sarcasm as she begins to feed herself. “Training me? Don’t tell me you are going to make me do all the stuff Grandmother was making me do?” Sibylle questioned in clear protest, “Look, I don’t know how much she’s paying you but it’s not enough.” “We can both agree on that last part, but she is not the one paying me to train you,” the woman corrects the teenager without even seeming bothered to make eye contact, “Your cousin has requested that arrangements in your schedule be made so that your Quincy training becomes a priority. Needless to say, whatever free time you thought you had? You no longer have that now that your powers have been awakened. This area will become a hotbed for trouble until you learn to control your powers.” “Fine. Whatever,” Sibylle stated in an annoyed tone as she chews on some broccoli before looking down at the rice trying to figure out how she was going to even get enough to eat before they left. “Look. You can be a pain or you can cooperate,” Frieda says as her red eyes finally catch Sibylle’s silver eyes for a moment, “Either way. Your life changed last night and if you want to live you will take this seriously. More serious than anything in your entire life. Because now that you are spiritually aware, hollows will come here and I will not always be around to bail you out of trouble. Now eat up, you are going to need all the strength you can muster for today’s training.” The rest of breakfast was mostly in silence as the teenager struggled with the chopsticks and contemplated how her life had changed so drastically over the last week. “Normally we will be training in the gym here, but for today we will be heading to a nearby park,” Frieda explains as they get into her black Toyota Prius. About twenty minutes go by before they reach this park, during that time Sibylle remains silent as she looks out the passenger side window to the left of the car. There were a lot of buildings in the area to think there was a forested park like area nearby was a bit crazy in her mind, but the teenager shrugged it off as another oddity that came with being in a different country. The headaches were returning as she thought more about the ghostly man on the bench and being crushed by the white-masked creature the night before. Arriving to the park the two women exited the car so that it could be locked while they made their way deep into the more forested area. This was so that they could get away from gawkers, runners, and other normal citizens. “Today you will learn about Reishi,” Frieda states plainly as she steps into an open area near a small river, “But before you can learn how to manipulate Reishi, you must learn what reishi is.” Raising up her left hand like she had the previous night the pale-skinned woman reveals the black glove once again as she shifts her fingers drawing blue energy to her hand that formed into a bow. “Reishi or Spirit particles are the main component material of all spiritual matter,” Frieda continues to explain as she holds the glowing blue longbow to her left side, “The amount of Reishi found in the land of the living is much lower than you would find in Soul Society or Heuco Mundo. Reishi composes everything in those two worlds, including the Souls and Hollows as they have spiritual bodies. However, free Reishi can be found in places like this that are closer to nature.” “I feel like you are reading off a fantasy novel,” Sibylle replied as she squats down near the small river to look at her reflection in the mostly still water, “One of the books grandmother sent with me talked about demon spirits and death gods. The impact of meeting a Hollow has lessened somewhat by the stories I read in the book. You keep mentioning Shinigami or Death God a bunch, but I did not see one yesterday.” “They are around, but often they are too stretched thin or neglectful in recent years,” Frieda states with a twinge of ire in her voice, “Quincy and Shinigami have drastically different points of view on how Hollows should be dealt with. Because of that there have been many wars over the years between our two races. That is a history lesson for another day. All you need to know for today is that we do not get along and they are made of Reishi.” “Got it,” Sibylle replies half listening and half wondering what the body of Reishi would be like? How was it different from a human’s body? “Quincy collect these spirit particles to use for combat in the form of Spirit Weapons.” “That longbow is a spirit weapon then?” The teenager asks as she glances over her shoulder for only a moment before turning her head back to look into the water. “Correct, by gathering Reishi in the atmosphere or by channeling your Reiryoku, Spiritual Power, you are able to make spiritual weapons. Reiryoku is your spiritual sensitivity and willpower to manifest Quincy's various abilities from within. That is Reishi Manipulation, collecting these spirit particles from the environment around us then using that as fighting power. Powerful Quincies do not really experience a difference between Reishi and Reiryoku as a power source.” “So I just hold out my hand, ask for spirits around me to like me or until I find my inner power,” Sibylle replies sarcastically as she places her hands on her knees lowering her chin down to rest it on her right hand, “Still seems like something straight out of a fantasy book or anime. What do I have to do to be able to make this happen?” “This here is the Heilig Bogen, or Sacred Bow, is the traditional standard bow formed by a Quincy to use as their primary weapon. In order for you to create this you must be in an area with Reishi, have sufficient spirit energy to create a weapon, and a Quincy Cross. The Quincy Cross is a focus that gives you the ability to create a spiritual weapon. Without one you cannot form a spiritual weapon,” Frieda explains as the longbow disappears so that she can turn her black gloves hand to show the teenager the five-point cross on the back, “The Quincy cross is usually on a necklace or wrist band, similar to the one of your mothers. This glove is known as a Leiden Hant, or Glove of Suffering, that I can use as my focus. It has the Quincy Zeichen, or Destruction Symbol, just like the necklace represents.” She gestures at her own longbow to demenstrate some of the differences. “So you’re telling me all I have to do is hold my mother’s necklace really tight and I will become the next Robin Hood?” Sibylle replied in