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A town is suddenly covered in a forcefield that brings intense pain when touched but leaves no physical trace. All people over the age of 15(in the book its 14 but i wanted to change it to 15)have disappeared and some of the people there have began to manifest powers some more powerful than others within this forcefield there is no rain or weather at all and there is nothing bringing in water or food. The Town is in chaos and children are scared. once a character reaches the age of 16 they begin to see visions of their parents or someone they care about asking them to come home with them if not accepted you stop seeing the visions. lots of the animals are mutated and have powers as well like the coyotes can talk.Your powers may not be noticed until you have roleplayed a bit and depending on what they are might take a while to master the town in this rp is based on the fayz from the rp without all of the canon characters. There will eventually be hunger and sickness coming out part of this rp is about surviving and running your town you may be evil or you might be good whatever you decide. Okay now another thing is there might be random times where non power characters may lose a limb or something and gain something or just gain some ability due to the Gaiaphage. I or a mod will decide if the gaia does anything or what the coyotes and other creatures decide to do,of course you can still rp coyotes and stuff attacking you but you may not make them do something major like attack the town unless we say so but when in their natural territory or wherever they currently are you can have control over their actions as long as their is no bs such as you amazingly killing them all easily you can piss them off enough to do something major but we will decide if you have pissed them off enough. Gaia has a kind of leadership on the creatures other than the giant killer worms. Coyotes can become servants to characters who are evil enough and powerful enough to gain their fear in which case we won't have control of them any more.

There are also two schools that you may come from

The normal high school or Coates academy a boarding school for rich troubled kids

Coates academy is for troubled rich kids mainly but there are some who may be sent their because their parents fear something about them or just don't understand them e.g In the books a character called Dekka was sent their due to kissing a girl

Rules are as follows.

1. NO GODMODING if your power is strong enough to kill someone then you can but even powered people can die and you have to not just make everything jump into your favour they can still attempt to sneak up on you and stab you or maybe use guns to kill you if they have guns by then lol.

2.No being an asshole to people outside of maybe your character can be an asshole or whatever also same goes with do not take what someones character does personally this is an rp after all

3.Npc's may be interacted with by other characters but only in a minor way unless they get permission from the creator

4.You may have 2 characters but can not use them unfairly only allowing two to make the world more populated

Please don't all make characters with powers if it feels like there are too many with powers i will begin to use a randomiser also there may only be 3 four bars 5 three bars 7 two bars and 8 one bars

There are levels to the powers called bars.

I am planning on making a website based on the Gone series and this is sort of like a practice run i am open to all suggestions people may have

A 1 Bar ability is something which is not of much use and usually not noticable you glow in the dark or you can go without eating for longer

2 bars are better and more useful e.g ability to have immense strength in your hands

3 bar better again a really useful ability e.g super speed

4 bars are the best abilities allowed in this rp they include telekinesis and super heated light projection

App template








Notable physical features:

Personality:Not actually needed since you can let them know by posting also you may want to be secretive maybe you're a secret asshole lol i'm so funny aren't i? seriously i am asking ? like i really need to know because it would really help my ego and make me feel good and stuff you know?

Power:If you have one if not no need



Relationships:Characters you already knew npc or real people that your character knows

Starting area:You may start in a few areas which include:A class in the school or academy you can decide if you are in the same class as other people or not, You may also start in perdido beach perhaps at home or in the national park or the nuclear park as long as you give a good reason, You can also start in the guard base as a testing subject only a few may do this though have not decided on a number

Skills:Things your character is good at or is gonna be good at. You may only have 5 so think about it lol List your skills by how good you are at them from best to worst. Skills include Hunting, Looting, Craftsmanship, Hand to hand combat, Cooking, etc. etc.

Example app:






Appearance: Drako has jet black hair spiked with red highlights he wears a silver chain around his neck, torn and ragged dark jeans and a black shirt with a messy look and a few red stains near his heart. He has blue eyes with a scar on his right eye which is blind so he keeps it closed. He also wears a silver chain with a dragon on it.


Notable physical features: Scar on right eye

Power: Fear Inducement http://powerlisting....Fear_Inducement Drako has the ability to evoke extreme fear in others. It might change the targets perception to see something different than what is really happening. He is still there however and can still be hurt even if the target doesn't see him as him. He can not control it that well and it might effect his friends as well as enemies. He can not control his power that well and might be subconsciously emitting fear. His fear can effect him as well and his power plays with his mind making him struggle to sleep and sometimes see things that aren't there(pretty much his power is kind of happening to him as well.)


