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Visiting the Karakura Park

Xarius Kaeru

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The beginning of Sibylle’s day was spent with Frieda Thoumeaux in the Karakura shopping district on the west side of town, but then she was dropped off at the Karakura Community Park towards the center of Karakura Town while the older woman had to run some errands. As the Tsubakidai Park was too far south and the only other park in town was the Yumisawa Children's Park to the north. This was the first time she was allowed to explore, other than walking around the local area near their house or going to university. That red-eyed woman endured the teenager’s constant protests of being coddled. The one time she actually got out it was a rainy day and she found herself fighting a hollow on the track of the Karakura Highschool. That was something that she had kept from Frieda, though she had a feeling that the woman knew somehow. 

Walking into the park Sibylle looked for a bench further in so that she could get a better look at those coming in and out of the area. She had her headphones on so that she could ignore people passing by while listening to some random idol music that Frieda had given to her to get exposed to the culture here. She was not particularly interested in this music, but she could see why people referred to them as idols over here versus rockstars or superstars like they do in America. One of many things that she was a fish out of water on as she was trying to understand Japan more as she was going to be here for three to four years while studying in university. She had made zero friends at university and that did not seem to be changing any time soon.

The one bright spot for her was that Sibylle was going to be starting her internship at her cousin’s company Noir soon. She was not exactly sure what she was going to be doing there just yet, but she was excited to be making her own money and having another place to interact with people. She did not need friends to find happiness within her own life, but her grandmother had repeatedly told her that friendships were necessary to survive. Even if she did not particularly care for the other breathing flesh sacks around her, she acknowledged that having a few like minded people in her life to help pass the time might not be so bad. 

Reaching a bench that had the view of an intersection that had several connecting pathways and an open field area where a bunch of younger people were playing a game of some sort. Letting out a long deep sigh Sibylle sat down on the edge of the open bench looking out to the field before pulling out one of her books to do some light reading. She did not have much free time with all of the training and studying, so when she had the chance to snag a couple magazines to read she took it. Flipping through the pages of the first magazine she noticed that a lot of pages talked about the local music scene and where some concerts or festivals coming up would be happening. 

Lifting up the magazine Sibylle crossed her left leg over her right leg before lowering the magazine back down to her lap. She was so lost in her music and reading the magazine she had not noticed an older man had sat down on the other end of the bench. Glancing occasionally out of the side of her right peripherals she noticed that he seemed to be talking to someone, possibly even her but she did not acknowledge the conversation or fully divert her attention from the magazine. She would reach up with her right hand to pull her stray bangs to the right side of her face out of the way of her reading the next page within the magazine about a rising idol that she went to university with named Yui Tanaka. She was a late teen Japanese female that had light tanned skinned with brown eyes and long straight black hair with curls at the tips. She had become popular as a singer first then as an actress. The girl could literally do anything it would seem.

[WC: 721]

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“Oh that’s Yui-chan!” a voice of a bubbly feminine voice could be heard almost yelling over Sibylle’s music playing through her earbuds. Looking up from her magazine the teenager noticed that a young Japanese girl had sat down on the bench next to her splitting the difference between the Echt Quincy and the older man on the other end. The two adults seemed to share a mutual confusion as to why this girl had sat down between them and interrupted their nice coexistence of not bothering one another. Begrudgingly the teenager removed her right earbud so that she could hear the young girl going on and on about Yui.

“She is the coolest Idol! I love her music! Do you listen to her as well? Did you see she got cast in a movie recently?” the young girl prattled on and on about the things she thought made a good conversation. “No, I…” Sibylle barely got out as she found herself lacking the magazine anymore because the smaller girl had just relieved her of the magazine to flip through. “Oh, this is the newest magazine,” the excited younger girl exclaimed as she bent and flipped to the next page without any regard to the fact she was causing folds and tears in her flurry of actions, “I have not read this one yet! Anything new to report on Yui-chan?” 

Sibylle narrowed her silver eyes in annoyance, giving off a killing intent vibe that noticeably terrified the old man with hazel eyes and graying black hair on the other end of the bench. However, the pink dyed hair female with brown eyes seemed to not even know she was staring directly at her now. “Give that back…” the white haired female started to say through her clenched teeth, but a voice called out to the girl sitting in the middle of the bench. “Sakura! Time to go home,” the older Japanese female down towards the interaction called out. This drew the little girl to look up and say, “Oh! It is time for me to go, that’s my Aunt Sara. She gets mad when I don’t come right away. Thanks for the magazine!” With that the little girl jumped off the bench starting to walk away from the bench.

The frustration was developing not just within Sibylle’s mind, but all displaying in her balled up fist. Having enough of that she shot up from her seat catching the little girl by the back of her collar with her index finger. “Where. Do. You. Think. You. Are. Going?” the teenager asked, giving the girl a glare. Turning around slowly with a fake smile the little girl asks, “What’s the matter old hag? Don’t you know it will get wrinkles looking like that?” Returning the fake smile with an even more of a fake smile the teenager squatted down to grab the magazine with her other hand as she says, “A little brat stole my magazine and thought she could walk away without any consequences...Let go unless you want problems…” The little girl quickly changed her expression to a fake crying face, “But i thought we were friends and this was a gift? Wahhhhhhhh” The crying drew the attention of everyone in the nearby area.

[WC: 542]

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This girl is such a pest, Sibylle thought to herself as her eyes narrowed at the crying youth named Sakura. The girl’s aunt was on her way over and those in the area were already starting to look in their direction. Not the most favorable of situations to be in as she was a sore thumb sticking out in this park being a foreigner. She could not just use any of her quincy abilities either, not something she could destroy and keep moving like a Hollow. People were messy and problematic often with their own agendas.

With the aunt closing in Sibylle slowly let the magazine out of her grasp changing her annoyed expression to a more casually blank one. “That’s what I thought,” Sakura teasingly shot out before her aunt fully made it over to the area, but made sure to revert back to the crying mess as soon as Sara could see her face. “What is going on here?” the aunt asked as she lowered her center of gravity down so that she was eye level with the child. “This mean lady… tried to take my book from me!” Sakura sobbed out as she rubbed her eyes with her palms.

“So it’s yours?” Sibylle sharply replied with a tilt of her head to the left putting on the world’s fakest smile while clasping her hands together behind her back, “I recall you sitting down next to me and taking it from me without asking. If you want it that badly, I’ll gladly sell it to you.” With that the white haired woman had her left hand out in front of her waiting for the magazine or money. “What is she talking about Sakura?” Sara questioned in bewilderment to the young child, but there was a bunch of muttering and incoherent words. 

“Tell you what,” Sibylle retracted her hand to stand back up, “You can keep it. Do everyone a favor and do a better job of keeping an eye on the delinquent in the future. Stealing magazines is just the start of the juvenile, now I know what and who to keep an eye out for in the future.” With that she started to turn around and walk away from the situation. “Hey, I don’t know what your deal is but that is uncalled for,” Sara stated firmly as she was now standing up and taking a step forward as if to get between them. Sakura took this opportunity to stick out her tongue in Sibylle’s direction before clinging to her aunt’s right arm playing the part of the victim. 

“Check pages thirteen, twenty-two, and forty-one whenever you want to see which one of us is really making stuff up,” Sibylle tossed out as she tossed up her right hand in a dismissive half hearted wave as she continued to walk away. “What?” Sara looked down to snag the book quickly flipping to the three different pages where she found notes on the pages comparing Japanese to American magazines written in Sibylle’s handwriting. “Sakura… where did you get this?” were the last words that Sibylle heard as she rounded the path back the way she came. 

People were still playing down in the hilly area, but there was no one nearby as Sibylle used her Hirenkyaku to accelerate her steps in order to create distance between her and that annoying situation. Nevermind the fact she was basically done reading the book, but she was going to use the magazine to practice more of her japanese reading and studying. She would just have to buy another issue or get a different one. Pushing that stuff out of her mind Sibylle slowed down her movements as she pulled out her phone to text Frieda to see how much longer she was going to be. 

[WC: 634]

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There was a feeling in the pit of Sibylle's stomach since he reached Japan that something was just off. There were just too many coincidences going on around her for her to ignore. The plane, grandmother's training, getting put with Frieda for further training, and the fight with the hollow over at the school. Each one of these things had been pushing her beyond anything she felt was realistically possible, especially looking back to how unaware she was of it all before coming to Japan. Monster spirits fighting death reapers in the land of the living was way beyond anything she had saw for herself in her younger years. 

Why was this happening to her?

What did she do to deserve all of this chaos?

The continued questions plagued Sibylle's mind as she listlessly walked the pathway that snaked through Karakura Park. She passed couples having picnics or walking, joggers brushed past her in a hurl, the kids played on the hill she just walked by, and so many other things. All of this noise was being drowned out by her own thoughts and concerns. The winds picked up for a moment blowing her hair in front of her face. She quickly caught the strands of hair and pulled them back over away form her vision. 