jest as she tilted her head so that she could pull the necklace out from under her undershirt and hold the Quincy Zeichen in her left hand. “Something like that,” Frieda replied with a long deep sigh, “That weapon will only be limited to your own ability to create and fire arrows until your stamina or there is no free Reishi to absorb around you.” Pulling the necklace up and over her hair the teenager uncoils her body slightly so that she was sitting upright, but still squatting down. Hooking the necklace around her left wrist so that it could dangle still she reached out to the left of her body with a straight arm. “So… like this?” Sibylle asks as she closes her eyes imagining all of these spirit particles that were around her in the area. Her mind took the ball and ran with it as if painting on a canvas focusing on her mother’s Quincy Cross becoming a longbow similar to what she had seen Frieda create a couple times now. Opening her now bright blue eyes and letting out a deep sigh Sibylle comments, “Guess I passed the first test huh?” Before her was her very own Heilig Bogen ready to launch arrows, but did not have any arrows to fire just yet. “Somewhat. Being an Echt definitely helps,” Frieda states dryly at the ease at which the white-haired teenager had created the standard quincy bow, “That is only the first two steps; Learning how to manipulate Reishi and how to create Heilig Bogen. Now you need to learn how to make Heilig Pfeil, or Holy Arrows, without passing out. Do you think you are ready for that?” “Sure,” Sibylle replies with a shrug as she stands up, “Not like I can go anywhere without you pestering me about this any time soon.” The teenager’s interest was starting to peak, but she was not going to show it just yet. The amazement of holding a spirit energy bow was still sinking in. [WC: 1794][Learned Heilig Bogen]
  21. The flight from General Mitchell International Airport to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport was mostly filled up with several books that Sibylle's grandmother had given her to study. The literature included advanced case studies on the human psyche in regards to dealing with the paranormal. Grandmother Ermelinda Opie was a no-nonsense kind of person, so this seemed a bit odd. However, she noted that the other literature included Japanese myths on spirits and death gods, a book about chakra, case studies on people claiming to see soul-devouring monsters, and all of the top tourist spots to see while in Japan. The mixture was definitely different, but she was sure there was some boring reason that her grandmother had thrown all of that into her travel bag. Reaching Seattle the layover took about two hours before Sibylle was on her connecting flight to Haneda Airport in Ota City, Tokyo, Japan. This leg of the flight was going to be another ten and a half hours. The teenage threw her headphones on under her long gray hoodie to drowned out the couple sitting next to her. The freedom to be out on her own was a feeling she was not exactly sure how to deal with as she looked out the small economy window waiting for the airplane to take off. Her silver eyes cast a distance glance through the slight reflection of her own face, she could see in the window. Pressing her lips together, the teenager curled up in her seat looking out this window while her music kicked onto the next song. About a half hour goes by before the flight attendants do their spiel about safety and what to do in case of emergencies. Sibylle only half paid attention to this, as she found herself lost in thought about what this trip to Japan was going to mean for her life. As far as she was concerned every moment of her life had been planned out by her grandmother to a frustratingly suffocated degree. If she did not know better she would think that her grandmother was trying to relive her life without any of the mistakes she had made. She did not really care for her grandmother's plan for her, but she was interested in getting away and possibly discovering who she was outside of that prison-like atmosphere. With the airplane in the night sky Sibylle allowed herself to get as comfortable as possible so that she could sleep during the flight. This comfortability was basically nonexistent, but she managed to get about eight hours of sleep before she woke up needing to use the restroom. She gestured to the woman reading a book next to her that she was going to get up. The woman nudged her husband waking him up, so that the teenager could make her way to the back of the airplane. Returning to her seat after her business was done Sibylle feigned a nice smile as she made her way past the couple once again. They tried to make small talk with her, but she simply bowed her head pretending to go back to sleep. The Pacific ocean was already starting lit up by the sun during her time asleep before, mostly as she could see when the skies were clear of clouds. Popping open book about spirits and death gods Sibylle let out a deep sigh. Guessing I will read this book now, she thought to herself as the music shifted to another song with a dreary undertone to it. She found the stories a little amusing as a thought experiment, but to think a whole culture believed that these things were real was almost laughable to her. However, she did like to understand why people gravitated to the thought of people having a life after death. She, herself, was not fully sold on what was next, but there was no coming back from the dead she knew that much. So, to cling onto the dead so strongly that they believed in ghosts and grim reapers was almost laughable to her. The pictures in this particular book painted death gods as black kimono wearing katana wielding samurai fighting evil souls with white masks of creatures attached to their massive grotesque bodies. To her this was just another way for people to romanticize death and their way to coup with losing loved ones. The human psyche was so fragile that it would make up just about anything in order to get by another day. Fooling themselves into thinking that they did enough to help during that person's life and that there was no way they had been negligible to the deceased in any way. At least, that was what her research and experience with people had led her to believe. Coming into Japan after what felt like an eternity Sibylle let out a long deep sigh. She patiently waited as pressure from the winds intensified outside. The