History;Drako was brought up in a poor broken family with a drunk and abusive father(His mother died when he was young). He went to the ordinary school until he was 10. At 10 he was forced to leave school due to his father during a drunken rampage cutting his right eye with a broken beer bottle leaving a scar and blinding the eye. Drako grew up hating life and a loner or a social outcast by the age of 13 his father had died in a car accident which actually made Drako happy even though he knew he shouldn't be. Drako had not been allowed to go outside much because of his father but once his father had gone he began to go out frequently even trying to socialise a few times but was just seen as the scary guy with the scar on his eye and blood on his shirt due to not having enough money to get anything else. Saddened by his rejection by society he began to drink and act the way people thought he should getting into fights regularly. He spent a lot of his free time listening to music. With his father gone he joined school again managing to get into the year he would have been in. He actually kind of enjoyed school even though he had the huge disadvantage of being half blind it gave him peace that he did not see in his normal life, No-one in school really talked to him but he overheard some conversations they would have about him theories people had some thought he was a killer others weren't so sure but thought he was trouble. Over the next two years in school he grew to really like a girl in his class but due to the way most people thought of him he would not act on them. He is secretly homeless and usually has to scavenge around to find some food to eat. He has nowhere near enough money to sustain himself so has wore the same clothes for the last two years without any chance of changing he usually sleeps outside of the apartment complex inside the town all of his belongings consist of his clothes, his bag, a sharpened pocket knife he keeps with him in case he is attacked and a chain his mother gave him when he was young as a good luck trinket just before she died it has a silver dragon on it and is his most valued belonging which he has worn since she gave it to him. He has been stabbed several different times but each time refused to give up and ultimately got them away from him.

Relationships: Haitham Braun: A student Drako has noticed a few times. He seems to stick to himself and be kind of secluded yet he is somehow popular. Drako is not sure if Haitham is like the others in his class only quieter or if he could possibly be a friend. He thinks most likely not due to everyone believing he was a cold blooded killer but he chose to stay somewhat optimistic,

Zero Kiriyu: Drako's only ever friend Drako met him at the age of 5 and continued to be friends with him until he was 10 when his eye was cut by his father. Zero was the only person Drako had ever been able to be friends with,

Fatty(Zaius Ohjima): A guy in his class he doesn't know the name of but has noticed being picked on for being overweight sometimes and has helped out by threatening to cut his bullies up or sometimes beating up one to scare the rest away.

Starting area: Perdido Beach HighSchool (i don't really know the american school system so i'm gonna say the one we use in ireland) 3rd year English class

Kyle Wilder: A little homeless kid that Drako cares about. He tries to help him out as much as he can sometimes watching over him and his mother while they sleep making sure that no-one tries to touch them. He knows it must be really hard for this kid and his mother to cope on the streets after all he finds it hard and is a lot older.

Renee Wright: The girl Drako has a bit of a crush on he likes here because she doesn't seem to hate him even though most others do. She seems to actually have no fear of him which he likes.

Skills: Hand to Hand combat, Physically and Athletically adept( free running and climbing), Toughness(Can take a lot of pain), Marksmanship, Looting

Here's a map of the the area inside the forcefield


And here's a map of the town itself


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Name| Haitham Braun

Age| 15

Birthday| 11/13/1998

Gender| Male

Race| Multiethnic (Native American-African American, Scottish American)

Appearance| Haitham is a healthy and well-built young man with fair tan skin. He is clearly muscular, although not to any extremes. He appears very well fed and strong. He has black hair and brown-red eyes (that turn bright red when he uses his Kinetickinesis abilities). Haitham often wears baggy black cargo jeans, a close-fitting grey t-shirt with a black long-sleeved hooded shirt, and forest camouflage army jacket, with his shirt hood hanging over the collar. Haitham also carries a black Jansport backpack and wears black Pit Boss 6'' Steel toe Timberland boots.

Height| 177 cm (5'8")

Weight| 50 kg (110.2 lbs)

Notable Physical Features| He has brown-red eyes that turn bright red when he uses his Kinetickinesis ability.

Personality| Haitham is best described as a lone-wolf and drifter. Generally, he tends to prefer to be on his own, even when in a group, despite being a great team player. He does what he can to live up to the positive standard of society while participating very little in the social norms. A young man of big heart, he is much more friendly and compassionate than he appears. He views powers as something that should not be used for personal gain and is very strict about when and how he uses his own --often choosing not to use them at all. Haitham partially wants to believe that he can be a real life hero, however he often finds himself depressed knowing that he can not save everyone. He is naturally charismatic; for some reason, people tend to gear towards him; making him a natural leader despite him not knowing so himself.

Starting Area| Perdido Beach High School; 3rd Year English Class.

Power| Kinetickinesis (The ability to control Kinetic energy) [Details to be added]

Bars| 3

Raw Skills| [Listed in order from most to least proficient]

- Hand-to-Hand Combat

- Physically & Athletically Adept: Impressively excelling in P.E class, Haitham is a natural athlete with great stamina. He holds one of the schools highest records for Long jump, ranked 3rd in the Mile Run, and 2nd in Rope Climbing)

- Swimming: Albeit by no means his favorite physical activity, Haitham is a very good swimmer. He can also hold his breath underwater for about two minutes.

- Cooking: Haitham is no stranger to the kitchen. On a number of occasions he has helped Mrs.Braun prepare meals for the family. He also cooks for himself and Keith when the Mr. & Mrs. are away.

