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So, this nice little thread is for anyone who has unused, old, or new abilities and ideas for previous RP characters that they want to share/show off... or just throw out there for others to be inspired by or copy from. I don't think I have to say "DON'T post ideas or abilities here if you don't want to risk others potentially mimicking or full-out copying them" ... But I'll say it anyway! xD

"Please, do not post ideas or abilities here if you don't want to risk others potentially mimicking or full-out copying them. I would very much hate to see any of you upset about their ideas being 'stolen' or 'copied'."

Other than that, please feel free to toss your awesome ideas into... The Vault!... if you want feedback you can "axe" (that's how we say it ~Murica~) and someone is bound to entertain your requests sooner or later. Most importantly, HAVE FUN~! ^_^

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So yeah I really liked this idea and character but was too lazy to carry it out so if anybody feel like using parts of it then you're welcome.


Better a killer than victim

App Templates:

Basic App:

Name: Alexander "Carnage" Andersen

Age: 35

Personality: (5 sentences)

The key to understanding Alexanders psychology lies in understanding the difference between the man he was before the incident and the man he was after wards. The time before the incident he was a social and fun guy who liked to enjoy whatever pleasure and opportunities he could find. While still having this carefree attitude he was still very serious when it came to his work and activities that had any form of competition.

After the accident he changed, saying that the carefree and fun guy disappeared would be wrong. He was still there just buried deep down under layers of melancholy, depression and self-pity. He cut himself of from the rest of the world and the activities he had once enjoyed. Where he had once been fun and social he now become a loner with the feeling that nothing mattered.

Now after merging with the symbiote his mood changes often, circling between the man he was and the man he had become, making him a difficult man to predict and a hard man to stay around for a longer period of time. Along with this already long list of mental problems and instability comes the fact that the symbiote has a mind of it's own. While unlike previous hosts Alexander is able to control it through his training and the technology provided by the government, it's not without flaws. Where as he might not be controlled by The Symbiote he can still hear it's voice in the back of his mind, urging him to do stuff, giving advice when it's not wanted. This combined with his mental disability makes him a unstable and dangerous man. This also gives him the creepy habit by always refereeing to himself as we. Example "We are ready - I'm read etc"

Another thing that is important when it comes to dealing with those around him and to understand him is his training Trained first as a regular soldier then later both as one of the special forces and as the symbiotes host. Another thing that is important when it comes to dealing with those around him and to understand him is his training Trained first as a regular soldier then later both as one of the special forces and as the symbiotes host. He has an eye for details, constantly restless and looking for patters that might indicate danger, never really able to truly relax something that does not only effect him but also those around him.

Description of Character: (5 sentences)

The Human side:

When he is his regular human self he prefers to be dressed in a long brown coat, a white shirt, red tie and black trousers. His hair is yellow, almost borderline white and a constant mess, his eyes are dark blue. He has not real scars or other marks that can be used to identify him.


The other side:

When The Symbiote is activated Alexanders whole body is covered in the black tissue, as such his hair, eyes, everything is hidden. Making it very hard, borderline impossible to know that it's his underneath. Along with that his voice is twisted duo to the closer bonding with the Symbiote.


Bio(20 SC): Born in a small town outside Oslo, the capital of Norway Alexander grew up like most others. His family consisted of himself, his older brother and his parents, most of his childhood is unimportant. It was the stander deal, school, work, a normal life. At the age of 20 he was however finding himself bored of school and the life he had so he decided to enroll in the army. After his first year of service he decided that he liked the army life and in listed as a full time soldier instead of the standard one year of service. While being a social and respect collage to those around him he was also obsessed with his work. Training endlessly to improve his skills, the higher ups noticed this and he was soon placed in a special squad. During one of his many missions he was shoot and lost the use of his legs. Forever limiting him to a wheelchair, the doctors told him he should be grateful to be alive, but how could he be that? How could he be happy when he had lost so much?

He was a crippled, his legs useless. Needless to say he changed, going from an open and happy person he become isolated and tried to shut out everything that reminded him off the life he had lived. During this period of depression he also started to drink heavily, all in all he was a washed up wast when they found him.

He was made an offer he couldn't refuse, given a deal too good to pass up. As a former soldier and a very good one at that the small but highly advanced Norwegian army wished to make him part of a program to make new stronger soldiers. The fact that they approached a crippled and alcoholic man said enough, it was a hush hush program, they needed somebody desperate, somebody they knew wouldn't risk losing the chance to walk again. He was the perfect candidate, he saw the chance and the took it.