airplane started to shake uncontrollably for a moment and then there was a sharp jerking motion as she cracked her head against the window. Her vision became blurred as the sounds around her of mass hysteria consumed her now exposed eardrums with her headphones slid down to her neck. "Are you ok?" The woman next to her as the teenager nods signaling that she was okay even though blood was trickling down the side of her head. Through the chaos the flight attendants tried to regain order with the captain speaking over the loud speaker, "Everyone please remain claim, we will be exiting through the emergency exits momentarily." Eventually a medical person comes over to check on Sibylle helping her get bandaged up as she waited for her turn to go down the slide to the rafts taking people to shore. The airplane had crashed in the ocean before reaching Japan proper. There were several boats and vessels nearby helping with the wrecked plane. Taking a closer look at the side of the wing appeared to have three serrated claws like marks that were unnatural for the wind or gunfire to make. The damage in her mind did not make much sense, but she also was not an expert on airplanes or how wings could get randomly destroyed out of nowhere like that. That is when her eyes noticed something moving in the water pushing past a boat as if it was a lumbering invisible creature. "Hey," Sibylle called out to the woman next to her, "Do you see that over there?" "Yeah, the waves of water are giving the rescuers a hard time," the woman replied as if the water being moved around was a natural phenomenon. She rubbed her eyes a few times before looking in that direction again and the shiloutte of the massive invisible creature was gone without a trace. Maybe I am losing my mind. That hit to my head must have been more severe than I originally thought, she thought to herself as she turned away from the wreckage waiting for the raft to get pulled to shore. [WC: 1177]
  22. Star

    Case Work

    All in a day's work The sounds of laughter music and conflict fill the room simultaneously beneath a light fog of smoke that cascades across its entirety. This room had every cliche expected of a cut-rate pub; the pool hustling jocks, a loner or two pouring their troubles to the bartender with each glass that reached its brim, and of course the few feeling so lucky as to score an endless need of their ongoing romance afflictions. Thomas resided to a group of his own off in the distance, as he sits upon a stool with a glass of whiskey half full and a mind half empty. His eyes lay dormant on the television above, and could only make out what subtitles provided him among the endless cries of his subordinates in the background. They howled like wolves in the night, as they celebrate the closing of yet another grand case under their belts. Thomas however didn't seem to share the same enthusiasm as his joyous colleagues though, and rather let out a sigh as his glass turns upright. There was a sudden tap atop his shoulder as he swallows to make a wince of dissatisfaction to the flavor of his cut-rate brand provided on this night. "We got another monster off the streets Treynor, why the long face?!" He'd never expected a friend to understand the overwhelming feeling of melancholy and solace that befell him, even in the streamlined advances of yet another menial victory in the unwavering battles. Still though, Thomas would turn so that his body faced the television in a way that allows him to more easily addressed this level of concern. "I'm always glad to lock-up another scumbag, but it appears we've got another series of unanswered murders on our hands." His hand lifts to point at the TV while he speaks, and the smile upon the face of his friend turns solemn while retrieving his arm in order to take a seat next to Treynor. "I know Thomas, but we mustn't let the ever-recurring crime dampen our teams morale." His colleague waves for the bartender to provide the duo with a refill as his arm falls rest on the table beside the glass. "Tonight we celebrate the victory of a crime-lords descent, and tomorrow we suit up like nothings changed. We mustn't lose hope just because they always strike back." Thomas made a light nod in response, and grabs his glass just as soon as his reaches its brim. He turns his body to face the crowd with an eye on the real hero of night in everyone's eyes, and his friend sat idly. He raises his glass high the air while raising his voice to attain the attention of the crowd. "A toast to Commissioner Weisley! The man who makes all of this possible." Officers and pedestrians alike 'woo' in response to turn their glasses up, and their drunken cheers would be soon to follow in superiority. As the group would return to their activities Thomas pushes his glass back to the counter and waves towards the bartender to signify he was done. Weisley held a bit of concern with his outlook as Thomas retrieves his jacket. "You know how I feel about you going solo Treynor, let me join you this time." He couldn't help give a smirk in response as he throws the trench coat over his shoulders. "We both know you cant leave a party where you're the center of attention, that would just be bad politics. Besides, aren't you a bit old to be active in the field?" Weisley couldn't help but chuckle at the joke as he waves for another refill. "Just be careful out there, we only have so many people who can handle the 'mysterious' sightings around here y'know?" With a simple nod Thomas made his way out the door, as billowing smoke pours from the pub behind his exit. The detective takes in a deep breathe of fresh air immediately making haste towards the destruction earlier displayed on the television. Between the constant criminal affairs and 'mysterious' destruction that waked the ever active town, Thomas could rarely take the time to rest these days. It were days like these that the burdened soul couldn't help but appreciate the fact that he could handle his whiskey. "Guess now would be the best time to test the prototype Weisley gave me." Thomas looked down at the watch on his left wrist and began to try and recall exactly how to use it. "He could've at least gave me a damn manual, all these fucking buttons." He eventually figures the basics out with a signifying sight before finally pressing the required combinations of tiny configurations. "Ahh." A light flash of light consumes his entirety enveloping