That was the next big step for her as Sibylle knew that the so many different things were leading to her inevitably having to start working for her cousin's company. Frieda had already given her a run down while training with the various ginto that Quincies use in combat. Those Quincy tools were interesting and had a variety of uses, but primarily to take down the hollows that made it into the material world. Memories of the training with Frieda caused her to make a displeased face in annoyance at how she was treated.

The teenager knew she was learning things very quickly, but it was almost like Frieda did not want Sibylle to have a day off. They had basically been training every single day since she had made it to Frieda's house after being in the hospital. Mere weeks ago she did not get all of the talk about Quincies, Reishi, Ginto, and hollows. Now she was spending her free time trying to decompress all of this life changing knowledge. She would never admit this aloud, but she was becoming overwhelmed with the prospect of her uncertain future and all of what was being demanded of her.

Rather... COULD be required of her.

Sibylle was no fool, she was being bred for a war of some kind. She had an aptitude and skills that this organization required to be successful. Otherwise, they would not have wasted their time with exposing her to their combat methods and tools. This was a calculated move from someone far above Frieda and that was something she was not okay with not knowing. The question was when was that going to change? Or would it even matter if she did know the truth? She was having fun with all of this training and learning about something so different than the boring life she thought she was destined for.



The future.

Things that Sibylle did not bother to think on as most of her future had been planned out since before she could remember. This opportunity to change course was too great. Almost as if the plane was a catalyst for the future she could be meant for all along. Really all she could do was keep shattering expectations and then maybe, one day, she could get to see what all of this was for. 


The time seemed to accelerate as she eventually found herself back where she started meeting up with Frieda once again. Their conversation is relegated to sarcastic jokes of each other getting lost and blaming the other for the lost time. This was the new norm for now, but she felt that was not always going to be the case.

Time would tell.

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Reaching Karakura park before dusk had fully set in allowed for Sibylle Opie and Lukas Jaeger a chance to case the area. The middle aged man with short jet black hair, light brown skin, and wearing the standard Quincy white uniform stood not too far away from her. A lot of people had exited due to the time of day already, there were some kids running around the hill sides and couples finding alcoves to step off into for a moment of privacy. Part of her wanted to push the people out of the area for they did not understand the trouble they could be in with a hollow sighting possibly coming. Fools every last one of them, she thought to herself trying to keep on top of her own reishi levels leaking out.

"Calm yourself," Jaeger spoke in a halfhearted manner as if he was feigning concern for her, "You will attract the bottom feeders to us too soon. People need a chance to get on with the rest of their day before we ruin it for them." "That makes no sense," Sibylle retorted back a little annoyed with how the day was going so far, "If we just warn them we could force the hollows out and deal with them." "And then what?" he questioned flatly with his tone as his eyes darted around, "There is a high chance most would brush your warnings off as lunacy, those that would possibly believe you would be confused, and then there is the chance for mass hysteria. None of those options are appealing to me. We are not in the business of killing the living or leading them to slaughter. We seek out the evil spirits and rid the world of them, it is as simple as that."

Sibylle knew what their objectives were as Frieda and Akira both had drilled that much into her, not to mention all the stories her grandmother told her growing up. Patience was not one of her strong suits nor would it ever be, but she was making a conscious effort to try and be more understanding of their mission parameters so that she could be more effective when threats appeared. This would take a few more hours as night came and most of the people had left the park. The moon was only partially out as the cloud covered most of the night sky. "Relax some," Jaeger called over to the teenager when they were almost sure the area was clear of civilians, "Our resources have gathered a lot of information on this area. There has been all kinds of hollows popping up in the area with the lowered patrols of the Shinigami."

Taking a deep breath Sibylle tried to relax herself and her mind to remain in a calm state. That is when an ominous presence spiked south of their location. Looking at one another the two of them gave each other a nod before stepping into a Hirenkyaku to flash-step to the area as quickly as possible. Jaeger was much quicker than she was, but he seemed to keep his movements where she could follow. This bothered the teenager some as she knew that she could be the one holding them back from saving someone sooner. "Make sure you hold onto your Gintō capsules and Seele Schneiders as long as possible. We are not sure how long the hunt this night will go, best to use your other abilities and save your tools for when we run into bigger threats," Jaeger speaks in a coaching manner as they plan for the attacks coming up.

Arriving on the scene they see three frog-like Hollows circling a couple that were on the ground paralyzed in fear. "Careful," Jaeger states as he lifts his left arm straight out allowing the Quincy Cross to dangle from the chain on his wrist, "These are Shriekers. They are lower tier hollows, but a group like this could cause some issues. Their masks are strong, but what makes them unique is the retractable bat wings on its arms that give them increased mobility." As the words floated on the wind the man's Quincy Cross gave way to a clean and powerful longbow made of reishi. In the next moment he reached forward with his right hand to pull back on the reishi string then with a twist of his hand he releases the string so that a spirit arrow could be launched at their targets. This was however not a single arrow but six total arrows raining down on the one closest to the couple on the ground. The spirit arrows pierced the creatures back twice, each leg, and arms.

Being as quick a study as she was Sibylle jumped off to the right as the other two shriekers jump into gliding flights away from the area as they were aware of the two Quincies. "Klavier, or Piano, allows you to fire a volley of arrows with one hand and at rapid speed. There are a few issues with this is that it makes it really hard to use. Any of your other abilities are difficult to use as they require your concentration, losing that would make a high chance for the Klavier to fail on you. The rapid succession of movements help increase the speed of these spirit arrows, but their power is noticeably weaker than standard Heilig Pfeil," Jaeger explains as he  draws his bow back this time to fire a single Heilig Pfeil to finish the one he had attacked first. 

Sliding to a stop in midair Sibylle focused on the reishi energy of her bow as she would draw back the string several times to fire six arrows of her own on the first one that jump towards her in the air. The hollow roars in pain it launches towards he clipping her with its claws. She was not able to fully dodge the attack with the required reishi control Klavier needed to be success, she was able to deduce this from the one time of watching the man use the move. Gathering herself she focused for a moment allowing the Heilig Bogen to disappear so that she could reach down and pull out her reishi sabre. Sliding past the creature she swiped at it a few time not dealing much damage to the thick hide, however she was close enough now to gather reiryoku in the area and fire a Heilig Pfeil from her sabre directly under the creature's jawline shattering its mask in the process. 

Quickly turning Sibylle had Klavier still in her mind as placed two fingers on the base of the blade running it up the length of the blade. At six different points on the sabre blade she purposely focused reiryoku that manifested in tiny spikes. Then she lowered her body as she spun into an one hundred eighty degree turn slashing motion where the six points became individual Heilig Pfeil firing at the remaining shrieker. The frog-like hollow was only hit by two of the arrows, but its mask soon cracked after an arrow poked through the back of its head. A Heilig Pfeil from Jaeger through the back of the head had pierced the mask destroying the hollow on sight. "You not only were able to mostly mimic my Klavier, but also were able to use it with the famed Opie Sabre," Jaeger stated as he lowered down near the two people in shock had shifted to unconsciousness, "They are both alright. Seems they had not been subjected to feeding or attacks yet."

[WC: 1,266/900 (Genius 10% WC Requirement Reduction)][Learned Heilig Pfeil: Klavier]

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The next evening Lukas Jaeger leads Sibylle Opie into Karakura Park in anticipation for another wave of hollows crawling into the area. This was the designated area that Noir had assigned to the two of them for the time being. While the area would be much bigger as her training became more complete, this was what they were trusting her to be trained in and around. The park was open enough that their movements would not be restricted, within Karakura Town there was much less freedom with all the of buildings and people.

"You see that cluster of hollows down there?" Jaeger points out to Sibylle as they stand atop a hill over looking the slope below, "They are called Hexapodus. As you can see they are a large six-legged insect that has gray green skin with orange joints." Looking down the way she could see there were orange spots on its back and a plain white humanoid face mask. Two tufts of brown hair, purple hair that falls over the top of the mask, and a hole in the dead center of the back. The creatures were running around on the six legs moving around like massive spiders.

In the next moment the trainer beings to gather a large amount of Reiryoku centered on his left shoulder. Jaeger formed his Helig Bogen as a sleek longbow then fires a volley of arrows at a single Hexapodus hollow that was separated from the swarm. The reiryoku that was gathered in then launched in a wave of raining down arrows like hail to the hollow. This powerful helig pfeil destroys the weak hollow with little effort. Snapping the longbow upward he is able to launch to more standard arrows in the direction of other Hexapodus. "This is the Licht Regen, or Rain of Light, allows you to focus fire a volley of arrows down on a single target. This is a hard to dodge or block by the sheer area the spell can cover. However, the recovery time to use is a decent amount and there is a limit number of times as the reiryoku required to release this technique is taxing," Jaeger explains as he lowers the longbow for a moment, but keeping his eyes on the remaining eight or nine Hexapodus hollows running around in the valley at the bottom of the hill.

