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Karakura Town, Richardson House


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He glanced at his right shoulder for a moment to notice the blood leaking through his shirt from the bullet wound as darkness became the only company that he could recognize.

"Brandon, please hold on." Kara held firmly to her boss in her arms as he continued to bleed. He had denied the idea of having any involvement with the hospital but she could not consider any other options and the gunshot was loud enough that people would be coming any minute. She reached for her phone and prepared to call out for help, "It is best that you don't call anyone right now." Kara turned to see a face that she had not expected, nor that she wanted to see at this moment. "You're the woman that claimed to be Brandon's wife."

"That is one way to look at it. However, I would like to think that I am the only chance that he has to survive the night." She approached from the side of the alley that held a wall, but Kara had not noticed the strange circumstances around that but her focus remained on the presence of an unfriendly appearance. Still, Leana continued to make her way towards the pair of them, "Stay back." Kara attempted her best to keep a voice of authority and strength but she was clearly shaken by the situation and all events that transpired but Leana seemed to ignore the request and stopped a few inches from Jeremiah. 

Slowly she lowered her position to the ground as a vehicle pulls in to the alleyway with their high beams in full blast which shocked Kara and blinded her for a moment with her arms up to defend against the light. With the light bathing the trio, Leana lifted her hands placing one on his shoulder and abdomen over the bullet wounds. Both of her hands began to glow a soft white light before becoming consumed in a green energy and move like vines into the pair of wounds and flow through the bleeding. Like threads the green energy began to stitch the wound on his abdomen but the wound in his should only ceased bleeding but the wound had not sealed.

Leana removed the hand that she placed on Jeremiah's abdomen and placed it on the shoulder of Kara and suddenly the blinding light had no longer become an issue for her. "What is-" But Leana interjected, "No time to explain. Help me get him up and in the car, we need to take him somewhere safe." Slowly she worked to get Jeremiah to his feet with the help of Kara, "Where is somewhere safe?" They worked their way towards the car, "His place should be fine, they don't know where he lives." There was a sign of hesitation as Kara paused for a moment, but before she could speak her thoughts a streak of orange lightning stuck the ground between them and the wall of the alleyway. 

Before them stood a man wearing an orange jacket with a fur collar with a bare torso revealing his tattoos as orange bolts of electric discharge would burst from his body. "Aye, I will take it from here." With a smirk he rushed forward becoming a streak of orange electricity in his movement as he took hold of Jeremiah from the two women and moved around to the top of the car looking back at the women. "Appreciate the help. He is known for getting in more trouble than he is prepared for."

"Who are you?" Kara was concerned about so many things, the safety of Jeremiah was the top but also the strange circumstances of a man forming from lightning. "Aren't you Kaje?" The man pointed with his left hand, "You probably should come with me too." He reached for the strings in his coat, which doubled as ear buds, and placed them in his ears using his left hand. "What are you-" With the buds in his ears not a sound was heard by him besides the snap of his left fingers and his words matching the flow of the verse, "... Ay, man, caveman, Two drink, cave in, Two blunt, ease up, Booyah, leaves up, Who care? Who there? Do what? Wake up, The hell, happened, We want, hands up, Pay you, dare you..." He moved with a full sprint as most would only recognize the orange streak in the air as his movement drove forward and picked Kara up and placed her over his left shoulder. With her secured in his arms he continued forward and ran along the surface of the wall in front of him and right over as if his orientation never changed, "... Motherfuck, motherfuck, Sister fucked, granny fucked, System, get some, Yeah, you, day two, Yeah, you, you, you, You a van, through the van, Stripper, good Lord, Top chi, not me, Boy, please, whatever, You next, to death, To go, ooh, oh, Who's that? Ring ring, Your number, bang bang, Callin' up, talk it up, move over...

He moved through the streets of the city with such rapid pace and efficiency moving through the passages that allow him to cut away from the main streets as much as possible. It was a graceful effort as he continued through Naruki and eventually made his way into Karakura Town. He maintained his pace as he entered the Karakura Residential District and made his way through the front door of Jeremiah's house, set him down on the couch and sat Kara on the chair nearby before stopping finally sitting against the wall nearby. "That... was a lot." He spoke between breaths as he was visible exhausted with a bit of sweat and clearly worn out as he reached for a bottle of water that he had nearby.

