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Urp Kyouraku Clan


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Since i'm the current urp captain of Squad 5, it shouldn't be minded much if the clan was moved to here, especially since it will also some activity here too :)

Members of the Gotei 13 can come here and apply for a place in the Kyouraku clan. There will be additions made to this topic in the future in the future. First, some things that are currently included:

-Come here to become a Kyouraku! The more, the merrier!

-Other clans are our best buds and they can come here to hang out with us.

-The clan will be undergoing several changes for the better and the efforts of our members is highly appreciated.

-Anyone who would like to apply for the clan must fill out an application. I'll show you what the template looks like and give an example. Also, you must give a valid reason for joining. I'll give an example of what not to do when applying.

Here is the template to be used:


Id number:


seat no:



Valid application, I'll use myself as an example:

Name: Kaycee Kyouraku

ID Number: 113512

Squad: Kido Corps

Seat Number: 5th Seat

RFJ (Reason for Joining): I want to provide great service to fellow clan members and give ideas that could help better the future of the clan. Also, I want to be with my friends and that special someone, I love cake, and enjoy the fun actiities that are arranged.

Bio (Please give at least 5 sentences so that we can get a good idea on where you come from): I was raised in one of the most dangerous districts in the Rukongai, District 79. In that time and the present time, I have been the head of the Kyouraku clan for over 500 years after the departure of the previous head. In the gotei 13, I have been positioned at least once in all divisions and was seated in a high position. I've also been a captain for a few of those squads. My most recent involvement with a squad has been with the Kido Corps. From that time and on, I have been working to be one of the greatest.

For the sake of keeping room, I just did a brief explanation on my bio. You can give as much as you want when you apply. Now for the invalid application (I will be using myself as an example again).

Name: Kaycee Kyouraku

ID Number: 113512

Squad: Kido Corps

Seat Number: Captain because I said I wanted to be and I want to have a high seat to woo the guys

RFJ: I don't know, I want cake.

Bio: Well, I was raised in District 79 of the Rukongai, I was also the head of the clan for like 500 years. I've been in all squads and ranked high and I was a captain for all of them. I'm totally in the Kido Corps and lead that group to crush all other squads. I'm totally going to be the best because I have an awesome life.

Don't be a noob and look down on others because you'll probably be hated for most of your time on BSE. Also because your app would be declined and you'd be banned from visiting the clan. Be detailed with your info. Who likes something as useless as a few sentences?

-Looks like this clan will have nothing to do with the Vandenreich now that the peace treaty has gone down the toilet.

ABSOLUTELY NO DISRESPECTING OTHER MEMBERS OF THE FORUM!!!! Or else you will be banned from this group.......

Threads Belonging To The Clan

What we have so far...

General RP:

Meeting Room


Hot Springs

Lab Area

Training Areas:

Underground Training Area

Prototype Dangai Room(For Special Purposes Only)

Will be updated..


Kyouraku Head






Aiden Parker

Kyouraku Elder(s)


Senior Members

Soby (Kyouraku)

Shizuma (Kyouraku)

Reekel Havok (Kyouraku)

Junior Members


Sai (Kyouraku)


New Members


Memorable Faces

Alvito Black (Kyouraku)(Joined the Reich)

Kaycee Kyouraku (Former Head)


Aiden (Kyouraku) (dead)

Arashi Moonscar (Kyouraku)(Has joined the Wandenreich)

Eniko(Kyouraku)(Has quit the rp for an unspecified amount of time)

Sasuke Vega (Kyouraku) (Arrancar)

Vegeta (Kyouraku) (dead)


Frost (Kyouraku)

Kynoia (Kyouraku)

Heonumaru Shizuo (Kyouraku)

Mortal Phoenix (Kyouraku)

Sorin Suzaku (Kyouraku)

Katsumuto (Kyouraku)

Aleksandar Ursulovic

Mortal Phoenix (Kyouraku)

Clan Jobs....

Chief of Security


Sub-Chief of Security


Security Staff

50 NPCs



4 NPCs

Gate Guardian

Sai (Kyouraku)

20 NPCs

Combat Instructor



Kaminari-Chan (Kyouraku) (Head Scientist)

12 NPCs


Emmell (Kyouraku)

2 NPCs


Reekel Havok (Kyouraku)

Clan Workforce Supervisor



Soby (Kyouraku)

3 NPCs


Soby (Kyouraku)

5 NPCs


13 NPCs


Reekel Havok (Kyouraku)

Assistant Workers

15 NPCs

Current Status: In Progress...

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Well i didn't post that so .... yeah :ermm: But i've said that i am a butler before. Remember the time when i got the feeling i wasen't needed in the clan anymore after someone took over my job as filling the tea and biscuits at the Mansion.

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And i think it's time i go to sleep... about 21:30 here and i woke up 7:00... at a free day off school because i got afraid of my moms warning that she would call me at 7 am... And i'm now starting to get tired of being bored...

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Why am I a junior I was a dam senior before I understand I didn't get a promotion but then you demoted me so I want to know what the heck dude, 2 seems like vegeta wasn't important enough to be on the memorable faces list

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I already told you the reason why. You tried to use Kaycee to increase your place in the ranks, and that's disgraceful. Also, like i said before, chances are you shouldn't expect to regain Senior member status back for a while for doing so.

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