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The Destroyer of Worlds


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Standing in the middle of a burning forest were two creatures of immense power, who had been battling it out throughout the night all the way through the early hours of the next day. Neither side had the upper hand in this bloody battle, the cost being the lives of those around them. The first beast was a monstrous brute with an imposing figure, lumbering over trees. The beast took on a humanoid shape. It was dark purple in color, but the darkness of the night made it look pitch black. Its head resembled that of a beetle with beady red eyes and a sickening grin smeared on its face. Scars lined its body, proudly displaying the many battles it had been in. A cloth was wrapped around its waist, showing its rather primitive nature. It clutched a makeshift sword tightly, breathing heavily as it stared at its foe. Facing off against the beetle monster was another humanoid being, though this one was leaner in shape. It wore black and magenta armor as it held a small white sword near its right side. The magenta armored warrior sighed heavily, tossing his sword behind him casually. “This has grown boring.” He mutters as he pulls a small card from out of thin air. He touches the small magenta belt on his waist, pulling the sides open to activate it. As a small hum emanated from it, the beast’s breathing grew labored. With a chuckle, the magenta warrior places the card in a slot on the top of the belt as he smashes the sides back together. “Kamen Ride: Kabuto!” the belt says as the hum begins to increase in volume. The magenta becomes encased in bright red light as a new set of armor envelopes him. This new armor was very similar to the beast he fought. The warrior was now clad in red, a large red horn atop of his head. Its blue, bug-like eyes shone brightly in the darkness. The large beast stumbled back, seemingly surprised by the warrior’s new appearance.

“Sorry I kept this from you. I tried to have some fun in this fight by dragging it out but I've grown so bored. Bored with you and bored with this world. Time to end this little game.” The monstrous beetle warrior roared in anger, firing a purple beam of energy from its mouth. The beam struck the now red warrior in the chest, sending it a good distance back from the impact. “Seems you kept something from me as well. Naughty boy.” The red warrior speaks as he stares up at the night sky. Unfortunately for the beast, the blast did no damage. It was sorely outclassed, a realization that it would come to very soon. He quickly gets himself up, as the beast prepared yet another energy beam. The beam rockets from the beast’s mouth, the force of which slid it back, as it barreled down on the red warrior in an instant. With a sigh, the warrior calmly swiped the beam away with his right hand, deflecting the energy into the mountaintop beside them. Upon impact, the mountaintop is evaporated in an instant. “That’s dangerous. Can’t have you shooting any more of those.” The red warrior says mockingly. He smacks a button on the side of his belt as his blue eyes begin to shine. “CLOCK-UP! Final Kamen Ride: Kabuto!” The belt announces as the red warrior rushes towards the beast with blinding speed. His form begins to blur as he instantly reappears directly in front of the beast. Blue energy focuses on his right hand as he lands a powerful uppercut directly onto the monster’s chest. Energy surged throughout the monster, causing cracks to appear along the brute's body. “Rider Punch” the warrior whispers as the monstrous beast body explodes. Blue energy discharged from the explosion razed the surroundings. Trees, mountains, animals, the small primitive huts that lined the area, all of it gone. Nothing was spared from the destruction.

“CLOCK OVER!” the voice says as the armor begins to dissipate, revealing a slender man in a suit. He runs his fingers through his brown hair before clutching a magenta camera around his neck. He brings it up to his face, aiming carefully at the headless body of the beast he just killed. “Cheese…” He says nonchalantly as he snaps the picture. He quickly brings the camera down to take a look at his work. “Still blurry…” he mutters to himself as he lets the camera dangle once more. The man sighs as he shoves his hands in his pocket, tossing the blurry photo into the fire behind him. He glances around at the destruction around him as he begins to walk away. A small portal appears in front of him, the man stopping just shy of stepping inside the portal. “Yet another world...” he says as he begins to enter. As he does, a darkness begins to envelop the land, slowly consuming everything in sight. In a flash, everything is gone and replaced with a pitch-black void. Within the void, a being clad in gray watches from a distance. His hands ball into a fist as he screams out. “Damn you Decade!”

WC: 870

OOC: Not that anyone cares but apologies for the delay. Worked 16-hour shifts for about 2 weeks straight and didn't have time to do much of anything. Perks of being a manager.