- Craftsmanship: Haitham once helped Maylene's father Mr.Turner build a dog house for their pet dog Wolfer. He has very capable hands and is quite familiar with tools himself.

History| Not much is publicly known about Haitham, other than the fact that he moved in with the Brauns four years ago and started attending school in Perdido Beach High. He is actually the Braun's adopted son, making him the older brother of their son Keith, a fifth grader who attends the same school. Although by no means rich, the Brauns lived a wealthy lifestyle as Mr.Braun had a very-well paying job. It was a life that Haitham was not accustomed to, as he'd spent the prior five years of his life in foster care. Born Haitham Mullen, he never had such a thing as a father figure and at the age of 6 his biological mother abandoned him through unclear circumstances and the boy was admitted into foster care. Haitham was naturally "bigger" than the other orphan boys his age, however he stood amongst them as the oddest one. He was the only child how couldn't seem to grasp the concept of not having a real parent and he was ridiculed for it to the point that he began to isolate himself, convinced that his mother would come to get him and until then he had no need to socialize. One... two years went by and Haitham's mother still had not come to claim him. It was at the age of eight that Haitham finally gave up on her and started depending on himself as his only family. The following year, an incident in the foster home occurred. After repeated abuse and instigation from a few of the other orphan boys, the young and somewhat depressed Haitham exploded. In a fit of rage, he single-handedly pummeled all six of his abusers by completely overwhelming them with his natural strength and build. The fury ended only when 4 of the children's care takers were able to subdue the nine-year old tank who would burst into emotional tears right afterwards. Although he'd cried for the first time in 3 years that day, it was also the day that Haitham realized his natural strength and the feeling that he belonged alone. Two years later, Mr. & Mrs. Braun came to the foster home and were immediately captured by Haitham's calm, lonesome, and docile nature as well as his naturally healthy appearance. It was on that day the he became a member of the Braun family.

At first, Haitham felt very much out of place, even though to him the Braun household was just another foster house, the Mr. & Mrs were like the care takers and Keith was another orphan boy, one that was treated with much love nonetheless. Many times the Brauns would try to rub Haitham out of his solitude and tensity. Mr.Braun would take him with him to work and on fishing trips and Mrs.Braun would try to fill the cavity in motherly love that Haitham's biological mother had left and that had grown over the past years. For a long time they seemed to have no results, until the day that Haitham defended Keith and the neighbors daughter Emily from a stray dog during a beach trip. Only 10 years of age, he stood between that canine as it snarled at the two toddlers. The dog then changed, only to be punched in its sensitive nose (Haitham knew dogs noses were sensitive from a prior conversation with Emily's father, who owned a German Shepard). Instantly the dog flinched back and Hiatham locked his arms around its throat, pinned it down for a moment and then released it to cower away. The Brauns and Turners were particularly fascinated by Haitham's utter bravery and great strength and were never short in praising him, however, Haitham soon returned to his lone wolf persona. Very rarely ever showing desire to be the big brother figure to Keith.


Keith Braun: Haitham shares somewhat of a complicated relationship with Keith. Although the younger looks up to him a tremendous deal and wants to be exactly like him --mostly because of Emily Turner, Keith's crush-- Hiatham seldom takes initiative to spend time with Keith. In school Keith constantly brags about being Haitham's brother, while Haitham tends to ignore any questions posed about his relation to Keith. In school, the two barely talk because Keith is very social and Haitham tends to steer clear of crowds all together. Emily Turner is inadvertently a factor that causes Keith to be somewhat jealous of Haitham. He shows this especially whenever Emily comments about or praises Haitham. Keith's random moments of hostility or goofiness often annoy Haitham, sometimes leading him to avoid Keith entirely. Nonetheless, Haitham does consider Keith as family and someone he would protect with his own life and in his own way he tries to set a good example for him. (Keith to Haitham) "Sometimes, it really annoys me how I can run my mouth for hours on in and most people won't even care, but you do nothing and people want to gawk over you. It's aggravating."

Emily Turner: Emily is Keith's childhood friend and classmate. Despite being 3 years younger than him, Emily has been severely infatuated with Haitham ever since hearing about the incident with the stray dog on the beach. Since then she has spent a great deal of time obsessing over Haitham, much to Keith's annoyance. She often confesses her love and even admits to hanging out with Keith mostly to get Haitham's attention --which doesn't really work. She praises Haitham for being brave, handsome, strong, docile, and most of all mysterious and hard to catch. She also behaves awkwardly around him. Personally, Haitham considers Emily to be Keith's friend and as such someone he has to look out for. Nothing more. In no way at all has he shown any signs of being aware or caring about Emily's crush on him. While Emily will also priase that Haitham understands a girl's heart, Haitham will quickly affirm that he understands nothing of the girl and her ways. He would then candidly carry on with his own business. (Emily to Keith about Haitham) "You think he'll notice my new shoes, he's just so charming and mysterious. God, what I'd give just for him to give me a heartfelt look... *sigh*... I'm not even sure why we hang out if Haitham never sees me anyway."