Stepping into a Hirenkyaku Sibylle jettisons over to the far right side of the Hexapodus hollows to corral them. Pulling a large amount of reiryoku together focusing in on her left shoulder trying her best to mimic the moves of her trainer. Flexing out her left arm the energy around the Quincy Cross to form her Helig Bogen as a crude longbow. Drawing the string back she focused on the first one running towards her in a hurried manner. Letting go of the reishi string the an eruption of arrows engulf the first hollow. A momentary pause the creature tries to scream out, but the several holes in the body give way to the body turning to dust. Quickly drawing another two shots before flash-stepping to stop another Hexapodus from leaving the valley like area. This replayed a few more times as she was only able to do Licht Regen a total of three times before she began to feel tapped out on the strain of the move.

Each one of the Licht Regen techniques that were used allowed Sibylle to take out one of the Hexapodus hollows. The adrenaline rush from the raw power of all the Helig Pfeil arrows impaling the hollows almost pushed the teenager over. Her stamina was not all that great either, something she was continuously working on as they spent more and more time out in the fields dealing with hollows. This hollow was slightly more agile than the others she had encountered before, however once she switched her Helig Bogen out for her Reishi Sabre she began to focus on their legs. They could regenerate somewhat, but her powerful strikes lopped each one off balance. This in turn caused openings for Jaeger to snipe them from a distance.

"You know, these roles should be reversed with your current skill levels with the Helig Pfeils and Gintō," Jaeger commented as the last of the Hexapodus hollows disappeared into a cloud of black dust. "My skills are more than adequate to deal with these vermin," Sibylle snapped back as she rotated her sabre so that any debris or blood from the hollows would be thrown off in the motion before pulling the reishi sword back into the sheath. She was not the greatest swordsman nor was she the most powerful brute in the world, but when it came to reiryoku based skills she could just about hang with anyone. At least anyone that she had dealt with so far, she was not sure of other people's fully capabilities as she was not fighting anyone else like that. Light sparring with Frieda and Jaeger did not result in her actually knowing how skilled they were fully. However, she could tell that she was on another level than those around her. 

"How much longer are we going to keep to this area?" Sibylle inquired with an annoyed tone as she look around the area for more possible threats, "We cannot just keep farming this one area. Otherwise the hollows will move to another district while we just stand around twiddling our thumbs." "Sibylle, it has been two days. TWO days on this assignment," Jaeger sternly replied to his trainee as they closed the distance between one another, "There is still far too much about our techniques and abilities that you do not know. Not to mention you do not have your schrift yet. Get that and we can expedite this training period some. Though, regardless of that achievement you would still be tasked with this section. They never put a rookie on a city block to start as those could traumatize you or worse kill you before you reach your full potential. Instead, the goal is to have you train with me as we clear the Karakura Park until the reoccurring threats are gone. Then leave the area to you until enough time has passed and your area of protection is extended. Then and only then will your protection district change." The man could tell that this teenager was going to be a hand full to keep up with and dealing with her attitude about things was less than ideal.

[WC: 1,087/1,080 (Genius 10% WC Requirement Reduction)][Learned Heilig Pfeil: Licht Regen]
[TWC: 2,353]

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Several weeks had passed as Sibylle Opie and her mentor Lukas Jaeger continued their evening patrols. Most nights were calm, but at least a few times a week they ran into wandering souls being hunted my a low level hollow. She had lost count of how many Acidwire, Fishbone D, Hexapodus, and Shriekers they had fought. Each one of these well established hollow types had reoccurring weaknesses and tells that she could exploit when trying to remove them from existence. Most she could kill with only using her Heilig Bogen and base level Heilig Pfeils. 

Coming to a park bench with the moon out giving off all kinds of shadows Sibylle sat down to take a breather. "You would think that you would have better stamina by this point," the jeering voice of Jaeger could be heard down the pathway walking towards the teenager. "Yeah, yeah. We get it, you are in tip top shape and have nothing better to do with your time than workout," Sibylle chirped back with a roll of her eyes as she leaned back letting out a long sigh into the brisk night air. "Joke all you want, but at least my body can handle all the punishment I put it through. You need a week off ever time you fight something stronger than a Shrieker," Jaeger jabbed right back with an over exaggeration of his own as he was now standing about five feet from her with his hands in his pockets. The two of them had grown comfortable enough with their dynamic to know the other could handle their own business and a joke.

Jaeger's head snapped uncharacteristically quick to his right in the direction of the open fields away from their location as if something had drew his attention that way. "What is it?" Sibylle questioned as her head tilted forward one again from its dangling position over the back of the bench. "Shit, get up now! We have to move. Quickly," he snapped into commander mode without skipping a beat as he lunged forward into a Hirenkyaku flash-step. Narrowing her eyes in the direction that Jaeger was heading off in the teenager let out a sigh as she pushed on either side of her as she limited herself off the bench. Now that she was standing she could sense that something was off, a weird presence was on the air. Activating a Hirenkyaku flash-step of her own she would pursue her mentor at the best rate of speed that she could. 

With the pathway giving way to the open space of the hilltop slope the walkway veered to the left but Jaeger was off to the right looking upward as if he was looking at the sky. The grimacing look upon his face gave Sibylle a weird vibe as she slowed her pace so that she could move over near him. "That is a Kūmon," Jaeger as his left arm dropped down pulling up his sleeve so that his Quincy Cross was visibly dangling from his wrist, "A spatial distortion called an Air Gate, the typically way that powerful hollows arrive in the World of the Living. This is bad, really bad that one of those is appearing here and now." The sweat rolling from the man's forehead gave off a sense of nervousness to his pupil. "What is so different about one coming through a Kūmon verses the ones that are already here?" Sibylle inquired as she reacted down for the reishi sabre at her side to draw it out in preparation. "Most hollows simply are transformed human souls. For one reason or another they do not pass on into the afterlife peacefully," the trainer explained the crack in the sky grew vertically as if glass was shattering, "However, there is a subset of hollows known as Menos Grande or just Menos that are composed of hundreds of hollows merged into a singular entity. This Great Hollow is several times stronger than any normal hollow here in the World of the Living." 


A large roar echoed throughout the area as eight pointed fingers penetrated the tear in the sky before forcibly ripping open revealing a massive black void. Two burning red eyes with orange irises appeared next as the form of a a white mask with an elongated nose and razor sharp teeth started to peak through. This mask took up the whole opening before it started to worm it's massive four story tall body covered in black from its head down to its large, pointed white bandaged wrapped feet. Around its neck is a row of thin white spikes. "Son of a bitch," Jaeger let out as he started to gather a lot of reishi into a single massive holy arrow, "That is a Gillian type Menos. The Lowest Great Hollow, weakest of the of the Menos Grande." With the Heilig Bogen longbow formed he drew the reishi string back before the release of the arrow he stated one word, "Schlagen." The 'Smite' holy arrow that launched from the spiritual longbow was about the same length as Jaeger was tall. 

Sailing through the sky the enormous arrow collided with the four story tall looming monstrosity causing an explosion to occur. The blast did not seem to phase the huge hollow as it slowly turned to acknowledge the two Quincies in the area as its mouth opened revealing a long tongue as it started to gather an immense amount of reiryoku into a massive ball before releasing the powerful concentrated spiritual energy in the direction of Jaeger and Sibylle. Both Quincies use Hirenkyaku to flash-step out of the way of the destructive energy wave. "What in the Hell?" Sibylle exclaimed as the wind burst swirled around pushing her hair into her eyes as she watched the creature take several very slow sets away from the Air Gate. "They are not very intelligent, almost beast-like," Jaeger pointed out as he started to gather the energy for another massive holy arrow, "Schlagen." The second enormous Heilig Pfeil launched from his bow in the direction of the Gillian having a very similar result in that it did not impede the lumbering hollow at all. 

Sibylle was trying to absorb as much information as she could from Jaeger, but the spiritual pressure from this Great Hollow seemed to be effecting her mentor more than it was herself. "Klavier," the teenager stated as she gathered reishi around her sabre as she fires six Heilig Pfeil arrows at rapid speed in the direction of the Gilliian to draw its attention from Jaeger. He did not seem to be gathering reishi for another one of the Schlagen arrows, meaning like the other Heilig Pfeil there was a cooldown period between technique uses. With the arrows colliding into the side of the huge hollow the threat seemed almost unphased by the attack drawing its attention towards her and noticeably moving in her direction now as large white hands with long, sharp, white nails revealed themselves from underneath the cloak-like sleeves to swipe in her direction.

