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Cell-2 Training Ground

Night Kuchiki

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  • 4 weeks later...

Night enters the training ground her commander haoiri flapping in the wind


the rules for unofficial sparring and events ^^

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OOC within at leats one of the spar post now let begin

Night looked over to her opponent it was Chen Kuchiki. She sighed wondering why he wanted to fight so badly, was it because she left the clan? well for whatever reason she decided to meet him. So Chen may I ask why you wanted to fight so bad?

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Night just shook her head I forget the squad you are in, well then if it isnt personal the I will see what you can do hado 4 Byakuri


Reiatsu: 90,000






Reiryoku speed:156

OOC note you can look up my description and stat and abilities under the character description thread here in Cell-2

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Night used third way of Shiho with her flash step leaving an after image to take the hit. His tactic was obvious as he was squad 11. Which most of them liked to always charge right in without thinking. Her mind working fast as always came to a choice use Hado 90 to hurt him and possibly end the spar now or use bakudo 11 horin to bind him. She decided to use bakudo 11. With her reiryoku skills she didnt even need the chant so while Chen was charging at the after image he wouldnt notice the orange tendrils coming to tie him up

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On the moment he hitted the after image of Night he quickly activated his Shikai , Kageno Roar ! His Zanpakto glowed purple and he became half shadow , the bakudo went right through him . Every attack that need's Reiryoku goes right through me . Chen then justed waited .

Occ : as i said i cant copy paste my stats :(

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Night just chuclked. Well sadly an ability like that required reiryoku and had a time limit to it which still left him open to her attacks. Burn the world Burakku Kasai. A black fire covered her zan and after it faded it looked like tensa zangetsu woth a pink flame design on the edge. Now you will burn. Black fired lance out from her blade aiming at the center of Chens chest. Her dark fire was special in that it even burned reiryoku, including the very reiryoku required for phasing like Chen was. So even if he was intangible to a reiryoku attack, her flames would still stick and burn his reiryoku.

stats with shikai

Reiatsu: 94,000






Reiryoku speed:160

Abilities used

Hono-basic fire attack

Flame control- allows control over my own fire attacks

Reiryoku Burn- Burns reiryoku

OOC a note for an ability that makes you intangible it can only last for so long so yes there needs to be a time limit. Oh and also then type out your stats it wouldnt take to long

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Chen just looked at the fire bal coming at him , he said : A little pain is nothing . Chen his body was covered in flames and it burned him every were , he just smiled while he was looking in the eyes of Night.

Reiatsu : 65,000

Speed : 130

Stamina: 30

Perception: 17

Reiyroku: 55

Strenght : 130

Class: Agile

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OOC will continue this latter as it is 3:30 am just respond to this when I post. Oh and also I will point out so you might notice but Stamina is how much damage you can take, my reiryoku lvl would have you knocked out with 1 attack that hits. Notes one did. Note you have a high speed which means your fast, but low perception so you cant even see yourself moving nor can you possibly see me move or my attacks reiryoku or physical. Consider these incase you want to re do your stats

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