"What happened? Where am I?" Kara spoke up, confused about literally everything at this point. "Who are you?" Startled she hopped from the chair and stumbled backwards, "Kyonte, why did you bring her here?" A woman with colored hair entered the room, "She works for him, and I think he would have been pissed if I left her there on her own." The woman shook her head, "Ale, come on. He would have blamed you." Ale only managed to provide a sigh, "I know." Ale made her way over to Jeremiah and began to look him over. "So is no one going to answer me?"

Ale turned around and glanced at Kara, "Sorry about this." Kara brought her attention to Ale, "For what?" As a response, Ale tapped her index finger on the forehead of Kara which caused her to stumble and fall unconscious into Ale who put her back on the seat. "Reset?" Ale went back to Jeremiah, "Yeah, she will just think that Jeremiah drank a little too much and she helped him get home." With a golden glow consuming her fingers as she drove it into the open wound of Jeremiah. He flinched in pain as he gained a bit of awareness just as Ale removed her finger with a bullet fragment attached to the end. 

"Ale?" Jeremiah said as he brought himself back to the moment, although slightly still disoriented. "Yeah, you had a bit of a rough night." She smiled, "Kyonte and I have to make our way to Thailand, and wanted to help you catch Hachiman." "Kara!" "She's fine, resting over there." Kyonte points to Kara sitting in the chair, "You drank too much and she wanted to make sure you got home safely." "Ah, Reset." "Yeah, and your wound should heal then we can help you deal with Hachiman." "Not yet. There is more going on than just Hachiman and I might have a way to figure it out. But I will need more time to handle it alone." Kyonte released a chuckle, "Are you sure?" Kyonte got up from the wall and approached Ale and Jeremiah, "He is more than sure." Jeremiah smiled as he reached up, "I will call when it is time." Kyonte grabbed his hand in a handshake. 

"Sounds good." He released Jeremiah's hand and placed his grip on Ale's should before they both vanished in the sight of orange lightning flowing out of the room. Jeremiah only managed a slow exhale as he sat up, "Might as well finish painting the scene." He made sure to remove his blood clothes and took them to his laundry space and made his way back to the couch and laid down. For a moment he glanced over to Kara, "Thank you." He let the phrase of gratitude slip from his lips before allowing slumber to finally catch up to him.

Word Count: 1500
Karakura Town: 1500
Naruki City: 1660

Overall Word Count: 3160

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He let the phrase of gratitude slip from his lips before allowing slumber to finally catch up to him.

Jeremiah and Kyonte were chilling on the couch in the engineers room as Alejandra sat at the main station controlling the system as the three of them looked at the man in the studio with his phone in his hand and leaning into the mic. "Alright Calyx, are you ready?" Calyx only raised his free hand with a half effort thumbs up to which she responded by loading up the instrumental beat for him. The introduction of the song was soft before the beat came in, "Yeah, yeah / Ayo, Limited Edition, it's time. / It's time, Limited Edition (aight, Limited Edition, begin). / Straight out the heavy dungeons of rap. / The car drops deep as does my apple. / I never glide, 'cause to glide is the cousin of snapple. / Beyond the walls of trains, life is defined. / I think of love when I'm in a California state of mind. / Hope the chapel got some grapple. / My pineapple don't like no dirty dapple. / Run up to the snapple and get the rappel. / In a California state of mind. / What more could you ask for? The red car? / You complain about inequality. / I gotta love it though - somebody still speaks for the avatar. / I'm rappin' to the padlock, / And I'm gonna move your block. / Soft, loud, radiant, like a money / Boy, I tell you, I thought you were a blini. / I can't take the inequality, can't take the violin. / I woulda tried to dive I guess I got no in. / I'm rappin' to the block, / And I'm gonna move your padlock. / Yea, yaz, in a California state of mind. / When I was young my cousin had a star. / I waz kicked out without no bar. / I never thought I'd see that avatar. / Ain't a soul alive that could take my cousin's r. / A cold stage is quite the gage. / Thinking of love. Yaz, thinking of love (love)."