Using Hirenkyaku to flash-step up above the four story tall hollow Sibylle gathered a large amount of reiryoku at her left shoulder before swiping with her reishi sabre once again unleashing a volley off holy arrows down on the Gillians head below here, "Licht Regen." She had used the Piano technique to pull the attention away from Jaeger so he could gather himself and then the Rain of Light technique to wear the hollow's defenses. Drawing its head upward through the clearing smoke that the holy arrows had created another red energy ball was forming as the Gillian would open its mouth for a Cero blast into the night sky. Following the attack the hollow would roar again as the white hair woman reappeared out of the way thanks to another Hirenkyaku flash-step, this continued attempts at avoiding the Gillian's attacks was wearing her down as her stamina was not that great to begin with. She would have to remove her mental constraints and just unload on this huge hollow before her. 

Stepping backward with her right leg to create a solid base as that she could absorb the necessary reiryoku Sibylle let go of the control of her own spiritual levels that as she focused on the intent to kill this hollow. The sabre's blade was covered in reiryoku to such a degree that one watching the fight would think she was wielding a lance made of pure spiritual energy, "Schlagen!" With a thrusting motion upward following through with her right arm the teenager sends a single enormous arrow into the sternum of the Gillian dealing a tremendous amount of damage. She could feel the weight of going all out, the exhaustion was setting in from the very effort matching the first time she fought a hollow all those months ago. As the blast connected with the front of the Great Hollow she was now reappearing behind the demon-like threat from a higher angle already gathering the necessary reiryoku for a second Smite holy arrow. This time she makes a thrusting angled downward motion that launches the Schlagen to hit from the upper back so that the two Schlagens would collide with one another creating a massive explosion. 

The smoke from the onslaught lingered in the area for a moment, but the eerie sense of spiritual presence of the Gillian was still there. The heavy breathing of Sibylle was noticeable to anyone in the area as her shoulders were moving up and down as she looked on. Then as if the hollow was some kind of kiju the massive wrapped left foot step forward as it roared once more. However, there was wear and tear that the Quincy could see from all the attack that she had levied against the creature. Rotating her sabre to her right side she would start the process of gather reishi on her blade as slashed to send Heilig Pfeil arrows up at the creature until she dropped or the Gillian died. "Die already," She called out in anger as she slashed from right to left, "Just. Die. Already." Following that attack with a slash from left to right firing upward another holy arrow striking into the very head of the hollow. With each Heilig Pfeil in the form of a slash from the sabre the Gillian took a step back until it had reached the very spatial distortion that it had arrived through. 

"Trying to flee? I think not," the confident voice of the returned Jaeger arriving between the Great Hollow and the Air Gate it was seemingly trying to run towards. Sibylle called out from the side in a yell, "Schlagen!" As the massive black cloaked figure's head turn just into time to get an enormous arrow through the cheek bone up through the mouth and out of the back of the head. This destroyed the lower mask and released the massive pressure from the area. A cacophony of screams seemed to erupt from the great hollow as it staggered from the side in its weakened state it lashed out with its long white claws swiping at Jaeger causing the man to tumble down to the ground. The teenager could not do anything as she was at her limit breathing heavily falling down to one knee as she watched the fleeing Gillian get away into the closing air gate. "Damn it." She muttered as took a few moments to gather herself rolling over to her side then her back so she look up into the night sky. "Are you still alive?" The question was directed over towards her alleged mentor, who seemed to freeze up in the middle of all of that noise. 

After a few seconds the man's voice could be heard with a twinge of annoyance at himself, "Yeah. That is the first time I have ever fought one of those with less than a group of five Quincies. Your learning ability and raw power is truly a sight to behold Opie." The sounds of grunts and sighs could be heard as the man was clearly picking himself off the ground, she however was not going to move for a little while as she was mostly tapped out from the fight. She did have enough energy to raze him about the fight, "Yes, WE really struggled in that fight. Maybe next time, continue to fight beyond a couple arrows and maybe it would not have gotten away." "I will keep that in mind," he lamented as he arrived to stand over top of her offering a hand to help her up. She sighed accepted the hand to get up off the ground though she did not have much strength to keep standing. her pride would not let her show it, at least she thought she was hiding her fatigue well. "Return to Noir. I will continue the patrol for the rest of the night. You will not do any of us any good dead," Jaeger bluntly stated as he clearly was able to tell that she was spent for the time being. The teenager did not like this direction, but she did not fight him on it as she was struggling to even gather enough reishi to form a basic arrow in the moment. 

Arriving some time later to the Noir building she was greeted by a few of the Noir research team and notably the always tired looking woman with a slender frame, Kudo Chika. "Seems like you were put through the ringer tonight," the lead scientist stated to the Quincy as the two other researchers offered to help but she waved them off. "Yeah, fought something called a Gillian I guess. Thing was big, dumb, strong, and slow," Sibylle replied as the four of them walked into the building heading to the elevator so they could head down to the medic rooms on one of the research floors. They did not talk while in the elevator but once the doors opened Kudo gave the other two researchers directions, "Go get room five ready for evaluation and recovery."  They quickly nodded to her and headed off down the familiar hallway in a hurry. The two woman would discuss the battle in great detail focusing on the gillian and how she had learned another Heilig Pfeil called Schlagen. Their conversation led them to room five where the lead scientist would check her vitals, but found the teenager passing out during the process. So she had the other two help her out Sibylle down on the couch on the room while she started to work on the field report.

The next morning Sibylle woke up to chatter of Kudo Chika, Lukas Jaeger, and her boss the Research and Development Lead Akira Kisaragi. "Ah Opie has awoken from her great slumber," the voice of Akira rang through the room like the echoing of a bass, "We have much to discuss after your performance last night. Jaeger here says that you almost single handedly took down a Gillian class Menos. That is no small feat and to be frank has show us just how much your growth potential has been. All of this is being reported up to the necessary channels of Noir, but specifically you have achieved the freedom to work on your own or on bigger tasks. This will free up Jaeger to take over another area." "Yay? Thank for the opportunity," She replied with a bit of confusion as to the meaning of things and with how early in the morning it was she was still gathering her bearings. "What he is trying to say is that you are now one of our Expert in our Eastern Districts under Jaeger's jurisdiction. Comes with the freedom he was talking about and a slight pay bump already as we were not expecting you to have good of results this early on," Kudo explained to the white haired teenager in more plain terms. Jaeger offers her a box before stating, "Within this box is your Quincy uniform and a few other items that will be useful just in case you run into any other Quincies out there while on patrol. Not all of them are friend or work with us, but we do have a mutual understanding of the areas that we all protect. I appreciate your help so far and knowing that you can protect the Karakura Park in my stead will allow me to push back into the east side of Karakura town once again."

[WC: 2,762/2,700 (Genius 10% WC Requirement Reduction)][Learned Heilig Pfeil: Schlagen][Claimed Expert of the East]
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For a few weeks now Sibylle Opie had been patrolling on her own taking down low leveled hollows that roamed around Karakura Park. A lot of the types she fought were either Fishbone D, Shrieker, or Demi-Hollows that had some sort of anguish over their love being rejected here while they were living. The Master of the East Lukas Jaeger had given her the task of cleaning up the park so that he could focus on the east side of Karakura Town. A task as the expert of the east that she took very seriously, even though it often led her to being bored out of her mind most of the time.

The night was brisk and the atmosphere calm as Sibylle made her way around the walking path. She had walked this path so much that policemen on patrol just acknowledged that she was on her evening stroll. In the beginning they would bother her and question why she was in the park alone so late, now they avoid her after some words were had between them. Being bothered in general was annoying, but to get approached and asked every night grated on her last nerve. Though she did like to think she was a patient person, most others that really knew her knew that was not the truth at all. 

A sheering presence soon cut through the night air drawing Sibylle's attention over near a part of the river that cut through the middle of the park. Exiting her Hirenkyaku flash-step maneuver she slid to a stop seeing a featureless black void in the shape of an eye socket was open for figures to stagger out. This was a Garganta, or Black Cavity, that the hollows used to travel between Hueco Mundo and the World of the living. Jaeger had explained to her that the Gillians used one called a Kūmon to get between worlds. This one seemed smaller and more refined, that must mean that these ones were on a different power level or at the very least had a level of control over their power than the gillian class Menos Grande did not have. There were four figures of varying sizes; a massive green preying mantis, a purple gorilla, a brown deer, and a tall lanky humanoid man that has dull pale skin with gray hair and yellow eyes wearing a white cloak suit over an open shirt, hollow hole in his right chest, hollow bones along his jawline, and a sword on his right hip. The mere presence of these four were way above any of the hollows she had fought so far, that included the Gillian class Menos Grande. The black void closing in on itself as if the opening had never happened in the first place. 

Talking amongst themselves a large blue glowing arrow of reishi pierces through the side of deer hollow's head before exploding leaving the body to fall to the ground. The body soon dissolved into ash as the other three looked around eventually looking across the river to see the white haired teenager gathering another large reishi arrow pointed in their direction. "Schlagen," Sibylle spoke into the night air as she fired the second smite holy arrow in the direction of the cloaked man. However her arrow only found purchase with an afterimage of the man. His speed for his lanky size was disproportionate from what she could tell. That was not something should could dwell on as the preying mantis and gorilla hollows moved into a pincer-like manner to try to capture the Quincy.