Maylene Eastwood: A female classmate of Haitham's that he may have interest in. While it may seem apparent that Maylene shares those feelings neither of the two make any advances, especially not Haitham.

Zaius Ohjima: A classmate of Haitham's who Haitham tends to compare to himself due to Zaius's tendency to also be a loner. Although he never really confronts Zaius, Haitham tends to consider defending him from bullies who ridicule Zaius for being overweight.

Renne Wright: Is a female classmate of Haitham's. As he doesn't socialize much around the school, Haitham doesn't no much about her besides her name and that she seems more mature than a lot of the other teens. She is also the older adopted sister of one of Keith's classmates; making them both similar in that regard.

Drako: Of all his classmates, Drako is the one that Haitham has had no choice but to be a bit more familiar with due to the arrays of gossip that seem to revolve around him. While other appear frightened by Drako, Haitham is more unconcerned despite knowing the rumors that Drako and his background. Haitham has no particular opinion of Drako, however he does acknowledge that his life must be rough.

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Name: Michal Cromwell

Age: 15

Birthday: 25.09.1998

Gender: Male

Race: half German half Japanese

Appearance: He has black hair. At the front it end at his eye browns on the back it nearly goes to the shoulders. He wears and black hoody and torn brown jeanse and an black t-shirt. He has violet eyes and looks like he went though some training to make him stronger. He isn't to muscular but also not to slim. He's something in the middle.

Height: 180cm

Weight: 68

Notable Physical Features: Has an big scar on his chest

Personality: He seems to be always nice. He is a guy that will always try to get along with everyone. If you would give him a role in a group it would be the guy that always hold everything together and ends every fight inside the group. But when he gets realy pissed of he seems to turn into an insane monster.

Power: Teleportation. Can teleport anywere he has been before and can fully remember the place. He also can teleport to any place he can see and fully imagine in his head. If he can't fully remember or imagine the place he want to teleport to he can't teleport there. It's an realy strenuous ability and with that he won't be abel to teleport over and over again.


Raw skills:

-Armed combat (favorite knifes)


-Physically and Athletically Adept




Michal was a normal kid. He had an loving mother and an caring father. One day the army came to his house and offered him a scholarship for some military academy. His parents were happy but Michal didn't knew if he wanted to go there. His parents left Michal no choice sending him to that academy, Michal was already angry about that but then he found out that the academy was in reality and testing facility for special abilitys. Michal was put into a small room and brought to a testing room were he had to do one test after another untill he collapsed. They put him through all kind of tests giving Him a girant trauma. In the last test before fayz something went wrong. Michal used to much energy and ended up in a small coma. When he woke up again he remember nothing. It was just an empty facility. He didn't knew his name neither his ability. Michal learns his name from the dog tag around his neck- For some reason he couldn't explain he knew everything he needed to survive. Michal also fears that testing room for a reason he doesn't know. Because of an accident Michal learned about his ability but he isn't used to it and also dislikes that strenuous ability.

Relationships.: N/A

Starting area: The medical level of the test facilitys, laying in a bed.( the guard base)

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App template

Name: Kyle Wilder

Age: 10

Birthday: June 1st

Gender: Male

Race: Biracial (mixed with black and white)

Appearance: Kyle is a small kid with tan skin. Has slightly curly black hair and dark brown eyes that turn blue when he's using his powers.

Height: 4 ft 5in.

Notable physical features: Small black mole on the left side of his face near his nose. Small scar on his right eyebrow

Personality: Kyle is a nice and humble young boy. He and his mom are homeless and has spent most his short life scavenging on the streets. He is quick to help his mom when every need. He looks at life as everything happens for a reason and doesn't feel bad or anything really about being homeless, its just the life he was meant to live.

Power: Healing Hands. Can heal when touching a wound. He can heal himself or others and can regrow limbs or replace limbs but its extremely taxing and consumes alot of energy. He also has the ability to cure most diseases. He starts with no knowledge of his powers.

Bars: 4 Bars

Raw skills: Parkour / Urban running, outdoor survival, sneaking, street fighting, photographic memory



Allen Wright- one of the only people kind and friendly towards Kyle and did not judge him for being homeless.

Drako- is a role model for kyle. he is alway offering him and his mom food even when others would pretend we were invisible. He also taught him the basics of fighting and self defense

Starting Area: perdido beach outside the apartments dumpster.

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Name| Zaius Ohjima

Age| 15

Birthday| Unknown

Gender| Male

Race| Chinese American

Appearance| Zaius is considered overweight by most standards. He stays somewhat active, therefore he maintains some muscle tone, though not much. He has long black hair with streaks of red, blue and green stretching halfway down his back. Zaius wears a tattered pair of cargo shorts, a long sleeve t-shirt and a worn pair of sneakers. Due to a genetic abnormality inherited from his mother, Zaius has two different colored eyes; his left is light blue, while his right is a slightly discolored hazel/yellow

Height| 5'7

Weight| 180 lbs

Notable Physical Features| He has two different colored iris' and strange symbols tattooed on his palms

Personality| Zaius is somewhat antisocial due to the fact that he was ridiculed growing up with his weight issues. He wants to give people the benefit of the doubt, though he usually finds that most people have inherent evil in them. Zaius strives to stay on the right side of the tracks, though he has had his fair share of encounters with authority. He desperately wants to be accepted by his peers, though most of either ignore him or make jokes.

