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Fate Grand Order

Night Kuchiki

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Fate is one of my favorite series, I like Type Moon actually in general, from Tsukihime, Garden of Sinners, and of course the many Fate's that exist from Fate/Extra, to Fate/Hollow Atraxia and more. Fate Grand Order is my favorite mobile game and I have admittedly invested a lot of time in it since it launched globally. If you play and need a friend feel free to add me. my ID is 180611580. My support set up is Summer BB in my favorite slot, Ibuki-Douji in my saber slot, Gilgamesh in my archer slot, Scathach in my lancer slot, Nemo in my rider slot, Scathach-Skadii in my caster slot, Shuten-Douji in my assassin slot, Arjuna Alter in my berserker slot, and KingProtea in my extra slot.

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