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Karakura General Hospital, the premier medical facility in Karakura Town. Surrounded by buildings, this is the best place one can go to in town to receive medical attention. Many would visit it today. At the top of the building, three humanoid figures stood against the wind. Two of the figures were male, the third was female. The trio gazed down at the town that lay beneath them, their eyes peering in the darkness. Where the hell is this contact of yours, Kazuma?" one of the males shouted. He wore an unbuttoned green shirt with black military styled pants. Black sunglasses framed his face which sat just below a hole in the side of his head. “I’ve grown tired of waiting.” The female chuckled as she sat down at the end of the building, her black heels dangling freely from the sides. A cool breeze prompted her to zip up her sweater, hiding her black crop top and the hole near where her belly button would be. She stuffs her hands into the pockets on her jacket as she stares out into the night sky. “Jugo, you are so impatient. Relax a little.” Fuck that!” Jugo roars slamming his fist on the edge of the building. The sheer impact from his strike cracks the landscape, sending shock-waves down below. The female laughed as she swings her legs to and from, pleased with her work. Ayumi, quit antagonizing him. Calm yourself Jugo. He will be here shortly.” Kazuma replies after a brief pause. The two shoot a quick glance at him and instantly stop their squabbling, a testament of the respect he commanded. Jugo sits down in a corner, muttering to himself about annoyances.

A large creaking sound broke the silence as a man in gray enters the rooftop from the service entrance. The man in gray walks up to the trio with a grimace on his face. “I hope I haven’t kept you long.” The man announces. Jugo immediately rises from his seat, a blood starved look in his eyes. He moves towards the man in gray with evil intentions as Kazuma calmly raises a hand, stopping him in his tracks. “We’ve waited long enough. Tell us. Why did you want to meet with us, Narutaki?” The man’s facial features grew darker, his hands begin to tremble. “He is here. Decade: The Destroyer of Worlds.” Ayumi yawns as Narutaki begins to pace around in anger. “The one you warned me about prior? Interesting. I thought you said it was unlikely that he would arrive in this dimension. Regardless, it is fine. We are not afraid of a so-called destroyer.” "Fuck em!” Jugo chimes in. His rage at all of the annoyances reaching a fever pitch. “You Arrancar are a capricious bunch. You have not seen what I’ve seen. Experienced what I have. If you aren’t careful, Decade will be the end of you all. I sought you out as the Shinigami are too far gone to listen to reason and I cannot get hold of the leader of the hollows. Given that you three are renegades with incredible power, I assumed you would be the only ones to stop him.” Kazuma turns his back to Narutaki as he walks towards the opposite end of the rooftop. His demeanor changed in an instant. His spiritual pressure spiked up, sending a paralyzing fear into all present. The sheer force behind his spiritual pressure is so strong that it freezes all of his subordinates in their tracks. “I’d be grateful if you don’t mention that man. Regardless of whatever rank he claims, he is not our leader.” Knowing he’d pressed a button, Narutaki hides a coy smile. With ease, he walks towards Ayumi, stunning all present. He pulls out a small box from his coat and places it beside her. “My apologies. It was not the intention to raise your ire. The threat of Decade is real, however. I’ll attempt to amass more who are willing to combat this threat to your dimension. In the meantime, I’ve left you with a gift from another world. These should be able to combat Decade and help you gauge his fighting style. You’ll just need to give it a little energy.” Kazuma stops exerting his spiritual pressure, letting his two companions move freely once more. “How was he able to move so freely with my spiritual pressure released?" Kazuma thought to himself. An inquisitive look spread across his face, Narutaki taking notice. With a chuckle, Narutaki waves his hand as a small portal appears in front of him. As he begins to step inside, Kazuma’s voice stops him. “What the hell are you?” With a small sigh, Narutaki replies. “Who knows?”

As the portal closes behind Narutaki, Kazuma walks back towards his Arrancar companions. With Jugo walking alongside him, they quickly reach Ayumi who has picked up the box. “That guy gives me the creeps.” She says with surprising seriousness. Her face told the story. She, for the first time in quite a long time, was afraid. Afraid of what that man really was. Afraid of something that could cause someone like him to be worried. “I must admit, I am leery of him as well. I am, however, interested in this 'Decade' he speaks of. Perhaps we can use both of them to our advantage. If anyone brings this dimension to its knees, it will be us alone.” “Goddamn right.” Jugo retorts to a small chuckle from Ayumi. Kazuma stares at the box intently, slowly taking it from Ayumi’s hands to examine it himself. It was a small pitch-black box with the letters S.H.O.C.K.E.R emblazed on the top. Upon opening the box, Kazuma found a set of card. The cards were black, like the box, with gold trimming. Each card had an animal, creature, or an inanimate object on them with stars around it. “Does he intend for us to play a fucking children’s game?” Jugo snorts with annoyance. “I suspect these are much more than that. He said to give them a bit of power right?” Kazuma says as he selects the first card from the deck before closing the box. The image on the card was that of an eagle with four stars surrounding it. He hands the card to Jugo and looks out over the horizon. “Give it a bit of your spiritual energy. Let’s see what it does.” Grumbling, Jugo takes the card and imprints a portion of his spiritual pressure into the card. Blue energy quickly coats the card as it begins to burn Jugo, who quickly tosses the card in the wind. The card, seemingly possessed, makes a beeline for the heart of Karakura Town. “What now?" Ayumi asks inquisitively. “Let’s see what this Decade can do.”

