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Site 13 URP Sign up

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This will be the sign up for the URP adventure into Research Site 13, which has been dropped into outskirts of Eastern Rukongai 80.

Site  13, is a research site from a different dimension. The Squad 12 of the universe this research site is from, was a lot more inhumane than of the current universe. They were also more reckless with their experiments resulting in the current situation. The entire area inside and around Site 13 is highly unstable. There are 25 floors to Site 13, all floors though due to the dimensional instability are in constant flux making mapping them impossible. The experiments done at Site 13 were varied from dimensional, power enhancements, forced hybridization and more. Site 13 in the end paid the ultimate price though for the experiments the Captain of the alternate Squad 12 did here. Key areas in Site 13 include the Archives, The Thresher, and the Meat Grinder. The entire Site is highly dangerous with the basic enemy threat level being that of a seated officers. However it can be extremely dangerous even for those of a captains strength and all involved in this adventure should tread with caution. The writing is on the walls, literally with Site 13. Are you willing to delve into the dangerous research lab and find the answer to, "What happened to Site 13? "

If you are up for it leave your URP basic info, Character name, race, rank and affiliation. Will work out how you find your way to Site 13 if you need help coming up with a plausible way. Shinigami are easy as a research site suddenly appearing on the Rukongai outskirts wont be subtle or under the radar. Site 13's appearance is anything but subtle and is not hard to detect from just about any method out there. The very reishie comprising Site 13 is twisted and corrupted and something in the Site is constantly putting out a heavy reiatsu that is unlike anything ever seen in the Soul Society. Bring your A game if you want to have a hope of surviving everything Site 13 has to offer.

The Adventure will commence a little after Himuro Mansion has been concluded so there will be plenty of time to prep.

 All are welcome to join in on the fun so dont hesitate to join in on the adventure.

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Night Kuchiki


Cell 2 Commander

Lightmoon Guild Master

Affiliations include the Kuchiki Family, past member of the Gotie 13 and current Cell 2 commander, and Guild master of the Lightmoon adventurers guild.


URP character info located here https://bseforum.site/forum/index.php?/topic/11408-character-description-power-and-stats-for-events-and-spars/


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As I am at a writers block on how best to proceed in past present future and am waiting for two others for the Himuro mansion to get it properly underway I will be commencing Site 13 this week to give myself something to write as I wait plus I really want to get to this urp. The URP will still be joinable upon commencement, as I would love to have others to rp with, time wise this will either be a little after Himuro Mansion whenever that gets to its end. I have a four page document outlining this URP adventure from enemy encounters to ways to deal with the Research site. This adventure is heavily inspired by weird fiction, specifically the SCP foundation scp 1730.  This site is dangerous, but there are safe rooms that can be found, but know most if not all floors have some randomization due to dimensional instability. There are a total of 25 floors, a d100 table has been made to help generate each room as progress is made into Site 13. A number of experiments exist here, a large number are loose in the facility, and this includes a true eldritch horror or two.

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