his being for a fleeting moment, only to reveal a change of his appearance most suitable for one who wishes to remain unknown to the press. He would now look as if from oriental descent instead of his actuality of Italian blood, as well as having suddenly donned long black hair. The white garb to accompany this clearly suggested that the disguise was meant to hint towards his being another Cliche old to the town. He didn't have the time to ring up Weisley and scald the poor bastard for the thoughts he had on this new device, but instead needed to make his way en route to the site of malice with great haste. "Taxi!" The yellow cab pulls up with the driver having a rather peculiar expression as he rolls his window down. "The hell are you? Some kinda.." Thomas would cut the man off quickly jumping in the back and throwing a hand full of hundred dollar bills towards the driver seat. "Thousand bucks to shut up, get to central town in less than 2 minutes, and not ask a single damn question." The driver's eyes remain wide peering into the rear-view for a moment, but he quickly speeds off without murmuring another word. Within 30 seconds an ominous beeping protrudes from the watch catching the attention of the detective who awkwardly looks down. "Damn smart watches." After further investigation he could see a map of sorts pop up on the screen signifying they were approaching the 'dot' on the screen. "He never mentioned a tracking device, lucky break I suppose. Hell, as if I couldn't follow the sounds of destruction and feelings of dread ever-present." The detectives eyes peer out the window as his taxi turns yet another corner, only to reveal a rather troublesome even transpiring. "An open portal?" He lets out a light scoff feeling as though this would truly be an all-nighter. He couldn't help but wonder why they would leave a portal open, as they rarely used them longer than needed to enter this realm. Just as he was beginning to suspect a flood of disturbing beasts pour from the tear in the sky. To the common-folk it would just seem as though a series of unnatural unpredictable weather had occurred. Strong guests of winds forming from the town's center, followed by questionably precise 'earth quakes' that caused a rumbling of the ground and buildings in the surrounding areas. "G'Damned Daemons." His escorts nerves had become apparently worked up as the mans sweaty hands trembled and his driving skills had become questionable at best. Treynor would then roll down the window pulling out two revolver's from his white coat. "Hold steady fool!" He takes aim shooting at the variety of targets descending from the sky onto rooftops, and his driver would have since slammed on the brakes freaking out. "The fuck are you doing?!" Thomas kept his attention steady of the onslaught of beasts instead of dignifying the man with his attention entirely. "I said no questions damnit!" It was apparent that he'd either not provided enough cash though; or rather, no amount of money would make this cab-man willing to dive through this destruction. He let out a scoff and jumped out of the vehicle before letting it speed off and bringing his attention back to the matter at hand. WC: 1,351 / ?,???
  23. ^ Aiden ^ ^ Left Arm ^ Aiden looked at his phone as he took the time for his rest in between the sets. Mostly because he wanted to change the music, get something a little more intense to get him through the last set of his workout for the day. That, and it would help him to tone out the rest of the world. He set his towel on the rack nearby before he went back to his work out. After his final set, Aiden went to the showers and as usual he got the looks of people curious and not in the way the he would have preferred. As he went to turn on the showers, someone in the group of curious onlookers decided to interject, "Are you sure that you should be showering with... that?" It was clear that he was not sure on how to address it, and so Aiden's only response was to turn the water on and carry on about his business. People always had their questions, and curious thoughts as to how it works and typically how did it happen. Aiden was always willing to tell his story, that was never the issue, he issue would be that people were too scared to ask him directly and would always dance around the point. Still, it was not something that happened a lot, but it would be unfair for him to assume people would not wonder. Eventually he made his way out of the gym and into the fresh air with the sun setting in the distance. His house was not too far from the gym, which was a convenient fact for him, and he took the opportunity to walk home after the gym when he has time to burn. Some of the other guys at the fire station invited him out later, which still gave him time to hit the gym and then make it home. He carried his gym bag over his shoulder and pulled out his phone, making a quick phone call along his path. He pulled it up to his hear and listened for someone to pick up. "Hey Aiden, what's up?" Kento was the last of his family, at least of the ones he knew about, and Kento had been a great uncle to Aiden since he moved to japan. His mother's side of the family were not too keen about the child born with an american, but they made it work and Kento could care less about the traditions of the rest of the family. Especially after Aiden lost his father, a soldier, Kento moved to America to help and support his sister and nephew. He was even there for Aiden's mom when he wasn't during his time in the military. "Not much Uncle, just got some time to burn and was wondering if there were any high priority fires I can take care of in the meantime." Despite everything, Aiden does his best to maintain a good amount of enthusiasm about life. He learned from Kento to take life one day at a time, and helped him through his own struggles when he was medically discharged after losing his arm. "Well..." Kento was even the one who helped construct Aiden's left arm, even placing his mother's charm that she wore every day into the shoulder piece so that she was always around with her hand on his shoulder. "There might be a small fire starting in the shopping district." The time that they spent together really helped them bond, and Aiden always found a way to thank his uncle for the arm. It was something that the VA would not have ever been able to give him, and a prosthetic was not going to work with how much of his