WC: 1,127

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Across the city, a man in a suit walks down the sidewalk. In his right hand, he clutched a small black briefcase with the words HIDEN emblazoned on it. In his left, he held a phone up to his ear, chatting away with the person on the other end. “They did WHAT to the hotel?! I am honestly not surprised. Having untrained dogs work the front desk would be better than them. I am not far away from the hotel. Make sure they don’t burn the place down before I arrive.” Irritated, the man shoves his phone in his suit pocket and quickens his pace. “Fucking morons,” he mutters. It was a typical Karakura morning, nothing out of the ordinary. People were heading to work, others out for a morning stroll. All of them unsuspecting of what a dark day this would be. A day that would signal the potential end of the world. A cool breeze blows through the area, sending a chill through the man's spine. Suddenly the man feels a slight jab in his lower back, intense pain shoots throughout his body. He stops moving and slowly collapses to the ground, moaning in pain as he does. Lodged in the small of his back is the card Jugo tossed away mere minutes before, still coated in blue energy. The card seemingly burns away as the man screams in agony, the commotion attracting several people to him.

Hey buddy, are you alright?"


The man begins to convulse, blood flowing freely from his mouth. He could see the people beginning to surround him gradually disappear, replaced by encompassing darkness.

"Somebody call an ambulance! He’s bleeding from his mouth."

"Hang in there. Someone get a damn ambulance here.”

As more and more people begin to surround his body, the man’s yelling increases in intensity. After a minute, the yelling stopped. The man does not move. His body is as stiff as a board, body completely cold to the touch. Some of the bystanders begin to panic, turning away from the body. Suddenly, the man’s eyes shoot open, a blue glow emanating from them. He yells once more, the roar sounding more and more bestial in nature. The wind begins to whip violently in the area, the man being the epicenter of the now gray tornado that formed. The bystanders are flung into the air, some slamming into the concrete walls with a sickening thud and accompanied by a slow drip of blood. The man then threw his arms apart, sending two more waves of wind to wreak havoc on buildings around him. Slowly the man began to walk away, a bloody scene of carnage and destruction surrounding him. His body was surrounded in blue reiatsu, slowly morphing him into something new. Something sinister. His body became taller and more muscular, a pair of jet black wings burst out from his back. His head transformed into that of an eagle's, while his fingers became talons. A hole opened up in the middle of his chest, black liquid oozing from the center. The avian creature slowly looked around, an unintelligible sound escaping its beak as it took pride in the destruction it created. Buildings have crumbled, dead bodies lying everywhere. Cars littered the streets as if they had been thrown away like trash. The sky grew darker as lighting raged in the sky. “De..cade. Fucking Kill Decade” The creature manages to say.

With a mighty grunt, the avian monstrosity leaped off towards the sky. It's black wings letting off powerful gusts of wind in the process. As the area below him reeled from the destruction, the three Arrancar appeared at the ground level. “Is that thing a hollow?” Ayumi asks as she stares at Kazuma inquisitively. Kazuma scratched at his beard, watching the creature speed through the sky. “Seems as if it is a combination of whatever Narutaki got those cards from and Jugo's hollow DNA. Given its speech patterns, it may have taken on some of Jugo's characteristics.” “I'll fucking kill it if it calls me daddy.” Jugo sneers as he steps on a corpse beneath them. “At any rate, these cards are becoming more and more intriguing. I wonder what this new creature can do.”


WC: 708

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Ka Ka Ka Ka Kachida ze!

"Turn off the alarm Rinko"

Gun gun gun gun gun o nuki

"Five more minutes."

Jyan jyan byan byan kyuu...

"Ah, forget it."