"The great hunt has started early," the man with the gray hair spoke holding onto the handle of the sword to his right side as he appeared before her in a blur kicking her right in the stomach launching her backwards, "And a young Quincy at that. The feast tonight on such a delicious soul will surely quell our hunger for one night." The man then appeared behind her spinning into a knee strike to her back to launch her forward onto the ground. "The fact she was here waiting for us is concerning. Mona get the fleshling!" the skittering voice of the preying mantis hollow clacked about as the arms extended missing the attempt to capture the Quincy as she flash-stepped away from the spot she was in with a Hirenkyaku. "I am trying Cazando! If you could just slow her down I could hit her better!" The bellowing gruff voice of the purple gorilla hollow called back as its fist connected with a shield made of reishi then the swiping strike was met with equal force. This allowed the white hair woman to get away from the two hollows trying to capture her dashing over the water of the of the river.

"Good luck with that," Sibylle verbally jabbed Mona as she appeared above the large purple gorilla hollow, "Klavier." The teenager fires a six of Heilig Pfeil arrows at rapid speed from her Heilig Bogen longbow. All six connect with the creature's back directly giving her an opportunity to see the openings in the hollow's defenses. Turning around in a one hundred and eighty degree spin she dropped the Heilig Bogen longbow so that she could draw the sabre at her side gathering a large amount of Reiryoku at the left shoulder. "Licht Regen," she states as she looks up above her letting go of the Rain of Light Heilig Pfeil that fires a volley of arrows upward severing the left arm off from the green preying mantis hollow. This causes Cazando to scream out in pain as he flails about in the immediate area. 

A bright red flash of light draws her attention as Sibylle feels the impact of a reiryoku ball of energy about the size of a fist colliding with her. This was not powerful enough to cause real damage, but she could tell this technique was used more for speed than power. She could not see or dodge the technique at that speed. Looking over in the direction of the man she could see the free left hand of the man had gathered more reiryoku around his fist before thrusting it forward in her direction. The ball creates several sonic booms as it closes in on her positioning. This time she is more prepared to avoid the attack, but she was not able to avoid it completely so she propped up her sabre to deflect some of the damage.

"Oh she has some fight," the man calls out to the other two hollows, "Are you just going to let her jump about?" "Shut up! You are not doing anything!" Mona barked back as he tried to jump Sibylle once again only for her to jaunt to the right. "My arm! you bitch! you will pay for that!" Cazando screams out cutting down into the ground after being parried with the sabre. Rotating the sabre in her right hand Sibylle aimed the blade upwards to the jaw of the preying mantis so that she could fire off four Heilig Pfeil driving the hollow backwards. Pulling its head back down Cazando unload a massive cero blast in the direction of Sibylle that she raises her left hand to brace behind the back of the sabre's blade as massive of blue flames appeared consuming the cero. 

"That is interesting," the man says as he appears to Sibylle's right to blast her with a bala from point blank range pushing her backwards again, "You have survived much longer than anticipated against my three Adjuchas friends. For that I will introduce myself. I am Nark Shado, the Noveno Espada of Hueco Mundo." The cloak billows open to reveal the number nine on the lower left side of his stomach just under the ribs. "I am Sibylle Opie, your executioner," the teenager returned the greeting to the man across from her with a disdain in her voice as she gathered her bearings. She felt a little hardier than she did before the blue flames had formed. This was not something she had seen or even used before. 

"Funny, you keep your sense of humor during this situation is quite impressive. Or maybe you are just a lot crazier than I initially thought you were," Nark replied with a snort as he reveals a wide grin filled with sharp shark-like teeth. "This was going to be a research gathering hunt. To be confronted immediately upon arrival was unfortunate, but we at least have an idea that the Quincies are starting to move around again. The Lord of Hueco Mundo will be impressed I am sure," Nark speaks as his grip on the handle of the sword attached to his right hip. Biting down on his own left hand enough to draw blood he gathers the reiryoku mixing together as he says, "Bala lluvia." He fires a single Bala into the air above Sibylle that bursts into hundreds of Bala that raining down on the battlefield. 

Gathering enough reiryoku Sibylle thinks about the blue flames from earlier as she is able to recreate the consuming flames again. "That attack looked like it was going to hurt. Too bad you cannot hit me at all," the teenager shouted over as she made two slashing motions with the sabre to launch Heilig Pfeil in the espada's direction, he dodges them both easily however the each hit the two Adjuchas knocking them both to the ground. "Is an Espada strong for your kind? What about your friends? You said they were Adjuchas..." she asked a few questions as she gathered more reiryoku around his sabre. "Some might think so," Nark Shado replied to her questions as he fires four more bala blasts in her direction. Each one was consumed by blue fires that fueled her defenses to stay strong. However the flames started to disappear as the last one came at her as she could feel her control over the creation of these blue flames seemed to be limited. "Interesting. Those blue flames of yours are quite annoying. They keep countering my bala," the man pondered aloud, "I wonder how long you can keep using that annoying skill?" "Who knows? Maybe you will learn that after you die," Sibylle shot back as they moved around within a close proximity of one another.

Pulling the sword out from its sheath Nark Shado looks in her direction as he speaks his release command, "Tallo." The call to Stalk exploded into a puff of smoke around him. The man's shape shifted into a massive humanoid great white shark with grayish-blue skin, humanoid arms and legs, shark tail, the hollow mask overs his entire head and his hole is in the left side of his chest. The espada marking was now on his right arm as he loomed over the woman. The raw spiritual power of this release made her struggle to stand within the close proximity of her opponent. "See for yourself how strong an espada is," Nark Shado spoke with a grimacing echo to each word, "My Adjuchas friends over there are stronger enough, but you have proven to be a formidable opponent. So you have the pleasure of dying to my Resurrección, Vientos Problemáticos." The man called his release the 'Troubled Winds' for some reason, but all he had done was transform into a large shark man.

The next thing Sibylle knew she felt a sheering pain on her left side of her face before she tumbles feet over head down into the water. Soaked in the river waters she struggles to fend off the next three attacks that all connect. The espada was not strong just big, however he was uncharacteristically fast for the body mass. Nark followed those attacks with two bala blasts at the teenager she was able to clash these with Heilig Pfeils of her own. "Seems your power is undeniable for a living being," Nark Shado states what he believes is fact as he raises both arms at either side upward, "Diente del Gran Viento Blanco!" The Legion of the Great White Wind command manipulates the air flow within the area into a swirling white tornadoes crashing down on the river bank moving towards engulfing Sibylle. Controlling of the wind by closing his hands partially while rotating his arms so that several solid reiryoku in the form of sharks within the winds that biting at the teenager trapped within. 

Taking way more damage than she planned on the white haired Quincy was able to force her way out, Sibylle gathered for a Blut Arterie attack. The espada was too fast as he was able to easily dodge her sabre strike as he has the one massive tornado filled with sharks split into two independent vortexes. "Vórtice Dividido," Nark Shado calls out as the "Split Vortex" technique launches the two independent vortexes trying to recapture the Quincy teenager again. Snaking around in the air the shark humanoid knows that he can move the windows at extreme speeds. As the two smaller like tornados collide capturing her once again shifting back into the one massive vortex with the reiryoku sharks once again. 

Closing his hands into fists Nark Shado calls out, "Vórtice Explosivo!" Activating the "Exploding Vortex" command all of the sharks within the tornadoes glow with a bright white light before they explode. The winds disperse mostly after this attack as the shark humanoid sees the teenager barely standing across from him. Her clothes were tatter and the fatigue of the fight had caught up to her after the devastating combination of speed, wind traps, and explosive nature of his abilities. The faint pattern of veins appeared on the surface of her skin visible where she was hit. "Why are you still standing?" the annoyed tone of the deeper voice of Nark Shado entered the air. "Because, you are not dead yet," Sibylle shot back spitting out some blood from her mouth. "Very true, not dead is my preferred state of existence. I do plan to keep it that way as well!" the shark hollow stated as he raised his arms outwardly once again to start controlling the winds once again.

"Vile beast," a imposing stern voice came from the west drawing the attention of Sibylle and the three remaining hollows, "You do not belong here. Let my divine Might show you swift sleep!" A large muscular man charges into view throwing a punch in the direction of Nark Shado. His fist meets a reiryoku powered wind shield gained velocity as a second strike fought purchase to destroy the wind shield. "I am Fynn Wagner the Master of the West,"  the six foot eight inch tall man with tanned skin, short blonde hair, and blue eyes wearing a military white suit and hat announced himself. Next a familiar red-eyed adult woman with messy blond hair wearing the standard Quincy white uniform appeared with a Seele Schneider drawing back in her longbow Heilig Bogen string "I would listen if you value what time you have left in this realm hollow," the dry cold tone of Frieda Thoumeaux as a middle aged man with short jet black hair, and light brown skin wearing the standard Quincy white uniform stood not too far away from Sibylle. 