arm had been damaged in the service. This arm, was made especially for him and a gift to allow him to follow the traditions that his mother wanted. A mission she had since she met Aiden's father, as she helped make the world a better place one issue at a time. "Send me the details and I will be on my way." With that, he hung up the phone and picked up the pace. Eventually he made it home but only had enough time to open the door, toss his bag in, and grab his mask from the small table by the door. He grabbed his other backpack that was under the table with the mask and secured his door on his way out. He started to make his way down the street in a light jog with his backpack settled on his back. He would remove his wireless earbuds from his pocket and place them in his ear. He felt his phone vibrate and pulled it out, [You have a potential for a single low flame to appear in the shopping district. Call me on arrival kid. -Kento] A smile slid on his face as he increased his speed as best he could as he grew closer to the location with every stride. Eventually he reached nearby and jumped onto a ledge of a nearby building and used that to launch himself high into the air. He took a few steps towards the ledge and took a squat at the edge with his eyes focused on the area. His right hand reached up across his body and pulled his mask he strapped to the top and secured it to his face. He pressed firmly on a button that was right on his jaw line as lenses popped up and reached his eyebrows. "Kento, can you hear me?" His voice was a bit muffled behind the mask and sounded a bit off, but that was the point of this specific mask. "I am at the location." He looked on and saw several people focused on the shops in the area. "Yeah, I got you kid." Kento's voice came clearly into the earbuds, "Just sit tight and keep your eyes peeled. I am waiting for a signal of a breach." So Aiden patiently would squat at the edge of the building with the daylight officially gone waiting for his moment to act. WC | 1032
  24. Upon a dusty desert dune, materialised as if birthed by the air or sand itself, A naked being with the appearance of a young boy, his skin ashen and his eyes mismatched amber and ruby. The eyes of this young man-thing fluttered slightly but remained a solid still for what felt like an eternity though no-one else would see, after this wait this solid silence and inaction, the boy slowly blinked his eyes watering heavily, why he did not understand. He spent his first few hours on that hill looking over the sands, seeing little but finding many, he felt the sand below him, small grains of which had whisked there way upon his self in many less than comfortable places. It's texture a new thing to him as all things would be to the mind of something new. He didn't move until a day had passed, simply staring at the vast space that spanned deep in front of him, he saw the skies their light blue blurred to some respect by the newest feeling that entered and grew over him, that of a radiating heat burning, and the red ball in the sky which seemed to stand still upon this desert sky un-moving just as him, he wondered was he too a ball radiating heat , but he upon a sandy canvas brown, his simple thoughts still yet wordless, knew somehow that was not true and after some time of staring until the boy no longer could he closed his eyes and dreamed. The world was black when his eyes had closed he found it funny for some reason as he wondered whether the world around him truely did exist or if his thoughts, his mind, his eyes did make it seem as so. He stirred, his eyes opening finding more darkness, yet it was different there were things, he saw things, but that beautiful sky crystal orange that had shone upon him and it's beautiful accompanying blue canvas had disappeared. At first he did feel dread but somehow something deep within spoke to him. 'Be still young möröödögch, all is but a dream' Her voice radiated within his mind so soothing, so awe inspiringly amazing, it bounced back and forth within the confines of his limited psyche, he knew not what those words meant not quite yet but even so they filled him with peace of mind and safety. 'Mö-röö-dögch' He stood and took his first steps like a toddler guided by it's mother, the word circulated within him, placing itself deep within him before seemingly inserting itself as part of him, It was his name though yet he knew not what a name quite was. He staggered a while only moving two metres before collapsing upon himself, but as he fell he saw that crystal orange ball had been replaced with a white solid block that glowed almost as beautifully, and the sky deep black held some allure quite different to that of the blue canvas he had grew comfortable upon. After a few hours settled upon the sand once more he stood again to take steps further more. He continued ambling unguided falling and slowly picking himself back up for a length of time one would know as two weeks before finally he had found his rhythm and steps too did come as easily as the staring and thinking that occupied all of his time. It took a further 6 months for him to begin to feel an ache within his stomach and his throat, that of hunger and that of thirst. He suffered screaming, only managing to scorch his throat even further and allow sand to place itself deep within, his suffering lasted what one would call a year, he having long found himself collapsed unmoving in pain and thirst and facing agony, before thoughts cleared within his mind and found themselves embedding the thoughts of sustenance and of how to get it, food water, hunting, arts once foreign. Slowly becoming more than a simple doll of waking movement and pain he sought land of green, and animals of that which could sate his seemingly never-ending torturous hunger. Two months passed before he found that which he sought, fertile land, flat and for some reason words entered his mind, home and the steppe, being the most powerful, an unsuspected and unknown drop of liquid fell from his eyes, tears by which he knew not, for he cried truly for the first time 'Mö-röö-dögch, you must hide. your life they too shall seek, young one run, you have nothing left to prove' The land around him was flat, with sparse patches of grass upon a rocky steppe, a jagged rock cliff stood to the west about a kilometer from him and in front of it stood that which he had fought hard to find food, he needed strength and