The music from the alarm clock was quickly silenced by a male hand tossing it aside; the clock slamming into the wall across the room. The man let out a sluggish yawn, stretching his body reluctantly before sitting up on the side of the bed. Tetsuya blinked his eyes groggily as he stared as the now broken alarm clock laying on the ground. With a groan, he lifts himself up off the side of the bed, picking the broken wreckage from the floor. “Didn't mean to throw it that hard,” he muttered to himself. “You'll have to buy me a new one later,” Rinko says. He quickly glances back at her, watching as she still has her head buried in the sheets. “I'm going to take a shower. Can you get some coffee ready?” She waves her hand out from the sheets, shooing him away to get a few extra minutes. “Such a pain,” he mutters as he heads to the bathroom. As he closes the door, he could hear her complain about finding her pink slippers, shaking his head in disapproval. Rinko had come with him from his original world as she helped him find the value of each world. She was, in many aspects, a moral compass of sorts, guiding him to decide if each world needed to be destroyed. Today, she wanted to do what she always does in a new place. She wanted to shop. Although Tetsuya hated this with a passion, it did give him the opportunity to observe the dimension. He looks to the clock in the corner of the room and notes the time. “It’s already eleven. Suppose I should get started myself.” He removes his boxers and turns on the shower. Letting the water heat up, he slowly steps inside, letting the hot water bead down his body. Finishing his shower, he quickly dries himself before changing into a suit with a magenta undershirt. As he exits the bathroom, the smell of coffee hits him. He hadn't found much to like about this dimension but they made damn good coffee. Rinko hands him a cup as he sits down and opens the newspaper. “Another murder in the news. More kidnapping and child abuse reports. This really isn’t helping this dimension's case.” he says between slurps. “Each dimension has good and bad. Maybe today is the day you'll find some good. At the very least, we'll get some new stuff out of it.” Rinko says as she finishes her cup and turns on the television.

"BREAKING NEWS! Tornadoes have touched down in all across Karakura Town. Districts two, five, and thirteen have received substantial damage. Around Forty-nine people have been reported deceased with several hundred injured. The numbers have continued to grow. Coinciding with these reports, rumors of a mysterious bird man accompanying the tornado have been swirling around. All reports have been unconfirmed but we will keep you updated on any new developments.”

Birdman?” Tetsuya says inquisitively. “Perhaps it is one of those hollows this dimension has?” Rinko replies. Tetsuya pondered the thought as he eagerly looked forward to meeting the supernatural entities in this dimension. He knew about them all, a product of his arrival to this dimension, but was unsuccessful in finding any of them. Hollows, Shinigami, Quincies, none of them. He couldn't even sense their spiritual pressure, though he was still a bit unfamiliar with how to do so. Maybe this could be the perfect opportunity to “introduce” himself to this dimension. At least to give them a heads up of their potential fate. It was more fun if they knew and made decisions with that knowledge. With renewed interest, Tetsuya finishes the rest of his coffee and stands up. “Shower and get dressed. We have to go shopping.”

WC: 660

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Music blared from the car as Tetsuya drove with an irritated look on his face. Every thirty seconds, Rinko would turn the radio station to something else, each station either getting wild praise or scathing criticism. “The music in this dimension is too varied. I miss the simplistic stuff.” “Would you rather go back to the beetle dimension?” Tetsuya replied, blankly staring at the road ahead. Rinko shuddered at the mere mention of that dimension, bad memories soon flooding her mind. It was in that dimension that she was kidnapped, set to be a sacrifice for a false God they worshiped. They almost succeed had it not have been for Tetsuya's timely interference. It was that action that solidified that dimension's destruction. “Never again! I'd rather deal with this than go back to that horrid place. They almost killed me!” she moaned. Tetsuya shook his head as they continued down the road. “You know just as well as I do that they wouldn't have succeeded.” “It's the principle of it!” she whined as Tetsuya laughs to himself. Though rare, he enjoyed the fleeting moments he got to annoy her. It was the little things. Taking a left turn, Tetsuya could see the damage caused by the creature in the distance. Buildings were down, law enforcement and paramedics lined the streets attempting to help those who were still alive. He pulls up as close to the police barricade as he could, taking a deep sigh as he does. “I'm going to go take a look around. Curious to see what's going on. Take the car and go shopping. I'll meet you back at the place.” Rinko whined as she unbuckled her seat belt, her face scrunched up. “I thought you were going with me?!” As Tetsuya goes to open his door, he is stopped by a large feather landing on the windshield. “A feather?” he wonders to himself, quickly remembering the rumors of the bird man. “When I get out of the car, climb over and get out of here. No jokes. I'll meet you later.” Rinko understood the situation, not wanting to be a potential sacrificial lamb this time around. With a nod, Tetsuya bolts out of the car door, Rinko quickly climbing to the driver side and speeding away. As she looks back in the rear view mirror, she sees the avian creature landing in front of Tetsuya.