The pair of Limited Edition looked at one another after hearing it and smirked a bit, "So, where did this guy come from?" He mocked a bit, "Look, he paid for me to record and clean the audio." "Yeah, but how do you clean poor quality." Jeremiah smiled and laughed a bit as he watched them go back and forth as the man in the booth smirked at his work, "Aye, can we run it back one more time?" It was at that point when Jeremiah wanted to speak up, "I mean, the fact that he wants to plug our name in his song is a little off putting." Kyonte hit him in the arm slightly, "He just trying to earn some clout. Means people are recognizing we about to change the game." Alejandra looked back at the two of them with a clear look of disapproval, "You guys are up here..." Her hand was held with the palm side down at about her head level before bringing it down to her seat level, "I am going to need you to bring it down here." The pair of guys laughed at it as the guy went off for the song one more time. 

"If I still have time, I have a second song I want to go through." Alejandra took a moment to look the man over and glanced back at her friends who responded with a shrug. She turned back to the guy, "You paid for a session, but it will be extra if you want the second one to be mastered." Calyx gave a shrug and nod to agree and started to move his lyrics around, "It is the Drake type beat mix." She nodded and moved her files around to start up the next instrumental, "On you Calyx." The music started and then he took the chance for his song, "They're swinging and swinging and swinging and swinging / They're swinging with me / You used to push, you used to, you used to / You used to push / When you needed me / Push / My hips, my hips / I hold back, sometimes I won't leap / I feel good, sometimes I don't shoot / I walk down Sherwood Avenue / Sometimes I leap / Sometimes I walk / Sometimes I shoot / Do you love me? Are you swinging? / Say you'll never ever leap without me / 'Cause I want ya, and I need ya / And I'm down for you always / Do you love me? / Are you swinging? / Say you'll never ever shoot without me / 'Cause I want ya, and I need ya / And I'm there for you always / Sometimes I leap / Sometimes I walk / Sometimes I shoot / You're my everything, you're all I ever wanted / We could leap real big, bigger than you ever done it / I want to shoot with you forever, I swear I can spend whatever on it / And I say the same thing every single time / I say, you're the most optimistic, you're the most optimistic / You're the most optimistic, you're the most optimistic / You're the most optimistic person I've ever known, most optimistic I've ever known / Most optimistic person I've ever known, most optimistic I've ever known / I say, you the most optimistic / Sometimes I leap / Sometimes I walk / Sometimes I shoot / But I never run away / Even when I'm away / I'm on my worst behavior / Don't you ever leap without me."

Alejandra took the time to lock the session down, "Great job Calyx." Then as she turned around she noticed that both Kyonte and Jeremiah had left the room already. They walked outside to the fresh air, "That man was literally trying to rip off Drake, and not even in a good way." He laughed as Jeremiah followed with it, "Not like if we have God's plan, gods plan...." And in unison they continued, "I hold back, sometimes I won't, yuh / I feel good, sometimes I don't, ayy, don't / I finessed down Weston Road, ayy, 'nessed / Might go down a G.O.D., yeah, wait / I go hard on South side G, yeah, wait / I make sure that north-side eat." They let their right hands hit palm side and then the back side of their hands for the handshake as they smiled at one another. Then, suddenly, the moment shifted to a darker tone for the pair of them as they heard the sounds of tires skidding along the ground and the windows began to roll down as the sounds of gunfire echoed along the street-



There I stood, feeling my legs grow in weight with the burden of tens of thousands of people weighing down on me. Thousands of miles I have traveled to arrive here in front of the castle belonging to the Demon Sorcerer Malachai. My right hand clenched around the hilt of the Holy Sword of Alistara, a weapon designed to destroy any source of Demon Magic, with so much force that I felt the palm of my hand beginning to bruise.

I would not have time to hesitate, for any moment of fear that I would reveal could spell the end of my life and the end of Alistara. With haste I made my charge forward towards the Demon Castle’s front gates, as it remained the only way to get inside. Quickly I lifted my left arm and poised myself with the Grand Shield of Retribution to protect myself from any assault that may come and who knew how soon that was to be.

There I stood just a few steps beyond the gate and the Demon Army stood right in front of me. I saw each of their eyes turn to look in my direction, and had it not been for my steel helm covering my face, they might have seen the fear in my eyes and the sweat rolling done my skin even in the cold winter evening. I reacted quickly, for the moment was mine to use for my advantage. With a quick sweep of my blade, the holy energy would be discharged in an arc and immediately collide with an entire front line sending them flying.