to rid himself of this never ending ache at the time he would sit again in silence and communicate with his own mind, thoughts words had slowly been coming to him giving him further understanding of life and the nuance of being. He contemplated how to act and how his actions may face the worlds reaction, how he may track well and how well and truly effective he could manage to get himself. But first he thought water, where there live creatures there lives water, he would soothe this thirst that parched his throat then he may find something he could scavenge. He seemed to remember a former life upon a landscape quite similar to this one, but in this other life he was not the only of his kind there were others larger than he and they showed him things taught him of the hunt but also of plants and berries and how to find food so not to starve for the good of the whole, his mind raced adrenaline perhaps, and though he had been thinking things through and words of strategy and tactical analysis too did fill his mind, he found that he had started running without even thinking to, perhaps this was the power of sheer instinct fuelled by hunger and thirst and the bare necessities of a living though not quite breathing being. Beside the jagged rock cliff, jutting through small cracks within it at times as if interweaving itself with the rock itself stood a stream of which the animal seemed to be using as a source of nourishment. to his thirsty throat and weary mind he found it the most wonderful sight for his sand and sun scorched throat. He wondered then why did he not breathe, did not all things breathe, he rushed faster than he may ever have expected, though you notice you move quite a lot slower than your eyes seem to perceive everything around you, you see the thing you had decided to hunt perk up having noticed you, it's head turns to you and rather than a concise flesh skin fur and bone it ears a white mask that almost seems to catch the light of things and glare off of them, it's body was that of a small deer lean and supple, it's fur a smooth coat, he would have thought it only a foal, but as it's eyes if one could truly call those slits within the mask eyes looked toward him it's body tensed and the fangs grew upon the mask, it bared at him and growled an awful shriek, he was hungry oh so hungry but this thing, it seemed it was too. It seemed he had fallen to the lure of a creature quite unusual. it's body now strongly muscled with bones snapping and cracking out of the creatures hide as if to surround it in a bone-y carapace to guard itself with sharpened points across it's level. It took him more time than he would have liked to stop his movement having already went far more than he would have liked, but as he was to stop he slammed against the creature putting the force of himself and it at direct odds, to his own surprise it flew through the air and into the rock face it had nuzzled beside though he too found himself spinning through the air, he felt part of himself crack and his breathing grew heavy. As he swirled through the air his eyes saw through the subtle telling of earth rock beneath them and he managed to pivot and land upon the rock feet first, standing though not unhurt, his breath catching him heavy he coughed and felt a pain like no other as if his own chest was collapsing upon itself, he continued to cough in a fit blood pouring like phlegm from a mucus filled throat, his mind swirled struggling to straighten itself and he vomited, a lot of the puke managed to find itself upon he himself with the wretched smell of a thousand dead beginnings. As he tried to recuperate and fix himself, a sound hit his ear that of the hooves, of the creature moving, his eyes quickly found it standing snarling charging, though it wore a mask he felt a huge wave of anger and hatred of blood-thirst beneath it's reflection, it ran but he could see it's movements rather clear, he managed to avoid it's first charge narrowly, his body not quite moving as fast as his eyes and mind seemed to tell it, he began to run towards the stream that cycled through the jagged rocky cliff face. it took him some difficulty to push the pain of his chest to the back of his mind but he eventually avoided it's thoughtful allure and charged the water, and as he began to navigate he thought to take a drink to nourish that weakened throat of his, and so that was what he did. Drinking from the stream pained him very much so and he struggled to keep it down both for the feeling of a red raw throat and what he would not understand were clearly broken ribs. He drank for too long and though he noticed the sound of the hooves charging him it took him yet again longer to react than his mind would have liked, this time however though he tried to avoid this thing charging forth he failed and it slammed into him again knocking him into the rock behind himself, his vision blurred and his mind blacked out for a moment he awoke perhaps a few seconds later finding himself face deep in the water of the stream, taking his head from the watery grave he looked up to see the fangs of the creature coming down towards him. He threw his right arm up to protect himself and the fangs sunk themselves deep within his forearm, causing him to emit a painful shriek, raising himself however he grabbed a rock from the stream in his free arm and with the full force of his power he began to smash it upon it's masked head, he hit it three times hard drawing blood before it let go of his arm, and made a light retreat, his right arm scarred with flesh torn revealed bone past skin and though he could lightly move it, it would be useless for the remainder of this fight. He took a quick look of the land around him the masked beast stood only 5 steps from him snarling and staring as if awaiting it's chance to bare again, through a crack in the cliff he could run through to the plains steppe again and perhaps if he ran enough he could avoid it. And yet somehow somewhere deep in his mind, his curiosity piqued and a newly forming competitive nature growing within him, Möröödögch decided he could kill this thing, he could win his deserved sustenance and also he could perhaps have a better look at it and maybe find out more about what manner of beast it is, perhaps if there was one there might be more and reason did dictate that the smartest reaction would of course be to understand the very little that he could, of course his