The creature stares at Tetsuya with head tilted, slowly walking towards him. “Kill. Decade. Who are you?” Tetsuya sighed deeply, easily recognizing the creature's origins. “Narutaki again? That man is constantly hounding me." Something about the creature, however, piqued his interest. It didn't give off the same energy as one of Narutaki's machinations. This was mixed with something else, something foreign to him. Perhaps Narutaki had made contact with the supernatural creatures in this dimension before him and struck some kind of deal? Tetsuya sneered in annoyance, the old man one step ahead of him once more. “Fucking Kill. Are you? Decade?” “I'm very irritated and your vulgarity isn't helping. Given that Narutaki isn't here, I'm going to have to release my anger out on you.” Tetsuya pulls out a magenta belt from inside his suit jacket and places it on his waist. A strap extends from the belt and wraps around Tetsuya. Tetsuya pulls on the side of the belt to open to activate it. A small hum emanates from the belt as Tetsuya holds his right hand out. White energy begins to form around his hand as a small card materializes. Clutching the newly materialized card tightly, he prepares himself.

“Henshin!” he says as he places the card in the slot at the top of the belt and slams the sides together. “Kamen Ride: Decade!” the belt announces. The translucent screen on the buckle soon glowed as multiple images of cards surround Tetsuya. Two magenta rings of energy burst from the belt, covering the man's body from top to bottom. As the rings disappear, Tetsuya now appears wearing a magenta and black bodysuit. The bodysuit had no distinguishing feature apart from a pair of glowing green eyes on the helmet. The cards floated around the man's face before attaching to his helmet, completing the transformation. “Kill. Who are you?” the creature replies once more, beginning to charge the new armored Tetsuya. He removes a small book shaped device from his side, pressing a button as it extends into a sword. Dusting his hand down the side of the blade, he responds. “I'm just a passing-through Kamen Rider. Remember that!

WC: 760

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Found Decade! Fucking Kill. Kill Decade.” The beast manages to speak. It extends the wings from its back as it lets out a gust of wind towards Tetsuya who easily dodges it. The creature lets out another few gusts of wind, all of which are easily avoided. Getting arrogant, Tetsuya motions for the beast to come towards him, hoping to agitate it. As the avian monstrosity charges Tetsuya, its right arm begins to morph into a curved black blade. A euphoric excitement washed over the beast’s face as it swings its sword-arm at the man's head, attempting to cleave it off in a single blow. With the greatest of ease, Tetsuya parries the blade with his own, leaving the beast wide open. “Pathetic.” He mumbles as he jabs the beast in the stomach with his free hand. A burst of pain jolts up the beast’s body as it reels back, Tetsuya quickly following up his assault. He follows by delivering three solid kicks to the center of the beast’s chest, the final spinning kick sending it a few yards back. The beast crashed into one of the scattered cars in the area, denting it upon impact. As he slowly brings his foot down, he groans in disappointment. “This is too easy. I was really hoping for some sort of fight. You are just as boring as the rest of them. Give me some sort of entertainment!” With anger in its eyes, the creature lifts itself from the wreckage, letting out a sickening howl as it does. It opens its beak, a green ball of energy forming from within. The ground begins to shake as the beast aims its beak directly at Tetsuya. “Cero!” it screams as the green energy rockets from its mouth. “Cero?” Tetsuya replies as his body is completely engulfed by the blast of energy. He is sent flying a good distance away, crashing into the side of a nearly collapsed building. The impact brings the rest of the building down around him, a wave of dust blowing through the area. “Oh, that kinda hurt. Guess I shouldn’t have asked for more entertainment. But if I remember correctly, Cero is one of those abilities hollows have. That bastard Narutaki did mix it with some of the native creatures here.” Tetsuya groaned. He moves some of the wreckage away from his person and stands up, his body not taking much damage from the hit. “Can’t let myself get hit by that again.” He says sarcastically as he moves his head around to search for the beast. As if on call, he sees the beast swipe its sword-arm at the air in rapid succession, sending several waves of green crescent energy towards him. Picking up the sword that dropped near him, Tetsuya quickly slashes away at the energy waves as they come close. Each strike splitting the waves in two and sending them harmlessly off in the distance. As the last energy wave is dealt with, Tetsuya quickly closes the distance between the two, preparing himself for a strike. The beast, however, raises its sword-arm upward, bringing it down in another attempt at Tetsuya’s life. This attempt was blocked by Tetsuya literally grabbing the sword’s blade with his free hand. The avian creature’s head tilted to the side as if it were bewildered by the turn of events.