Any confusion or doubt that they may have held were quickly removed and in its place was a vicious desire for my death, so much so that I fear my own body would be crushed from their anger alone. “Focus.” I had to ensure not to become distracted, not even for a second as they made their approach on me with haste. 

“Kill the Demon!” A voice from the midst of the Demon Army shouted with such a force that would echo in my ears, not from the volume but from the actual words that were spoken.

“Did it call me a Demon!?” I made a mistake to allow such a cry confuse me and I paid the price as one of the larger Demon’s charged directly into me with a dark formed armor. For a moment my orientation was thrown as I could feel my body drifting through the air a few feet and colliding with the ground. The armor definitely adds protection from certain damage, but impact inside of the armor is not mitigated as much as one would hope.

“They send a single Demon to kill the last hope for Humanity!” Again, another voice would cry out from the crowd as I gathered myself quickly to prepare for my counter attack. The word that they spoke would bring further confusion, but I stood strong to my focus.

“They mean only to disorientate you.” I had to ensure that nothing would deter me from saving Alistara and removing the Demon plague from this land. Immediately one of the smaller Demons started running at me, no larger than a small child in height but disgusting in appearance and the dark magic was obvious, though the small demon would charge forward with nothing more than a dagger in hand.

“Jonah! No!” I could hear one of the Demons scream, a voice more feminine, but I quickly dismissed it as I quickly jabbed by blade forward and pierced my blade through the abdomen of the small demon feeling the life fade as quickly as the holy steel would drift through flesh. “You Demon!” I immediately removed my blade from the small demon and kicked the body away to prepare for whatever may be next.

Almost instantly the origin of the void would be identified as one of the slim figured Demon’s charging forward. I prepared to defend myself and only saw the demon come forward to the lifeless body of the small demon and hold the body close, “My boy…” There was a moment that I felt remorse for the woman assuming that is what she was and that this was truly her child, but these Demon’s deserve nothing less. Soon after the rest of the Demon’s prepared for an assault and I knew this is the moment that the battle would truly begin.

“Stand down.” A voice would echo from behind me as I quickly turned to face the new opponent only to see a demon dressed in a clock similar to those of the Temple of Alistara and I could only feel resentment for how such a monster would disrespect Alistara as such. “Hero…” The creature spoke as he continued to approach, “Will you stay your hand to allow me my final words?”

Everything in me started to scream for me to send my blade through the chest of this Demon, for this could be no one else but Malachai the Demon Sorcerer who had betrayed Alistara. “I know that you wish to end my life, and I willingly surrender…” He paused for a moment, “If you will but allow me to speak openly?” I could hear the fear in his voice as he spoke, and I was not sure if it was the remorse of the crying mother nearby or the certainty that there was little that his magic could do against me with the Grand Shield in my possession, but I motioned him to continue.

“Thank you.” Malachai would bow as he turned to everyone motioning his hands for them all to lay down their weapons. There was an obvious sign of hesitation and I tensed up to prepare for the worst, but they all did as they were requested and threw their weapons away from them but not without the obvious signs of distaste. “Now, do you know why you are here?”

I could hear his words clearly, but his question was a bit too obvious. “To end your Demonic dealings.” My words were strong and with a conviction stronger than the day I was given my weapon. 

“Ah, Demonic dealings.” There was yet another extended pause after he spoke, “As requested by the Temple of Alistara?” 

“Of course. To rid the world of a traitor to humanity.” There was a wave of cries from the crowd that was quickly dismissed by Malachai.

“Indeed, and how can you tell if one is a demon?” Yet again, a strange question that is more than common knowledge

“Easy, the horns protruding from their heads.” I responded with confidence.

“Yes…” He would take a moment as he brought both of his hands to his forehead where horns would be and start to make an imitation movement, which also revealed that he did not have any horns. It also took a few seconds but I quickly came to realize that no one here had horns. 

“Can easily shave them down or remove them to try and not appear fully demonic.” I responded quickly, and Malachai could only smile as I now realized I answered a question that he had not asked. 

“A demon will have horns to ensure they may not remain hidden with skin red like the flames of war and black markings born from the ash of the lost souls so none would miss their presence, a smell of sulfur so strong that a mortal must fight the need to vomit, a constant sound of a crackling fire will be heard when next to a demon, and if one may ever touch your skin hope that they end your life before the corruption immediately consumes you.” His words were the teachings of Alistara that I learned in my early years through school and reminded of quite often in order to avoid Demons. “You know these facts, I presume?” I could only provide a nod.

