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The King of No Subjects

Senmaru Hoshino

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      The arctic wastelands of Sudlich Der Festung reflect the moons light in such a way that an ivory mist like hue can be seen suspended above its torn up ice sheet fields. Two white clad figures rush across its frozen landscape. Oswald J. Shroder, now the practical blood hound to the king, and the traitor Quincy he pursued. A bright blue light forms in front of the fleeing Soldat before he leaps slightly into the air using an energy current to keep him afloat for just a moment, and spinning around and revealing his spirit bow he fires two electric blue arrows towards the current Monarchs most trusted guard. Oliver grips the handle of the claymore on his back, his upper torso swinging down at an angle to the right allowing the first projectile to soar over his left shoulder. Upon swaying back to original position he unsheathes his mighty blade fast and swings it downward in front of him, bursting through the second with an explosion of blue and within that same motion..sheathes his weapon back. The Honor Guard employs Hiren and zooms forth, shoulder striking the enemy center abdomen before Oliver wraps his arms around him and swings his upper body downward, slamming the traitor into the ice. Oliver raises up slightly and moves up his foes body to begin striking him at the head before the Soldat thrusts his shin into his adversaries side and rolls backward, throwing him off.

     The two sprawl up to their feet. "Enough! What was even the end game?" Oliver shouts, shaking his head. "You thought youd get into the fortress? Maybe somehow make it past all the Soldat? Ok.. then what? Off to the throne room where you feel you were gonna be able to do what to the king exactly? You cant even get away from or stop ME!" The Soldat grimaces before responding, "It doesn't matter! I do what I do for the glorious Reich started by His Majesty the Major! I wont stand idly by while this shell disgraces its memory!" Oswald only shakes his head more, raising a hand to the bridge of his nose, "Its the same Reich, its always been, your the ones who turned your back on it based on assumptions that you lot never even asked about. The whole rebellion was pointless, all any of you managed to accomplish was making it easier for the Reich to crumble." He states. The soldat is at a loss for words, "The time for talk has past." He replies, reaching into his jacket and pulling a Szeila Schieder. "What a weak cop out answer." The Honor Guard says, unsheathing his sterling claymore yet again. All is silent in the ivory sheen around them, before they simultaneously begin to dash towards each other. 

     The current "Monarch", stands in the half destroyed thrown room, standing over a stone table and studying a spread of papers which consisted mostly of census like forms of the remaining soldat, and supplies listings, along with statements of the political atmospheres of the realms. The heavy doors of the main entrance creak open, followed by the click clacking of dress shoes on stone floor yet again. "My lord." Oswald greets his master. "Oswald." Oliver nods, offering a weak smile. He asks not of the fate of the soldat for it was etched in stone the minute he sent Oswald after him, plus he noticed the guards gloves were now gone and his sleeves were rolled up, it was very clear what had occurred. "Have you given more thought to the Reichs situation?" The Honor Guard asks, to which Oliver replies "Yes, and ive considered all that you've suggested as well. Let me start by saying we will absolutely not be leaving Sudlich." Oswald hides his disappointment for he felt that decision to be nonsensical before his master continues, "I will be dispatching Soldat groups tomorrow to attempt and find any Quincy in any of the realms, its time to fess up to the fact that our army hasn't exactly been an army in a very long time and that I am practically a King of no subjects. A near millennia long era has come to an end with in this last recent stretch of time, The Rev Division is no more, The Gotei 13 is practically abandoned and dissipated, Commanders Shidow and Hoshiko are both gone and their powerhouse alliance has been dust for ages now. The Reich is practically finished as well. How is one to view this time period where all the superpowers of the realms have collapsed, reintroducing chaos and more hollows than anyone's seen in centuries, that the realms are falling apart and the balance is almost all out of whack?" As expected there is no answer. "The weak at heart, the victims, will view this as Armageddon and with good reason. However, those of strength.. those in knowledge will see this for what it is, opportunity. Don't you see? The Superpowers are gone! The top spot is wide open and the time for the Quincy to rise back to it has come for we are needed now more than ever... for we are the only ones that can reverse the damage which has been done." Oswald nods, the energy in Oliver’s voice infecting him, "What would you have me do my lord?" He asks. "Tomorrow, send out the remaining Soldat groups to find our lost Quincy brethren, its time for the entirety of our great people to be united yet again." 

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