As part of the project the human was merged with a being only refereed to as The symbiote. It's origin a mystery and nobody knew much about it besides the fact that it granted it's host a variety of different abilities and powers. Quickly adapting to his new life as the host Alexander continued his training. Being a quick learner and always having taken pride in his ability to adapt he soon found himself able to control the symbiote and it's powers. From there it didn't take long before he was sent out in the field again, a part of him was nervous that he would fail. That his earlier trauma would somehow effect his battle capabilities, in the end he had no reason not worry. He killed better than ever before, he was a terror to his enemies. It didn't go long before he was truly worthy of the name his symbiote preferred being called "Carnage"

During one of the countless mission he came into contact with the child of two of the scientists involved in the Symbiote project, a young boy by the name of Rei Mitternacht. During their short meeting and the following struggled and fight to survive the symbiote spawned an offspring who attached itself to Rei. Seeing the potential the organization quickly brought the young man into it's folder and he was teamed up with Alexander. Going by the code names "Carnage" and "Dread" they were considered two of the most important subjects. Their tasks many, but their main mission, to go wherever they were pointed and kill what they found.

Race: Human (Symbiote Host)

Human (Symbiote Host)

Class: Brute

Incomplete Abilities(5):

Regenerative Healing Factor: Despite this, however, it is possible to injure him. Alexander is able to rapidly regenerate damaged bodily tissues much faster and more extensively than an ordinary human. He can however not regenerate severed limbs or missing internal organs. Alexander is also immune to the effects of all Earthly diseases and infections as long as he remains bonded with the symbiote.

Superhuman Durability: The tissue the symbiote is composed of renders Alexander's body much harder and more resistant to physical injury than the body of an ordinary human. Alexander can withstand high caliber bullets, great impact forces, powerful energy blasts, and falls from great heights without sustaining physical injury. (Of course this is as with everything else in this rp based on his stats, I'm not saying he can do this if he has 10 stamina it's just the general idea.)

Camouflage Capabilities: The symbiote possesses limited shape-shifting abilities in the sense that it can immediately change itself to appear as any type of clothing or garment that Alexander wishes. This also makes it easier for him to stay hidden and blend in in his environment. (This pretty much just means that people can't "sense" him being different or bs finding him)

Constituent-Matter Manipulation: Alexander can morph sections of his body, such as his hands or feet, into bladed weaponry such as spikes, blades, or axes. Alexander can also detach these bladed weaponry if he chooses to. For example, he often forms spikes that he expels from his body. The weaponry, however, disintegrates after being separated from his body after a period of about 30 seconds.

Skilled Marksman (army training): Alexander has been trained in sharpshooting and marksmanship from the Norwegian Army. In battle he uses two dual guns, both coded to his DNA meaning that nobody else can use them. Along with this he has formal training as a boxer and a soldier, Alexander is an exceptional combatant and easily combines his abilities with the use of symbiote powers

Complete Abilities(5): TO BE DONE

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Jin Wo-Lóng"The Savagery"


DESCRIPTION OF CHARACTER| Jin Wo-Lóng ( 龍之介 , Jin Wolon) is a Quincy and a member of the Wandenreich's Sternritter with the designation "S" - "The Savagery". He is currently stationed in Karakura.



ALIAS| "Jinny", 'Fukuryū" , "Savage Dragon", "The Savagery"


AGE| 26



HEIGHT| 177.5 cm (5'11")

WEIGHT| 62 kg (136 lbs)



OCCUPATION|Active Wandenreich Operative

PARTNER| Sister Yelena (Handler)

BASE OF OPERATIONS| Silbern, Karakura




PERSONALITY| Jin is brash, unhinged, and borderline insane. He has a single-track mind with a particular affinity for killing. Does what he wants, when he wants to --when he's allowed to.


BIOGRAPHY| Jin is Gemischt Quincy of half-Chinese and half-Japanese descent. His mother was a half-blooded Quincy sorceress and while it is unclear who Jin's father is, there are two known rumors. One rumor is that he was fathered by a shape-shifting dragon. The other rumor --the one claimed by his mother-- was that his father was a high-ranked Echt Quincy who perished during the war. After the demise of his supposed pure-blooded father, Jin's mother recused herself from society, she completely neglected Jin, and eventually killed herself.

Jin was immediately adopted into House Wo-Lóng, an foster home for low-born Gemischt Quincy orphans of war. The children that showed promise were trained as child soldiers and officially enlisted into the Wandenreich. Those who fell behind who sent to front line as cannon fodder as suicidal war weapons. Despite his unnatural aptitude for violence, Jin was one of the under-performers. He was sent to the battlefield, given a bomb and told to charge at the enemy. However, each time Jin returned with the head of a key target, the soldiers quickly realized that his life and unique skills would be wasted simply throw away in a suicide mission. They still sent the boy into situations he had next to no chance of surviving, but his death was no longer a direct order, he was given names and targets. His death was just the price of failure. Jin continued to make a name for himself all throughout the war until it ended. Afterwards he was assigned a handler and given missions all across the globe.