With a sigh, Tetsuya brings his own sword down, severing the arm of the creature completely. It let out a horrific cry of anguish as it stumbling back, favoring where the now missing limb was. Tetsuya casually tosses the severed arm behind him, readying himself for the final strike. As he begins to charge towards the creature, it lets out another horrific screech. The force of the screech is enough to completely halt Tetsuya’s movements. With its opponent distracted, the creature expands its wings and flies off into the sky. Tetsuya became increasingly annoyed by the second as he sees the creature flying off into the distance. “I’m definitely not letting you get away.” He sneers as pulls on the side of his belt. He quickly holds his hand out once more as energy is converted into another card. Clutching the card, he inserts it into the top of his belt and slams the sides closed. “Kamen Ride: Wizard! Hurricane Dragon! Please!” the belt announces as Tetsuya is enveloped by green energy. A sudden gale of wind blows the green energy away, revealing Tetsuya in a new form with a new belt. The new form was radically different than the previous, sporting a green uniform with matching cape. The uniform had accents of a dragon with what looked to be a dragon’s head on his chest. His helmet had also changed its form, appearing as a jewel set in a ring. The jewel bits were the same color as the uniform. He hovers his hand over the new belt as an announcement rings out. “Drago Time. Please!”  the belt announces as large black and silver wings sprout from Tetsuya’s back. “Showtime!” he says as he takes to the skies with little effort. He cuts through the sky as he speeds towards the fleeing creature, flying faster than the beast ever could. In seconds, he makes up the distance as he greets the creature with a slash to its back. The creature descends slightly as it quickly turns around to fire another Cero at Tetsuya. Sensing this attack coming, Tetsuya easily avoids the blast as he moves in for another strike. With a quick slash, he manages to chip the creature’s beak as it howls in pain. “Time to finish this.” He announces as he begins to fly straight up in the sky. As the creature begins to hurtle down towards the ground below Tetsuya hovers his hand over the belt. “Final Attack Ride: Wizard! Very Nice! Hurricane Strike!” the belt announces as green energy begins to form around Tetsuya’s right leg. As soon as the energy is built up, Tetsuya dive-bombs forward, slamming his charged right leg into the creature’s abdomen. The two rocket down towards the ground as green energy courses through the creature’s body. It lets out another screech as the two hit the ground, a massive green explosion occurring.

As the explosion dissipates, Tetsuya stands over the now defeated creature who has reverted back into the original man the card possessed. His breathing was labored, prompting Tetsuya to check him. “He’s injured but he’ll live. That’s good, I can question him later.” Tetsuya replied. As he stands up, he notices a small trace of wind still lingering near his right leg before disappearing. “That wind was drastically stronger than anything I've done previously in Wizard form. Perhaps this new dimension is affecting my powers. I'll need to test this out later and see what's going on.” While kneeling to pick up the unconscious man, he spots the card lying on the ground. As he moves to pick it up, he notes that the card is gone. Suddenly, he feels it. An intense presence surrounding him as if it were threatening to suffocate him. Hovering just a few feet above him, he sees the outline of a lone figure. He moves to attack but finds himself feeling sluggish and stiff. “Another time.” The figure responds as it quickly disappears from view. As it leaves, Tetsuya finds himself able to move freely once more, the suffocating feeling slowly disappearing. “What the hell was that? That wasn't that spiritual pressure everyone in this dimension uses.” Tetsuya replies as he cancels his transformation. He looks around, trying to find any trace of what was just there in a futile effort. Deciding to give up the search, he picks up the injured man and heads back into town. A good distance away, Kazuma watches Tetsuya depart as he holds the card in his hand. “You resorted to using that and you didn't kill him?” Ayumi asks as she hands him the box. “Killed my kid.” Jugo mumbles. Kazuma places the card back into the box, never keeping his eyes off of Tetsuya. “As expected, this Decade is an interesting one but I feel as if we haven’t seen the full extent of his power. I’d rather know my opponent before jumping in headstrong. At any rate, he will prove to be an asset for our plans. Come now, we must go. I’m sure all of this has attracted those damned Shinigami.” With a snap of his fingers, a Garganta opens as the trio step inside.


WC: 1,422

Learned Gafu: Practitioner Level 


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