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Squad 5 Mission Section.

Good Ol Yuro

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This will be just like the Revolutionary Division Mission Section, as Squad 5 gets jobs and orders from the higher ups of the Soul society, we will carry them out here.

For those new members that were never apart of our renegade army, i will explain how and what to post here.

Please only post in spoilers to reduce space consumption. If you do not know how to post a spoiler. this is how ( but with no spaces between anything. [ spoiler ] type what you need to type [ / spoiler ]

Try not to post one liners or just 3 sentences unless there is literally no other option, i know this is more difficult for newer members but always keep in mind that i monitor these posts to judge your power and exp gain in the URP.

First Mission-

Only description available ( From Captain Commander Grit ) -

Greetings Captain

I have news to report. Living souls in the Human World are stirring trouble on the North American Continent. These people identify themselves as Pure Blood Britannians and seek to overthrow the current government with its capitol being located in Arizona. The Rebels are marching to it intent on killing the Royal Britannian family. Defend Pendragon and wipe out all rebel forces on the continent or until I order your squad to fall back.

Unfortunately your men will need to be discreet in defending the Capitol as a vast majority of people are unaware of our existence. Simply find a way around it and kill all Rebels. I have intel that suggests some of them are spiritually aware and the highest recorded spiritual pressure reading I recieved was of 2 signitures that ranged from vice captain power to new captain like powers.

Use caution Captain!

God's Speed

Captain Commander True Grit.

There isnt much of a need for me to go if the strongest there are new captains level but im going to go anyhow in order to observe you all with my character so who else wants to go? if it is a protection assignment, i will need a few people to cover more areas so yeah if anyone wants to come anyone is welcome.

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Mission canceled, Grit is no longer CC and i will no longer be executing a mission i never agreed with anyhow as there is no longer a need to carry out an order by a being whom is no longer my superior officer so we will not be going to the world of the living to slaughter humans

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Kaycee became the new CC yesterday as she was the first to find the former CC's Hell Butterfly. At the moment her character name escapes me

i would have tried for the position but after our whole rouge army stint i am going to stay off the CC position for quit some time unless needed, as if Kaycee should die in action or leave, i would be the most experienced for the position

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