thoughts weren't quite so deeply thoughtful as he still too was learning the arts of thought and thinking as a whole. He ran to the opening but taunted the deer like creature first and upon hearing it's moving hooves and knowing it would charge he turned to see it and made a quick turn before solid rock, managing to avoid the beast as it slammed with a furious thud against rocky wall with the full force of it's self, it let out a furious pained wail, that of a wild animal fallen to the trap of a hunter. He paused for a moment recognising this feeling and this sound from some previous life that perhaps some day he might truly remember, he spent almost too long doing so and put himself at slight risk as the creature began to come to it's senses, but thankfully he struck quick and true before it might react and retaliate with the anger of a wild animal trapped and cornered, taking the rock in his left arm and smashing it against the back of the creatures head repeatedly, with an almost anger filled expression he roared as his rock struck over and over and over across the nape of his foes neck. And so he collapsed upon the back of the dead prey, a victorious smile upon his lips for he was victorious. He slept there for three days before waking, his mind taking hours to fix itself from it's muddled confusion, once he finally cleared his head he noticed the beast had gone, disappeared, but he couldn't quite understand how, he spent further hours trying to conceive of what the fuck had happened for lack of a better term, before eventually realizing his hunger had disappeared too despite the creature having survived, it was unusual vastly unusual he understand not why he knew it was unusual but he knew that it was in fact far from the ordinary. He sat for hours upon that spot resting in peace. Hours turned into days and days weeks as he basked in peaceful bliss thinking little of import perhaps but always thinking, how else might one pass their time even wordless at a level far beyond illiterate and mute. He spent years living the life of a nomadic hunter gatherer though he never quite learned what it was he ran into that first time. As years passed more came to his brain further memories and an understanding slowly of words, and their meanings as they equated to the world around him, like an animal caught in the full term of it's own evolution his thoughts grew further and as his thoughts grew and his mind expanded did he find himself wanting to explore even further and learn even more for surely there were others like him spirits cast adrift in a never ending sea. He had now lived two decades and found himself needing more than this simplistic life though less out of a straightforward need for more and rather more so a need to understand more, for he knew more existed how else would his dreams so vivid cast themselves across the canvas of his mental space and supplant in him many ideas many thoughts and many ideas that could not possibly be simple imagination for the world inside his own world surely existed somehow somewhere and if not here something else definitely did. 'Möröödögch khüü, no matter what happens, no matter how the world changes and things become not quite what they seem never shall you fail, for you are möröödögch khüü, and no-one shall sully you my beautiful boy not even züüdlegch khuuran mekhlegch, and so too shall no warlord filthy or clean ever rid you of the dream.' WC:2661 TWC:2661
  25. After the passing of twenty of so years, twenty hard years, amassing power, control wealth, Möröödögch stood 10 feet tall a very large man with a dark complexion and mismatched eyes one of deepest amber the other purest violet, his body full thick with muscles built was that of a warrior, and that was exactly what he was now. A Warrior Khan, The Warrior Khan Of Rukongai, he sat in a camp he made outside of the districts within a steppe, it reminded him of the memories he saw in dreams, his camp consisted of multiple yurts, a kind of simple mongolian warrior tent and one larger more elaborately decorated tent which stood in a similar style this was his personal yurt, it stood open and he inside it on a simple enough throne made of wood, within his camp were ten men he trusted well enough to keep close, He wore simple furs he had taken from wild animals he had bested over the years, larger beings he thought could sate his need for challenge. The camp wasn't the largest by any means but still stood almost like a miniature village in these steppes, perhaps one looking toward it may notice it's layout and wonder if, a village or home was exactly what it was meant to be, and perhaps the Khan himself may openly accept such a thought, for he had emulated his dreamed memories to make it so. A large fire stood right in the middle of the encampment and 4 of the men who currently occupied the camp sat around it drinking and joking amongst themselves, they wore furs with small sabres and clubs sheathed at their sides. 'When are the women supposed to be coming along Uther, tis a bit of a fucking sausage fest at the moment don' ya think' spoke one of the men to another half in jest though through his composure one might easily tell he was also softly attempting to pry or inquire. The man he directed the question too was by no means a huge man but a scarred body of muscle and battle worn face easily made up for that in his imposing stature. Uther looked to the man who had asked and replied spitting on the ground halfway through 'They'll be here when they fucking are, drink, get merry and put your fucking cock away' He chuckled grinning towards the other two men and continued 'Filthy bastarding things almost bursting a hole clear through your pants at the thought of a woman Casek' Casek was a relatively smaller man lithe and young looking his hair brown messily worn in a knot that stretched back behind his shoulders. His face shone with embarassment as he let out a light laugh before seeming to drown within his own drink. From a nearby tree came another man laughing having overheard the conversation, a heavyset bearded bald man with a set of crooked teeth and a nose that had clearly been broken more than once and never quite set properly upon his face 'You should ease up on your brother Uther' his face held a serious gaze and structured appearance, that only stood for a few seconds before his composure fell and he continued laughing 'He's probably never lain with a