Starting Area| Perdido Beach High School; 3rd Year English Class

Power| Elemental Control: Fire (Zaius can control the element of fire. He can conjure fireballs with his hands, as well as using his palms as a flamethrower. He can also make fires spread or make them recede and die out.)

Bars| 3

Raw Skills|(Listed in order from most to least proficient)




~Toughness (In terms of being able to take a beating)

~Solving puzzles

History| Zaius has very little memory of his life before his appearance in Perdido Beach. He only has fragmented memories of his parents, though none of them actually contain a tangible picture of what his parents actually look like. Some of his fragmented memories of his parents include a trip to some sort of fair, where a stout man who appeared to be Zaius' father won a stuffed giraffe for him. There is another memory of a woman who Zaius assumed to be his mother, tucking him into bed one night before he went to sleep, clutching his stuffed giraffe. The one memory that disturbs Zaius greatly is the only one that he can recall with great detail. In this memory, Zaius is kidnapped from his elementary school classroom and taken to some sort of underground facility. In this facility, Zaius is tortured and experimented on almost daily. The young man is poked and prodded with needles of all sizes, hooked up to machines that measure his brain waves and is forced to endure rigorous hours of training. The only thing Zaius cannot recall is what sort of training he was being forced to participate in. The final piece of this terrible memory, is when the young man has strange symbols forcibly tattooed on the palms of his hands. His memories after that point cease, until he awakes from a comatose state behind a gas station directly off of a highway.

When he awakens, Zaius is dazed and confused. The young man tries to leave the area to the northeast, but is stopped by some strange object that is invisible to the naked eye. Upon repeated attempts to leave the area in different directions, Zaius quickly realizes that he is somehow trapped in Perdido Beach...maybe for good. Whatever the case, Zaius decides that if he is trapped in this town, he might as well make the best of the situation. Finding an empty boat in the local marina, Zaius decides to make this vessel his new home. Perhaps the owner of the boat became trapped outside of the town the same way that Zaius became locked up inside of it. At any rate, Zaius spends the next three years on this boat, getting by the only way he knew how...begging and stealing. To live as much of a normal life as possible, Zaius enrolls in Perdido Beach High School after one year not leaving the marina. The young man spends the next two years of his life being ridiculed for his weight issues and the strange markings on his palms. In his third year at Perdido Beach High School, Zaius wants to spend his time trying to make some friends and trying to recover some more definitive memories of his past.

Relationships| Drako: Zaius has seen this young man around the area of Perdido Beach quite a few times. He is under the impression that Drako does not have a place to stay, due to the fact that he is very unkempt and carries a knife on his person at all times (which fightens Zaius tremendously)...possibly for his own protection. For the life of him, Zaius cannot figure out why Drako has sometimes threatened the bullies who pick on him. Due to Zaius' extreme anti-social tendencies, he us unable to voice that he appreciates Drako's help whenever it comes...despite the fact that Drako makes him feel uneasy.

Haitham Braun: Zaius does not know Haitham...but has seen him nearly step in on occasion to help when he is being picked on. While Haitham has never actually done so, Zaius appreciates the sentiment regardless. The young man sees himself and Haitham as similar in the fact that they are both loners. Moreover, Zaius cannot help but feel drawn to Haitham, feeling that the unknown student in his class is somehow a natural leader...despite the fact that he does not know him.

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also just thought i should mention your characters do not have to be big extremely brave people who are not psychologically effected by this event your character can still be scared and become a badass or a leader or whatever no shame in being sad no shame in fear your characters are only human after all :)

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xenegon good work but you will have to explain your power more just so we can make sure it fits in and isn't op or something if you have any questions or whatever you can ask me in chat if you'd like :) also 16 is too old lol

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Actually forgot to mention people can start in other places if they have a reason other than the school or coates academy like in the guard base there was a testing area where the army were running tests on people who were showing special abilities before the fayz happened

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The Hero?

Underneath this mask there is more than flesh, there is an idea and ideas are bulletproof


Name| Stein Nevskii

Age| 15 when the accident happens.

Birthday| 28/06/1999 D.M.Y

Gender| Male

Race| Human

Starting Location| Coats Academy, student dorms, on the bed reading comics.


The Human side: You're just like everybody else?

When he is his regular human self he prefers to be dressed in a long brown coat, a white shirt, red tie and black trousers. His hair is yellow, almost borderline white and a constant mess, his eyes are dark blue and his skin pale white. Stein is slender but well built, the time he spent both playing sport along with as a constant thrill seeker have made him in a good shape. He is a above average hight standing at 185 cm,making him a head higher than most people.


