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What Ps3 Games Do You Like

Ryu Nakamura

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Oh, oh, oh, thats hard...

Dragonball Z Budokai 3 is one of the best, I still hope they make a Tenkaichi (3D-Arena).

For those who'd like to play it, but only having a PS3 and no PS2, there is a remake for the PS3.

Haven't bought or played that yet, at the release it had some bugs, have to look if they are fixed now.

Dragonball Ultimate Tenkaichi made a dream come true with the Hero-Creator,

but it wasn't that good as I hoped for, it never is..., the most part I didn't like was the Hero's Story...

I would say, if they mix up Budokai 3's Leveling-System, Ultimate Tenkaichi's Creator and the Arena and Fighting-System from (I think it was) Tenkaichi 2,

with every Character released for those games, it would be a damn awesome game.

Okaaay, uhm, enough with Dragonball now. XD

The Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm Games are quite nice, the Story-Mode of the first one was the best,

the new one is similar, but not that good at the "open world". Haven't played really far yet.

Heavy Rain is an awesome game, more a interactive movie,

I am waiting for "Beyond: Two Souls" at the moment, it's from the same Studio.

The new Tomb Raider is also a nice game, it's not like the other Tomb Raider's before,

more like a mixture of Assassins Creed and Uncharted, but still a lot different.

I have to say, compared to most PS2 games, the new PS3 games sucks, like FIFA and WWE (Smackdown vs. Raw),

ok they got better textures, models and physics, sometimes new/better features,

but they destroy a lot too with killing other features or changing the gameplay as hell.

I am not at home at the moment, so... that's all I remember for now. XD

Would also know some other good games, but I haven't these on PS3 but on PC.

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Now this will be hard seeing as I like alot of games that are on the ps3 includeing the final fantasy seires along with some horror games and other rpgsnow as for online multiplayer games I like the call of duty series

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The games I like enough to find myself coming back and replaying them are:

Fallout 3

Fallout NV

The Mass effect trilogy

I also recently tried a game called Journey, which I found to be a beautiful and cool game. It got a strong art feeling to it though, if anything playing it reminded me of Heavy rain. Not the game play, but the feeling you get that you're not just playing a game, but enjoying art.

And of course I have Minecraft for PS3 as well, it's a lot of fun, but prefer the pc version.

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i like battlefield bad company 2. the game play was good, and it was some what easier to beat then most of the shooter games. i love the one piece red world game. the same could be said about dbz battle of z game.

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