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Found 1 result

  1. 007: Blunt Trauma: Ryūnosuke vs. Baron Quadhorn PRT 1 [Continuation From: Welcome To The Wild's] ----- ____________________ ... RYŪNOSUKE's shadow danced on the ground beneath him, as he ran through the streets of Old Town Karakura; it was darkened by the glow of the moon and the LED street lamps that hung above and lit his way. Ryūnosuke figured at least ten minutes had passed since he'd left the Elites Dome and he hadn't even reached the Karasu river bridge yet. "At least ten minutes..." Ryūnosuke noted mentally. So, that meant it was now nine-thirty? "Still too late, way past curfew!" Ryūnosuke exclaimed inwardly. "Shit shit shit! Mom's gonna go ballistic." He could already picture his mother's absolute wrath descending upon him for breaking one of her only two rules. It was already bad, but it got progressively worse with every minute that he grew even later pass his seven o'clock curfew. How had he completely lost track of time? Well, Ryūnosuke knew exactly 'how' his real question was how he'd allowed himself to do so. Ryūnosuke could see the train station about half a mile off in the distance. The road ahead was completely empty and silent, but he could see the shadowy frames of people heading in and out of the station. The teenager reached into his pocket again for the fifth time in the last ten minutes, he knew he'd most likely find no money to buy a train ticket with, but he was having a difficult time accepting the fact that he'd actually blown all his cash on batting cage tokens. Sure, enough, his hand came out of his pocket, for the fifth time, just as it had done the four times before --completely empty. "Fuck!" Ryūnosuke shouted. "How could you be this stupid, Ryūnosuke?!", he muttered under his breath. No money meant he had to run the entire way home, which would take him at least an hour and half if he gunned it. Ryūnosuke was gunning it already; like his life depended on it. He was certain he could run the entire way, not at top speed the whole time, but there was no way he was going to stop; anyone well acquainted with Ryūnosuke's mother Mariko, knew he couldn't afford to... ______________________________ WC|365 -----
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