woman after all, we were all young and horny once' he laid a light smack on Caseks left shoulder before sitting himself down beside the men and filling himself a drink. Möröödögch sat in a loose relaxed manner almost allowing himself to fall slumped upon the chair he held a large flask of Ale in one hand and his other hand wandered with a sheathed blade in hand as if he marvelled at it's feeling it was a large sword easily big enough that any normal sized man would need two hands to wield in anything remotely close to a manageable manner, the sheath and sword guard themselves seemed bare and rather unremarkable and yet, he seemed incapable of prying his eyes away from it. Beside his throne upon the tent floor stood a large pile of broken blades and weapons ranging through many types. he glanced toward the pile deep in thought his mind racing slightly in a manner, he could not be completely sure was not just a side effect of the alcohol he had been drinking, he began to fidget on top his throne, some looks crossed him from men he had taken in as underlings, but they quietly refrained from saying anything, knowing not to pry too far. One thought above all others crossed his mind and led to him raising himself from the chair and standing, he chugged the last of his drink leaving the tankard aside taking another gaze at the many broken blades 'None of them withstood me, so why yet do I feel so confident that this, most base looking thing, can' a look of surprise struck him almost as much as it might anyone nearby who might dare look. 'That it might not only hold me but also more, much more.' He had read quite a lot and heard quite a lot in the many years he had spent in this realm and had heard quite a few tales of the Shinigami, denizens of the protected Seireitei and members of a larger group known collectively as the Gotei 13, but it was not they themselves that his mind jumped hurdles through in thought. But that of their weapons, of the special swords it was said they wielded, those blades known as zanpakuto. He wondered was this weapon he held in his own very hands one of those things he had almost thought a myth. Shinigami very rarely were seen or even thought of to travel out to districts this farm from the center, after all they currently found themselves camped outside the districts numbered 300 to the very last one that held a number. Of course his true conquest had only really began this year, and he had quickly in a rather immensely fast manner had managed to subjugate the criminal gangs fully and take over control of the 20 districts this far out proclaiming himself Khan. Even now the districts filled with men who grew loyal to him and feared the name of Möröödögch. He thought himself not a bad man and so had of course tried to begin cleaning the districts of the gangs poverty and starvation that had covered these districts. And he had found it within himself to make sure the men around were capable of protecting themselves and those around themselves for he had grown to know of the turmoil these districts faced in what he now knew to be called hollows, vile beasts that rampaged through the poorer denizens and wreaked havoc that could not or perhaps would not out of abuse be met by these shinigami guardians self proclaimed that horded money and food and power and gave not freely to their people. A rage travelled from the huge beast of a man as he thought of it, and having stood began to walk towards the men of his that circled the campfire drinking and jesting, men he had quickly taken a liking to and thought to test and better, each of these men had been criminals before he met them, though as his mind shot through many many things, images flowing through his mind like blood vessels through veins, smells of rot of seared and mangled flesh. He could not truly find it within himself to place blame on them for how their lives were, after all the way this world worked, or if he succeeded in attempting a more significant change, then used to work. They were victims of sacrifice and he would mould them and already had begun to mould them into lesser khans beneath him, for they had what he viewed as the heart of warriors and that much valued aspect within that held sway over the worth of any being the necessary components to lead, but not just in name, truly lead well. As he walked heavy footed, his every step echoing loudly across the open plains, and almost quite cracking through the very solid earth beneath them he looked to the men and spoke aloud, attempting to hold the tone of his anger but not fully managing it and half shouting in his deep almost aggressively devouring voice 'Who found this sword?' he raised it in front of himself in full view though still sheathed 'And how did you come across it?' the men looked to one another, but remained silent, his voice rose causing what he had hoped to restrain himself from causing, a booming echo 'I said who found this sword'. They all remained still silent before Uther spoke up 'Honestly have no fucking clue sir, what's so important about it that has got you riled up', he held out a flask filled with booze towards Möröödögch . Möröödögch sighed slightly hoping to calm his own composure, it was not a usual thing for him to act in anger, though most would fear a man of his stature for doing so, he found it often worked in his favour to allow the thought of angry retribution itself quite a lot better than actual anger itself which clouded ones judgement. And yet some gnawing headache inducing feeling continued to poke at his brain, until finally in an outburst he unsheathed the blade. Almost instantly the throb seemed to dissipate, his head cleared and he found himself speaking without much thought 'Tsöliin elsnii uilalt, Tsöliin kheeriin els, Tsöliin dulaanyg shataakh , Tsöliin narny dulaan ' Around him a sandy shockwave erupted and as it cleared he stood now with two weapons one in each hand, his left wielded a mongol sabre with a sandy amber coloured blade, and on his right a large zhanmadao with a blade that shone a violet hue. He wore now a deep black armour that covered all of him but his head(the armour would be similar to mongol style but of course black and without the helmet). WC:1694 TWC:3195 Shikai Learned: 1694/1500 Shikai Chant Translation: Cry Of The Desert Sand, Sand of the Desert Steppe, Burn Of The Desert Heat, Heat of the Desert Sun
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