The other side: What kind of clown are you?

When the need arises and there are fighting to be done Stein will change how he looks and hide his identity behind his a mask and become the self proclaimed super hero Carnage. The only real difference is his mask which is white with black inc splats that moves around due to the heat and temperature making it seem alive.


Height| 185 cm

Weight| 84 kg

Notable Physical Features| None


Positve - You're kinda nice.

• Speak no lies. While having gotten into his fair share of fights and otherwise having a bad relationship with rules and restriction there is one thing he doesn't do. Lie, to him it's a cowardly thing to do and is the same as admitting that you're afraid which is something he refuses to be. This however is not to be mistaken for fearlessness.

"If you lie then you're afraid to face the truth"

• Protective: While he might be considered a selfish person by those around him he is very protective of those he take a liking to.

"What's the point if you have nobody around you to enjoy the time with"

• Team player: Having both been active in sport along with used to taking risks he values team mates and know that they're valuable and can mean the difference between success and failure.

"If you can't work in a team you'll never reach the top"

Negative - Nevermind you're bad.

• That Rush: Having been an extreme sport athlete and soldier Stein doesn't feel fully alive unless he has adrenaline rushing through his body. This can be achieved both through competition and danger. This can in worst case lead him into taking as high calculated risks as possible, underestimating his opponent and seek out fighting and dangers.

"Those that have never stood on the edge and jumped haven't lived"

• Power: The only reason Stein needs to take something is that he can, if he's the strongest why wouldn't he take what he can?

"It's yours if you can hold on to it, if not then it's mine"


Constituent-Matter Manipulation: Stein can morph sections of his body, such as his hands or feet, into bladed weaponry such as spikes, blades, or axes. Stein can also detach these bladed weaponry if he chooses to. For example, he often forms spikes that he expels from his body. The weapons however, disintegrates after being separated from his body after a period of about 30 seconds. He can only change one part of his body at the same time, like both his hands or both his feet.

Bars| 4

Raw skills|

Strong willed "Being borderline psychopathic Stein will go above and beyond normal people, nothing short of being beaten to a bloody pulp will stop him from achieving something once he sets his mind to it. This combined with his goal of being a hero drives him to never stop nor compromise to do what he means has to be done"

Brawler "Always being an adrenaline junky Stein have picked fights in the past simply to feel the rush, to still have a decent set of teethes he has learned pretty good how to fend for himself.

Athlete "Adventure is in his blood an from an early age Stein has always been active, always the one furthers up the tree or mountain, always the first to run after the ball. As he grew older he has only become more and more active and is in a good shape"

Stealthy "Having been obsessed with comic books heroes such as batman he has always placed an importance on moving silently. As such he likes to stick to the shadows and hide until he's ready to strike"

Creativ "Having made his own "super hero costume" Stein is creative, always finding new ways to express himself, through painting, music or any other form he takes a liking too."


There is no hidden darkness or some great tragedy in Stein's past, no killed parents or dead girl friends. Born in a small town outside Oslo, the capital of Norway Stein grew up like most others. His family consisting of himself, his older brother and his parents. His parents were good people doing their best to teach their values to their two sons. It was the stander deal, school, work, a normal life, at least that was what his parents wanted. Not him though, at the age of 14 he was however finding himself bored of school and the life he had. Seeking adventure and an escape from the normal everyday routine he ran away from home. Looking for something more he tried a large amount of different extreme sports. Ranging from skydiving, base jumping to extreme skiing, almost a year passed where he did little else than travel the world looking of the next adrenaline rush. However in the end the money dried up, with his parents tired of loaning him money for more and more reckless stunts he had little choice but to return home.

They had allowed him to do as he wanted for almost a year, hoping that in the end he would see reason and return of his own free will. However going back to school and everyday life was the last thing the adrenaline junky wanted. While they were rich and privileged they did not want their son roaming around, doing whatever he wanted without a proper education. One day when he got back to the small place he was able to rent by paying cash his parents along with local authorities were waiting for him and he was brought back home. Needless to say their decision to bring him back home wasn't popular and the young man was furious, lashing out at everything around him. In the end his parents saw no other option then to send him to the Coates academy hoping that the change of environment along with strict teachers would bring him back on the right track. Isolating himself from most of his class he seeked entertainment in comics now that he could no longer travel around the world to get an adrenaline rush.

Reading comics become a way to distance himself from his boring school life and he spent a lot of time dreaming about being a hero, to be able to fight with incredible powers against other superpowered beings. He become obsessed with superhero comics, so when the incident happened he reacted very differently from most.

Always having dreamed off being a superhero he embraced his powers and the changes, he had long since stopped caring about the normal life. He longed for change, for a chance to fight and make his own destiny. He didn't care about the old and boring world, he wanted something new. So as every hero he made himself a costume, however limited on resources he only made a mask and used his normal clothing.