"So many Quincies in one location," Nark Shado muses aloud as the brute of a man not too far from him, "Wonder what makes this one so special?" In the next moment three square beams engulf the three hollows towering fields of light which completely isolates them from the Quincies on site. "The calling to vanquish evil is instilled in all Quincies," Fynn states as his Schrift appears with the letter M for Might. The eyes of the man become solid white as the pressure from each punch on the field explodes into wind bursts, though no effect is made as the hollows are pulled upward towards the Kūmon opened in the sky where several Gillian class Menos Grande could be seen. "I will remember the names of the Quincies that interrupted my fun. The others will be very interested to hear that there is new blood to feast upon," Nark called out below once more as his shark form reverts into the older looking man once again dropping the reiatsu pressure in the area, "Maybe next time our fight will not interrupted Sibylle Opie. I shall remember your name most as the great hunt continues."

The air gate closes in the next few moments as the three masters of the East, South, and West gather around Sibylle's fallen body. "Negación is so annoying," Frieda lets out a long drawn out sigh as she pulls out a couple ginto vials so that she cast Taufe to help the teenager. "Agreed," Jaeger replied with an annoyed tone within his voice as he looked down to the white haired woman, "What the actual Hell is going on Sibylle? What was that? Who was that?" "He called himself Nark Shado and listed himself as the Noveno Espada. Whatever that is. He was stronger than any of the Gillian I fought with you. There were three other hollows that were strong as well, but he was much stronger than the other three," Sibylle explained to the best of her recollection in the heat of the moment. "There was only three at the end," the large man she did not know before today, she had only heard the name of Fynn Wagner the Mighty Fist had a reputation of being some kind of stereotypical knight of justice. "Yeah, I killed the deer looking hollow when they arrived with a Schlagen." 

"Impressive that you lasted this long against three Adjuchas and an Espada. The weakest of the Espada, but the fact that you fought an Espada and lived is a testament to your abilities," Fynn replied with a stiff nod as the schrift M disappeared and his muscular form reverted to the normal muscular size. "Thank you Master Wagner," Sibylle replied as she leaned back affter Frieda was done checking on her injuries, "During the fight I was able to block a few of their blasts with a blue-like flame ability? I do not know what it was or how I was able to do it?" "Blaue Flammen, a rare trait that a few quincies possess the ability to produce powerful blue flames composed of condensed Reishi capable of burning things that should not be able to be burnt," Jaeger answered her with a bit of a surprise in his voice, "The only person I know that can use that ability is the Master of the North Ingrid Schmidt."

"Guess I will have to meet the last master then," Sibylle jeered as she was helped to her feet by Frieda and Jaeger. "Highly unlikely that she will give you the time of day, but you can always try," Frieda responded in a manner that did not make it seem likely to happen, "She actively holds down the north end of Karakura Town by herself. Her subordinates are pushed to help other areas so she does not kill any of them in the cross fire of how she fights her enemies." "Her fighting style is beautiful justice personified," Fynn said with a twinge of admiration in his voice for the last master, "I can put in a good word for you to maybe meet with her before a night of patrol. I am sure she and the Grand Master both will want to meet with you about the fact that you fought with an Espada of Hueco Mundo without a Schrift or Senrei Glove. The future of the Masters is bright. Keep up the hard work Sibylle Opie, I look forward to meeting you once again. Seek me out if you are ever in need of proper training." With that the large man launched himself into the sky using Hirenkyaku to head off in a western direction.

"You seem to get yourself into all kinds of trouble ever time you are left alone," Frieda dryly spouted off the sarcastic comment, "Was only a couple weeks at that. We need to figure out what your Schrift is if you are going to have the higher echelon of the hollows coming after you this frequency." "She is my subordinate Frieda, I shall start her training immediately," Jaeger cut in with a territorially tone. "Yeah, she was my trainee first. Seems like her training has been lacking lately," Frieda pointedly replied back with an equal amount of sass. "You both have trained me, and both left me to fend for myself in situations I probably was not ready for..." Sibylle stated plainly to get in between the two arguing Masters, "We can discuss this and figure out my Schrift nonsense later. I am tired and am in desperate need of a shower and sleep." 

The two masters looked at one another for a moment before they sighed in unison and agreed with the white haired teenager. "I'll take over the area watch for the rest of tonight and get ahold of Lead Kisaragi to let him know of everything discussed here. You two get back home and Sibylle you rest," Jaeger was clearly a more seasoned of the two masters as Frieda seemed to challenge but not disrespect the other masters. She was clearly the younger in the teenager's eyes as she was not pushing back against Jaeger or Fynn. "Let's go Sibylle, I need to get you back so I can get back on my patrol for the evening as well," Frieda called over to Sibylle as Jaeger flash-stepped away with a Hirenkyaku. The two women made their way back home as quickly as they could.

[WC: 3,625/3,500][Learned Blaue Flammen]
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The Karakura Park walking path was clear like usual as Sibylle Opie  made her way around on patrol. She was half paying attention to watch and half not as she was playing a video that the Research and Development Lead Akira Kisaragi had sent to her to study. The video was of another Heilig Pfeil that she needed to learn, Licht Bohren or Drill of Light. Watching as the video showed Akira fighting a fishbone-D hollow as he creates an arrow that has a continuously rotating arrowhead made of spiral of energy. He releases the arrow through the chest of the hollow. In the next video is a demi-hollow with the ability to create rough looking shields make of reiryoku that the arrow is able to penetrate by shifting the Reishi within just enough to pass through unimpeded. The voice over of Akira explaining the holy arrow and the practical uses during combat kept her attention in between steps under the moon light.

"So this is where the new Expert of the East roams?" a male voice cut through the air drawing Sibylle's silvery eyes up the pathway where she wears two men wearing a distinctive white, ankle-length cloak with an emblazoned insignia on its back, pulled down hoods attached to the collar of the cloak, a white double-breasted coat tied with a black belt, white trousers, white gloves, and boots. "She has been making a lot of noise in your old stomping grounds," the leaner looking man with pale skin, reddish-brown eyes, and short unkept black hair mockingly called over to the taller more rotund man that had dark chocolate skin, hazel eyes, and black buzz cut hair. "Jaeger was always distracted by pretty things," the gloomy tone of the heavier set man lingered as his eyes set upon her with an indifference that she was accustom to from many others that were older than she was.

"Can I help the two of you?" Sibylle spit out in a dry rhetorical manner knowing full well that they were here to try to recruit her in some form or see what she was capable of as she had been made well aware that running into two espadas in such a short span of time was making the rounds. The outfits were a dead give away that these two were Sternritter from the Wandenreich. The Traditionalist Masters made a few comments about the Sternritter coaxing away several of the last masters to refill their ranks. This was not something Akira or the Master of the East Lukas Jaeger felt like discussing with her in any form. There seemed to be a lot of the Quincy order she needed to learn more about, she knew of these things but at the level she probably needed to be. 

"Help us? You? Help us?" the smaller man turned to face the larger man then looked back to Sibylle once again, "Well that depends on if the rumors are true or not." "You will have to be a bit more specific," Sibylle replied in a sarcastic manner that gave off an air of annoyance that she wanted the conversation to be over with already. "You have already garnered the attention of two Espada? And lived to tell the tale? What is going on with that?" the man continued to talk to her as his hands slid into his pockets allowing the cloak to surround his body once again, "You do not look like someone that has had a run in with any hollow, let alone two Espada class level. So... I guess.. those rumors to be a bit more specific."

"I have a good training regiment," Sibylle quipped as her eyes darted between the two men as she turned the phone and put it away in her pocket. "She thinks she is funny," the slender man mocked as he called over to the heavy man, "You would not be making jokes if you knew who you were talking to..." "Oh? You think I can who you are or what group you are apart of?" Sibylle mused dryly as she took one slow step towards them, "All you are doing right now is distracting me from my patrol. Since it is clear we both know what is really going on here." "The moxie of this one," the skinner Sternritter faked being offended in the moment as he gestured through the coat out with his left hand towards the bigger man, "Fair enough. This glorious plus-sized man here is the Dreadful Byron Garrett and I am the Transformative Gordon Becker." 

"Never heard of either of you. Thank you for the introduction though, can you leave now?" Sibylle replied as she looked over at Byron Garrett and Gordon Becker making a mental note of how the man put emphasis on parts of the adjectives he used to describe them. "That is hurtful," Gordon jokingly touched his chest with an aghast gesture, "How is it possible that our former lieutenants have never spoken of us? It has not been that long. Has Frieda-chan already forgotten about me? That is so unfair... I thought she really cared about me!" "You know that she was annoyed whenever you used her first name," Byron reminded the man next to him as his eyes remained on the Quincy across from them. "Harsh. Not like your boring Lieutenant did anything other than brood around like a statue. Even his Schrift was all mucky like him," Gordon scolded the much larger man in a fashion that was almost too outlandish from her point of view. 