Dòngwù Zhàngfū [BRUTE CLASS "Devastating Blow" Cosmetic]: Jin channels Reishi into the form of a single-use weapon or projectile, most commonly a single shot with one of his handguns. The devastating attack is extremely deadly.

Lóngwǔ (Dragon Dance) [AGILE CLASS "Ghosting" Cosmetic]: Jin maneuvers across the battlefield with the elegance of a great serpent dragon dancing in the heavens.



The Savagery (悪質 (ジ・サビッジリ), Ji Sabijjiri; [Release Passive Ability]: Jin's ability allows him to continue to grow stronger and stronger the longer he is in battle. His innate ability to absorb Reishi increases in potency and directly amplifies his senses and his physical capabilities. However, the use of this ability has its cost, as it desensitizes Jin to pain. Coupled with his rash and sporadic nature, Jin often puts himself in positions that cause a great deal of self-harm. [x1 Black Sanrei Ability Passive] + [x1 Black Sanrei Technique Slot]

  • Jin cannot Full Block any attacks through normal means. | Enemies cannot Full Block any attacks from his handgun shots.
  • All Blocked Shots from his handguns are calculated as Partial Blocks except for those Blocked with Shield Techniques. The shots can be blocked but the bullets ricochet or the recoil causes injury. 
  • Jin has heightened senses and perceptive capabilities making him immune to all perception dulling and illusory abilities.


Savagery (悪質 (サビッジリ), Sabijjiri; [Release Passive Technique]: As a Quincy, Jin primarily absorbs spiritual energy from the atmosphere, and combines it with his own Reiryoku to enhance his physical capabilities and the power of his attacks.

  • Savagery Reishi is Reishi forcefully absorbed by Jin in order to power his unique ability and his physical capabilities.
  • Savagery Reishi is Reishi an inactive stat attached to the damage of Jin's shot attacks. It is only active when calculating the Clash Damage.
  • Base Savagery Reishi = Jin's Reiryoku
  • Every Turn In Combat = +1 Savagery Reishi
  • Every Loss/Tied Clash = +1 Savagery Reishi
  • Jin's MAX Reiryoku Cap Increased to (200).


Rènxìng (韌性 , Tenacity) [Non-Release Passive Technique]: Jin strikes fear in the hearts of his enemies with raw unmitigated aggression. He strikes with the fury and tenacity of one thousand warriors. A deadly and unstoppable force. [x1 Black Sanrei Technique Slot]

  • With the exception of Negative Release Types. All Stat Debuffs are reduced to 1/3 of their Potency. And last only 1/2 their full duration.
  • Additionally 50% of all Debuffs are added to the Savagery Reishi.


Gun-Fu (銃流 (ガンフー), Gan-Fu; lit. Gun Style [Release Passive Technique]: Jin has mastered a form of combat that allows him to expertly and deadly incorporate firing his guns in heated close-quarter and long-range combat. He combines marksmanship and gunplay with martial arts  and athleticism to out-maneuver and out-damage his foes. [x2 Black Sanrei Technique Slots]

  • Minimum of 2/4 Base Attack Moves each turn can only be utilized with his dual handguns.
  • Those 2 Base Attack Moves are Split into 2 Shots each. Each Shot does 50% Strength. They are counted as their own individual attacks that must all be dealt with separately. 
  • When Calculating the value of Jin's Attacks for Clashes specifically it is calculated as 50% Strength + (Savagery Reishi)
  • Base Savagery Reishi = Jin's Reiryoku. (For Example: Jin has 100 Strength and 25 Reiryoku. His shot attacks do 50 Damage and have an inactive Savagery Reishi Value of (25) 50(25). The Savagery Reishi comes into play and increases the Power of Jin's shot to 75 Damage if the enemy tries to Clash the Attack or if Jin uses his shot to Clash with attacks.


Spirit Weapon

Reishi Dual Handguns: Using his abilities as a Quincy, Jin can concentrate both Reiryoku and Reishi in order to transform them into weapons. His favored weapons manifest in the form of a pair of ornate handguns, with a design reminiscent of a Desert Eagle. The gun grips feature metal serpent dragon inlays. Jin lacks refined control of his Reiryoku and so he chooses to solidify Reishi particles into metal bullets fired from his guns. Using these guns, Jin can completely obliterate his enemies with endless gunfire.


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