At the current time he loves the fact that they're cut of from the rest of the world and is looking forward to a true fight. However he have only the glorified comic books as experience, how will his naive dreams fare agains the dangers awaiting?

Is he really a hero to out to save people or is it all just a hunt for the next adrenaline rush?

Relationships| N/A

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Name: Mary Dotter

Age: 15

Birthday: August 19

Gender: Female

Race: French

Appearance: She's tall and thin, has long brown hair and green eyes. She always wears blue jeans and black flat boots, and a grey singlet under a tartan undershirt.

Height: 1.75m

Notable physical features: Because of her height, she often bows to talk to other people, so she walk with her back hunched.

Personality: She is a bit lonely and selfish, considering other people like the NPC of the video games she loves, and sometimes analyzing them in an anthropologic way. But when she finds a friend, it is rare enough for her to become extremely loyal. She is french, so her english is not perfect, and she often hesitates when she's speaking, and sometimes swears in french when she's upset. She loves to read, play video games, sleep, cats, and chocolate.

Power: She can create mini-earthquakes, more like tremors. She can't control this power very well, but she finds it very funny.

Bars: 2

History: Only daughter of a french couple, she has studied in France until last year. When the family moved to California, she was excited : she thought she would see all the famous actors of her favorites movies the first day, and eat fast food everyday ! But she was disappointed, and finally, she finds her new life quite boring.

Relationships: None.

Starting area : Refectory of Perdido Beach High School, 3rd year.

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Name- Chandra Belle

Age- 15.5

Birthday, - June 6th

Gender- Male

Race- Caucasian, French,

Appearance- Very pale, clear skin. Lovely long, black hair. His eyes are crystal blue. He stands at a height of 5’10. He is very thin, this is due to a high metabolism but none the less he is also solid. His facial features are rather sinister in a way, just having a calm look about them, his eyes though make him seem evil in some ways.

Power- absolutely none.

Bars- well…. Yea.. none..

History- Chandra Belle was born into a family that didn’t really want him to begin with causing a severe confidence issue later on. He generally spends his time alone save for a few friends that he has somehow acquired. As he grew up, he fell into alcoholism as a way to drown his sorrow’s. As you can imagine this habit will have to stop soon. He never really attended classes and spent most of the day drinking in the school parking lot. Rarely does he ever go home for fear of his father’s hand, he generally goes to Damians house.

Relationships- Damian Rose, and Charlotte Cyndria.

Starting point- behind the school In the parking lot.

Raw Skills-

Very good Intellect

Able to stay calm in medium pressure situations

fast learner.

Eventually- able to go an ok amount of time with out food

eventually- very ok in hand to hand combat.

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App template

Name: Dallas Weeks.

Age: 14


Gender: male


Appearance: dallas wears all black leather. except his T-shirt. he has blue eyes and medium length black spiky hair.

Height: 5:12

Notable physical features: had a X shaped scar on his right eye.

Personality. Dallas is ok to get along along with. but he is not one to piss off. he likes to drink and smoke cigars. and what ever you do,do not touch his motorcycle.

Power: dallas holds two type of powers. the first is regeneration. where if he gets shot or stabbed the cut or shot will close up but over time. a deep cut, or a bullet hole,takes like a day to heal,where it would take days or normal people. a light wound like a nick only takes hours to heal. if its something like a chopped off arm,or head then there is nothing he can do about that. the second is where he can make 3 bone claws extend from both his hands knuckles.


raw skills.

#1: animal instincts.

#2: toughness: ( as he can get his ass kicked and keep kicking.)

#3: hand to hand combat.

#4: athletic

#5: tracking.

History: he had a history but for some reason he can not remember it.

Relationships: none that he knows of.

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Name: Zero Kiriyu




Race: Japanese/Irish American

Appearance:Snow white hair, blood colored red eyes, lowly faded white skin, wears stud earrings in both ears, and has the Reaper's appearance tattooed on his back to the front of his body.

Height: 6.0

Notable physical features: Zero is a some what muscular person, but still shows a slim fatigue.

Personality: Zero is a silent, cold, intellectual person.

Power: none


Raw Skills:

-Hand- hand-combat


-Fast Reflexes (faster movements than other)


-heightened 5 senses

History:Zero was born into a high-classed family, at a very young age Zero had learned the mastery guns from his father. Zero's father put him through countless fighting styles, and forced him to learn how to use deadly Weapons, since his father and mother were assassins. Zero's first kill was at the age of 10, which made him become cold. His mother taught him hand-to-hand combat, and how to analyze situations and come up with a solution to the problem. When Zero was 13 his parents were both offered a job to kill a escaped subject, but little did they know they were just food going to the predator. The Subject had the power to generate plasma energy from his palms, and create havoc. Zero's parents put a fight but were easily put down. Though Zero's parents were tough on him, he still loved and they were the last shred of humanity he he had left. From that day Zero vowed to kill his parent's killer, and wanted to kill them all. Zero's uncle took him under his wing and tried to turn the once playful, and loving child he adored back to their old self.