These two men were the former masters that her roommate Frieda Thoumeaux and her Master Lukas Jaeger had replaced a few years ago. From what the two men had disclosed so far Frieda was the Expert of the South under Gordon Becker when he was the Master of the South, while Lukas was the Expert of the East under Byron Garrett as the Master of the East. That meant that both of them were substantially stronger than their current reiatsu levels implied, something she was aware all Quincy could control with training. Somehow the thought of this bumbling idiot before her being the Master the to Ice Queen that was Frieda made her chuckle for a moment as they were on completely opposite ends of the personality spectrum. However, Jaeger and Garrett seemed to be similar enough in how they approached a conversation. There was a lot of Jaeger's former master style in how the current Master of the East conducted himself with the white haired woman. 

Sibylle grabbed out her sabre as she drew it from the sheath as that she could gather spiraling energy at the tip of the reishi blade. This reishi began to continuously rotate around the tip as she stated the name of the Heilig Pfeil, "Licht Bohren." The Drill of Light fires just to the right of the two Sternritters as the holy arrow did what it was designed to do by penetrating a cloaking barrier to stab into a demi-hollow. Now that the cat-like hollow was not hiding anymore she would make two more quick swipes with the reishi sabre as she launched two standard Heilig Pfeils to strike into the figure. "Why are the two of you really here?" She asked again as she prepared for the spirit to makes its own move before she would counterattack. Knowing full well that either of those men could have squashed the hollow like a bug, but chose to wait for her to do something about it meant that they wanted to see some of her capabilities.

"We already told you that we want to know why you are attracting so much attention," Byron replied calmly as he stood in a way that allowed him to shift his body weight from one leg to the other when needed. Gordon cheered her on in the background, but that was mostly white noise to her as she clashed three times with the demi-hollow that was mostly a black humanoid body with white armoring over the wrist, claws, shins, head, and the hole was in the chest. The yellow eyes of the demi-hollow moved as the young adult woman used the Hirenkyaku flash-step technique as she gathered more reishi together at the tip of the sabre with a spiraling manner before she would thrust it towards the threat as she called out, "Licht Bohren." The spiraling tipped Heilig Pfeil launched from the sabre with enough force that it phased through the red barrier the cat-like hollow tried to put up to protect itself from harm. "I do not have an answer for you," She replied as she took a defensive stance as the hollow continued to stand after several direct hits.

That is when the smaller of the two men stepped forward holding out his left hand as a T formed under his left eye on his pale skinned cheek. "Then shall we figure out that answer together?" Gordon questioned menacingly as he used a Hirenkyaku flash-step of his own to appear next to the wounded demi-hollow to drive his open palm into the creature, "Verwandeln: Körperlich" In the next moment after he spoke the command of 'Transform: Physical' the cat like hollow started to scream and struggle as it grew two more legs forcing it to have to me down on all six legs while the body grew to the size of a large panther. White plating forms over the entire back while two long tentacles with stingers on the ends erupt from the shoulder blades. The two main fanged teeth grow to ten times the size as if this was a sabretooth tiger.

[WC: 1,617/1,350 (Genius 10% WC Requirement Reduction)][Learned Heilig Pfeil: Licht Bohren]

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The large white plated sabretooth tiger uncoils as the front two of paws hit the ground followed by the other four as it starts to circle around Sibylle. From the back shoulder blades the two tentacle-like stingers whipping around overhead. The yellow eyes from the demi-hollow were now reddish-brown to match Gordon Becker's own eyes. Pausing on the other side of the silver eyed woman a low growl escapes from the mouth of the hollow as it holds still like a statue. There was still a hunter hunting its prey vibe in the air as the two continued to look at one another. 

"Mind closing off the area Garrett?" Gordon asks with a charming tone to his voice as he turns slowing in the direction of the larger Sternritter, "I would like for Aguijón and Sibylle to be able to fight unbothered for a while." "Already giving it a name?" Byron Garrett replies with slow grown to his voice as he pulls off his right glove as a solid D forms over his hand, "I can allow you to entertain the young woman as this is a favor for my former Lieutenant. Feld der Furcht." In the next moment the area immediate around them becomes almost dense with a sense of uncertainty. Anything and anyone within two hundred feet actively moves away with great haste. That seemed like a fairly useful ability to keep civilians out of the thick of any battles that could be dragged into with the hollows that attacked the areas patrolled by the Quincies.

"Oh the Field of Dread gives me chills every time," Gordon speaks with a slight shiver, "Sibylle, I can call you Sibylle right? Sibylle, my dear, Byron and I were enlisted by Jaeger and Thoumeaux." "Why would two masters of the Traditionalists call on Sternritters to help me?" Sibylle questions the leaner man without acknowledging his barrage of words. "Trust," Byron speaks with a sincerity as he turns his right hand so that the area within the two hundred feet is relieved of the density from before, but the fringes the aura could be felt as if there was a barrier now, "The Traditionalist and the Sternritters have different methods and ideals, but we work towards a similar goal. In the end we are all apart of the great Quincy order under the Great Emperor." "And I am supposed to just believe that? Neither Master Jaeger and Thoumeaux-sama said anything to me about meeting up with the two of you," the silver eyed young adult rotated the sabre in her hand as the words from Ingrid Schmidt played in her mind. 

"Do you have the ability to summon your schrift at will yet?" Byron asks cutting past Sibylle's questions to which she just narrows her eyes, "I will take your silence as a no. Quincies since the Heiliger Abschied three hundred years ago have been born with their Schrifts, though most do not learn how to manifest them until their pre-teen ages. And some others in their late teens. I guarantee we will at least know by the end of this meeting what you can manifest." "Enough with the formalities! Frieda-chan promised me that she would think about joining us if we helped you out!" Gordon barks out flaring up his hands which causes the reddish-brown eyes to glow on the sabretooth tiger hollow to down the head to start charging towards the young adult woman.

"Heilig Pfeil," Sibylle calls out as she makes a swift slash to fire off four separate holy arrows to collide into the side of Aguijón as she thought to herself, I have destroyed many hollows already. How will this be different? The roaring cat hollow tackles into the Quincy woman only being blocked with the sabre. Then the creature followed by two claw attacks that are parried with the blade as well. The two tentacles stab down crashing down only for the force of the first one generates enough ripples of reishi that she creates a forcefield to block the second one. "Oh Sibylle, you need to break down these walls you have built up," Gordon calls out in a humorous manner. Pushing back Aguijón landed on all six paws as it lowered into a crouching stance with the stingers angled towards the back. Then the right side legs stepped over causing the figure to move around in a circle growling.

"Fracht," Byron spoke out the German word for 'Freight' like a command in the direction of Sibylle causing her senses to dull and her anxiousness to rise. The woman's silver eyes started to dart back and forth between them and the modified hollow. Every little doubt and uncertainty within her mind started to rush to the front of her mind unable to keep those thoughts subdued anymore. Her right hand holding the sabre started to shake some in the moment before Aguijón lunged at her again with its fangs baring down on her. Raising up the blade she was able to block that attack, but the two claw attacks stuck into either side of her body drawing blood from the claw marks. 

"Licht Regen!" Sibylle states as she gathers a large amount of Reiryoku at the her left shoulder before firing a volley of arrows at Aguijón. The cat-like hollow pushes back with several arrows stuck into its belly now roaring into a cero blast in her direction that she uses a Hirenkyaku to avoid as she flash-steps to the left just away from the blast range. Reaching out her hand she grabs of some the energy to slap on her sabre to turn the blade a deep red. "Herzsucher," she calls out as she makes a swipe as she creates the Heart-seeker meter long tipped arrow firing off in the direction of Aguijón. This was designed to track hollow and would have struck right into the hollow's mask had a reiryoku barrier not formed to block the holy arrow. Then something different happened as the shield remained and formed around the body of the hollow like a cloak of sorts. Charging forward the speed of the creature seemed to increase significantly as it crashed into the chest of Sibylle knocking her backwards onto the ground from the impact. There was a second force wave that exploded out upon contact with the woman.

"That is a new one! Learning so much about my new pet," Gordon gleefully spoke as he clapped softly. Rolling her eyes Sibylle rolled to her right then spun to get up before the hollow could clip her with either claw attack. "Klavier," Sibylle states as she fires a multitude of Heilig Pfeil arrows with her sabre at rapid speed. Another shield forms to block a couple of the holy arrows, so a few get through. The hollow would jump forward, but her body was too sluggish to evade the attacks so she had to position her blade to try to block some of the impacts each attack levied against her by the monster. My senses are dulled, that prick is using an ability to keep me uneasy, the other's joking around is annoying me, and this thing is a savage puppet. I just want to be done with this, Sibylle thought to herself as she struggled to push the hollow away from her again as her strength did not match up at all. 

