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Guild Lightmoon

Night Kuchiki

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Lightmoon is an adventurers guild that welcomes any Race to join it's ranks, so join if your a fun loving adventurer. The guild is in a pocket dimmension in between hueco mundo soul society and world of the living. The Guild looks like a castle/high tech lab/ temple/ whatever else you can imagine with that, it is in a forest by the sea.

All members receive a personalized wayfinder which lets them get to the dimmension that the guild exist along with communicating with fellow guild members



*GP=guild points*

E= 0-20 GP - 2 Links

D= 30-50 GP - 3 links

C= 50-100 GP - 4 links

B= 100-150 GP - 6 links

A= 150-200 GP - 8 links

S= 200 and more GP - all members linked

Guild master - all members linked

Night Kuchiki- Vizored -Lady of the Dark Dragon - Guild Master GP: 100

Arcana 0: The Fool


Vynx Celestin- Arrancar - E rank

Arcana VI: The Lovers

Shinoda Kuchiki - Arrancar - The Bloody Freaks- E rank GP:10

Kuchiki Halertje - Shinigami - E rank

Arcana IV - The Emperor

Midnight (Amber) - Fullbringer - The Sun -E Rank GP:10

Arcana XIX: The Sun

Ino Miyuraki (Fabled) - Hell Spawn - Lucifer - E Rank GP: 10

Arcana I - Magician

Vermillion - Vizored - E Rank

Arcana Death

Shihoin Jin - Shinigami - White Lightning - E Rank GP:10

Arcana XIX: The Sun

Omar - Vizored - E Rank GP:10

Arcana XVI: The Tower

Hakumei Seishin-Kuchiki - Mod soul - E Rank

Arcana II: The High Priestess

Yuuhi Kuchiki - Arancar - Crimson Princess - E Rank

Arcana III - The Empress

Miu Amaha Kuchiki - Vizored- White Flash - E Rank

Arcana VI: The Lovers

Rodin Han. Landegre - Bount - E Rank

Arcana IV: The Emperor

Serge- Vizored- E Rank

Arcana XVI: The Tower

Heonumaru - Shinigami - E Rank

Arcana XIX: The Sun

Raiga Kuchiki - Vizored - Sinister Shadow Walker - E Rank

Arcana IV: The Emperor

Sorin Darkblood - Shinigami - E Rank

Arcana IV: The Emperor

Chen Kuchiki - Shinigami - Shadow Dragon - E Rank

Arcana VIII: Strength

Liu Shen - Vizored - E Rank

Arcana VIII - Strength

Koshonin - Quincy - Zero - E Rank

Arcana XI: Justice

Emell Shidow - Vizored - Keeper of Souls - D Rank: GP 30

Arcana II: High Priestess

Jiro D. Yamato - Shinigami - The Shadow of Rukongai - D Rank: GP 40

Arcana XVI: The Tower

Tokio Sakuraba - pure blood Quincy - The Free shooter - B Rank

NPC no Arcana

Sino Black - Shinigami - Eternal Blue Flame - E rank

Arcana XVI: The Tower

Aiden - Shinigami/Quincy - The Afflicted warrior - E Rank

Arcana XIII: Death

Kaihiri Kishikage - Shinigami - The Deadly Whirlwind - E Rank

Arcana 0: The Fool

Dante - Vizored - Dragon Knight - E rank

Arcana VIII: Strength

Kaycee Kyoraku - Arrancar - Apologetic current - E rank

Arcana III: The Empress

RinKai - Fullbringer - Grim reaper - E rank

Arcana II: The High Priestess

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All right so I figure I better explain how Ranks work, you all start at E rank and to rank up you earn GP by being in events and other similiar things *if it isnt one of mine pm me and the address and I will give you points once it is done* now perks for rank up will be how many people you can link to borrow abilities from and yes any ability so if your an Arrancar you could borrow kido, or soul reaper you could borrow a cero from a hollow or even zan powers, but you can only link with other guild members. Now here you all go hands out there way finders *you can describe them* Night shows her which is a pink star with a purple crescent moon going through the top point then on the left side point to the two bottom points, with a red and blue dragon winding around the crescent moon. And the Guild mark. hands them a stampers for them to put it on *you can put the mark wherever you want just as long as it is appropraite and it is whatever color you want* Night shows her pink star on her right hand.

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So I am wondering once all the Fatal frame events are done what other type of events would you all like to see another cross over like fatal frame, some random adventures or such just put out some ideas if you have them *starts playing her ocarina* I forgot I had this

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