Rhas Black: Sino's Uncle and brother of his father, Sino's uncle cares for him a lot and wants the best for him.

Drako: A childhood friend Sino met in preschool the two were the best of friends until Sino's parents died.

Starting area: Inside the hallway of a coates high school

P.S Zero goes to coates high school because he believes that there's more of a chance of finding a person with powers there, and to find traces of his parent's killer.

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17 is too old 15 is the oldest starting age also only people from perdido beach had powers and they only started showing for some and not that long ago maybe top years you could pick would be 2 sorry other than that ure character seems pretty cool and like he might be the one to create a group like the human crew in the books the human crew hated mutants and wanted to kill them all except for the healer

Ps forgot to mention its only 15 and under the powers began showing for

Should I add in like a skill system for how good ppl are at stuff? Haitham needs his age changed as well hiyoen

Edited by ronanw
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Name: Allen Wright

Age: 11

Birthday: 03/07/2003

Gender: male

Race: Caucasian American

Appearance: Allen is a short, thin kid with messy, medium length brown hair and silver eyes.

Height: 4'6

Notable physical features: He harbors burn marks on his hands and forearms.

Personality: Allen is a sociable, friendly person. There are plenty of moments moments of which he acts impulsive or random, and usually he'll just act like they never happened. Though sometimes he may seem as if he's in his own little world, he's actually more alert than one would think. Protective by nature, he views those he cares about as a precious treasure, needing to be protected. He does have the tendency to say the wrong things at the wrong time though, which has led to conflict before, and when certain subjects are brought up, he may try to either change the subject or just withdraw himself from the conversation.

Power: Pyrokinesis(fire creation via the mind)(The powers are activated whenever Allen focuses on something. He has barely any control over his abilities, which caused him to get burned permanently by them one day. He fears them, as he knows that they can go out of control, and if he uses them too much he will begin gaining splitting headaches and nosebleeds.)

Bars: 4

1. make fire

2. make fire

3. make fire

4. make fire


Allen, no matter how cheery or happy he may seem, had a dark history.

This history of his, he kept out of the sight of others.

Ever since he was born, his father despised him. Having suffered through multiple years of pain or neglect, all coming from what was supposed to be a caring figure, it was obvious the man showed no affection towards his child, though he would do it privately, as the rest of the family they had adored him and it would look bad on the man if they found out the truth. Allen's adopted older sister, Renee, would gain all of the affection his father should have given him, as he viewed her as a child with potential to succeed in life, and his younger brother, Joseph, would be given the protection and care that Allen never truly had from their father. All in all, the boy was a private "black sheep" of this family, and it remained that way for as long as he can remember.

Over the course of this physical and psychological torture Allen's father gave him, Allen vowed to never harm another soul unless they in his eyes deserved it completely, and should he use unnecessary violence, he won't be able to forgive himself. He worried about his fellow siblings greatly, and how long it will be until at least his older sister notices the pain he has behind his bright, silver eyes. One day, after the torture session Allen had felt not even 5 minutes before, he was isolated in a small, wooded area, having escaped there in order to calm himself down, and prepare his usual mask which he places over his emotions, Allen was staring at his hands and arms, many thoughts processing through his head. Suddenly though, his forearms and hands were lit aflame, causing permanent burn marks to be left there after the fire was put out and he was treated at a hospital. Not knowing exactly what happened, Allen quickly came up with a small lie, a fib really, where he accidentally fell arms-first into a campfire over at a friends' house. So far, to Allen's knowledge, his family and the doctors bought the lie and passed it off as a simple accident, though these events caused the usual abuse his father gives him to become worse than ever.

Allen hid his suffering well, though, and kept a smile on his face even after especially brutal beatings in order to hide the fact that he was tortured by a caretaker behind the scenes from the rest of his family. He hid it not because he wanted to, though, but because he did not have a choice. Their father, whom hid his true, despicable self under a personality of kindness and discipline, was truthfully an unpredictable and horrible man. Recently, their father kept the ever so violent and brutal truth behind the closed doors of the closed doors, and Allen, through his cheery and kind personality, still lives in fear of the man, hoping that it will come to light one day.


Kyle Wilder

Allen and Kyle are pretty good friends, as Allen was one of the few whom actually acted friendly and helpful towards the homeless child.

William Wright

Allen and William, though they share the same last name, are cousins. Allen tends to look up to William and views him as a bit of a role model.

Joseph Wright

Allen's younger brother. He's a bit overprotective of his younger brother, but he truly means well.

Keith Braun

Allen and Keith are decent friends, ones whom met in the 5th grade. Allen is confused on why Keith seems to be jealous of his brother, Haitham.

Renee Wright

Allen's older, adopted sister. Normally she picks on him and Joseph, but he knows she means well. She's been protective of him and Joseph for as long as he can remember.

Starting area: Perdido beach(school)

RAW Skills:

1. Adapting to a Situation

2. Running

3. Hand-to-hand Combat

4. Swimming

5. Stealth

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