Coiling back the large cat-like hollow started to gather reiryoku up in its mouth once again like it had before when it used its cero attack. However, this time the flaring energy formed into a ball encased by an orange energy similar to the color that the barriers formed on its body when she bombarded it with Heilig Pfeils. Firing the ball from its mouth  she was able to dodge to the left away from it before the ball shrunk in size then exploded outward in a wave of force that caught her off balance followed by the energy of the cero striking her from the side sending her into a crash backwards. "Not looking good for our heroine," Gordon mocked with a cackle as he kept his distance from the two combatants. 

Pulling herself up again Sibylle was bleeding all over from the various attacks, she was fatigued from the length of the battle, and her outfit was torn up some from the fight as well. The anxiousness was still set in from whatever Byron's ability was doing to her, eyes burning from frustration and uncertainty if she was going to survive this situation. I need to survive this, she thought to herself as she looked around for the first time the thought of fleeing entered her mind, this is not good. I might die in this murder pit that they have created. If only I had a way out of this stupid situation, the silver-eyed woman thought to herself as he fought through the pain she was enduring and dread aura Byron was casting on her the woman could not tell that an old English R formed on her right shoulder with several others taking the space of f ᚢ ᚦ ᚨ ᚱ ᚲ ᚷ ᚹ ᚺ ᚻ ᚾ ᛁ ᛃ ᛇ ᛈ ᛉ ᛊ ᛋ ᛏ ᛒ ᛖ ᛗ ᛚ ᛜ ᛟ ᛞ. Byron Garrett motions over to Gordon Becker to draw his attention to the developments that they had been looking for the entire time. 

With excitement the leaner Quincy turns his hands to command Aguijón into a berserk like state charging towards Sibylle with reckless abandonment. I am not fast enough to get away I must block this attack, Sibylle thought to herself as her opponent closed in on her when three of the runes floated up in front of her as if they were speaking to her in some form, Drei Runen Legen. The Three Rune Layout was setup with rune one on the right, rune two in the middle and rune three on the left hand side. The first rune gave her clarity of the situation she was in; the two Quincies were using their abilities to test her. The second rune lights up representing the challenge; manipulate the hollow as a proxy to ignite whatever plan they were striving for. The third rune showed her a possible course of action she could take: she needed to achieve her Schrift in order to survive. Gathering reishi around her blade she quickly she could see the movements of the hollow much clearer now in that moment able to create separation as she blocked the incoming attacks one after another. 

Jumping to the right with a Hirenkyaku Sibylle flash-steps to a defensive position as she sees the large cat hollow gathering energy in its mouth again. I do not want to get hit by that special contained cero blast or any cero in general, Sibylle thinks to herself as she sees a rune forms on her left shoulder as some sort of rune of protection. In the next moment Aguijón lets rip a massive cero blast that would have engulfed the white haired woman had a barrier not formed to block the blast from hitting her, Rune des Schutzes. She could feel that the aura that was causing her to be anxious had dropped as she stood there breathing heavy. Looking up to see Byron was not between her and the hollow. "Get control of your pet Becker," the larger Quincy demanded as his own presence was now exuding massive killer intent as if he was channeling all of his aura to intimidate his opponent. "Well, this is embarrassing have not had performance anxiety like this before," Gordon joked about losing control of the hollow in a crude manner. 

Looking past both men she saw that the dull yellow eyes had returned to the hollow as orange reiryoku formed to its body as it spoke with a stern feminine voice, "I will remember this... and I will kill you next time I see any of you." "You think you are getting away that is cute," Gordon mocked as he creates a continuously rotating arrow with a spiral of energy at the tip and fires it towards the hollow, "Licht Bohren!" The hollow growling lowers down as the orange barrier encasing her body blends with the surroundings making Aguijón invisible to sight, sound, and even her reiatsu was cut off from the area. The Drill of Light crashes into the ground not catching purchase with the intended target. A garganta then forms for the hollow to escape into several hundred yards away.

"Well, that is really annoying. Garrett-sama is not going to ever let me live that down," the man quickly turns slap his hands together and bowing his head in Sibylle's direction, "Please do not tell Frieda-chan of this failure." The man went as far as to make a fake teary eyed expression towards her when all she wanted to do was punch him in the face as the garganta closed in the next moment. "The gate is closing, so your experiment got away. That was a first," Byron stated with a sigh as he turned to wave off the woman's intense glare. "Yeah, I think Aguijón was able to sever my control by putting a barrier around its mind like a psychic protection as one moment it was telling me it was going to kill me once it got freed then I was no longer able to converse with it with my mind," Gordon replied as he shot up to clasps his right hand behind his head making an expression of shame as he rubbed it up and down through a fake smile.

"You were in no real threat of death until Becker lost control of Aguijón," Byron explained to Sibylle, "His Schrift is 'T for Transformation' allows him to augment anything that is already there and adjust it to be something else within what it has. So though Aguijón looked as if it got stronger? All he really did was change the design with the body that was already there." "When it comes to others," Gordon clarifies Byron's comments as if there was something different that applied to the leaner Quincy when he used the T Schrift upon himself. "Mine as you are probably well acquittanced with is 'D for Dread'. This allows me to amplify the fear within others, exude an aura of fear, or and area to keep unwanted outsiders from interfering as they fear for their lives," Byron explins his own Schrift to the woman as well.

"Why...tell me all of this? Are you not worried I will share this with the others?" Sibylle questioned as she continued to hold her sabre at the ready in her right hand. "They already know from our time working with them. So you will not be giving them any information they do not already have. Just because we work for the Sternritters now, does not mean we are enemies now. Rather we are just on a different branch within the same organization," Gordon explains as he starts to look around the area as if he was studying a crime scene. "The fight is over and we do not wish to fight with you. Please put away your weapon so that we may converse about your Schrift," Byron pleads as she looks over to the woman with his hands up, "Schrifts do not ever really turn off, we can just hide them as they passively keep us prepared. Yours appears to have manifested as runes, probably making that 'R; on your right shoulder a Schrift of 'R for Runes'. You seemed to have increase abilities after the runes formed on your right shoulder. Then you had two different instances that new runes formed and gave you different capabilities within the fight. The ability to block attacks you were struggling with before and then a reiryoku barrier that stopped that last cero."

"Yeah... Drei Runen Legen and Rune des Schutzes," Sibylle spoke the names of the two abilities that Byron was explaining to some degree. She still had a lot of work to figure out what exactly these could do and why they summoned without her really being able to nail down why they just popped up for her now. She had been in terrible situations with hollows before. "The two masters knew we would be able to help you draw out your Schrift," Byron stated once again with a stern face, "You keep yourself fairly protected from the sounds of it and after seeing you I can confirm that assessment. Whatever is going on up there, is stopping you from finding your full potential." The man pointed to his head for a moment to draw her attention to the fact that her own mental game was what was keeping her from advancing with her Quincy abilities and unlocking her Schrift. That meant that the Dread ability forced the fear she fought off all the time to surface and be amplified in a way she just ignored. Transforming the hollow gave off an allusion that they were hunting her and trying to kill her through a hollow, but really it was to play a mind game with her to get her off balance for the fear to be easier to trigger. 

Annoying, Sibylle thought to herself as she stood fully up to sheath her reishi sabre. "Well, I got all the information we needed from the fought and fixed the area as if we were never here. Probably should get back now that our work here is done," Gordon comments as he rejoins the conversation. "The Grand-Master will not be happy that you let a transformed hollow get away," Byron commented with a deadpan expression towards the smaller Quincy. "WE, WE LET GO," Gordon huffed a bit as he puffed out his chest and pointed his right index finger at the larger Quincy. "Either way, we must get going," Byron replies ignoring the gesturing of his comrade as he turns to make a cutting motion with his hand as a shadow-like door way opens up, "Kage." "Until next time Opie-chan! T'was great meeting you and seeing what you can do! Oh, and make sure you tell Frieda-chan I said 'hi'... leave out the fact that the hollow got away," Gordon requested as his expression went from joyous to imposing in a matter of mere seconds. "Keep up the hard work," Bryon stated as he walked up next to Sibylle with Gordon already stepping through the Shadows, "We only helped you unlock the Schrift. Now it is up to you to figure out what all you can do with your sacred letter." With that the larger man stepped through the gate way that would eventually wisp away as if it never was there to begin with.

Sibylle gives a halfhearted wave as she mutters, "What in the F..."

[WC: 3,154/1,500][Learned Schrift- R (Runes)]
[Exit Thread]

OOC| Locked Achievement:

SO#7 [Should've Put A Rune On It (2): [Sibylle Opie Exclusive] - Use You Schrift Ability in a story, not necessarily a battle. (Minimum 2,000 WC) [Achieved]

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