“Good.” He said with a smile, “Aside from what you see… What do you hear… What do you smell…?” I found his question insulting as I chuckled to myself, but it was in that moment that I would breath in through my nose and realize that I had not gained a hint of sulfur since arriving and all I could hear was the whistling of the wind flowing through my armor.

I could not quite understand how this was possible, “But…” 

“Your Kingdom is the pinnacle of power because of the magic that they use.” He responded; still calm as he was when he first began. “Magic that was gifted to them by Alistara.” His left hand would raise and I could see the mark of Alistara on his palm, which could not be possible. 

Apparently I made a reaction that he could see because he responded to my shock, “No, a Demon may never be able to hold the mark of Alistara nor be within possession of any of her instruments.” These words were true but I could not make sense of what was happening, “Tell me if anyone from the Temple of Alistara ever handled any instruments her’s.”

This was the moment to end his false ramblings, “Of course, they provided me with the gear.” 

“Or were you told to enter the Lower Sanctum and retrieve them?” I could not hold my ground as I took a step back, for none but those involved in the ceremony or an elder would know of this. “In the temple the fires are to remain lit and a blend of aromas are used in order to, as they say, soothe the soul, all to cover the smell and of course all of the elders are covered head to toe and never to reveal skin or else offend Alistara.” It was in this moment that I realized where he was going and none of that could be possible, “And should any ever oppose their teachings, they send someone to deal with them for good.”

“Enough!” I quickly lifted my sword and placed the tip at the throat of Malachai, “You have fed me enough of your lies.”

“Be cleansed in the name of Alistara.” His words came quick as I pushed forward with my blade and felt only the slightest resistance. In that same moment there came a flood of light from the point of impact that blinded me. Suddenly I was struck with a flood of visions I could not understand, but a few moments later I learned that it was the memories of Malachai. 

His life was revealed to me showing how he was once an elder and was tasked with signing a pact with demons to gain their power and spread their corruption and weaken the power of Alistara, then watching as they cursed him to have the appearance of a Demon, much like others before him. Finally Malachai can be seen praying to a shrine to Alistara in order to find a way to stop the Demon’s before it was too late.

Quickly I was brought back to the castle and noticed instantly that the demons that once surrounded me no longer held the appearance of the creatures they once did. “We have been cured?” A question rose from the crowd in shock of what happened, and the crying mother held a young boy who began to breathe once more with a healed wound. 

“Jonah!” She exclaimed.

I could not believe what was happening and in that moment I felt my armor start to crack before shattering into dust leaving me there in my standard clothing holding both my sword and my shield. I watch as the dust started to drift away with a strong smell of sulfur following it realizing that I was being controlled by demons all this time. 

My eyes started to scan the area and I did not understand why, but I had to say something. As everyone began to hug one another knowing that they no longer had to hold the appearance of Demons, and I wondered about the hundreds of Demon bodies that have been created on my way here and if they too were cursed humans… 

“They will pay.”


"They will pay!" Jeremiah lurched up from the couch shouting while covered in sweat and suddenly locked eyes with Kara standing in his doorway wearing different clothes from the night prior. "Are you okay?" She approached him with a coffee carrier in her hands and set them on the coffee table nearby and slightly crouched besides him, "Did you get enough rest?" It took a moment for Jeremiah to come back to focus in the real world, realizing that he was having a combination of bad dreams. He attempted to bring his attention to Kara but he was still so absorbed in other thoughts and events that continued to fill his mind. 

"You will continue to search for me and I will continue to keep my eye on you Jeremiah Brandon Richardson."

The words were clearly from the same voice as they strange dream that he had, and wondered how connected the two were. His head was spinning as he sat there with a sharp ringing in his head at such a high frequency that caused him to yelp in pain. "Lay back, you definitely drank way too much." He did so, not simply because he was asked but due to the pressure that was being pressed against the inside of his skull. "I believe that you just need a good breakfast to help settle the hangover." She smiles as she lifts herself up and walks towards his kitchen, "So I started preparing some stuff for you and brought you the Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte with Peppermint."

Word Count: 3400
Karakura Town: 1500 + 3400 = 4900
Naruki City: 1660
Overall Word Count: 3160 + 3400 = 6560

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